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Halcyon the Feraligatr [WIP]


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Halcyon the Feraligatr [WIP] Empty Halcyon the Feraligatr [WIP]

Post by Catalyst Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:13 pm

Halcyon the Feraligatr [WIP] Gw8KElx

Item Mystic Water around his neck
Sex/Gender Male/Masculine (he, him, his)
Age Adult (about 35)
Species #160/Feraligatr/The Big Jaw Pokemon
Height 7'07"
Weight 395.8 lbs.
Pokédex Entry Feraligatr intimidates its foes by opening its huge mouth. In battle, it will kick the ground hard with its thick and powerful hind legs to charge at the foe at an incredible speed.
Level 45
Ability Torrent (Powers up Water-type moves when the Pokémon is in trouble.)
Nature Calm
Characteristic Good endurance
Moves -Dragon Dance (Egg)
-Earthquake (TM)
-Ice Fang (Learned)
-Waterfall (TM)
His original trainer was Kane's dad, Rich. Rich had earned a gym badge or two with him when he was younger, on his journey into the world he thought he would try training Pokemon. He got Halcyon to a decent level, but ended up quitting his battling career just before he evolved. He kept the Croconaw over the years until he had Kane. Halcyon was actually one of Milo's first Pokemon, and helped raise up a lot of other Pokemon in Kane's team, due to his previous battle wisdom. He came to Kane as a Croconaw, but as the Croconaw helped his other Pokemon level up, the teen quickly started reaching limits that exceeded his dad's. Halcyon was the first to evolve out of his Pokemon, (by the time Kane hit 16 years old, he had almost a full party.)

When Kane caught Basile, he took an immediate liking to him for the fact he was a reptile like him, but because his personality was somewhat endearing to him. Basile, being a dependent type of soul, immediately took to him and saw him as an older brother. They used to spend most of their time together when they were out of their Pokeballs. Kane also like to use them in double battles when he had them, because they worked well together and cooperated the best together out of all of his Pokemon. Even better together than alone - to Kane. Halcyon loved battling because he just found it fun and entertaining in general. The sense of unity he had now could not compare to when Rich would battle with him - he felt much more prideful in his battling. It gave him a sense of spiritual fulfillment to be connected to all his family; his human and his Pokemon brothers and sisters.

Their team grew even further, and Kane was quite a proficient battler by the time the infection hit. Halcyon was used most to battle off infected, mostly because he was the highest level Pokemon in his team. In one of their battles, in attempt to defend the rest of the team, Halcyon knocked down a wall to allow the others to escape - unfortunately without him. He pushed the others onward as they were fleeing the huge hoard of undead behind them as they ran through a route. Kane had unknowingly lost Basile at this point, the undead behind them getting closer after gaining a ton of ground by the time they got to the cave. As they continued running, Halcyon had a moment of pure dread strike his usually clear mind, and in an attempt to save everyone, he started charging the walls. It caused a cave in, with him ending up in another side of the cave at the three way split. He didn't get to say goodbye to Kane or his other family, but he knew he had done them a service. They would probably survive now, and the others were capable of defending each other. He did this knowing full well he would be sacrificing himself to the wolves.

Halcyon wandered on his own for a while, not successfully meeting any living Pokemon in his time traveling. Eventually, he was chased into the lakes and oceans by infected, and slipped out to sea. He wasn't quite sure where he was going, but he was easily able to avoid most of the undead in the ocean or kill them. He preferred to swim at the surface for the fact he didn't know if the water would potentially infect him. But since he was at the surface most of the time or sailing his fin above the water when he had to check under the water for threats, he kept to the coast line. Before he knew it, he had no idea where we was anymore.
He is a normal Feraligatr, a little bulkier on muscle mass, and somewhat thinner due to mild starvation. His hide has many scrapes, and a few scales have claw marks gouged into them. His tail has a kink in it at the end, it was broken when he was with Kane in a battle accident. One of his teeth is jagged from being chipped, and his left pinkie claw is also in the condition.
Halcyon is very calm, and in tune with himself. He's got a solid group mentality when it comes to other Pokemon, but not so quick to accept strangers. But he has highly admirable dignity, and will be truthful 99% of the time. He can act pretty serious, and give others a cold shoulder most of the time. Quite fatherly despite his outward attitude, and will often pay special attention to kids that differentiates from adults. He's used to being a group leader, so he carries that mentality into his interactions - but he's not bossy.
User Notes •He was Basile's rock. He was basically an older brother to the guy.
•Has an Australian accent, and speaks with a baritone, gravel-y voice.
Basile is his sort of younger brother figure.


Halcyon the Feraligatr [WIP] I61jEL3
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