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    Eldes [[Meeting/ Citadark||Leader]]


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    Eldes [[Meeting/ Citadark||Leader]] Empty Eldes [[Meeting/ Citadark||Leader]]

    Post by Silverishness Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:47 pm

    Eldes [[Meeting/ Citadark||Leader]] VgK7FE3

    Text Color D92638
    Theme(s) Suicide Note
    Rain Awhile
    Greevil redeemed
    Item Working Poke Comm, GPS/phone [No longer charged], Cipher Sunglasses, goggles, box of matches, bag, ammo, sleeping roll with pillow, water pouches, food rations, limited medical supplies, badge, lots and lots of zip ties.
    Weapons Small handgun, large knife, his pokemon
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He/His/Him
    Birthdate 12/30
    Age 43
    Species Human
    Weight 202.4
    Height 6'6"
    Region of origin Orre
    Occupation Former Cipher Admin, International Police Detective
    Party Most of the pokemon he had during the course of Pokemon: Gale of Darkness were either stolen back by Michael or donated. These he found or rescued during his years of service.
    Pkm 1
    Eldes [[Meeting/ Citadark||Leader]] Spr_6x_059
    Name/Gender- Atticus [M]
    Text colour- FEA964
    Species- Arcanine
    Level- 64
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Flare Blitz (Prior Evo)
    -Close Combat (Egg)
    -Extremespeed (Learned)
    -Wild Charge (TM)
    **Received upon enrolling in the academy as a partner pokemon.
    Pkm 2
    Eldes [[Meeting/ Citadark||Leader]] Spr_6x_184
    Name/Gender- Caerbannog "Banny" [M]
    Text colour- 41ABE4
    Species- Azumarill
    Level- 57
    Ability- Huge Power
    Attack list-
    -Aqua Jet (Egg)
    -Belly Drum (Egg)
    -Superpower (Tutor)
    -Play Rough (Learned)
    **Was a gag gift from a coworker on his birthday; turned out to be one of his best pokemon. Often holds a Sitrus Berry.
    Pkm 3
    Eldes [[Meeting/ Citadark||Leader]] Spr_6x_389
    Name/Gender- Patience [F]
    Text colour- 3CA954
    Species- Torterra
    Level- 48
    Ability- Shell Armor
    Attack list-
    -Wood Hammer (Learned)
    -Synthesis (Learned)
    -Earthquake (Learned)
    -Iron Head (Tutor)
    **Confiscated from the leader of a minor drug cartel; Patience was used as a mule to ferry goods back and forth hidden in her hollowed out tree. Now, Eldes often ties or cuffs criminals to her back when they're far from base.
    Pkm 4
    Eldes [[Meeting/ Citadark||Leader]] Spr_7s_745
    Name/Gender- Isaac [M]
    Text colour- E8D3C4
    Species- Lycanroc
    Level- 52
    Ability- Sand Rush
    Attack list-
    -Accelerock (Learned)
    -Double Team (TM)
    -Suckerpunch (Egg)
    -Rock Slide (TM)
    **Graduation present.
    Pkm 5
    Eldes [[Meeting/ Citadark||Leader]] Pbucket
    Name/Gender- Oasis [F] (Sometimes called "Ace")
    Text colour- B6398D
    Species- Flygon
    Level- 62
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Roost (TM)
    -Thunderpunch (Tutor)
    -Earthquake (Learned)
    -U-Turn (TM)
    **(Carries Leftovers)
    The only pokemon to stay by his side through his ordeals in Cipher. Oasis is often out of her ball to keep an eye on Eldes.
    Oasis is a Flygon variant, Roseate, seen here.
    Pkm 6
    Eldes [[Meeting/ Citadark||Leader]] Spr_6x_604
    Name/Gender- Koikoi [M]
    Text colour- F8E86C
    Species- Eelektross
    Level- 60
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Thunderpunch (Tutor)
    -Fire Punch (Tutor)
    -Crunch (Learned)
    -Drain Punch (Tutor)
    **Was first kept in a small fishbowl as a Tynamo after seizing from a suspect. One day, however, Eldes decided on a whim to train his little desk buddy and has since become a formidable attacker. Carries Choice Band.
    Quote "I don't deserve amnesty. I don't deserve a second chance, Looker. What am I doing, why am I fooling myself? I let... I let so many Pokémon suffer. I let so many of them become killing machines because I was too spineless to stand up to my father and brother. I didn't, COULDN'T, until a boy -A CHILD- came and destroyed everything. And now, from these four decades of my miserable life, what do I have from that? No friends, no family and a job scratched out from pity."
    History Eldes never knew his mother. The pregnancy that bore his brother and himself proved difficult and complicated to an already fragile woman, the physical strain far too great. She died while in labor and an emergency C-section was called to save the two infant babes. The death wrecked the new father, but he grew into his role quickly to do right by his two new sons.

    Eldes' childood could be described in a single word: lonely. Though he always had Ardos, only having a single friend to play and speak with quickly became stale and stressful for the bright child. Even as a small child, Eldes would often sneak out to play outside, either with pokemon or other children his age. However, this behavior was soon "corrected"; Eldes was always punished severely whenever caught, which was, well, every time. Unfortunately for his father's and brother's sanity, Eldes was relentless in misbehaving, the boy's stubborn streak a mile wide.

    As the boys entered puberty and Eldes' rebellion grew, their father took matters into his own hands. Uprooting the boys, they moved to Hoenn and began their rigorous conditioning as pokemon trainers. Obsessed with power, their father preached his harsh, rigorous dogma to them day in and day out as they worked with their pokemon, forcing the boys to be heartless in their practices. Once again, however, Eldes proved troublesome and in turn, it seemed their father had had enough. Without hesitation, the man killed every pokemon Eldes had in his possession except a Trapinch. As if the death of his pokemon, the only true friends he'd had his entire life besides his twin wasn't enough, his father then threatened under his breath that if Eldes continued, Ardos would be next. Terrified, Eldes was then locked in a dark room for days, told over and over that it was his fault, that they died because of his stubbornness. Needless to say, Eldes' rebellion was broken very quickly.

    It wasn't difficult afterward to further brainwash his children, raising them easily and steadily into the powerful enforcers he was so desperately trying to cultivate. As they grew, so did their father's deams and ambitions. He spoke of a new world, one run with discipline and order instead of the chaos that reigned today. Dutifully, they assisted him in building Cipher, an organization designed to exectute their father's goals. Day in, day out, they and their father did the heavy lifting in securing members, funds and everything else to make Cipher an actuality. To bring it life. It was their highest accomplishment to date, and once it was ready, they put the plan to action.

    Cipher moved quickly and quietly for years, locking in a temporary alliance with another "team" organization, Snagem. While it was purely business -and they had full intentions on liquidating the organization after their usefulness was done- it was still highly effective. The poorer regions of Orre had little to no power against rogue thugs, and supplies poured into Cipher easily. But as their plan was beginning to go into the later phases, two people, Wes and Rui, destroyed it all in a single swoop, dislodging their powerful administrators and even the Orre head. All too soon, the dream was shattering.

    Desperate to keep their organization alive, Greevil and his sons moved back to Orre, deciding to pick the pieces of Cipher up himself. They secured a small island off the coast of Gateon Port, where incoming ships were quickly boarded and pirated for supplies to build a proper fortress and reasearch facility. Once the mammoth known as Citadark was completed, it was a simple matter of building the organization back up, and soon, things were running smoothly again. They had even captured Legends once more, the mighty mythical birds no match for the Shadow serum. It seemed that finally, their dear father's dream would truly be realized and reform would spread over the region, bringing Orre into an age of enlightenment.

    Until Michael.

    Eldes had known Michael was going to be a problem. From the moment they met at Gateon Port, there was something about him. But work forced him to keep his mind off the subject and to progress forward, as always. Unfortunately, the boy proved meddlesome, succeeding in shutting down labs, city-wide schemes and even defeating their highest, strongest members. The time soon arrived when Michael appeared on Citadark, having conquered even the hurricane protecting the fortress and Eldes had attempted to stop him. But even then, his powerful Shadow Pokemon fell to Michael's prowess, stolen from him. Eldes was powerless against the child, but it felt oddly satisfying. Relief, for the first time in Eldes' long, miserable life, flooded him as he was finally free of the shackles with which Cipher had so readily shackled him.

    It didn't take long for their ultimate weapon, XD001 and ultimately their father to fall to the boy, each shadow pokemon reclaimed. With all of Cipher at Michael's feet, there was little else to do other than surrender. Their father, already at the end of his life, dismantled Cipher immediately, unwilling to continue his quest for power after losing so much of his life to it. Eldes graciously accepted and submitted himself to the law, but Ardos was soon nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, as Greevil and Eldes waited for the law to process them, the former died, leaving Eldes alone.

    The authorities were ruthless with Eldes, relentless to obtain each and every detail from the weary man. He confessed to each crime he was guilt of -which was a lot- and was promptly put in a prison, where he served for some years before managing parole. While prison had been hell and he had no real wish to go back, he still felt guilt for his crime. Pleading with his officer, he managed to become a consultant in the International Police Bureau, or IPB. While he was essentially a grunt, he finally felt that he was on the correct side of things-- finally dwelling in the light instead of drowning in shadow.

    It took a lot of work on his part, but eventually, he climbed his way up to becoming an actual detective, to the chagrin of most of his future coworkers. His partner was codenamed "Looker"; a more veteran detective was felt necessary to at least temporarily look after the newbie. Soon, it was terribly obvious that he wasn't wanted, but Eldes tried to keep going. It was the right thing to do, and for once, he wanted to be proud of the work he was doing. However, details of his criminal past leaked and eventually, a number of his should-be allies tried their hand in blackmailing him.  That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    Eldes found himself in a pit of despair. Too soon, he felt the only option was suicide and, in his agony, nearly jumped off a building. Looker, the man Eldes had felt hated him the most, talked him down. After a very scary night for them both, it didn't take long for a true friendship to finally develop. The two quickly moved in together, to better work on cases that came their way. Many cases came for ex-Cipher members, to which Eldes was all too willing to track down. To him, everything associated with Cipher was poisonous and needed to be purged from the world. Even... Even his own brother. But strangely enough -maybe even to his own relief- Ardos couldn't be found. For a time, Eldes thought himself finally ready to move on from betraying his brother, allowing himself to move on from the tragedies Cipher had brought him.

    But all good things must end. To Eldes' horror, the storms around the once-abandoned Citadark began to brew again. Immediately, he called for an investigation, but no one heeded his word save for his own partner. Together they delved deeper into the whispers that traveled through the darker alleys of their region, whispers that indicated something was about to happen. Something big. However, Eldes was forbidden to return to Orre by his partner, seeing as how it was simply too dangerous. Despite his many protests, Looker went to investigate alone as Eldes could only wait for  periodic check-ins. It wasn't long until the intermittent rendezvous with Looker ceased completely, leaving Eldes and the rest of their department to assume the worst.

    After Looker disappeared, Eldes did what he could to try and locate his partner and only human friend. As he searched all the loose ends and friutless leads, little did Eldes know that the world he knew had already died. Upon returning to his job and new home, he arrived in time to watch it be destroyed by a pokemon with red, glowing eyes and an attack he hadn't seen in years.

    A Shadow attack.

    Horrified, dumbfounded and the most terrified he'd felt in his entire life, Eldes knew there was little more that he could do other than to simply run for his life. It didn't take long for the rest of the world to quickly follow suit as entire towns and cities were easily laid to waste beneath the Infected's relentless march. For years, Eldes struggled to help what few survivors he came across and travel back to Orre. Finally, he managed to cross the borders to his old, desert home, hoping that he could finally find what had happened to the world.

    **Updated with the Meeting Team

    After some wandering in his home desert region, he stumbled upon the ruins of Gateon Port. There, to his surprise, he found Cipher grunts and was quickly mugged, captured and brought to Citadark Isle. The island, shockingly, was not the dilapidated monstrosity he had expected it to be, but rather a fully-functioning and self-powered fortress.

    Though he had doubted his twin's survival for many years, that doubt came to an abrupt end. Ardos himself greeted Eldes on the pier and from there, his fervent brother eagerly displayed his advances. To Eldes' horror, Ardos had taken the scraps and rotting corpse of the old Cipher that Eldes had personally mutilated and created some wholly terrifying homunculus from them. The Cipher Eldes had known was dead, but Ardos had resurrected the organization into a cult.

    Despite this knowledge, Eldes struggled with the idea of staying. Not only had be committed high treason, and not only was Ardos leading a group of brainwashed pawns, but Ardos had killed Looker and begun the Epidemic. Two sins that he could never forgive. That, and Eldes had made the mistake of keeping his IPF badge on his person. The next day featured Ardos finding that very badge and the twins dissented and argued for hours, the truth surprising them both at every turn. Eldes discovered that not only was Ardos innocent of the crimes he'd assumed of his twin, but that Giovanni was behind them instead.

    For a moment, it seemed that they could reconcile. Eldes even bore his deepest, darkest secrets to his other half-- the pain he'd endured in prison. However, Ardos was aware that the ginger twin's sins were too much for his compound to stand. Instead of putting Eldes to death, he was banned. Heartbroken and without else to pursue, Eldes would not admit defeat yet. He knew that Ardos' men wouldn't harm him again. Using this knowledge to his advantage, he set up camp in the old Lighthouse, vigilantly awaiting the opportunity to find his way back to Ardos.

    That was when Michael found him.

    He had been initially overwhelmed with joy upon seeing his old friend, but it soon became clear that their ideals were in direct conflict. Michael's loathing of Ardos and his protective nature toward Eldes pulled one way, Eldes' guilt and obligation to his twin pulling the other, it soon became a stalemate quickly soured their friendship. Years of camaraderie meant nothing as the two men's stubbornness ripped it to shreds. After the argument came to a head, Michael finally departed. However, as Eldes watched his former friend and pupil leave him forever, a grave sight caught his eye. Shadowed plumage almost completely concealed by the dark storm it flew against, Lugia soared straight toward his brother's fortress. As much as Eldes didn't want to leave his post, he knew a once-again Shadow Lugia was far too great a weapon in Ardos' hands. He depart, looking for a way to find his way back onto the island without getting himself killed.
    Accent Slight American South
    Appearance Eldes looks about his age, healthy enough with a fairly built frame. He keeps his clothing pragmatic, a long Duster for cold nights, a dark red turtleneck and a black tee beneath that. He keeps a spare sleeveless white tee just in case it gets hot and has durable jeans. He wears hiking boots and tries to keep his socks in decent shape. Short cropped hair, generally neatly groomed. Still wears sunglasses often. His clothes are in decent shape.
    Religion Agnostic
     -Most of his motivation for anything he does come from the weight of the guilt he bears from his time at Cipher as well as the hand he had in playing for eventually causing the Epidemic.
     -The fact that his brother seems to still be playing a role in it is also devastating.
     -Thinks that it's his fault that he didn't forcibly bring Ardos with him after their father dismantled Cipher; if Ardos were jailed, none of this nightmare would have happened.
     -Has done little in the way of socializing, so interacting with people is still a learning experience.
     -Often comes off as cold, indifferent or aloof
     -Prefers to be blunt; this gets him in trouble more often than not
     -For the few people and pokemon that catch Eldes' eye, he is extremely loving, caring, generous and close. Is often ready to sacrifice anything for them.
     -Passionate for what he loves and believes in.
    +Firm Moral Center+
     -Feels responsible, at least in part, for allowing Ardos to go free and cause the apocalypse.
     -Has a firm grip on what he knows as right and wong, and even can empathize wth those caught in the middle.
     -Though he has a firm dislike for criminals, he does not think anyone beyond help. Every life can be changed, if that person really wants it.
     -Holds life, his own or anyone else's, extremely valuable.
     -Being beta to his father and brother for so long, coupled with his oppressive coworkers has dwindled his more executive and confrontational paths, causing him to instead choose more subtle ways of getting his frustrations across.
     -Back-handed comments are definitely a thing.
     -Lots of trust issues
     -Prefers not to create close ties with anyone he doesn't already know and his own team of pokemon. Simply makes things easier when the inevitable happens.
     -Years of being rejected by normal society has left him unable to trust
     -Murphy's Law rules his life.
     -Can keep his head in a difficult situation, since his life going to shit is a normal occurrence.
    +Good Sense of Humor+
     -If he couldn't laugh at his own misery, he'd be dead already.
     -Has a darker sense of humor than most, but tries not to indulge in it often. That's creepy.
    Affiliations Michael
     -Former best friend and student. Michael's friendship had gotten him through a lot -despite the awkwardness being friends with a person over half your age- but recent events in Gateon Port ended that friendship.
     -Twin. Loves him with everything he has, but GODDAMN is he frustrating.
     -Partner, presumed dead. Eldes had a strong, wonderful friendship with Looker once he let his guard down. Devastated by his death.
     -Co-worker that didn't blow chunks. Enjoyed a casual friendship with him, mostly consisting of Koikoi. (The game, not Eldes' Eelektross.)
    Cipher Admins
     -Kept a very professional relationship with all of the admins. After he turned himself in, he actively pursued them in his career, hoping to jail each and every one of them.
    User Notes -Does not remember the torture he endured while in solitude, nor his father murdering his pokemon.

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