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Jaws the Feraligatr (inactive)


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Jaws the Feraligatr (inactive) Empty Jaws the Feraligatr (inactive)

Post by Silverishness Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:38 pm

Jaws the Feraligatr (inactive) Jaws_profile_by_silverishness-d4mo3ia

Hex Color- #05B8CC

Name- Jaws

Gender- Male

Level- 40

Waterfall (HM)
Ice Fang

Ability- Torrent

Nature- Adamant

Characteristics- Good perserverence

National Dex No./Species- #160 Feraligatr/The Big Jaw Pokémon

Height- 7'07"

Weight- 195.8

Pokédex Entry- When it bites with its massive and powerful jaws, it shakes its head and savagely tears its victim up.

Item- None


Jaws was a typical totodile with a typical dumb trainer on a typical journey through Johto. It was fine; some wins, some losses. They were a good team, and even with his trainer's stupidity, they made it through the gym challenge in one piece. Jaws was there as the team's lead through the whole way, and he enjoyed every moment of it. They were off to the League now, and everything was going to change.

And it did. Just not how he or any of his teammates or anticipated.

The pandemic erupted within the League, and before Jaws could understand what was happening, he was withdrawn into his pokeball as the masses of infected came for his team and trainer. He tried to escape, but he wasn't able to break out of the pokeball.

It was days, weeks, even, before Jaws broke out again. Once he did he saw nothing but carnage and death; the hordes had moved on, leaving the bloody murals in their wake. He saw nor smelt nothing of his teammates or trainer, and thus dove into the safer waters to search the coastlines for any familiar face.

User Note

-Even with his concerns about his team and trainer, he's a pretty chill guy

-Has a good moral center and compass

-Doesn't take too well to evil, even when surrounded by it

-Has a pretty good feeling that his trainer and team are dead, but holds out hope for their survival

-Eager to find any survivors


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Post by Suicune Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:07 am

Suicune approves as well. ^^


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