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Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre]


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Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] Empty Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre]

Post by Min Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:04 pm

Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] Rukh_the_skarmory_by_birdmaddgirl-d4kgag9




Toxic [TM]
Aerial Ace [TM]
Steel Wing
Rock Tomb [TM]

Keen Eye
Keen Eye prevents loss of Accuracy.


A little quick tempered.

National Dex No./Species-
#227 Skarmory, Armor Bird Pokemon



Pokédex Entry-
Despite being clad entirely in iron-hard armor, it flies at speed of over 180 mph.

Cracked Dawn Stone Choker
Cockfight Spurs


Rukh was and still is Steven Stone's loyal Skarmory. Nothing could change that. As a younger bird, he was always rather crabby and angsty, snapping at anyone and everything that even remotely annoyed him. He wasn't very well-liked on the team, constantly being told off and often being scolded by Steven's Metagross. Even so, Steven still kept him, loving his Pokemon too much, and in turn, Rukh gave the young rock maniac his complete loyalty. Rukh helped Steven and his Metagross whenever they went out on mining expeditions, picking out stones from the rubble and delivering them to his bag.

Soon, Steven Stone had become Champion of Hoenn. Rukh fought in all of the league battles, always being sent out first to inflict a Toxic or do some sweeping. He was the second strongest on his team, under his Metagross. However, their championship hadn't last long when Steven decided to step down on the throne and retire, letting Wallace, oh Arceus Rukh hated Wallace, become the new Hoenn Champion. The Skarmory was obviously infuriated by the fact that he was getting replaced by the likes of him, but reluctantly did as he was told to.

They had then retreated to the very depths of meteor falls, continuing their rock collecting. It was during this time that Steven had given Rukh a small choker with a Dawn Stone embedded on it, that glowed brightly to help the steel bird find it's way through the tunnels. However, it wasn't long before they were attacked by cave Pokemon that had ferocious, glowing red eyes. Steven was killed right as he finished releasing his Pokemon, telling them to run. Their trainer, having sacrificed his own life to safe his Pokemon, laid dead a few ways away from the entrance to the Falls, while all of his Pokemon parted their own separate ways.

Rukh himself had decided to fly to Pyrite. He remembered his trainer mentioning that one day he'd like to visit the canyons there. Here, he met some factory Pokemon that had grouped together to live. All of then where flying type, and Rukh, having no place to go, accepted their invitation to the 'gang'. There, they had duct taped of cock fight spurs and etched in his wings a bar code and 4 numbers to show that he was a member of their community.

Unfortunately, they had been mass attacked one day at their little headquarters on the Canyons, they had all attempted to fight off the infected but found themselves outnumbered and lost. Rukh, now with a new scar from the attack, decided to flee the canyons and head over to Pyrite Town, hoping he could find some peace there.

User Note

-Steven Stone's Skarmory.

-Enjoys making fun of others and insulting them.

-Tends to argue a lot.

-He's a bit lacking in battling because he hadn't fought much when Steven retired.

-He's hard to get along with, but if you do manage to become friends with him, he's actually a pretty nice guy. [This is questionable though.]

-He's a smug bastard.

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Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] Empty Re: Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre]

Post by Lugia Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:02 am

Approved. You'll be taking your old spot in the team. Your turn is after the smeargle.


Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] Shadowlugiasig


"It's amazing how hard someone will fight for their underpants."

Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] TGJeE

Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] Lugia_sprite_by_winter_skyline-d4i2tmkRukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] JeIGhRukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] ShadowlugiaRukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] Lugia

Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] Empty Re: Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre]

Post by Guest Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:00 am

If it his old spot then wouldn't it be 'before' the Smeargle? His Mienfoo was 3rd in line.

btw welcome back to Pyrite! Love the Skarmory!

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Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre] Empty Re: Rukh, Steven Stone's Skarmory [Pyrite, Orre]

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