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This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
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    Maisie the Undead Ampharos (Floater)


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    Maisie the Undead Ampharos (Floater) Empty Maisie the Undead Ampharos (Floater)

    Post by Nightfall Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:03 am

    Maisie the Undead Ampharos (Floater) Ubm2ISF

    Item None at present
    Gender Female
    Age Young adult
    Species #181 Ampharos, the Light Pokemon
    Height 4'07"
    Weight 99.3lbs (underweight)
    Pokédex Entry "Ampharos gives off so much light that it can be seen even from space. People in the old days used the light of this Pokémon to send signals back and forth with others far away."
    Level 36
    Ability Static (there is a small chance the foe will become paralyzed if they make physical contact)
    Nature Lonely (+Attack, -Defense)
    Characteristic Loves to eat (+HP)
    Moves Confuse Ray (level up)
    Thunder Wave (level up)
    Power Gem (level up)
    Thunder Shock (level up)
    History Maisie was born on a small farm in Johto to two proud parents. Life was as simple as it could be for the young Mareep - the farmer that lived there cared for his livestock daily, and so the little family were never short of food, water and a clean shelter. A herd of Miltank lived in one of the fields, and Maisie often went outside on sunny days to play with them.

    When Maisie was a few years old, her mother laid another egg. Excited that she was going to be a big sister, she sat by the egg every day, talking to it and willing it to hatch. Eventually it did, and a a little Mareep emerged, who they called Martha. Overjoyed to have a special new friend in her little sister, Maisie's adventures around the farm only got better. They played in the fields and explored the barnyard, socialising with the other Pokemon there. They became particularly close to one of the Miltank, an elderly one called Dorothy, who treated the girls like her own grandchildren. They had good food, clean water and a warm barn to sleep in. Occasionally the farmer would come and shear their coats to sell it for profit. Life was simple, and very good.

    With the farm being in a fairly remote location, they didn't hear about the epidemic before it was too late. Most members of the Miltank heard suddenly became sick and started to show aggressive behaviour. Upon hearing the news on the radio, the farmer packed their belongings and fled with his family, leaving all of his livestock behind.

    Martha wanted to try and follow, being too young to understand just how serious the situation was. Maisie knew that he was probably never coming back, and so saw no point. Instead, she suggested that they stay behind to try and help heal the sick. They traveled out into the fields to pick Oran and Sitrus berries, unaware of just how serious this virus was.

    It wasn't long after that when they discovered that their father had become sick too after being bitten by one of the Miltank. They fed him the berries, only to watch as he vomited them back up. Their mother kept insisting to her daughters that they needed to leave but they refused; no way were they going to leave their mother to care for their sick father alone. One night, a darkness appeared in his eyes and he lashed out, grabbing a terrified Maisie and biting her on the shoulder. As she screamed and begged for their crazed father to stop, her mother threw herself at them, managing to toss him away from her, and yelled at both of her daughters to flee. They reluctantly agreed, running away from the madness and almost tripping over Dorothy's mangled, bloodied corpse.

    Maisie slung a weeping Martha into her arms as she fled as fast as her legs would carry her. The bite on her shoulder throbbed, and within hours was turning a nasty shade of purple and oozing an unpleasant pus. Maisie knew that whatever virus her father had caught had been passed on by a bite, and so she knew that she'd probably have it too. She consoled Martha and told her not to worry, that she felt fine and that the wound would heal in time.

    The sisters eventually reached Olivine City, where Maisie finally realised what the virus did: turned Pokemon into the walking dead. Cold terror gripped her heart as she thought of Martha, and just what might happen if she was with her for much longer. She was already feeling very weak on her feet, and her body constantly shook and dripped with cold sweat. She would not last very long at this rate.

    There was only one thing to do. It broke her heart to do it, but she just couldn't bear the thought of hurting Martha. While out on a trip to find some food, Maisie slipped away when Martha wasn't looking. She wept as she ran, listening to the terror in her little sibling's voice as she called out for her.

    Maisie finally died curled up in a pile of leaves, racking out sobs of despair of how she had abandoned her sister like she did. Martha's sweet face was the last thing she saw before she passed away. Hours later, she rose once more, an overwhelming hunger for flesh drowning out all memories of her precious sister.
    Appearance Maisie is undead in every meaning of the word. Her once bright, yellow fur is now stained with blood and other disgusting matter, filthy with grease and mold. The orbs on her tail and forehead, which once shone for miles to see, are now dull and foggy. A purple bite mark on her left shoulder remains from where she was bitten all that time ago by her own father. Her eyes, like most undead, are a fierce shade of crimson. She often walks with a stagger, her head hanging low, her movements sluggish. She looks almost ... sad.
    Personality Maisie's previous life is all but forgotten to her now. All that the Ampharos knows is that she needs the taste of blood on her tongue. Like most undead, her hunger for flesh is insatiable, and she will feed on both living and other infected whenever she can. When faced with live prey, she becomes very aggressive and prefers to confuse and immobilise her meal first before consuming it, often while it is still alive.

    Maisie isn't particularly intelligent anymore, her brain almost completely rotted. She is also rather slow and clumsy, and can easily be outwitted. However, if she is made angry she is very dangerous, and her Electric attacks have a long range. One can only hope to outrun her before she fires a Thunder Wave at you, because once you're immobilised, it's all over.

    A pink, happy little face occasionally haunts Maisie's mind, and once this happens she becomes much calmer, even around prey. She sometimes even just stops moving for a few hours, standing completely still while staring at nothing until the visions have passed. She knows this face, but cannot recall how.
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