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    Eliana the Baby Oddish ((Inactive))


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    Eliana the Baby Oddish ((Inactive)) Empty Eliana the Baby Oddish ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:17 pm

    Eliana the Baby Oddish ((Inactive)) YunqI2I

    Text Color #7AC74C
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Infant
    Species #043/Oddish/Weed Pokemon
    Height 1'0" (still just a baby so she's small)
    Weight 7.8lbs (again, baby!)
    Pokédex Entry This Pokémon grows by absorbing moonlight. During the daytime, it buries itself in the ground, leaving only its leaves exposed to avoid detection by its enemies.
    Level 1
    Ability Chlorophyll
    Nature Bashful
    Characteristic Highly curious
    Moves - Absorb (start)
    - Charm (breed)
    - Razor Leaf (breed)
    History There isn't much to say about this little one, because she had only just hatched. But she remembers a soothing voice and gentle caresses as she lay waiting in her egg. Sometimes the voice would sing, but most of the time it yelled. She didn't like it when the voice yelled but every time the voice would always go back to soothing the little one encased in shell. She couldn't wait to meet the voice, and finally she could take it no more.

    She start pushing against her shell, forcing it to rock and move until finally it cracked. A bright white light filled the little one's eyes and when it cleared she was able to look up into the world and saw a great big female looking down at her. "Oddish!" (momma!) she cried, bouncing happily, but the big female simply looked down at her in confusion. "What the hell is that?" It was the voice! It was Momma! The little Oddish tried bouncing up to her but the female just moved away. Why didn't Momma want to be near her? The little Oddish started to cry but no comfort came from Momma.

    "Oddish-Odd?" (Why Momma?)

    **It took time but eventually Momma warmed up to her and gave her a pretty name. But then scary monsters appeared and Momma got hurt protecting bubba, and other bubba took her away from Momma. Seff was good bubba but after they ran away she never saw Momma again….
    What happened to Momma?
    Appearance Unbeknownst to this little one, she looks nothing like a regular Oddish. She looks more like a radish, what with her brilliantly red body and golden leaves. By size and shape she is normal, but her outward look is anything but. If anyone didn't know it was an Oddish, they would swear it was a fire type by her unusual coloring.
    Personality She hasn't developed much of a personality since she only just hatched, but she is very clingy to whoever is giving her affection and desperately craves the attention of her 'mother' Rhea. She whines and cries like any child when she is hurt, scared, or sad. She hates the sound of loud voices and yelling because they frighten her.
    User Notes -real father was a Whimsicott
    -Because there was no real way for her to plant down into the soil to hide from the sun she liked to spend her time in Rhea's pouch until night time, though she has no idea why. Sadly without Rhea she does not know this skill to employ it without her
    -She is extremely young, hatched during the epidemic. She has no idea Rhea asked to be killed before she turned.

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