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    Post by Silverishness Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:58 am

    Famaer the Glaceon|| Shinjoh Ruins Famaer_profile_by_silverishness-d4mxdog

    Hex Color #BFEFFF
    Item None
    Status Healthy
    Gender Male
    Age Aging Adult
    Species #471 Glaceon /The Fresh Snow Pokémon
    Height 4'09" (HUGE)
    Weight 102.4 lbs (Heavy)
    Pokédex Entry As a protective technique, it can completely freeze its fur to make its hairs stand like needles.
    Level 64
    Ability Snow Cloak
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Proud of his Power
    - Ice Beam [TM]
    - Hidden Power-- (Fairy) [TM]
    - Mirror Coat [Learned]
    - Water Pulse [Tutor]
    History Famaer was an eevee bred at an eevee farm, where many of his kin were born. While it was an honest farm, the breeders were shocked when Famaer was laid, his egg twice the size of a normal egg. After hatching and emerging a giant amongst his litter mates, he was soon given to a trainer to be properly utilized, and to keep from bullying his brothers and sisters.

    The trainer was a man of high thinking -and indeed thought highly of himself- and taught the young eevee all he knew of the world. He told Famaer the truths and evils of the world and the eevee took these words to heart. He learned that there are good and evil in the world, and the evil must be purged to preserve and protect the good. They were personified by the different pokemon types themselves, and while Famaer was not part of the evil, all Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Poison and Psychic types were. With this knowledge, he and his trainer went about the world to try and educate people against the evils that these pokemon brought.

    Which, predictably, went rather bad.

    Mocked, discriminated and often tossed out of towns, they were rogue travelers, trying to get their message across to someone who would listen. But no one ever would. Famaer knew that the Evils -as he grew to know them as- were behind it. They were all tricky, manipulative and false. And they were the reason no one would listen. After all, Psychic types could bend the mind to whatever they wished. Everyone else was simply brainwashed.

    Then the pandemic slowly crept its way across the lands. With the dead now rising, Famaer and his trainer soon found the vermin devouring and destroying any and all things they came across, and the Evil Types were promptly blamed. The trainer soon died from an infected gallade's attack, which only strengthened Famaer's resolve. The glaceon was not going to lay down. He was not going to go quietly into the night. He was going to do what his trainer could not: purge the world of its own Evils.
    Appearance Bulbapedia:

    Glaceon is a quadruped, mammalian creature covered in light-blue fur that can be frozen into sharp quills. It has long, pointed ears, dark eyes, and a small nose. Glaceon has two dark blue, rhombus-shaped markings on its back, and the tip of its tail and feet the same shade of blue. It appears to be wearing a teal tuque on its head and it has two teal dangles, one on each side of its head. This Pokémon is able to create small ice crystals around it by controlling its body temperature. Glaceon is usually found in urban areas under the care of humans. It is rarely found in the wild.

    Famaer is huge for his species, nearly twice as high as the rest of his kin. He is bedraggled, his fur frayed, the dangles on either side of his head either partially missing or in poor condition.

    • Narrow-minded.
      -Does not like to entertain the possibility of other trains of thought. He is set and determined that his ways are not only best, but justified. God's work.
    • Old.
      -Stubborn and set in his ways, being old also aids to remove the fear of death constantly hounding his flock.
    • Sturdy
      -Is used to fasting for long days from food and little water, as well as bearing gruesome injuries.  
    • Righteous.
      -Believes himself and his previous owner martyrs for their cause.
    • Entitled.
      -His age allows him much entitlement, as he is generally the senior in any group he finds himself in.
    • Condescending and blunt.
      -Old age leaves his words angry, bitter and sharp. However, if there is a lady, child or person of authority (that isn't Evil) he can be much more polite, but still manage to be condescending.
    • Heavily prejudiced.
      -Any Dragon, Poison, Ghost, Psychic or Dark type especially is evil, no "if's", "and's" or "but's". All of these pokemon have zero good qualities, and if they do, it's all merely a façade to trick more naïve pokemon into believing them.
      -Firmly believes that all pokemon with these typings should be destroyed and also are the epicenter of the epidemic. He believes that is God's Plan and Work, and wishes to help any way he can.
      -Prone to regarding pokemon of these types with slurs instead of their names.
      -Any retaliation from these pokemon only strengthens his perspective.
      -Believes these pokemon types have no feelings or soul.
      -Refers to these pokemon as "Evil" or "Evils" when used in broad terms.
    • Merciful
      -He does see himself as honorable and a good pokemon. In matters not regarding the Evils, he does genuinely care about the welfare of his fellow survivors. He will go to great lengths to help however he can, whether it be to strike down Evils, gather food, medical aid or simply moral support.
      -Does respect his peers or those that genuinely impress him.
    • Leader
      -Willing to take on much responsibility and stress upon himself. He is used to guiding those he views as his flock and does not shirk away from tough decisions or work.  
    • Compassionate
      -Again, he DOES care about others, as long as they're not Evil. The pain and sorrow of his peers or flock is always taken to heart, and he sympathizes with loss and failure.
    • Sexist
      -Women should tend to "woman" duties, such as tending to children, staying subservient to male counterparts, healing and creating meals from gathered food. Very few jobs require both sexes. All women should stay away from fights, for their own good.
      -This view is surprisingly harmless, as many times, women often impress him with their fighting abilities. Though against it by default, he is aware that God needs every warrior in this dire battle against evil.
    • Ageist
      -Certain ages have their roles. Children are those that encompass anywhere from actual babies to young adults. They are meant to do as they are told and to stay away from danger. They are only meant to speak when spoken to, and sass is completely out of the question. The older end of the spectrum is meant to be learning techniques for life outside the family unit.

      Adults are meant to guide their children, men especially are meant to automatically be in a sort of leadership role, at least for their family unit. The mother or female adults, if without male accompaniment are allowed some responsibilities, but should find a male companion immediately. Failure to do so is seen as stupidity and a slight against natural order. The males in this group are the hunters, the soldiers, the guards and partial decision-makers.

      Older adults, such as himself, are meant for spiritual and life guidance. They should not engage in terribly dangerous activities unless necessary.

      -Again, this view is surprisingly harmless, resulting in perhaps some insulting assumptions on his part but nothing more. He acknowledges that with drastic times come drastic measures and thus, this system can be thrown asunder easily.
    • Family-oriented.
      -Family and the will to either create or maintain one is one of the most important aspects of life he seeks to protect. A healthy, happy family is something worth giving his life back to God if it means they remain so.

    User Notes
    -Original profile is here Added things to history, as well as the fields Status, Appearance and Personality. Changed a couple of moves to make more sense. Old profile is old.


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