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    Chesire the Glaceon (Floater)


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    Chesire the Glaceon (Floater) Empty Chesire the Glaceon (Floater)

    Post by NyraXerz Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:14 pm

    Chesire the Glaceon (Floater) Chesire_zpsc2ihnlce

    Item A red collar with a bell, as well as a tattered, dark gray scarf with hollow bells tied around the end.
    Gender Male
    Age Adolescent, bordering on Young Adult
    Status:: Undead [First infection: approx. 4 months ago; Turned Undead 2 months ago]
    Species #471, Glaceon the Fresh Snow Pokemon
    Height 2'07"
    Weight 43.0 lb (Underweight)
    Pokédex Entry "By controlling its body heat, it can freeze the atmosphere around it to make a diamond-dust flurry.
    Level 32
    Ability Snow Cloak
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Highly Persistent
    Moves - Bite (Prior to Evo)
    - Icy Wind (learn)
    - Quick Attack (learn)
    - Flail (bred)
    History "Alice, Alice, Alice! Cheshire’s... precious... Everything that made you sad, everything that made you hurt... Cheshire will destroy them!”

    Her name is Alice.

    The Eevee doesn't know where he is, nor where he had come from. He is lost. Lost in the middle of the woods – where was his mother? He wanders, lost, amongst the strange trees and sunlight, emerging from the leaves to a field. A tower. A tower, standing tall on the grass. Different, yet beautiful – a stranger, yet not an odd sight inside the woods. A friendly black-furred Buneary. A new friend; the Eevee's friend. A new home; the Eevee’s home. A new life; a life with the Buneary.

    She… was always alone. There was Cheshire and dolls to keep her company, but… she was always lonely.

    A new life meant a new name. Alice names him Cheshire. He is happy with Alice. Cheshire doesn't talk much, but Alice does not mind. The Eevee loves to stay by Alice's side, and Alice smiles for Cheshire. But something is wrong. No matter how many dolls the Eevee finds and brings, no matter how long he cuddles with her, Alice still looks out longingly out the window. Glen comes around and takes her outside. Cheshire goes with them. Outside is beautiful, and outside is great; there are other Pokémon outside. More friends for Alice.  But she is lonely. Alice is lonely and Cheshire can't help. Cheshire is lonely, too.

    He makes you unhappy? Then Cheshire will get rid of him…

    Jack is his name. Alice likes Jack – no, Alice loves Jack. Cheshire knows. Cheshire loves Jack too, but not like Alice does. Jack loves Alice the same way Cheshire loves Alice. Alice and Cheshire found Jack when he fell down after trying to climb the tower. Jack is silly, but Jack is nice. He comes everyday, and brings food for Alice instead of Glen. He talks to Alice and Cheshire instead of Glen. Jack is good, but the Murkrows he brings one day are not. Their names are Gilbert and Vincent. Alice does not like Gilbert and Vincent; Cheshire doesn’t either. Vincent's left eye is red. Dark, bloody red. Alice has said that red-eyed Pokémon are children of misfortune. Cheshire believes Alice. Vincent is not friendly. Vincent hates Alice. He tears apart Alice's dolls with his sharp talons. Cheshire hates Vincent too. Cheshire is glad when Jack stops bringing them over.

    Cheshire wants to see Alice happy. Is Alice happy?

    The Murkrows were bad. But Jack is still good. He visits, he brings food for Alice and Cheshire. Jack knows more about Outside than Cheshire does. One day, Jack wants Cheshire to come outside with him. It is cold outside. There is snow falling from the sky. But Jack insists, and Alice allows, so Cheshire goes. Jack leads Cheshire to the woods, and in the woods sits a large, icy rock. Cheshire is confused, but Jack looks excited. Jack wants the Eevee to defeat some wild Pokémon near the rock. Well, if Jack wants Cheshire to, Cheshire will. Cheshire defeats a couple Pokémon, and suddenly, he is not cold anymore. Cheshire isn't brown and tan; the Eevee is now a blue Glaceon. Cheshire is amazed, and Jack is pleased. Alice sees, and she is happy. She glows too, and grows taller. Alice grows much taller, and becomes prettier. Jack says we've 'evolved'. Jack gives Alice a pocket watch to remember today. It plays music. Jack says the music is called 'Lacie'. Cheshire likes the sound of music, and he likes how it feels to evolve. Cheshire likes the sound of Alice's laugh, and he likes seeing Alice happy. Alice is happy, so Cheshire is, too. But Cheshire feels too tired to be happy...

    Someone… is here… He is here to snatch away the thing you love most.

    Cheshire is sick. Alice nor Cheshire know why, with what, or how, but Cheshire knows he is sick. Cheshire can't think; he is tired, and he coughs up red on bad nights. Outside, the world is becoming like Cheshire's grin; the world is fading away. Why? Why does Cheshire have to get sick? Alice is worried, and Cheshire wants to see her smile. Alice is angry. Vincent has come. Why has Vincent come? Cheshire watches Vincent destroy Alice's room, Alice's dolls, Alice's happiness. Vincent tries to destroy Alice, too, but I won't let him. Cheshire saves Alice. Cheshire can’t see his left side. Cheshire feels pain. Cheshire feels Vincent’s hate. And then, Cheshire feels... nothing.


    ...Cheshire is not dead? No, Cheshire is dead. The Glaceon’s heart doesn’t beat anymore. But his mind stirs – what had happened? Cheshire gets up from the ground; how did he get here? Had he fallen out of the tower? Or perhaps he was pushed.

    Please tell me what had happened this night. It is like the cat in the box.

    Cheshire begins to walk, dragging his paws. Cheshire still has the collar and scarf; they were gifts from Alice and Jack. Alice. Cheshire will never forget Alice.

    Please tell me what happened this night. Is the cat dead or alive?

    Cheshire grins again and walks faster. Alice. Alice. Alice, why has Alice left me? Cheshire will find you, Alice. Cheshire’s eyes are red now; is Cheshire a child of misfortune? Does Alice hate Cheshire, too?

    The cat in the box was dead.

    Come… Come quickly. Come play with Cheshire… Cheshire misses Alice!
    Appearance "Glaceon is a fox-like creature covered in light-blue fur, which can be frozen into sharp quills. It appears to be wearing a tuque on its head. Glaceon's inner ears, two spots on its back, tail end and cap-endings are all rhombus-shaped and darker blue, in contrast to the soft cyan main body color. Glaceon also has a similar shape on its back. Glaceon's feet are also a dark blue color, giving it the impression of wearing boots." -- Glaceon Entry, Bulbapedia

    Cheshire is a Glaceon of regular height, but he is extremely malnourished and as a result, underweight. His fur has discolored and degraded into a darker, less saturated blue-purple color, and his eyes are a dark, blood red. Cheshire only has one eye, his right; the other was plucked out by Vincent when the Murkrow killed him. His fur is unruly and sticking out in odd places, the Pokémon having long abandoned personal hygiene. There are several scars across his body, some gotten from fights with other undead or infected, and some self-inflicted.

    Around his neck, he wears a dirty, reddish collar with a bell; his gift from Alice. The bell is dulled but still makes the light tinkle noise when he walks, and Cheshire treasures it very much. He also wears a dark gray, extremely tattered and somewhat torn scarf around his neck that was formerly a lighter, cleaner color, but darkened over time and becoming dirty. The scarf, matching his collar, has two bells tied at the ends of it; however, those bells are hollow and do not ring. The scarf was a present from Jack, and although he obviously does not take as good care of it as his collar, both items are extremely personal and important to him.
    Personality Cheshire is a very lonely Glaceon. Even during his time with Alice, due to his preference of being quiet, Cheshire was often ignored by Alice. When left alone, Cheshire usually sits apathetically or sleeps. Cheshire retains memories of how much he treasured Alice as a friend, and has been looking for the Lopunny during his months as an undead.

    Having been infected for quite a while, however, Cheshire is extremely unstable. Under the delusion that he will 'save' Alice, the Glaceon searches for her and is torn on what to do: protect Alice physically, guarding her from enemies that wish to hurt her; or simply kill Alice, tear her to pieces and save her from recovering her painful memories and the apocalyptic world. He constantly questions for Alice's whereabouts, and mutters to himself. If anyone comes up to him during one of his 'Alice' delusions that is not Alice herself, Cheshire will usually flip out and attack, stating that 'they are not Alice'.
    User Notes - Somewhat based off of Cheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts.
    - He almost always talks about himself and others in third person.
    - Father was a Torkoal, allowing for the move Flail to be bred. He does not remember his parents, however.
    -Adopted from Requiem who adopted from Karkailse


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