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    Templar the Zangoose & Lamia the baby Seviper [Inactive]


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    Templar the Zangoose & Lamia the baby Seviper [Inactive] Empty Templar the Zangoose & Lamia the baby Seviper [Inactive]

    Post by Dandelion Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:30 am

    Templar the Zangoose & Lamia the baby Seviper [Inactive] YfyozYH
    Art by Cinderspark.

    Templar the Zangoose // Lamia "La" The Seviper
    The Righteous // The Dilemma
    Theme Love Somebody - Maroon 5
    Text Color Lemplar - c0d9d9 // Lamia - 8968cd // 236374
    Item Silk Scarf // None
    Biological Gender Male // Female
    Gender Identity CisMale // CisFemale
    Age Aging Adult // Toddler (Two and a quarter)
    Species ♯335 Zangoose, Cat Ferret Pokémon - Normal Type
    ♯336 Seviper, Fang Snake Pokémon - Poison Type
    Height 4'03" // 3'10"
    Weight 88.8 lbs. // 65.7 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Pokémon Omega Ruby:: Memories of battling its archrival Seviper are etched into every cell of Zangoose’s body. This Pokémon adroitly dodges attacks with incredible agility.
    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire:: Seviper's swordlike tail serves two purposes - it slashes foes and douses them with secreted poison. This Pokémon will not give up its long-running blood feud with Zangoose.
    Level 60 // 12
    Ability Immunity: Prevents the Pokémon from getting poisoned.
    Shed Skin: There is a 33% chance at the end of each turn that Shed Skin will cure the user of a non-volatile status ailment. If the user is burned or poisoned, Shed Skin will cure the user before any burn or poison damage is dealt.
    Nature Sassy // Adamant
    Characteristic Quick Tempered // Scatters Things Often
    Moves Lemplar
    - Iron Tail [Tutor]
    - Close Combat [Level]
    - X-Scissor [Level]
    - Crush Claw [Level]

    - Wrap [Level]
    - Lick [Level]
    - Bite [Level]
    "You'll see.. everyone alwayssees; if you stay by me long enough you'll see that I'm a monster."
    "Hey, you need something? Here, let me help."
    The eldest kitten he was born, the litter numbered four,
    Born with the red of bloody battle on his back and on his paw,
    His claws were keen, he honed them, in battle with the brood,
    That taught him of glory, justice, and to carry on their feud.
    Strong of body he grew bold as he learnt the warrior's arts;
    Of how to cut and slash and crush and tear evil apart.
    And as bold as the mark of red that bloomed across his breast,
    He swore until evil was dead that he would never rest.

    Templar was the eldest of his litter. Like all the clan of mountain Zangeese he was trained from a young age in powerful battle techniques by his father, the one-eyed leader of the clan, to follow a strict code of honor. For as long as any of them could remember they had fought with the Seviper of the Valley below. The young Zangoose was taught the poison types were an evil scourge only held back by the noble efforts of their Zangoose clan. Eagerly the brash young normal type awaited their first battle.

    And so one day, beside his clan, the warrior knew history would be repeated.
    Then goods fought the evil the outcome must be that evil will be defeated.
    And so as they charged the trees he did not see the red eyes gleam in the dark.
    As the red-edged tails flashed and everyone found their mark

    He had not been expecting the assault to be so furious. From his father's stories battle hadn't sounded so dark or so bloody.
    The forest air stunk of decay and the branches blotted out the sun as from the darkness the sword like tails darted out at them. His brother at his side slumped to his ground as the tail severed his head. He felt the blade cut into his shoulder on the recoil. Searching for the offender in the dark the smell of blood enraged him. How dare they, how dare they! They were the evil ones, the evil ones did not win!
    The Zangoose grabs the Seviper's tail in his paws, dragging its long body forwards and crushing its skull beneath his claws. More blades darted from the shadows, the poison types using a hit and run strategy to fight their ancient enemies. Determinedly the young Zangoose fights harder until with a splash of the blood another one of his siblings falls at his side as sword-like tails lacerate them.
    He loses his head and a red mist seems to descend in front of his eyes.
    When it finally recedes the clearing is empty of everything apart from broken bodies gouged with deep claw marks.
    In horror the Zangoose sees the bodies of his siblings mixed among the snakes.

    With remorse in his heart the young warrior did run,
    Away from his home and from the mark of what his rage had done.
    Such lack of control his clan would view as a crime like no other,
    For what warrior of good would ever kill a brother?
    Far from his home he ran away, seeking repentance for his sin.
    Until at last the warrior found one who would take him in.

    The young Zangoose soon found himself caught by a human intrigued by the Zangoose's strong talent for battle. As an Ace Trainer he recognized the Zangoose's Beserker tendencies and with the help of his Hitmonchan helped teach the Normal Type to suppress his instincts for proper battle techniques. The honorable Fighting Type taught the Zangoose his own Code of Justice and Law. The newly named Templar learnt to follow to the letter for it offered him some chance to redeem his sins in good deeds. He fought well, for sport instead of bloodshed and grew strong on the back of many tough fights.

    When the Epidemic struck and the now older and much scarred Zangoose was released back into the wild he took his code with him, swearing to protect the good and punish the evil, defending all against the evil of the undead who he viewed as simple monsters to be defeated.

    For a while the warrior wandered, through chill snowstorms and mountain stone,
    Until a few pokemon begged him to clear Seviper from their home,
    As the dove into their den the ancient rage was fed,
    Until with blood upon the ground it seemed each one was dead.

    With a soft sigh Templar went to wipe the blood off his claws. When he battled alone with no need to restrain himself he fought his best but it was a shameful act.
    A soft sound meets his ears and the Cat ferret pokemon looked to the side. Behind one of the few pieces of human furniture left in the house the serpents had been using for their nest.
    Curled up behind the wooden chair two bright eyes look up at him as the infant curls backwards.
    The immature Seviper doesn't even have proper fangs yet, just short nubs of red.
    For a moment the Zangoose is absolutely still as he thinks then reaches out a claw.

    To kill a child was an even greater crime in a world where few survive,
    But it too would be immoral to leave a growing threat alive,
    And for such a little one it might not be too late,
    The claws that destroy also might create...

    Lamia was only a few weeks old when her nest was killed. All she can remember of her real parents was the faint black shadow, a feeling of warmth and her own name; Lamia.

    As a child of the Epidemic she was born into the writhing hissing nest of Sevipers that had made their home in the largest building of a human town, using their immunity to the disease to defend their small patch of land.

    Food was hoarded by them and, though a tainted stream ran the length of the small village a rainwater tank provided fresh drinking water for the entire tiny settlement.
    It was this that lead to contention with the other survivors that settled in the village. They insisted because the Seviper alone were immune they should drink from the tainted stream and have the fresh water given to the others.

    The Seviper in turn protested that the tainted water tasted foul and as they had control of all the resources they would decide who got the water. As the nest of poison types was too powerful to fight the surviving pokemon instead waited and grew bitter.

    When a powerful Zangoose wandered into town the survivors recalled the ancient grudge between the two species and begged him to rid the town of the Seviper. Some of the reports of cruelty they hold him were true and some were malicious lies designed to get his assistance. Unaware of a Seviper’s immunity to the disease the Normal Type gained the impression that they were creatures made twice evil by sickness and agreed to slay them.

    When the Cat Ferret Pokemon appeared on their doorstep the parent Seviper’s had hidden their young daughter behind a chair and told her to keep quiet while they went to face the ancient foe.

    Lamia’s mother was split in two with sharp claws; her father’s skull crushed by another swift blow.
    For a long time there was only sounds of battle and bloodshed then, at last, there was silence.
    Lamia curled backwards and hid her face.
    With a faint scraping sound the chair was pulled aside and the little Seviper looked up into pale pink eyes. The Poison type was too young to understand what had happened, that this Zangoose had killed her natural parents. All she knew is that she didn’t want to be left alone.
    When the Zangoose has reached out a paw to her she had curled around it tightly. She softly hissed and closed her eyes.
    The Zangoose’s face had softened at the sight of the scared child.
    "What is your name?" He had asked and she remembered how to speak.
    "La…Lamia…" She softly hissed, proud she could remember her name.
    Carefully he picked her up and let her rest on his shoulder.

    That night the two left the town without waiting for the promised payment from the rejoicing pokemon of the town. Lamia slept as the Zangoose carried her away, the events of the day blending into her dreams.

    The Zangoose raised her as his own, teaching her his ways as they journeyed across regions to slay the undead wherever they rose. He was a kind if strict teacher, determined to steer the growing Seviper on a certain path and for her part she couldn't think of a day without her daddy.

    Soon Lamia forgot she’d ever had other parents but him...
    Bulbapedia "Zangoose are fairly large Pokémon that have the characteristics of both mongooses and cats. Their fur is mostly white in color, but they possess deep red markings on the face, chest, and forepaws, which have sharp turns and edges. These markings make it appear that Zangoose has been involved in a vicious fight and is covered in blood and scars. They have two apparently retractable, long, sharp, black claws on their forepaws that are their main weapons in battle. Zangoose have large pink eyes, small tufts of white fur on their shoulders, somewhat rabbitlike ears, and a large, furry, white tail. They also have a pattern of four pink circles on the underside of their hind feet in a "paw-pad"-like arrangement. When a Zangoose opens its mouth, two sharp fangs can be seen. Zangoose are bitter enemies with Seviper, and the two will battle each other to the end. It is suggested this rivalry has lasted for ages. It will usually walk on all fours, but when angry, it will stand on its hind legs."

    "Seviper are fairly large snake Pokémon that are usually depicted scrunched up like an accordion. They are mostly black in color, but have several markings on their body. Seviper have yellow hexagon markings that run from their head to their tail, small yellow bumps where they touch the ground (this is presumably to help with movement) and various purple scar-like marks. Seviper has several different weapons it can use in battle, such as elongated red fangs that protrude from the mouth and a partially red-colored, bladelike tail that it can use to stab or swipe. Seviper also have fierce red eyes that make it able to use attacks like Glare."
    Appearance Templar is a large aging Zangoose. His history of violent battle has left him tall and well muscled, covered with many scars underneath his fur. He wears a Silk Scarf armband given to him by his trainer tied tightly around his right arm. Though it looks clean from a distance close examination shows it has faint brown stains on it from where he has had to use it for a bandage. Having spent some years with La he is completely at ease with her; his fur down and claws retracted when around her. When around her he walks on all fours so she can see him better, only scooping her up and standing on his hind legs when he senses a nearby threat. He has become desensitized to the smell of Seviper and instead relies on his hearing to locate potential threats.

    He has a gentle smile when around his daughter and often plays pouncing games with her or helps her sharpen her tail (and his own claws) on suitable stones. Normally La is seen beside him but when under threat Templar picks her up and places her around his neck where she can be safe from harm.

    He enjoys picking the little Seviper up so she can give him “Hissy Kissys” by flickering her tongue long his cheek. When he sleeps La curls up on his stomach and he rests a paw over her to keep her safe. When crossing water (something he dislikes) he makes sure La is curled up on his head where she does not get wet and can spot potential threats.

    Being warrior-like in nature he will often stand aside for other living but fights undead viciously with a terrifying warrior like expression. He never lets undead escape, always making sure they are completely dead and not a threat any more by completely destroying the head. His Code means he will attack living if they are attempting to harm others. He uses his claws like swords.

    At times of stress, in particular when La is threatened he will fall into a Beserker rage where he will kill all around him though he avoids it when possible. In this state he has trouble distinguishing friend from foe and may accidentally slay other living to his great regret.

    La is still very young, she is much smaller and shorter than a regular Seviper, small enough for her adopted father to be able wear her like a scarf and her ruby red fangs are still stubby little ‘baby teeth’. She has a wide-eyed innocent look to her red eyes.
    Her father has been teaching her to fight to defend herself and she has already grown a lot under his tutelage. Her Wrap does not do very much damage due to her small size but her Bite and Lick are still painful. When using her tail blade she uses the edge of her tail like a small dagger to stab enemies. She stays close to Templar at all times, keeping back from most fights. When she feels they are being threatened she will hiss loudly to alert the Zangoose. As she is small she can’t travel as far or as fast as Templar and, though he often slows his pace to match hers, she often sleeps curled up around his neck while they journey. Sometimes she stays in this position throughout the day, to serve as a lookout or when swimming.

    She often twines around Templar’s ankles or climbs his body as a sign of affection or gives him “Hissy Kissys” by flickering her forked tongue over his cheek. The natural responses of her species have led to her enjoying playing hide and seek with Templar where she conceals herself in bushes where her black and yellow skin provides camouflage before cheerfully leaping out and wrapping around him.
    Accent Stresses the “S” in any word I.e. “Sword” would become “Ssword.” This is her using Baby Talk and she will eventually grow out of it, learning how to speak with her short fangs and longer tongue has resulted in a cute lisp when she's trying to get her own way.
    Devotion Most Legends.
    Motivation Repent // Life
    Personality Templar has always been bound by a strong moral code translating as destroy evil and protect good. Before the Epidemic it meant protecting the weak and punishing the unjust and cruel but now it has ended up as kill the Undead and protect the living. His code has resulted in his adoption of Lamia as he could not kill a child but he also couldn't let the Seviper develop into a threat later on. He is trying to raise her to be good instead of evil (as he believes her family was) and doesn't let her show any dark tendencies such as ambushing opponents, instead teacher her how to engage in honorable combat. He has a very black and white view of the world which sometimes causes him problems when he is faced with a moral dilemma which has no easy answer (i.e Lamia) though he has recently admitted he has no good reason to be prejudiced against Seviper. Despite his iron-clad convictions of what is right and wrong he is generally a nice guy, polite and calm when dealing with problems. He believes things should be fair and is willing to go without food if it means everyone else can be fed ect. He is very protective of Lamia and afraid that other Zangeese will kill her if she encounters them.
    He dislikes killing things other than undead and prefers to avoid conflict whenever possible. When it isn’t possible he falls into a berserker rage where he is capable of shredding through incredible amounts of undead without thinking about injury. Secretly he longs for a world with peace but muses that the only way to make peace is with violence. He is scared of dying before Lamia is grown and so tries his hardest in every battle so he can come home to her.

    La is a sweet young girl who has no idea that Templar isn’t her biological father. She is still very young and talks with an elongated “s” sound in a manner similar to baby talk. She greatly loves her father and feels depressed whenever they are separated (rare though it may be). She doesn’t like her full name because it isn’t ‘cute enough’ and refers to herself as her father’s pet name for her, La. As her full name is only used when she is in trouble she often hides when she hears it. Lamia is very talkative despite her small vocabulary.

    She is young but very brave for her age, trying to copy the things her father does. As far as she knows the world has always been inhabited by monsters and she wants to grow up strong like her daddy so she can help fight them and be a hero. She is prone to throwing “hissy fits” when she doesn’t get her way and gets very offended if laughed at.

    Growing up with Templar has resulted in her believing that all Zangeese will be friendly to her and she often mistakes other Zangeese for her dad from behind. Usually Templar is around to sort out these situations so she doesn't know about the feud between the species. She doesn't know that Templar is not her natural father but sometimes asks him who her mother was or why she isn't with them and doesn't understand why it makes Templar sad. Any signs of her exhibiting ambush predator tactics against others is being trained out of her by Templar.
    Affiliations N/a
    Region of Origin Hoenn
    Name Origin Templar Knight // Lamia child
    User Notes ψ Falls into a berserk rage when he feels aggrieved at an opponent. During this time he has no control over his actions and slaughters everyone around him though he has trained to suppress the response and it seldom surfaces.
    ψ Originally killed Lamia’s parents under the belief that they were undead. When he found out they couldn’t have possibly been undead he worked on raising Lamia to atone for his sin of killing them, believing their spirits will be appeased when she is capable of taking care of herself.
    ψ Is trying to become a pacifist. He says he will only kill undead but often fights for self-defense/sport.
    ʊ Both characters are based around the Lamia child concept.
    ʊ Created by Kaze, original profile here and most recent profile here.
    Development Notes Whos the daddy!?

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