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    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace]


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    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] Empty Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace]

    Post by Silverishness Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:18 am

    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] 7fef109000bccaf3c5f90b0983d5c824e93c9ad0

    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] GHbBrQQ

    Text Color 0147fa
    Theme(s) Uptown Funk
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    Items House Arrest Ankle Bracelet (located in translator on neck) [Broken], ??? packs of cigarettes, lighter, Worn out deck of playing cards, flask with rum in it, water pouch, lockpicks, long blue duster jacket.
    Stolen (back, in some cases) from HQ: A large, solar-powered/ hydro-electric motorbike, Time Flute, his old Snag Machine, two large containers of water, two large containers of military rations and canned food.
    Weapons Military grade semi-automatic rifle, small handgun, Bowie knife located in boot, flash bombs, shells of mustard gas, a few homemade bombs, flares.
    Stolen from HQ: A large duffle bag filled with semi-automatic assault weapons, a dozen cases of ammo, a box filled with a dozen live grenades.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Him/He/His
    Birthdate 10/29
    Age 26
    Species Human
    Weight 175.3 lbs
    Height 6'5"
    Region of origin Orre
    Occupation Trainer/ Mercenary/ Vagrant/Gigolo
    Party Wes has managed to keep most of his pokemon safe, aside from his Umbreon, Rum, upon arriving at HQ
    Pkm 1
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] Spr_6x_196
    Name/Gender- Whiskey [M]
    Text colour- E9CBE2
    Species- Espeon
    Level- 67
    Ability- Magic Bounce
    Attack list-
    -Psychic (Learned)
    -Morning Sun (Learned)
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    -Dazzling Gleam (TM}
    **Carries Life Orb
    Pkm 2
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] ZLPiV1u
    Name/Gender- Bourbon [M]
    Text colour- FD9B63
    Species- Houndemn
    Level- 60
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Nasty Plot (Egg)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Sludge Bomb (TM)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    **Carries Life Orb
    Pkm 3
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] Spr_6x_226
    Name/Gender- Sober [M]
    Text colour- 597291
    Species- Mantine
    Level- 57
    Ability- Swift Swim
    Attack list-
    -Aqua Ring (Learned)
    -Air Slash (Learned)
    -Scald (TM)
    -Confuse Ray (Learned)
    **Carries Leftovers
    Pkm 4
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] A3abL7h
    Name/Gender- Sake [F]
    Text colour- 49F4B8
    Species- Flygon
    Level- 58
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Protect (TM)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Bug Bite (Tutor)
    -Dragon Claw (TM)
    **Carries Soft Sand
       Is a regional variant of Flygon, seen here
    Pkm 5
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] Spr_6x_181
    Name/Gender- Malt [M]
    Text colour- FFE450
    Species- Ampharos
    Level- 63
    Ability- Static
    Attack list-
    -Thunder (TM)
    -Signal Beam (Learned)
    -Power Gem (Learned)
    -Rain Dance (TM)
    **Carries Damp Rock
    Pkm 6
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] Spr_6x_248
    Name/Gender- Vodka [F]
    Text colour- CAE1A4
    Species- Tyranitar
    Level- 70
    Ability- Sandstream
    Attack list-
    -Iron Head (Tutor)
    -Earthquake (Learned)
    -Crunch (Learned)
    -Stone Edge (Learned)
    **Wears Assault Vest
    Quote "You treat me like some kind of criminal, I swear."
    History Wes' childhood is something shrouded in mystery, the fair-haired male first emerging into notable history in his young teens. A native to Orre, Wes was always familiar with the famous and notorious Colisseum battles that personified the region. Team Snagem, much like any organization, saw his natural talent and recruited him. There, he and his two pokemon, Umbreon and Espeon, flourished in the shady environs, growing into a young criminal himself. However, things within the walls of Snagem turned sour after a rather nasty argument.

    And so, like any youth marred with spite, he blew it up, and stole the most precious item the Team possessed.

    Racing away from the scene, he marked himself a rogue, a fugitive on the run not only from the law -which was laughable in Orre- but from the very syndicate he once called home. Playing nomad across the bountiful sands of Orre, he soon came across a young redhead, and upon meeting her, was thrust into a completely different world.

    He was soon introduced to Shadow Pokemon, and was charged with not only recollecting the many scattered Shadows from their villainous new owners, but to "purify" their hearts and make them normal pokemon once more. While he wasn't interested in the philanthropist side of the mission that his compatriot seemed to boast, he was very interested in gaining more allies. And so, he trekked through the region, collecting every Shadow Pokemon that came across his path. He even beat down superiors of Cipher, allies of Team Snagem, with his force. Eventually, the man himself, Nascour, the leader of Cipher, fell to Wes' strength. With no one left to fight, Cipher dissolved, and Wes reclused back into the shadows where he belonged.

    The years after his victories were a blur of money, drink, pleasurable company, smoke and high-living. Success was his middle name, and he relished in it. When he squandered his money in multiple gambling failures, he went to mercenary work, challenging the Colisseums and taking down trainers to keep up his expensive habits. Even when the second Shadow Pokemon scare arose, he paid no mind, now that he and the little redhead had parted ways. He was allowed to live as he saw fit, and he was enjoying ever moment of it.

    It wasn't until years later, when he was finally tracked down by the now far more impressive law in Orre for excessive gambling, petty thievery, disturbing the peace, indecent exposure and lollygagging that his high-living came to an end. He was tossed in the Pyrite prison, of all places, left there to rot for a sentence of 5 years. During that time, the Infected sprung out from the depths from which they came, plunging the region into chaos. Amidst the chaos, Wes was able to pick his way out of his cell, collect his pokemon and flee.

    Like a wave, the initial horde of infected came and went, leaving nothing but blood, terror and death behind them. After eradicating a few straggling Undead, Wes took it upon himself to loot a few buildings. After all, no one else was going to need them, right? Despite his most honorable intentions, the last legions of humans and their government disagreed, catching him ripping out copper wiring in the prison. He was carted off, once more, to Indigo Plateau, to face the Gym Leaders, Champions and Lance himself.

    There, he was briefed on what was going on, and "encouraged" to join. During the fight with the Infected, the others told him his Umbreon was infected, and was immediately euthanized. After that, he was charged with a patrol job, securing the perimeter around Indigo Plateau. Unable to think past the fact that one of his best friends was now dead, mostly thanks to his own carelessness, he agreed, and recieved a gun and other weapons to carry out his job.

    It didn't take long for the vagrant to grow antsy at the sight of such redundant scenery. He was a nomad at heart, never settling in one place for too long. And so, he left, going AWOL in the dead of night. Unfortunately, this didn't last long, as he was soon captured by his superiors and placed under "fortress arrest"; leaving him incapable of leaving the Plateau due to an "ankle" bracelet. He's now a permanent part of the Plateau Guard, patrolling the citadel.

    He took a short scouting trip outside HQ that soon turned into a science experiment. His house arrest alarm seemed to be malfunctioning and by God, he was going to make the most out of it. Tinkering with the device that kept him chained to Indigo Plateau, he continued to fiddle and mess with it as he wandered further and further from the mountain fortress to find himself in Ilex forest. Though he had a brief encounter with his commander, Jasmine, and a few other pokemon, he escaped, the house arrest alarm finally deactivated. He ventured back into the fortress one last time to steal his personal items, his bike, and a shitload of guns, food and water. Because fuck those guys.
    Accent American South
    Appearance While Wes is renowned for his lazy, relaxed persona, his vanity keeps him strangely, ruggedly groomed. Fair, short-cropped hair stands in casual, natural spikes, sometimes obscured by the old riding goggles he's had for years. His skin, somewhat paler than it used to be, is still a rich tan. The white scar across his face is still present. His uniform is much less cared for, often sluggishly and sloppily adorned. A confident, sleek grin is usually his expression.
    Religion Agnostic
    Personality Wes always has been, and probably always will be, a man out for himself and his pokemon. While his more famous adventures led him down a path of a selfless hero, his motives continue to be selfish. The only thing he cares more about, however, is his pokemon, and losing Umbreon was a terrible blow on his mind.

    As a natural nomad, staying in one place causes him anxiety, restlessness, and eventually, panic. Being in caves has a similar effect, as he is used to the wide, open sands of his home.

    He is fairly easy-going, preferring not to waste his time worrying about menial matters. While the aforementioned situations cause him great discomfort, he does his best to keep his mind and body at ease. His health, mental and physical, is important to him, and he knows what will happen should he let his anxiety go too far. In order to prevent this, he indulges in many vices, mostly of which are smoking cigarettes and drinking booze.

    His lax nature is contagious, and he often strives to bring his comrades down to his level for amusement. Typically, he's notorious for causing distractions to other soldiers --losing track of time in card games, preferably poker, are most common. He is also infamous for his flirtatious ways, to anyone he deems appealing.
    Affiliations To be filled (that's what she said)
    User Notes --While in HQ, he and a few other people helped run a saloon of sorts, where he would occasionally bar tend or sing. Fairly talented, but not classically trained.
    -Not a fan of any of his commanders
    -Rum's text color is F0D868
    -Updated some things. Original Profile

    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] F6TinV7

    Justin "Justy"
    Text Color 816687
    Theme(s) You're So Vain
    Just Another Name
    Item Water pouch, dehydrated berries, industrial grade rope, matches, White Duster Coat large roll of duct tape, backpack.
    Weapons Knife, hammer
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Him/Him/He
    Birthdate 2/16
    Age 24
    Species Human
    Weight 153.9 lbs
    Height 6'1"
    Region of origin Orre
    Occupation Prestige Gym Leader
    Party Since wild pokemon in Orre are little more than a lottery, Justy has bought each and every one of his Pokemon from a specialized breeder, boasting perfect stats, egg moves and natures. His final teammember was a gift from an adoring fan a year before the Epidemic hit. He had a Nosepass, but lost it in the fall of Phenac city. For Justy, he believes Nosepass is still alive, as he didn't see the pokemon actually die.
    Pkm 1
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] Spr_6x_028
    Name/Gender- Sandy [F]
    Text colour- A47830
    Species- Sandslash
    Level- 58
    Ability- Sand Rush
    Attack list-
    -Earthquake (Learned)
    -Iron Tail (Tutor)
    -X-Scissor (TM)
    -Stone Edge (TM)
    **Choice Band held
    Pkm 2
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] Spr_6x_184
    Name/Gender- Bouncer [M]
    Text colour- 14afde
    Species- Azumarill
    Level- 55
    Ability- Huge Power
    Attack list-
    -Belly Drum (Egg)
    -Aqua Jet (Egg)
    -Play Rough (Learned)
    -Superpower (Tutor)
    **Carries a generous amount of berries
    Pkm 3
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] 9IGq1XI
    Name/Gender- Buzz [M]
    Text colour- 93D237
    Species- Flygon
    Level- 48
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Sandstorm (TM)
    -Iron Tail (Tutor)
    -Dragon Tail (TM)
    -U-Turn (TM)
    **Holding Smooth Rock
       Regional variant of Flygon, seen here
    Pkm 4
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] Spr_6x_232_m
    Name/Gender- Trunks [M]
    Text colour- 849CAC
    Species- Donphan
    Level- 45
    Ability- Sand Veil
    Attack list-
    -Earthquake (Learned)
    -Rapid Spin (Learned)
    -Stealth Rock (Tutor)
    -Gunk Shot (Tutor)
    **Holds Brightpowder
    Pkm 5
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] BZcURVy
    Name/Gender- Asche [M]
    Text colour- 79CDCD
    Species- Absin
    Level- 50
    Ability- Super Luck
    Attack list-
    -Night Slash [Learned]
    -Psycho Cut [Learned]
    -Ice Beam [TM]
    -Perish Song [Egg]
    **Recently Caught
    Pkm 6
    Wes and Justy, Pyrite Trash and Phenac Royalty [Pyrite||Ace] Spr_6x_497_s
    Name/Gender- Empress [F]
    Text colour- 02c768
    Species- Serperior
    Level- 62
    Ability- Contrary
    Attack list-
    -Leaf Tornado (Learned)
    -Giga Drain (Learned)
    -Dragon Pulse (Tutor)
    -Synthesis (Tutor)
    **Was given to him at lvl 60; carries Leftovers
    Quote "Of course you like me; everyone likes me. Wait, you don't like me? Why don't you like me?"
    History Hurriedly scribbled by a masculine hand, littered with phallic drawings all over the paper, along with little doodles that somewhat resemble Justy:

    Everyone in Phenac tells this story like it's a fucking legend:

    Perfect Justin was perfectly born in perfect stupid Phenac City on a perfect spring day. He came out nearly glowing, like a Messiah, I guess, because he was just that fucking special. I'm guessing he also had his stupid thick purple mane of hair, already stinking of pomade, and his stupid washboard abs that literally everyone in this godforsaken town wants to lick. Eugh. Anyway, yeah, his birthday was marked as the "Best Fucking Thing To Happen To This Town Despite The Fact That We Found An Aquifer Like A Decade Ago, And You Know, We Live In A Fucking Desert" and he grew up basking in the perfect love of not only his also gorgeous, biologically perfect parents, but the whole fucking town as well. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo.

    "Justy" -God, what a retarded fucking nickname- grew up wanting for nothing. Surprise, surprise. Like all spoiled brats in Phenac, he didn't starve, his parents didn't hit him and he didn't play in a damp cave with shards of glass and metal for toys. Pfft, rich kids, am I right? Anyway, he was apparently decent in his gilded pre-school or didn't shit in his silk diapers as often as the other kids or something, so his parents and "teachers" were like, "Holy shit, this toddler is a fucking prodigy!" and everyone agreed because of course they did-- how can anyone disagree with a grape face like that?

    So they gave him super-special lessons with super-special pokemon and he was really good at it. To hear the locals talk about it, he was like actually psychically communicating and taking over the Pokemon's minds, he was directing them so well. My money is that they didn't want to piss off the suit-wearing bastards who could replace them with a knife and a well-placed phone call. But what the fuck do I know, I'm just a lowly Pyrite-scumbag that doesn't know the difference between White and Eggshell. (Guess what, fuckers, there ISN'T a fucking difference.) Oh right, gotta talk about "Justy". Seriously, how does anyone take him seriously with that stupid-ass name?

    Whatever, so he started training super early, and was "really good" at it. They brought in foreign tutor after foreign tutor because this guy just blew through them in skill, having to get better and better teachers for his climbing talent. "Talent."  Soon his parents like, died or something from running out of money? I don't really know or care, but they're suddenly out of the picture and so Justy -you know what, fuck it, I'm calling him by his real name- Justin was super sad. Because, yeah, I'll give him that his parents died. Sucks. That was his source of income after all. Boo hoo. Sad day.

    All right, so he was like, 13 or something when he decided to open a gym, right? Apparently it was to be "in honor of his dead parents" -Oh they died in a BOATING ACCIDENT, ok ran out of money for life boats, oops- but poor orphaned Justin couldn't do it on his own. So the town got together and, with proceeds from the fancy-ass Colosseum and they built the fucker right in the middle of the city. They also built it lower than the rest of the city, so when Phenac inevitably sinks into the hole its drained aquifer leaves, that Gym will be the first to go. Comforting.

    Right, I keep going off track. So they built the gym, Justin became the leader at like 14, and he was training and teaching there for years. Of course as he hit puberty, he was the heartthrob of all fucking Orre -except in Pyrite where opinions matter- and his reputation spread like all his stupid groupies' legs. Far and wide, and probably with chlamydia. Anyway, it was about right as he hit 20 when shit hit the fan regarding Cipher and Shadow Pokemon and all that. And surprise, surprise, he couldn't do shit. Not only did yours truly have to save his stupid-ass city, but so did an even younger kid. Well done, Justin. You are obviously the savior Phenac deserves.

    So the danger comes and goes -twice- without much help from him, no biggie. Life continued on as it normally did with their pretty limestone walls and babbling fountains. Boo. Plague happens, though, and once more, the town turns to their lavender-locked savior and once more, he failed miserably. Phenac was destroyed, just like the rest of Orre, and in his own optimistic stupidity, Justin tried to reclaim it. His Nosepass was lost in the fray, and while Justin believes it's still alive because he didn't see the killing blow, let's face it, the thing's dead. Anyway, now he's wandering around Pyrite, I hear. Good. Maybe he'll trip on something and die of hepatitis.

    The note ends with a bust of Justy with the "J" marked out and replaced with a "B", and his face graffitied to look like a low-cost hooker.
    Accent American South
    Appearance Emaculately groomed, especially for the end of the world, Justy often fusses over his hair, skin and nails whenever he thinks no one is looking, and it seems to be working. Very healthy. As the panic swarmed over Phenac when the city was attacked, many of his loyal fans dropped supplies and gear at his door, hoping their celebrity would be able to stop the Plague. He still wears much of this expensive, durable gear today.
    Religion Arceus, converted from Groudon. Very devout.
    Personality +Privileged+
    -Let them eat cake.
    -Understands social cues well, but doesn't realize when his own words are condescending, demeaning, patronizing or passive-aggressive.
    -Doesn't understand when people get mad when he does these things.
    -Because he doesn't truly understand rarity, he simply assumes that whatever he does give away he'll magically get back somehow. So that misunderstanding of the world allows him to be kind, giving and altruistic.
    -When someone proves themselves better than him, he doesn't understand it well, especially if they hail from outside Orre. While he never claimed that he was the best in the country, he feels that if he truly wanted it, he would be. When he actually tries and fails, then another succeeds, jealousy abounds.
    -He's better than you. That's just a fact. And if there's something that you're better at, it's simply because he hadn't truly tried yet.
    -Often puts too much trust in the capabilities of himself or his pokemon, putting himself and them into more trouble than usual
    -Knows he's pretty, knows he has a nice voice. Uses these to his advantage, whether he's aware of it or not.
    -While not completely silver-tongued, he does manage to worm his way out of things by his bumbling, endearing nature.
    -Tries to be humble, but it doesn't last long.
    -Because he's filled with unbruised pride.
    -Should not be confused for "suave" because he's just not.
    -Is both unafraid of, and unable to restrain, his emotions.
    -Loves Orre with all his heart, and is fiercely loyal to its customs. Loathes Cipher and Snagem, as they destroyed his country long before the Epidemic did.
    -Part of his endearing nature. He says what's on his mind without much filter, since everyone back in Phenac adored his words and heeded it like scripture.
    -Doesn't believe in lies
    -A bit gullible
    -And naive
    Affiliations Cipher-
    -Fuck these guys
    Wes and Rui-
    -Cute redhead, but that guy is a Pyrite Snake.
    User Notes -None

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