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Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre]


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Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre] Empty Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre]

Post by Catalyst Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:44 pm

Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre] UL2vHuu

Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre] EfuaUB2

"Big Mama", "Sunny"
Text Color 33A1DE Blue Line
Item Big blue ribbon around her neck
Sex/Gender Female/Feminine (she, her, hers)
Age Adult (About 26)
Species #241/Miltank/The Milk Cow Pokemon
Height 3'11"/ 1.2 m
Weight 166.4 lbs/ 75.5 kg
Pokédex Entry In order to milk a Miltank, one must have a knack for rhythmically pulling up and down on its udders.
Level 35
Ability Scrappy
Nature Brave (+Atk, -Spd)
Characteristic Somewhat stubborn (+Sp.Def)
Moves - Milk Drink (Learned)
- Roll Out (Learned)
- Body Slam (Learned)
- Tackle (Learned)
She was born onto Moo Moo Farm with other Miltank. She had known her mother, but often didn't get to see her. She grew up with other Miltank, loving and defending the younger ones. They had called her mama, as they had little access to the parents most times too. Sunshine tried to constantly visit her mom, but she could find no way to find her. Becoming more lonely, the Miltank became very independent from a young age, and she felt alone except when she was with her younger friends. The owners of the farm gave her a regular blue ribbon to distinguish her from other Miltank - all the other ones got different ribbons too - and she was forced to keep it on, but she didn't mind as she thought it suited her. Especially the fact that they had tied it into a bow - she thought that made it look even prettier.

As soon as she became of age, the farmers tried to get milk from her. She didn't remember much of the traumatic experience except there were hands going for her stomach and touching her in a way she did NOT even remotely feel comfortable with. She kicked and slammed and broke the restraints they had on her and ran free. She didn't get near them when they approached her from then on. Since she was of age now, they put her into the adult stalls, and she got to see her mother more and actually develop a bond with her. And she felt a little more defenseless in that time than she did in her entire life, because she finally didn't have to be 'mother' to a bunch of other Miltank - even though she had loved to. She lived 5 more of her years on the ranch before she decided to go out on her own when she became 20 in her years. Her mother was disheartened by her departure, wanting to get to know her daughter even better. Sunshine offered her mom to go with her, but she said she couldn't because she was too old and starting to get feeble; she would need people to take care of her. Sunshine managed to escape in the middle of the night, not letting sadness and homesickness tempt her back.

In the next few weeks of travel, she felt completely alone and out of place. Even endangered. Most Pokemon she crossed paths with would simply stare, out of confusion but she couldn't tell the difference. Until she came upon a Snubbull, friendly enough to talk to her - out of lack of fear or intrigue, it wasn't clear which.
"You look really out of place." she giggled. Sunshine was so recluse at that point, that her lack of socialization left her yearning to talk to this little pup. She scratched her ear in contemplation
"How am ah outta place, pumpkin? Ain't there othe' Miltank 'n these here parts? Ah mean... I 'avn't seen any o' my kin' 'ere, shu-ah, but.... "The Snubbull shook her head, still smiling a little.
"Nope. You're as out of place here as a Charmander in the ocean."

This Snubble introduced herself as Reylyn, and they became immediate friends. Eventually, and after the Miltank explained she was on her own, she told her that she was a runaway too - or an orphan - and most of ther other friends she had made in this forest were too. They became a family, and for the next 5 years of her life, she lived with them there. She was much happier, and forest life provided a lot more things that she could do to live comfortably.
The infection came and started sweeping over the forest, and the scare instilled in all of the younger ones and Sunshine. Eventually one of the youngest ones contracted the illness, and in agony but out of a strong sense of dignity and love she managed to kill them with her own bare hands. She fell into a horrible depression, and became hopeless and borderline suicidal out of her own anguish. She was still their mother figure, but she didn't want to have to deal with killing them if they were hopelessly infected. It wrenched her heart.
One night when all of them were sleeping in their sleep space (an outcropping in the forest space) a rouge undead came and attacked them. Before she could properly retaliate, it killed all the others before she could land a hit. Sunshine was a high enough level to attack and eventually kill it once it went after her, and it helped that she was fueled by rage. Horribly distraught, she ran from the forest and towards the farm, deathly worried about her mother's safety. When she got there, she found the farm was abandoned, and somewhat destroyed. She cried in agony, and went on her way after staying at the farm until the dawn.
A week or so later of traveling to the east, she found a Pokeball on a random route in Kanto - she wasn't sure where she was. After picking it up and realizing she had never seen something quite like it, she managed to press the white button on it and out popped the most menacing thing she had ever seen in her life. At first she was frozen still, until the Tyrantrum leveled with her and thanked her profusely for letting him free. He was almost crying, it proved pretty endearing to her despite his size and terrifying looks. They bonded quickly, and started traveling together, running from hoards and trying to find other living Pokemon.
Her fur is a bit more brown in color, and her skin and thinner fur is a bit more tan and less pink. The insides of her ears are pink. The ball on the end of her tail is also the same color as her darker hair. Her belly and tail until the ball are a very light tan. Her fur glistens a bit more in the sunshine due to her fur health, hence her name. It was also partially inspired by her lighter color. Her blue bow is tied around her neck and situated in the back.
She's very motherly, caring for smaller pokemon or just looking out for pokemon in general. Affectionate with people who catch her respect and considers those close to her part of her extended family, but she's a southern belle that doesn't take shit from anyone that has proved to not deserve her respect. Uses pet names for everybody such as "sugah" and "sweetie" (cuz she has a southern drawl.) She's pretty... bullheaded. She generally is good at co-operating if it's within her sense of logic, which most things are. But she's very understanding and lenient with others to an extent. Since going away from the farm, she'a become a little less friendly with all of the undead around. She's very loving towards small or baby pokemon, defending them in whatever situation that can require her assistance. She refers to people as "sister" or "brother" after knowing them for a while.
User Notes •Basile calls her "Sunny" more than by her full name.

Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre] 40SJUOJ

Basile (English pronunciation; BAH-see-L)
Text Color C73F17 Chili Powder
Item His Pokeball tied around his neck with a dirtied rope.
Sex/Gender Male/Masculine (he, him, his)
Age Adult (About 23)
Species #697/Tyrantrum/The Despot Pokemon
Height 8'02"
Weight 595.2 lbs
Pokédex Entry Thanks to its gargantuan jaws, which could shred thick metal plates as if they were paper, it was invincible in the ancient world it once inhabited.
Level 42
Ability Strong Jaw (Increases the power of biting moves by 50%.)
Nature Quirky (+N/A, -N/A)
Characteristic Likes to thrash about (+Atk)
Moves - Crunch (Learned)
- Dragon Claw (TM)
- Earthquake (TM)
- Head Smash (Start)
He was a bred in modern time, both his Tyrantrum parents being revived from fossils. He was born into a Pokemon lab, since naturally the revival of fossils was only happening in Silph and Devon labs. He was one of the first few Pokemon in Silph bred from an experiment, but that was most of the scientific work they did on him. They treated him quite well, but one day he managed to escape the lab - by dramatically breaking down the door by charging it with his huge Tyrunt head. It was too cramped in his room for him to remain sane, so he broke out.
His new trainer found him on a route in Kanto when the Tyrunt was making his escape, and an immediate bond formed as he battled to catch him. He called him Basile, and he traveled along with him and his other Pokemon for years to come. His bond grew even stronger with him and he became forever loyal to him because of his strength and care for him. He got along great with his other team members too, despite being horribly shy at first. His best friend was his trainer's Feraligatr named Halcyon and they became almost inseparable. They evolved together, and they grew even closer because of it. He spent most of his time with him, and the Halycon became his figurative security blanket.
The infection hit Kanto pretty hard, right after Johto. His trainer unfortunately lost the Tyrantrum's Pokeball in the midst of escaping an undead hoard - a Pokemon slashed at his belt that held the Pokeballs on it - and didn't realize he was missing two of them until he had been too far away to come back for them. The Tyrantrum waited for a while in his ball, going stir crazy and it somewhat started to drive him insane being in the same place for too long, even if it was his own personal habitat. He never kept him in for very long since he knew Basile was hyperactive and didn't like it in there - but he was too big for most town or cities to allow him to freely walk around.
It was then that Sunshine stumbled upon his ball while she was coming down the path. She futzed with it and managed to free Basile from the ball. Since Basile had no one else to travel with and needed someone, and since Sunny was a motherly type of Pokemon who couldn't let Basile off on his own without company, they started off and traveled together, and became pretty good friends. Basile kept his Pokeball, his loyalty to his trainer made him keep it. Sunshine makeshift tied a rope in a netted fashion around it, and put it around the T-rex's neck. Their life became escaping undead hoards and looking for any living to partner up with in their endeavors to survive.
A normal Tyrantrum. He has a few scars on him, but can only be noticed when looking up close to his scales. He fidgets a lot, and most of his scars have come from being a klutz/hyperactive. He fidgets a lot, such as tapping his feet or pulling muscles rhythmically to occupy himself from not moving around or to keep focused. He also likes to wring his hands since they can just barely reach in front of him. (Darn those T-Rex arms for being short.) Generally pretty thrashy and accidentally hits things when excited. (ie, like a dog wagging its tail and knocking everything off the coffee table or using the washer and dryer as a pair of drums.... lol) Has good posture, generally pretty healthy.
Basile is basically a dog. He's fidgety, accidentally rough, likes to run around, loves food, and kind of excited or visibly joyed by most anything positive. (But lowkey, he doesn't express happiness exuberantly.) He's obedient, and he is really strong. He lacks a lot of confidence, and generally pretty timid to other people - he's not really that great socially, and when he makes friends, he becomes sometimes overly attached for his own good. Like with Halcyon. And he's pretty normal in psychology other that that - no outstanding abuse or mental health problems besides genetic problems. He has ADHD and generally, has mild autism. He doesn't really feel that, since it's never been a big deal, but his personality has a lot of characteristics of that so he fits the bill.
User Notes •Based on my Tyrantrum from X/Y
•His brother-figure that his trainer had with him is Halcyon, and also exists as his own separate Pokemon.

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Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre] Empty Re: Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre]

Post by Catalyst Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:14 pm

Ready for approval! (Note, planned to be set behind Pyth the Tauros owned by Fox)


Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre] I61jEL3
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Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre] Empty Re: Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre]

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Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre] RGgji6G


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Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre] Empty Re: Sunshine the Miltank and Basile the Tyrantrum [Pyrite, Orre]

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