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    Sub-Zero the Glaceon (WIP)


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    Sub-Zero the Glaceon (WIP) Empty Sub-Zero the Glaceon (WIP)

    Post by ShadowCharizard Wed Jun 28, 2017 5:49 pm

    Sub-Zero the Glaceon (WIP) Subzerofinsmall

    Armbands on his front legs



    Cisgender Male

    Ice beam (TM move)
    Ice Shard (Level up)
    Blizzard (Level up)
    Frost Breath (TM Move)

    Snow Cloak


    Thoroughly Cunning



    Pokedex No.
    #471 Glaceon/the Fresh Snow Pokemon

    Pokedex Entry
    By controlling its body heat, it can freeze the atmosphere around it to make a diamond-dust flurry. X

    Has a scar on his right side of his face running from the top of his eye to just barely to the bottom.

    Despite his cold voice, he stands up to what's right and show no mercy to those who are of the undead legion.


    Sub-Zero was born into the world in the frozen areas of Sinnoh and a member of a ninja clan. As an child he often was trained not to spare lives as a young assassin. Yet, he felt that the clan had been harsh towards his tiny eevee body. Most notably, they've pushed him as hard as they can in combat with unrelenting results. Each of the other pokemon in the clan had been specialized in certain moves. As soon as the eevee grew older though, he was taken to where an Ice stone was and fought against a would be threat to the grandmaster of the clan. Defeating it was no easy task until the final blow was delivered by Sub-Zero himself. After that he evolved into a Glaceon and was taught Ice beam by the ninja clans member himself. With the Ice beam though he had a rather unique way of using it. He either shot it at the opponent or freeze the ground with it making it hard for the other Pokemon to keep footing on the ground. The Glaceon was then given the name Sub-Zero as a master of ice attacks.

    Years gone by and Sub-Zero had many successful missions that he carried out by the clan, but of all the battles he spared the lives of his opponents. He was later taught Frost breath in order to carry out even more dangerous missions. Though his techniques was arcane in several aspects, including the use of his ice shard. After freezing the targets that the clan had set up, the Ice shard launches destroying the target in a single hit. However, Sub-Zero did not show no remorse. The ice type eeveelution thought about his brother who was also a Glaceon and a stronger one at that. Rumor had it that Sub-Zero's brother hadn't returned from a mission and was presumed dead. By this time, Sub-Zero went to seek answers on the whereabouts on his brother's location. The eeveelution fought with many pokemon in his quest and gained some allies in several aspects. His human companion had also seemed to find allies as well. As he grew into adulthood, he was at the end of his search with his brother nowhere to be found.

    Years later the epidemic struck and the ninja clan's grandmaster had his pokemon infected with the virus. The Grandmaster had all the clan members release their pokemon and accept the gift to a more efficient killing machine. The human that Sub-Zero was with took him as far as he possibly could in an attempt to leave the clan for their misguided honor. This did not go unnoticed as after reaching Twinleaf Town, Sub-Zero's human decided to confront the entire ninja clan on his own. He never came back afterwards. it was likely he was either being held or they sacrificed him. Before he was left there the ninja had left armbands onto the glaceon and told him to no longer hold back against the clan or the creatures that the other pokemon had became. Seeing that other living pokemon was battling the undead, Sub-Zero earned his namesake battle after battle freezing and killing undead left and right. In his wake the survivors had thanked him, but he did not need thanks. "This is the Grandmaster's doing and he is responsible for my brother vanishing. I will get my vengeance on him for what he did." After that Sub-Zero walked away.

    A year went by and the Glaceon continued his fight for survival and his sense of humor turned ice cold. In a silent vow he made, he will reform the ninja clan and lead the ninja clan in a fight against the undead. As strong as Sub-Zero had gotten over the years, he would be tough to topple, but as for now, he was on the run from his clan. Then one faithful day he was teleported away from Sinnoh in a hope to fight with other survivors in the struggle of this war. All will know the name Sub-Zero.
    User notes
    -A trained killer for a ninja clan in Sinnoh
    -Marked for Death by his clan
    -Based off of Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero
    -Frost Breath and Ice Shard are meant for finishing off his opponents
    -Targets mainly undead, but spares living pokemon
    -image by Fox

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