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This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) Empty Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite)

Post by Maximum Thu Aug 13, 2015 1:26 am

Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) Tumblr_pbsdc4nsec1uc5v85o1_400
Lovely art by Kitty
Other Art:
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) Tumblr_inline_ot4ixq5VLl1r82t0h_1280

Lynn "Maximum" Snow
Text Color 48C9E0
Theme(s) I Will Not Bow
Take a Hint
I Dreamed a Dream
Item -Universal Communicator
-A military camouflage backpack
-A large amount of various berries. Oran, Sitrus, Pecha, Leppa, Cheri, and a few Lum.
-Seeds of the afore mentioned berries
-A few days rations of food for herself
-Her old team's Pokeballs, Thorn's Heavy Ball, a Love ball meant for Sara-Anne, and several spare Pokeballs
-The eight Johto badges she earned
-A deck of playing cards, Droid phone that is only good for music now, Hand crank charger, Handheld game system with a few games, earbuds
-Water Canteen, Flint and Steel, A light blanket, Compact Mirror, Tweezers
- First Aid Kit, a bottle of rubbing alcohol tightly sealed,
Weapons -Her Pokemon
-a sturdy baseball bat
   -it’s harder for things to chase you when they can't walk or fly
-Swiss Army Knife
Gender Identity She personally identifies as female, however how she presents to others depends on who's asking.
Birthdate May 11
Age 24 years
Species Human
Weight 110 lbs.
Height 5'3''
Occupation Pokemon Trainer|Had medical training, but not enough to be certified
Party Melody is the only pokemon that Lynn owned before the Epidemic. Each of the others were picked up as the pair survived. All TM and Move tutor moves were taught to the pokemon by their original trainers if they had one.
Pkm 1
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) Tumblr_inline_oslsc0m9xT1r82t0h_100
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) Pokeball
Name- Melody
Gender- Female
Text colour- 603311
Species- Noctowl
Level- 65
Ability- Tinted Lens
Attack list-
-Hypnosis (Level)
-Extrasensory (Level)
-Air Slash (Level)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
**Wearing a Shell Bell pendant. Barn Owl variant seen here.
Pkm 2
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) Pumpkaboo%20%28small%29
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) Pokeball
Name- Holly
Gender- Female
Text colour- FFAA00
Species- Pumpkaboo
Level- 16
Ability- Pickup
Attack list-
-Confuse Ray (Start)
-Disable (Bred)
-Astonish (Level)
-Razor Leaf (Level)
**Small size Pumpkaboo. She is also a young child so she is tiny. Father was a Dusclops
Pkm 3
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) 306
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) Ultraball
Name- Grigori
Gender- Male
Text colour- C0D9D9
Species- Aggron
Level- 54
Ability- Sturdy
Attack list-
-Iron Head(level)
-Earthquake (TM)
-Aqua Tail(Move Tutor)
-Dragon Claw(TM)
**His voice and accent is similar to Father Grigori's from Half-Life 2. Wearing a Mystic Water pendant.
Pkm 4
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) 168
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) Pokeball
Name- Spidey
Gender- Male
Text colour- 8B2252
Species- Ariados
Level- 44
Ability- Insomnia
Attack list-
-Spider Web (level)
-Sucker Punch(level)
-Poison Jab (TM)
-Shadow Sneak(level)
**His original name was Spiderman, but due to the pain associated with the name, he decided to go with a nickname that was similar.
Pkm 5
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) 077
Pokemon Trainer Maximum (Mahogany, Elite) Fastball
Name- Misty
Gender- Female
Text colour- FF7216
Species- Ponyta
Level- 39
Ability- Flash Fire
Attack list-
-Flame Wheel(level)
-Take Down (level)
-Bounce(move tutor)
**Bright blue eyes
Pkm 6 Reserved for later.

"I'm fine."
"Don't think about it."
"What the everlasting fuck?"
"History is written by the people who survive. I can't let their stories die with me. They deserve to be remembered."

Pre-Trainer years:

Lynn was an active and adventerous child in comparison to her much shyer half-brother and half-sister when they were her age. She often would run off when getting bored and would talk to random strangers who interested her, much to the dismay of her parents. She also liked to play with random wild pokemon that came near the house, and this is how her family realized that she was slightly allergic to some pokemon fur.  

She had an unusual family situation.  She was originally born in Kanto, but her father worked in the military. This meant that the family moved constantly for the first three years of her life, until he finally came out and settled in Sinnoh. Unfortunately her parents had a disagreement involving her half-brother that they both knew they couldn't work out. They divorced and decided on split custody of her.  However, after about a year of this, they decided that she would be better off living with her father's parents.  This was due to money problems and the fact that they both had jobs that put them working late hours.

At five years old, Lynn was sent on a plane with her grandmother to Johto, and though she was leaving her parents behind, the child wasn't upset at all.  She loved Mom, Dad, Matt, and Sammy, but this was someplace new! Her grandparents had a pet Herdier that put up with her shenanigans, but the old dog wasn't too keen on playing with the child.

She was enrolled into a school that encouraged children to be trainers since the young child loved Pokemon and often wouldn't shut up about them. Unfortunately, she was rather quiet around other children since they often talked about other things that didn't interest her.  She also tended to dominate conversations about Pokemon, and other children didn't know how to deal with that.

As she started school, she also started playing less and reading more. Everything about Pokemon fascinated her, and she wanted to know as much about them as she could. She bugged her grandparents to let her read their encyclopedias even though she barely understood half the words for a while.  Fictional stories also captured her imagination, and she developed a deeper understanding of the world thanks to them.  

Interactions with other kids her age were often strained since, even though they were at a Pokemon school, they never knew what to talk about with her.  Some of them were intimidated by the fact that she knew lots of things about Pokemon, and others thought she was strange since that's all she talked about. Some of the kids as they grew older wanted to see her get mad one day, so they started calling her names. Examples included, weak, stupid, you'll never be a good trainer. Her first reaction was to cry, and when she went home, she was told to stop being a crybaby. Unfortunately, she couldn't just stop her crying, and would often go home with red eyes. Each time, she was fussed at for being too sensitive.  One day, she got fed up with her treatment at school and swung at the boy, and he retaliated by attempting to choke her.  The fight was broken up immediately by a teacher, and the boy was suspended.  After this, the two children were never placed in the same class again.

Lynn's grandparents grew worried that she was starting to withdraw into herself, and decided to allow her to get a Pokemon as soon as possible.  They were iffy about letting her go on a journey at 10, but they figured they'd let her stay in the well populated areas of Johto.   In order to make sure that she got a Pokemon that she really wanted, they took her when she was 9 to a Pokemon reserve in Hoenn  where she got to browse all of the different pokemon that a different region offered.  She grew starry eyed at all of the Pokemon, and looked at all of them intensely.  She even pointed out to her grandparents that the Natu pair were a strange variant not usually seen in Johto.  There was a little boy looking so hard at the pair, though, that she decided to look amongst the other Pokemon for her future partner.  To the exasperation of her grandparents, she picked out a Totodile, which they could've gotten in Johto.  This Totodile, however, was rather mild in comparison to other Totodiles typically given to trainers, and that's what attracted the young child. The Totodile had been named Kale prior to her selection, but she didn't want to change the Pokemon's name since he'd obviously had it for a while.

For her last few months of trainer school, she practiced with the Totodile against her classmates who had family pokemon. Here the pair would learn about working together, and she realized that theory and practice were two very different things. Kale also learned that this young one had a LONG way to go, but he sensed potential in her and wanted to see it.
Trainer years:

Lynn didn't leave as soon as she turned ten because her aunt was pregnant and expecting really soon, but she did start training in the nearby woods. She waited until her baby cousin was born, and then she set off. As soon as Lynn could leave on her journey, she was given a pokegear with a phone function, a map function, and a radio function. Her family encouraged her to call as often as possible and to stick to the main roads between towns.  They had also sat Kale down and told him to watch out for people who would harm Lynn.  Before reaching her first Gym, she had managed to catch and train a Rattata she called Ryan, a Hoothoot named Melody, and a Geodude referred to as Grant. Ryan was a bit excitable, but Kale's chill mood helped Ryan calm down. Melody was an adventurous Hoothoot, and was excited to see other areas of Johto. Grant was a bit older than the other Pokemon, and he tried to help Lynn learn important skills as a trainer. Kale, Ryan, and Melody quickly became best friends, and Grant became the unofficial leader of the team.

Unfortunately, Lynn was far too nervous to actually fight any trainers she encountered out of fear of being defeated and being called weak. After some careful training, and then building up her nerves, Lynn finally challenged her first gym, and succeeded.  The wait leading up to the fight was nerve wracking, but once the fight started, she forgot that she was being watched and excelled.  Winning gave her a huge thrill that she had never experienced before, and she was extremely proud of her Pokemon.  Something about battling excited her like nothing before, and she couldn't wait to start battling other trainers.  Grant warned her to not overexert herself or them, and she did temper her enthusiasm.  However, she was eager to battle more, and soon started accepting challengers and challenging others to fights.

She was able to obtain her second badge with ease and made it to Goldenrod City soon afterwards.  She decided to back track to the previous route to train, since she heard that there was a difficult gym leader. There she caught a Drowsee that she named Morpheus, after a suggestion from her father, and she immediately started training the Psychic type so he could catch up with the rest of the team. After a day of training, the pair was exhausted, and when they started heading back to town, a Rattata attacked them. It had been gunning for Lynn, but Morpheus jumped in front of her. The rat Pokemon savagely attacked the Drowsee, and it managed to bite his throat and severed major arteries. The ten year old was horrified and tried to scream, but she couldn't. She grabbed the first two pokeballs she could reach, and Kale and Melody came out. The Croconaw immediately darted forward and threw the rat off of Morpheus, and the Hoothoot, sensing what Kale was about to do, leapt up and covered the child's eyes and shut her own. Despite this, the pair could still hear the crunch. As soon as the small crocodile gave the all clear, Lynn shook the bird pokemon off of her and ran to Morpheus lying on the ground. He was already dead, and the child started sobbing.  Prior to this, death had never really made complete sense to her, but now here was the morbid truth. To add even more trauma, as far as she knew, it had been her fault. Melody got her to let Grant and Ryan out, and the Geodude dug a grave for the deceased Psychic type. Kale had to go... dispose of the other body and wash up before scaring his trianer even more.

Lynn couldn't move from her spot in front of the makeshift grave, and her Pokemon all had various levels of horror at what just happened. Eventually, the setting sun worried Grant, and he tried getting the group to head to the safety of the city. She recalled everyone except for Kale and Melody, and the trio made it to the Pokemon Center where she put everyone up to be healed. The nurse there, however, knew something was wrong because of the haunted look in the kid's eyes, and she handed in one less pokeball than she knew the kid had handed in before. When asked about it, she would only reply with, "He's gone," and broke down into tears. When she finally got around to calling her family about it, there was a mixed response of sympathy and criticism, and this would further cement how she would handle her emotions in front of other people. No point in showing emotions if she was just going to be fussed at anyway or even mocked. The next morning, when the nurse checked on her, there was a stony faced kid staring at her, and she refused to talk about what happened the day before. The kid soon walked out and tried continuing training like nothing had happened. Her Pokemon were all really worried about her, and as soon as she was out of sight of other humans, she almost broke down again. However, she steeled herself again and kept moving.

However, she did start slowing down and taking her time to train more carefully. She earned her third and fourth badges and picked up a Magnemite she named Omar and a Nidorina named Serena. All of her pokemon had evolved by the point she was going for her fifth badge, though Kale still had a little further to go before his final evolution. At this point, she was about fifteen years old, and Morpheus' death had somewhat faded in her mind.  While training near Cianwood, tragedy struck again when Grant was killed by falling off one of the nearby cliffs after being hit by a Hitmonchan's Ice Punch. This time Lynn got angry, and she yelled and screamed at the trainer "responsible" until her Pokemon literally dragged her away from the horrified trainer. Again, almost as soon as she was away from other humans, her sadness overcame her, and she started bawling. There wasn't even a body that could be found for a burial since Grant's body had rolled into the sea.

She had to call and explain what happened, and her family noted with extreme worry just how little it sounded like she cared. When that was pointed out to her, she responded angrily that of course she cared and to leave her alone about it. After a few more weeks of recovery and training, she took on the fifth gym and got the badge. The challenge also saw Kale finally evolve into a Feraligatr, and because of this, she decided to go ahead and take on the sixth gym almost immediately after. She ended up really glad that she did so, for almost as soon as she had her sixth badge, Team Rocket had resurfaced in Johto, and her family was demanding that she come back home.

At this point, she was about sixteen, and she could understand why her family was so antsy about her safety. However, what she hadn't planned on was her family trying to make her stay. They thought that she needed a break from being a trainer and to consider what she wanted out of life. Of course, she still wanted to be a trainer, regardless of danger, but she was slightly scared at the idea of just leaving her family at this point. This led to her staying home for almost two years, but she didn't waste that time.  She hung out with her little cousin, and he was almost in awe of her and her Pokemon. She also decided to go ahead and work on a backup plan in case she decided to settle down. Her choice was human medicine, and she studied whatever she could on the matter. Her family also made several trips to other regions, and Lynn enjoyed getting out of Johto for a little while.

Also during this time, Lynn started using the internet and computers more, and in an attempt to also escape from hum drum of normal life, she joined an RP site. She had an active imagination, but rarely had an opportunity to use it.  On the site, she met another girl name Sara-Anne, and here Lynn found a kindred spirit. Lynn had had issues due to her quiet nature when it came to making friends, but talking to Sara-Anne was easy. One day, Lynn had a really bad day where stress of the schooling, guilt about her Pokemon's deaths, and building resentment towards being forced to stay home all came up and slapped her in the face, and she vented to Sara-Anne about it. The girl was entirely supportive, and this allowed her to cry, yell, and emote. Barring Lynn's Pokemon, not very many beings had seen this side of her, and this cemented Sara-Anne's place as a person she trusted above most. Unfortunately, something happened, and suddenly Sara-Anne just disappeared off the internet. Worried, Lynn tried to call and text her, but there was no reply. Fear for her close friend and isolation crashed down on her, and now there was only her Pokemon there to help her with it.  She couldn't tell her family about a friend she made on the internet out of fear that they would get angry with her over it. She threw herself into her studies in an attempt to somehow block out the pain, and wore herself ragged more times than her Pokemon were comfortable with. Then one day she got a call from Sara-Anne's number, and lo and behold, Sara-Anne's voice was on the other end. Her relief was so great that she almost cried then and there.

After having tasted freedom, she started resenting more and more that she was coerced to stay home with her family. After one too many near arguments that she had to swallow, she finally announced that she was going to continue her journey, and left the day after. She made a beeline to Mahogany Town, and deciding to train for a little while to get back into the swing of things, went to the Lake of Rage. She also had a mind to catch a Gyarados, and she figured that if she succeeded her family would eventually leave her alone about someone attacking her for whatever reason. What she didn't expect to find was a shimmering red sea serpent. Part of her had always admired the sheer power in the species, but something about this one awed her in their beauty too. Kale saw her reaction to the shiny Gyarados, and decided to go for the simple approach to getting them.  Why not ask? Apparently the Gyarados had been fighting trainers off for a while after the Team Rocket nonsense, but due to friends getting captured and a touch of wanderlust, the Gyarados surprisingly agreed to join the crew. Lynn was ecstatic at the addition, and eagerly named the serpent Thorn. She started training the Gyarados near the lake, and she was on cloud nine for days. She couldn't help staring at the shiny when he was out, and she loved using him in battles. Eventually, she decided to go on to get the 7th badge, and earned it with ease.

She finally made it to the infamous town of dragons and decided to train against several local trainers to get a better feel for what she was dealing with in this town. During a battle with a Seadra, Serena drowned after getting hit with a water attack and getting stuck underwater. Due to the town's reverence of Pokemon, the accident caught a lot of attention, and she received a lot of sympathy from various townspeople. She didn't even call her family to inform them what happened to Serena, and when asked later about the Nidorina's absence, she lied.  Sheer determination and pride at this point pushed her, and she eventually got her eigth badge. She ended up getting a Dratini from the area, and she named the little dragon Integra.

Having a soft spot for Ecruteak, she decided to travel back there to decide what she wanted to do next. On the way, she battled a trainer with a powerful fire type, and Ryan recieved major burns because of the fight. She tried to rush the rat Pokemon to the closest Center, but he died on the table. The loss hit hard, for Ryan was the second Pokemon she had caught, and he had helped her through many early battles. Kale and Melody were equally effected, and the pair mourned the loss of their close friend. During the trudge back to Ecruteak, she ended up catching a young Swinub that wouldn't take no for an answer, and an similarly minded Eevee. Since she had to choose which pokemon to keep with her, she decided to temporarily box Integra since the small dragon was somewhat reluctant to train under her just yet.

After making it to Ecruteak, she decided to fly to Cianwood to train Theodora the Swinub, and ended up regretting the decision almost immediately. A wild Gloom attacked the Swinub and brutally killed the pig Pokemon. The Gloom then turned its sights on the Newton the Eevee, but Thorn busted out of his ball at the time and killed the Gloom instantly. Lynn was vaguely reminded of a similar incident almost nine years prior, and began to sob while holding Theodora's dead body. Kale helped her bury the body, and once again, she was struck with how much death she's seen. This was a really young pokemon, and because of her, she was dead. After that, Lynn unboxed Integra, and headed back to Ecruteak. She did some light training in the area, but she was losing her drive to be a trainer. Unexpectedly, Newton evolved into an Espeon, and he gave her some much needed determination.

Deciding to go into Mt. Mortar to train, the expedition into the mountain caves is fairly light hearted with Newton doing fairly well, and the other Pokemon holding their own easily.  Unfortunately, several local Pokemon were getting angry with the intruders that were soundly kicking their asses, and decided to attack them. The wild Geodude and Graveler set themselves up so that when they used Self-destruct, the intruders would be heavily damaged. The resulting explosion injured Lynn, Kale, and Omar, and killed Newton. Thorn was out of his ball in one of the pools, and when he saw Newton's displaced limbs and twisted head, he snapped. The shiny Gyarados had a very mild temper, and he had never gotten this angry before. Thorn raged and he viciously attacked the offending Pokemon. He even attacked some other wild Pokemon because they were dragging a young Tyrogue away, and he was lost in his anger. The Tyrogue's screaming, however, eventually made him check back into reality before he did something worse. Melody had to retrieve Thorn and the Tyrogue a distance away while Lynn tended injuries, and the bird then had to carry Lynn out after she recalled everyone and caught the Tyrogue. She ended up naming the Tyrogue Steve after a teacher that had taught her fighting basics.

At this point, Lynn seriously considered stopping being a trainer, for death just followed her around. Thorn was just as bad off emotionally, and Kale and Melody were both deeply upset at the amount of death that had happened over such a short period of time. Spirits were down, but Integra and Steve both encouraged the other Pokemon, and tried to lift Lynn's spirits. Then Lynn heard that her cousin was soon going to start his journey, and she decided to give him a few pointers. This ended up with her helping him to catch his first Pokemon, a Spinarak. He also chose to start with a Totodile, because he thought Kale was the coolest thing ever.

Seeing a new person start his journey gave Lynn enough drive to try finishing hers, and she sent off one of Thorn's scales to get an item to help her train. Soon after she gets said item, she goes to the Tohjo falls area. She and her team do some serious training here, and they thoroughly explore the falls, and even travel up to Victory Road to train. Just to see if she could, she powers through and even makes it to the Indigo Plateau. However, she knew she wasn't ready yet, so she continued training. Steve evolved into a Hitmonchan, Integra evolved into a Dragonair, and her other team members continued to get stronger.

One day, a trainer approached Lynn and challenged her to a battle This wasn't particularly strange, but she had a feeling something wasn't quite right. Her Pokemon shared the sentiment, but no one knew what this trainer could do that would make them actually worry. The fight was intense, and it ended with them sending out a Gengar against Kale.  The Feraligatr was confident in the win, and she told him to use Crunch. However, the Gengar did something to Kale, and even though Kale knocked it out, he dropped dead. The trainer then started laughing and mocking Lynn for allowing herself to get tricked, and before she attacked the trainer, Melody did. The owl slammed into the human, and deciding to leave before she did anymore, went to Lynn and started pushing her away from the scene. Thorn was also out, and he picked up Kale's body so that they could bury it somewhere.  Lynn and Melody were in shock, and they walked a fair distance before the weight of what just happened hit them. Then both girls started sobbing inconsolably, and Thorn found that he had to dig the grave himself. When the Feraligatr had been buried, all of Lynn's Pokemon came out to morn, and they stayed in the area for several weeks without doing much. A dragon tamer decided to pick a fight with them, but he was quickly dealt with even though Lynn's partner was gone. No one wanted to deal with an angry Gyarados.

This incident sealed the deal in her mind. She was not fit to be a trainer, and she should just hang up her license and stop. However, she then realized that there was going to be some major problems. Her family was going to take her failing in keeping Kale alive and her decision to stop being a trainer as an opportunity to keep her home indefinitely, and there was the very strong probability that they would make her release or give away her Pokemon. If she wasn't going be a trainer, she had no need for fighting Pokemon, and she knew that Thorn would be the first one that they'd make her get rid of. So she called Sara-Anne and made arrangements to meet her after she settled some affairs and Sara-Anne had travelled to Hoenn to meet her other good friend. Before she left, she mostly wanted to meet up with her beloved cousin and make sure she taught him some of her hard-earned lessons. She still needed time to grieve, though, so she arranged to meet him in about a month.

The meeting was to never be, for when she was leaving to meet him, dead Pokemon were rising again.  The Tohjo falls area was soon swarmed with undead, and Lynn and her team soon found themselves almost overwhelmed. Thanks to Thorn's sheer power and Melody's wings, they were often able to escape, but they were running out of energy. Lynn soon started seeking out other trainers, and she was troubled to find few.  One of them whispered that the military was shooting all Pokemon, regardless of health, and then they ran away as if afraid to be found. Heart dropping to her stomach at the news, she resolved to stay away from the military as much as possible. Potential safety for only her wasn't worth killing her pokemon for.

She kept her team in their balls and ran for the closest remote location. The plan was to hop on the owl's back and fly. There was no destination in mind other than away. She stopped in a clearing to take a breath, and she didn't register that there was a disturbing lack of undead for a while.  This proved to be her undoing when a man grabbed her arm and demanded to know if she had any Pokemon. The grab had scared her so much that her reaction was to scream in his face and elbow him in the gut. This only served to piss off his buddies as they poured into the clearing and pointed their weapons at her. One of them noticed one of her Pokeballs poking out of a pocket, and had her held down as her Pokemon were torn from her.  During this whole thing she was begging them not to kill her Pokemon, but no one was listening.  

They released all of her Pokemon, and the clearing was soon full of screaming and madness. As soon as her Pokemon materialized, Lynn screamed at them to run. The military people realized that they had made a huge mistake as the red Gyarados took form, and in response to hearing his trainer crying, Thorn roared and attacked. The chaos allowed for Melody to grab Steve and Integra to grab Omar, and the two pairs flew away.  Unfortunately, a stray bullet hit Steve in the head, and the Hitmonchan fell off of the Noctowl. She didn't quite realize this for a little while, such was her terror. Thorn continued to attack the military squad, but his attacks drew him away from where Lynn was. She also ran away from the area as soon as she was able, and she picked up the pack of one of the military people.

By some miracle, Melody was able to find Lynn soon and the pair decided that they needed to go now. The Noctowl was almost in shock over Steve's loss, and Lynn didn't even need her to explain to know something bad happened. However, they needed to get going, and right when Lyn hopped onto the owl's back, they could almost feel the ground shaking.  Melody took flight, but they didn't get too high when they saw an Aggron running towards them. Noticing that the steel type didn't look infected, the pair decided to see what he wanted. He pointed at the bag Lynn was holding, and she dug through it to find something that she had almost always wanted but could never afford. It was a universal communicator, and she put it on immediately to hear the Aggron say, "--Knew they had those. I'm Grigori. Anyway, I need to get outta here, please help." To hear such a large pokemon begging was surprising, but Lynn found that she couldn't just leave him there. She agreed to take him with them and caught him in one of her spare Pokeballs, and, with no more interruptions, Melody and Lynn left Tohjo Falls.

Fear for her younger cousin filled the pair, and they decided to see if he was still at the meeting spot. As they flew through Johto's skies, they could hear the screaming, but they knew that to stop for long would probably mean death. When they made it to the middle of the route between Ecruteak and Olivine, they looked for the landmark that indicated the meeting spot. When they found it, they are horrified to find five dead Pokemon with bullet holes in their heads. Seeing the dead Croconaw hurt her intensely, and she let Grigori out to ask him to bury the bodies. This was the first thing she had asked the Aggron, and he surprisingly complied with no resistance.  Melody helped him as much as she could, and while moving a bush, she kicked a Pokeball. Catching it in her talons, she brought it back to Lynn, and they were shocked to find that it had a Pokemon in it. Grigori just announced that he had finished when they released the Pokemon.  It was an Ariados, who introduced himself as Spidey. He was utterly confused as to what's going on, but they didn't have time to explain as a swarm of undead attack. She recalled Spiderman, and as soon as Melody had gotten into the air, she recalled Grigori who had been holding off the undead.

The Noctowl then flew until neither of them had any idea where they are, and this was rather significant since both know the Johto region well. The area was remote, and it was almost impossible to find if one couldn't fly. Melody had to stop out of exhaustion in this area, and with Grigori and Spiderman on watch, the human and Noctowl fall asleep. The two Pokemon on guard soon find that they don't hear, see, or otherwise sense other Pokemon. Living or undead. The next day, all four of them explored the area, and find that due to it's remoteness, there was almost no other Pokemon there. They realized that if they set up the right blockades, and kept an eye on the skies, they'd be able to defend this area really easily. At about this point, Spiderman and Lynn both decided that Spiderman's name was too reminiscent of his old trainer, and it caused both of them pain. They agreed to call him Spidey since the name wouldn't be too much of a change, but it would be different enough to stop hurting. Spidey set up webs to help him keep an eye on the area, and Grigori and Melody often patrolled.

Lynn had several berries, and fruit seeds that the Aggron informed her that he could grow for them, and he set up many different berry bushes and trees with those.  He also found some other fruit trees that he nurtured to produce even more fruit. Melody also occasionally went out to hunt some of the various animals, and even though she had somewhat lost her touch, she soon picked the skill of hunting back up with ease.

Not too long after they set up, a small, young Pumpkaboo wandered into the area completely lost and alone. The small group took the child in immediately, and she was named Holly. This came about as an accident since the kid misheard the word Halloween, and she repeated it incorrectly and loved it. No one was sure what happened to her parents, and they all agreed that it was probably for the better if she didn't. The Pumpkaboo loved her new little family, and often played with any of them that could. She also found that her favorite sleeping place was in the hood of the strange human's hoodie.

About a year later, some of the berries of the trees started going missing and no one knew why. They tried catching the culprit through various means, but all they saw was fire darting away from them.  Eventually, Grigori was out tending the trees when he ran into the mystery Pokemon. It was a Ponyta, and the poor fire horse looked terrified. She couldn't run away at that point since she had injured her leg, and she started pleading. Grigori gave her some berries and then took her to the rest of the group. The Ponyta was shocked beyond belief that they didn't kill her. Lynn tended to her wounds, and the Ponyta decided to stick with them and introduced herself as Misty.

As the years dragged, Lynn worried about the three missing Pokemon, her admittedly few friends, and family. Since the area wasn't likely to get too many visitors, she proposed to go looking for her missing friends. Her pokemon had mixed opinions on the matter, but they could see that this is something she needed to do. In Melody and Spidey's case, they also wondered about their missing friends. Grigori's stipulation was that when it started getting cold, she had to head back.

Accent American. Favors a southern accent. Her voice is fairly high pitched and clearly effeminate, hence her tendency to not talk unless she absolutely has to.
Appearance Lynn is on the shorter side of average for a female, but if she has it her way, people think she's really short for a male.  She accomplishes this by wearing purposefully ambiguous or masculine clothing, and its almost always either baggy or very unshapely. Her current get up consists of dark grey guy's cargo pants with a black t-shirt and a dark blue pullover hoodie that she almost always has on. She will rarely remove the hoodie because to do so would almost instantly reveal her sex despite the bagginess of the T-shirt. One of Holly's favorite places to stay is in the hood of the hoodie. Her shoes are black hiking boots that have seen a fair amount of use. Despite wanting to not look effeminate, she can't make herself stick with anything shorter than chin length hair. Currently, her dark brown hair just long enough that she can pull it back into a short ponytail. There is also a family quirk with her hair that she has a random but natural blonde streak on the right side of her head. An old habit from before the epidemic, she still plucks her eyebrows using a small compact mirror and tweezers.  Expressive pale blue eyes have permanent dark circles under them from before the epidemic, and they're not always related to how much sleep she's gotten. Her skin remains fair if only because she never stays out in the sun longer than she has to. She remains within range of a healthy weight for her height.
Religion Believes in higher powers, and used to hold that Arceus was the one true god. However, traveling, meeting other people, and experiencing other viewpoints have lessened her... adamancy on the matter. She reveres Lugia and Ho-oh.

Having her Pokemon almost shot in front of her brought it home that her world was ending. She tries not to show it too much, especially around her new Pokemon, but Melody knows better. The owl somewhat shares the sentiment.
There are multiple reasons for this. Prior to the Epidemic, if she didn't know a person, she would be content to simply listen, smile, and nod to whoever was speaking. This was mostly due to not knowing what else to say other than the typical polite conversation topics. If she liked the person, she would still do this, but she'd also engage in the conversation more. However, as she grew older, and especially during the epidemic years, she became rather uncomfortable with people knowing she's female, and so wouldn't speak very much since her voice would give her away instantly.
   Despite the cruelty of the world, she can't bring herself to turn aside someone in need. If she can help, within reason, she will try. There are limits to her kindness, however, and if you take advantage of her, you will regret it.
   The world must hate her. Seven Pokemon died under her control during peaceful times. Then, thanks to a military squad that was out to cull Trainer pokemon, one more died, and three disappeared into the apocalypse. This doesn't come up very often, and it's more inwardly pointed.
   This doesn't come up very often, but if she's around another for a long period of time, she will do things simply to go against what is expected of her. She'll do the important things and won't do something stupid, but part of her really hates having to do things when she's been told to do them. Melody has always been aware of this and will sometimes call her out on it in private. Lynn rarely does this completely on purpose, and it's usually a way she lets off frustration. It should also be noted that there is also the possibility that she will do things simply as a "Fuck you" to a person who pissed her off.
   This is a trait that's held her together for so long. She refuses to lie down and die because there are things she has to do. As long as there's something else, she has a reason to keep going. She has people and Pokemon to find, and she can't find them if she's dead.
-Doubtful of her abilities
   Eight deaths that, in her opinion, happened because of her poor decisions hound her mind every time she has to make a decision involving her pokemon. Thanks to the communicator, she can now take input from her Pokemon, and often will do what they think is right.
-Emotionally held together
   Looks like it. She has to be. Whether she actually is or not is debatable.
   If she doesn't know what to talk about, she'll just stay quiet. Though she can make light conversation with her Pokemon, she has only been with them for most of the Epidemic, and speaking to other humans at this point will be strange.
-Humor is the first defense
   Though the humor can often drift into the gallows territory, she'll make light of something if only to try making herself feel better or less anxious.  This comes up social situations when she can feel the awkwardness, or whenever something really bad has happened.
- Mellow
   Day to day upsets and trials don't really bother her for long. As soon as they have been dealt with, they pass from memory.
- Avoidant of sadness
   If she starts feeling upset, she'll try to find a way to stifle the emotions.  As far as she's concerned, she has to stay strong and level headed in front of Holly, Spidey, and Misty.  She'll do almost anything to keep her thoughts from wandering down any avenues that would make her sad. Unfortunately what really ends up happening is that she bottles it up until she can't hold it anymore and it hits like a freight train in the dark hours of the night.
- Straight forward
   Ironically doesn't like keeping secrets and would rather have issues dealt with up front. Seriously, she'd rather you say up front what she did to piss you off so she can apologize and avoid doing it in the future. Passive aggressiveness tends to drive her buggy.
   Prior to the Epidemic, the idea of hurting others unnecessarily horrified her, but she would be lying if she didn't admit that the idea of someone getting their comeuppance was extremely satisfying. Since the epidemic started, however, this part of her has had the ability to flourish. More often than not, she has no desire to inflict pain for pain's sake. However, if someone has managed to make her feel threatened or unsafe, her mental block on hurting others disappears, and she will delight in the ensuing fight. Loves to prove people who think they have an advantage over her wrong. Melody and Grigori are the only ones to see this in it's frightening fullness, and often work to make sure it doesn't happen again. Thankfully, since Holly is out a lot, Lynn often works on curbing this in front of the child.
   The world and how it works has always fascinated her, and she is often prone to staring at things that she's curious about. Also, if there's a thing over there that catches her eye, it will bother her until she finally goes to look at it. Due to the Epidemic, she's had to reign this in some, but it's still there, and sometimes causes trouble. This trait also pops up in social situations since she will ask for more information when talking about history and other people.
- Introverted
   Doesn't mind people, but sometimes she needs space to think. Granted, since this is the apocalypse, she knows that if she does meet other humans that she can trust, she really shouldn't stay separate from them.
   This used to only apply to males prior to the Epidemic, since she had (and still does) a subconscious belief that they would want something from her. Now it works for almost all humans since there is always the chance that they just want her stuff. As for Pokemon, she is wary of most at first because there is also the chance that they're infected.
   Sometimes social cues and things will fly over her head. She's better at catching the more blatant statements, but subtleties are easily missed and sometimes lead to huge misunderstandings.
-Highly uncomfortable with her gender
   She is okay with being female and identifies as such personally. However, due to her family's constant remarks and seeing the society around her almost constantly putting her gender down, she is scared to be a girl. Now that the apocalypse has happened and society isn't there to protect her anymore with the law, she is terrified of someone just having their way with her. This is why she will do her damnedest to appear as a guy. She knows that guys could have the problem too, especially since she does appear as an effeminate male. However, she hopes that she will at least get some protection from the worst that could be thrown at her.
-Guilt ridden
   Eight deaths, three missing, and no clue on the fate of her cousin all weigh down on her. Even though she logically knows that most of this isn't her fault, when she's having a bad day, she can't help but feel that it is. You can tell how bad of a day she's having by how many Pokemon she believes are dead because of her.
-Sensitive to touch
   She really doesn't like it if people touch her without her permission. The only people she didn't mind this from were her family and some of her friends. Hugs were only given to family, and if she hugged a friend, it was a huge sign of trust. Female friends were easier for her to trust than males.  If someone surprise touches her, she will hit them as a first reaction. Pokemon are mostly exempt from this dislike, since she seems to only get anxious at the thought of other humans touching her.
   Despite a quiet and somewhat fearful nature, she does enjoy company, and if someone shows themselves as non-threatening, she will strike up conversations and be friendly.
-Logical and Emotional
   She defaults to logic for her decision making, usually, but if something appeals just right to her emotions, then she'll disregard logic.

-Thorn's Trainer. She wasn't afraid of him, and that was something that drew the Gyarados to her. She also admired how pretty he was, and that was definitely something new. He ended up being a needed powerhouse that helped her through many battles, and he was good with helping her raise younger and newer Pokemon. On days where she's being completely honest with herself, she will admit that he is probably the only one still alive.

-Sara-Anne- Close friend from before the Epidemic that lived in Sinnoh. They met via an online RP site, but due to travel costs and Lynn's dedication to training in Johto, they were unable to meet in person. Lynn was able to relate to Sara-Anne really well, and this helped the two form a close bond over a short time. One of the few people that knows just how many of Lynn's Pokemon died. Her support and care packages helped Lynn greatly, and was one of the few things that helped push Lynn along as a trainer during her last legs of her journey. She had planned to run away to Sinnoh to meet Sara-Anne in person after her last meeting with her cousin. It should be noted that Sara-Anne is one of the very few humans that has seen Lynn upset and cry openly, and this indicates that Lynn trusted her a lot. Lynn fears for her safety, but hopes that maybe living in Sinnoh spared her the worst of the Epidemic. One of the humans she's looking for.

-Melody- The Noctowl is Lynn's best friend, confidante, and main reason she's still alive. The two of them have been through many trials and triumphs, and they get each other really well. They are often each other's main support, and while Melody has had to be Lynn's emotional rock many times, the opposite also holds true. Sometimes it sounds like the pair are being extremely rude to each other, but that is just they way they tease each other, and it is never serious.
User Notes
User Notes:

-Events are slightly different from Thorn's account since the Gyarados is large and can't always be around to actually see things happen. Note the events are based off of a Nuzlocke with some events altered to make more sense to EJ canon.
-Sona thing WOO
-Asexual as fuck. Romantically leans towards hetero, but she will fully admit that that is due to being raised to be completely straight and therefore never tried entertaining the idea about potentially liking girls. (Biromantic but hasn't figured it out yet.)
-Maximum is solely a nickname that she adopted as her name once the Epidemic started. She had used it before as an online alias, and sometimes even used it when trying to avoid giving her gender when participating in various competitions or when casually battling other trainers. Her Pokemon do know her actual name, but they respect her fears and call her what she wishes. People who know her from before the Epidemic are likely to know it as well.
-Nerd- has a lot of book series, shows, and video games that she enjoyed
-She has little love for current military people. She will avoid them as much as possible, and it will take them showing that they aren't going to shoot her Pokemon before she might trust them.
-She is lucky to not have nightmares or to dream often.
-If doing something that doesn't require much attention, she'll start whisper/singing whatever song happened to pop into her head at the time.
-She will respond to Max, Maxie, and Snow as well. She will react to someone calling her Lynn, but she'll try to hide it.
-Her cousin's name is Alex, and his team consisted of a Croconaw, Houndoom, Ariados, Phanpy, Elekid, and Fearow. As mentioned in Lynn's history, only the Ariados lives.
-I apologize for the ungodly long history, I swear it wasn't supposed to end up that long.

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