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    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre)


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    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) Empty Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre)

    Post by Maximum Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:33 am

    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) Tumblr_inline_oslt34IHw01r82t0h_500
    Lineart by Silverishness. Coloring by me.

    Colm Doyle
    Text Color 8A4DB2
    Theme(s) Discombobulate
    Item -Pokemon communicator
    -Color contacts. Purely cosmetic and not needed for seeing
    -tightly sealed bottle of contact solution
    -Rations for himself and his Pokemon
    -Water Canteen
    -First Aid Kit
    -Flint and Steel
    -His old badge
    -Deck of Koikoi cards
    -Dark brown messenger bag
    Weapons -His Pokemon
    -Small handgun with a fair amount of Ammo
    -Hunting rifle with limited ammo
    -Hunting Knife
    -Butterfly Knife, hidden.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He|Him|His
    Birthdate February 16
    Age 29 years
    Species Human
    Weight 159.9 lbs.
    Height 5'10''
    Region of origin Kalos
    Occupation International Police
    Party There's an obvious theme here.
    Pkm 1
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) 334
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) Pokeball
    Name- Midori
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- 4AD926
    Species- Altaria
    Level- 65
    Ability- Natural Cure
    Attack list-
    -Moon Blast (Level)
    -Dragonbreath (Level)
    -Ice Beam(TM)
    -Safeguard (Level)
    **She used to be a Shadow Pokemon that Wes purified.
    Pkm 2
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) 059
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) Pokeball
    Name- Lestrade
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- E6BD19
    Species- Arcanine
    Level- 60
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Flare Blitz (Pre-evolution level)
    -Extreme Speed (Level)
    -Close Combat (Bred)
    -Iron Head (Tutor)
    **Pokemon given to him when he joined the police.
    Pkm 3
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) 026
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) Pokeball
    Name- Watson
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 8A4C0F
    Species- Raichu
    Level- 63
    Ability- Lightningrod
    Attack list-
    -Wish (Bred)
    -Thunderbolt (Level)
    -Thunder Wave (Pre-evolution level)
    -Grass Knot (TM)
    **Joined him after befriending Holmes.
    Pkm 4
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) 065
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) Pokeball
    Name- Holmes
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 5C5E70
    Species- Alakazam
    Level- 65
    Ability- Magic Gaurd
    Attack list-
    -Psychic (Level)
    -Teleport (Level)
    -Dazzling Gleam (TM)
    -Focus Blast (TM)
    Pkm 5
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) 573
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) Pokeball
    Name- Hudson
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- FFCCE0
    Species- Cinccino
    Level- 58
    Ability- Skill Link
    Attack list-
    -Tail Slap (Start)
    -Rock Blast (Start)
    -Bullet Seed (Start)
    -Sing (Start)
    **Confiscated from an international murderer. She had been used to lure people in, and eventually betrayed her owner, and Colm saved her.
    Pkm 6
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) 509
    Detective Colm (Pyrite, Orre) Pokeball
    Name- Wiggins
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 0DADF2
    Species- Purrloin
    Level- 50
    Ability- Prankster
    Attack list-
    -Thief (TM)
    -Double Team (TM)
    -U-Turn (TM)
    -Sand Attack (Level)
    **Wearing an Everstone on his collar. Confiscated from a person who trained pokemon to steal, and the cat attached to Colm. Used to mess up targets by taking their weapons or other things.
    "And we all have so many faces,
    The real self often erases.
    Enticing lies flicker through our eyes"
    History Colm was born in Lumiose City of Kalos to a single mother, and his father was nowhere to be found. Despite being left with such a shitty lot in life, his mother very much loved her son, and she was determined to give him a good life. Unfortunately, she was tight for money, and being a mother wasn't good for a not famous actress. If anything, her determination managed to get her more offers than expected, and she took on several minimum wage jobs as she needed them. Since affording a babysitter was out of the question, she often had to take him to her rehearsals, and thankfully, he was a quiet child. He watched his mother take on various roles with wide-eyed fascination, and it shocked his little mind to see his mother act like such different people. When he was old enough to learn to read, he often gained practice from reading the scripts his mother brought home to review. Since he would sometimes just pick them up, she had to make sure not to leave any lying around that would contain things he wasn't old enough to understand yet.

    The city was an exciting place for the child, and as soon as he could go out on his own, he took the opportunity, but he always made sure to come back before the artificial lights of the city came on. He was quiet and liked to sit and watch people and try to figure out what he could by just looking at them or listening to them speak. This hobby didn't gain him many friends of the other kids in his age group, but he didn't really see the need for them. He was content the way he was. An Abra apparently shared his fascination, but he did a much better job of not getting noticed than Colm. Colm didn't realize that he was being followed by the Pokemon for a few hours, until the Abra dropped on him on accident. After scrambling away, the Abra looked a little embarrassed, but then he gave the child a look as if to say, "So what now?" Colm wasn't sure what to do; he hadn't thought about catching Pokemon since his mother didn't have one, and he was keenly aware of how that would be another mouth to feed. He tried to shoo the Abra away, but the Abra simply refused to leave. The two all but argued over this until Colm realized he had to go home, and so he ran, hoping that the Abra would be unable to catch him. Then he realized his mistake when he saw the Abra sitting outside the door to the apartment complex he and his mother lived in.

    Realizing the Abra had taken a far too keen interest in him, he had to talk to his mother about it. She was extremely hesitant, but she could tell that despite his insistances that he didn't want the Abra, he was only saying that because he felt he had to. Feeling guilty that she had already inflicted the burden of knowing that they were tight on cash upon him, she decided to let the Abra stay, and she even had some spare Pokeballs for Colm to keep. Thankfully, the Abra wasn't a big eater, so they didn't have to worry as much as they thought. He delightfully named the Abra "Holmes" after one of his favorite stories, and the pair were practically inseparable. They both took to people watching, and they started noticing patterns for finding things. They didn't plan on it, but they eventually started earning money for finding lost items and people. During one of their excursions, they ran into a Pikachu that looked very haggard and worn. Worried for the little rodent, Colm took him to a Pokemon center, and Holmes also took an interest in him. Apparently the Pikachu had been in a nasty battle, but he didn't belong to anyone, and Lumiose was fairly far away from where wild Pikachu roamed. After much debating, the two decided to see if they could keep him; especially since the Pikachu latched onto Holmes. The pair enjoyed each other's company, and since Holmes rubbed most Pokemon the wrong way, it was surprising. Due to the extra income Colm was getting, the financial strain on his mother had been considerably lessened, and the Pikachu, dubbed "Watson," was welcomed with open arms.

    Colm was never particularly interested in traveling around as a trainer, but he did take to training Holmes and Watson in their free time. A bored Holmes could be dangerous, so Colm took advantage of all the people that traveled through his beloved city and trained.  His pair of Pokemon made a good team, and that was another source of needed money. However, Colm was getting old enough so that he wanted to pursue a proper career, and as much as he did enjoy acting with his mother, he wanted to fight crime properly. As just a teen with two Pokemon, he didn't have the authority to help people if things were stolen. So he joined the police force, and his acting, honed through lifelong practice, made him a valuable asset. He could do surveillance, and no one would know he had been there. He could also get information without having to strong-arm people. Most importantly, he could also infiltrate areas, or bait individuals who wouldn't know just how over their heads they were until it was too late. Early in his career, he helped bust a thief who trained Pokemon to steal, and one of the Purrloin latched onto him. Maybe it was the way he had conned the man into leading him to his base, but the kitten was starrry-eyed. Figuring that it wouldn't hurt, he took the cat in and named him "Wiggins."

    After a few years, Lumiose was faced with a murderer that had crossed several country lines and left a trail of blood in their wake. There was very little information about them, but the method of killing was far too specific to be anyone else. There was also a theory that since their targets almost always included women and children, then they might be using a cute Pokemon or something as bait. After a recent murder, Colm went in plains clothes to act like a casual observer, and let his Pokemon out ahead of time to see if they gathered anything. Watson faithfully stuck to his side while Holmes and Wiggins watched from the shadows and Lestrade started trying to pick up a scent with the other police officers. A Cinccino approached him, and tugged on his pants leg to get his attention. The foreign, fluffy, cute Pokemon immediately put him on guard, but he realized that if his suspicion was correct, then he could finally get a lead on the murderer. The Cinccino was trying to get him to follow her somewhere, so he gave his Pokemon a signal to follow discreetly. However, since Watson was already blatantly with him, the mouse stayed.

    The Cinccino eventually lead him to a warehouse, where her trainer was waiting. He was a solidly built man, but he looked harmless. "Looked" being the operative word there. The man took one look at Watson, and tried talking him into a Pokemon battle, which Colm accepted. The fight was painfully onesided when the Cinccino went down in one hit, and that's when Colm saw what he was looking for. The man had a brief moment of panic, but then regained his composure and asked if Colm would be willing to chat. The conversation quickly turned to the man trying to get him to recall Watson, and he kept getting more and more annoyed when Colm refused. The Cinccino had woken up during this, and she was getting really concerned about what was going on; she had been doing this for her master for a long time, but this was the part she was always recalled for. When her master's face turned red, she was incredibly frightened, and seeing him lunge towards this strange man made her realize that something was wrong. Even before the other man's Raichu could react, she latched onto her master's leg and forced him to trip. When he realized what had happened, he kicked her off, and was about to stomp on her when Colm sucker punched him and Watson paralyzed him. Holmes took that as his cue to get back-up, and the man was quickly brought in. Through the other Pokemon, the Cinccino finally realized what she had been used for, and, needless to say, she was horrified. There had been talk of whether she should be put down or not, since she had belonged to the murderer for so long, but Colm vouched for her, saying that she had saved his life. He even offered to take her, and the Cinccino jumped on the offer.

    This case, in addition to his other small victories, caught the eye of the International Police, and he was given an offer to join their ranks. After some discussions with his mother, he took the job, and his life became even more chaotic. Now he was dealing with cases across country lines, and arguably even more difficult situations. However, it was pretty much the same deal as before, and his ability to remain unnoticed was incredibly beneficial.  He did start missing being able to relax more, and as soon as he could get home, he would often not do anything other than watch TV, read, or even play games that only required one person. There were a few people he worked with, such as his partner, that he actually started building friendships with.

    Then one day, he was looking over a bunch of older cases with criminals still at large, when Holmes approached him with an uncharacteristically spooked visage. Holmes was not one to panic or indicate fear, so he immediately asked him what was wrong. With no words, and all of Colm's pokeballs in one hand, Holmes grabbed Colm and Teleported away. The first teleport was for only a short distance, but it got him out of the building and he saw something utterly decimate the headquarters. Even more frightened, Holmes teleported again, and this time his panic landed them all the way in Johto. The absolute madness of the region and the fact that they had no supplies was incredibly worrying, but Colm managed to scrounge up a bag to stick all of his files in and what little food and other supplies they could find. They actually managed to find the Indigo Plateau, where several leaders and other high ranking people had created a fortress.

    Given his prior status as an Interpol agent and the fact that he had a bunch of files on criminals that they might need to keep an eye out for, they welcomed what he had, and he helped them organize more. He started focusing on Cipher and Rocket since those were the teams that were still going strong when the Epidemic started. Hearing that Wes was there, he took the opportunity to interview him for everything that he might have on the various Cipher admins. After accounting for all of the information at HQ, he started going on field missions to see if he could find any more information on the Epidemic and what might have started it. During one of these outings, he ran into an Altaria from Orre that was one of the original Shadow Pokemon, and she was able to tell him more about the creator of the Shadow Serum. Even though it isn't clear if there is a connection, he wants to find Ein if only to make him pay for his horrid actions.
    Accent Kalosian
    Appearance -Light orange hair
    -Hair is short
    -Violet eyes
    -Facial scruff
    -Average height and frame, on the edge of being underweight
    -Barring his hair color, he's rather unremarkable.
    -Dark grey duster, long sleeved green shirt, grey pants, black boots.
    -Messenger bag is always slung on one shoulder across the chest.
    -The way he holds himself is entirely dependent on what he wants others to see. He can hold himself with utmost confidence, or shrink like a waif. If he's not acting, his neutral stance is best described as bored looking. Tends to clasp both hands in front of his face if he's thinking.
    Religion Obviously believes Legends exist, but they can be hurt physically and emotionally just like everyone else. Thinks of them as extremely powerful Pokemon and not necessarily mystic and untouchable deities.
    Personality -Introverted
       He can act friendly and outgoing if he needs to be, but he needs time to himself or with those he doesn't mind. Otherwise he starts getting stir-crazy
    -Critical thinker
       He was a good investigator for a reason. Picks up details and can figure out what they might mean quickly
    -Work oriented
       He loved his job and would throw himself fully into it. While his new job isn't the same, he still has about the same amount of determination.
    -Open minded
       Getting stuck on one way of thinking leads to missed clues and opportunities.
    -Understands grey morality
       He needed to understand motives, and this lead to him learning how to sympathize with those who don't fall into the neat categories of black and white.
       Picked up a wide array of information that he can pull out at a moment's notice. Useful for investigating and playing parts.
    -Loves puzzles
       Challenges to his mind grab him, and there is no better feeling than figuring out a difficult puzzle.
    -Good actor
       In order to get information discretely or to sneak into heavily guarded locations, it was necessary to be different people.
       If he isn't acting, and has to be himself, he can be nervous around new people.
       Not above lying to get what he needs or wants
    -Major issues being genuine
       He's so used to playing parts around people that it is sometimes difficult for him to actually be himself in front of others. His Pokemon see right through it, but he also has fewer issues with them. Prior to the epidemic, he did have a few work mates with whom he was comfortable enough around to cut loose, but he has yet to find any one new to do so with.
    Affiliations -Eldes
    User Notes -This wasn't supposed to happen and things got out of hand gg me.
    -Sil gave me permission to adopt Midori.
    -Loves psychological horror, other forms of horror, and thrillers. Is a little peeved by inaccuracies in crime dramas, but you can tell he has a soft spot for some of them.
    -Of course he loves musicals
    -While he was working as a police officer and an Interpol agent, he dyed his hair a lot. His hair has only recently been its natural color.

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