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    Nero the glaceon Inactive


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    Nero the glaceon Inactive Empty Nero the glaceon Inactive

    Post by Deus Sat Oct 18, 2014 5:56 pm

    Nero the glaceon Inactive 471

    Text Color #BBFFFF
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #471/Glaceon/ Fresh Snow Pokémon
    Height 2'07"
    Weight 57.1 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It lowers its body heat to freeze its fur. The hairs then become like needles it can fire.
    Level 45
    Ability Snow Cloak
    Nature Rash
    Characteristic Proud of its power
    Moves - Icy Wind (learned)
    - Bite (learned)
    - Ice Beam (TM)
    - Hail (learned)
    History Nero was born the only child of the ruthlessly ambitious and domineering Agrippina, a well bred Espeon who had been cast out of her noble family due to a scandal involving the death of her mate. Through his mother he was more or less directly related to all the emperors that had preceded him. Furthermore his mother was daughter of a favorite friend of emperor Augustus, adoptive son of Tiberius and next in line for the throne. Upon losing his father his mother was exiled, but eventually remarried and he had been adopted into the ruling family, his mother allowed to return home through her emperor husband. Nero was older than his stepbrother Britannicus, and thus became heir to the throne much to his mother's pleasure. Upon becoming the emperor, he evolved into a stunning Glaceon in order to hold enough power to ascend the throne.

    Nero mated his step-sister and kept her at his side, but was more often known for his dalliances with other females. He was less than faithful to his wife or even his friends because his favorite lover was actually the mate of one of his trusted generals and friend. He fell in love with her, spurning his wife, but was not allowed to leave his mate due to his mother. She was manipulative and cruel, wanting to rule the territory through her son, and with her son now ignoring her rules and decisions she fought to have his step-brother assume the throne. Nero's solution? He murdered his step-brother by poisoning him and then sought to have his mother killed. Several assassination attempts failed and finally he had to finish the job himself. Her death allowed him to leave his current mate and take his lover, Sabina, as his new one.

    The territory flourished for a while under his reign, trade and war allowing him to annex more territory and expand his clan's power. But his paranoia had already begun to set. Accusing several trusted members of his council and even friends of conspiring they were often executed or banished, leaving Nero trusting only a select few. His mate Sabina had already birthed him a child and heir so he thought his lineage set until complications during a second egg caused his mate to perish. Grief stricken he had an elaborate tomb of ice made for his mate and went into seclusion, allowing his council to rule in his stead. When finally emerging from his grief he took hold in an even more violent manner than before, even forcing a young male named Sporus, with an uncanny resemblance to his dead mate, into being his new mate, imprisoning him within his den.

    Much of his territory burnt down in a fire which sprang in dubious circumstances, Nero himself accused of starting the blaze. He sped back home and did his best to aid the poor citizens in an attempt to dissuade the rumours, but he soon recovered and proceeded to confiscated the land and build his own megalomaniac palace and gardens over much of it with the work on the backs of his people. His subjects were furious, turning on him for pushing the last limit of their forgiveness. He tried to divert attention from himself by ferociously persecuting their neighbouring tribes but eventually he had little alternative but to run for his life. He had discovered his own advisers plotting to kill him and wasn't going to allow them the chance, saying goodbye to his beloved Sporus and fleeing, never setting paw in his homeland again. Not one week out of his home he was captured by a trainer, but it didn't last.

    When the Epidemic struck Nero saw his opportunity for escape and allowed his new trainer to die, crushing the strange sphere that imprisoned him. As he fled his paranoia increased ten-fold, Nero becoming convinced that these risen dead where his former council still trying to get at him. That all of it was some elaborate scheme to ensure his death and that he never returned for his throne.
    Appearance Normal Glaceon, except for the fact that he almost always has devious expression you just want to punch off his face. His eyes are usually cold and distant.
    Personality His views of himself do not match his actual nature, Nero seeing himself as many things including funny, charming, open, sincere, as well as the true center of the universe. The glaceon thinks himself to be the only one that truly matters, though not in a cruel way. Nero pities others, striving to help them despite his situation, but comes off as narcissistic. In truth, he is, but does not see that as the bad part. His paranoia causes him to believe that the virus itself was created by the old rulers of his kingdom, still forcing his death despite his leaving. Introverted, though Nero trusts no one and can only rely on himself, he still makes efforts to be a team player within situations with groups. He finds relief from the absent pressure to leave, having been driven half mad over the years from the pressure. When trust into a position of power, he forgets his past feelings of freedom and will take it too far like he did his own ruling. Murder and violence is sure to come. But otherwise the glaceon thrives well in a simple, day to day life with no expectations.
    User Notes -Inspired by Emperor Nero from history.
    -was always wild before running away, his clan residing in a hidden section of the region where Eevee could live away from humans
    -TM taught to him when he was captured
    -pansexual-not limited or inhibited in sexual choice with regards to gender or activity, but has only ever considered love for Sabina and later Sporus for his uncanny resemblance to Sabina
    -Edits include change of level due to my cap, rewriting of personality, and change of profile art. Original profile link.

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