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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater)


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Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Empty Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater)

Post by Kaze Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:22 am

Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Shuu_by_kemurigakurekaze-d7t73ba

With Mask: Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Shuuhu11_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8cn24q

Normal illusion: Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Shuuil10

In Human disguise:Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) 300px-Tsukiyama

Tsukiyama Shuu, The Gourmet, MM,
Text Color #8A2BE2 Blueviolet (SVG) Color
Item Crescent shaped mask.
Gender Male
Time of Death Three months
Age Young Adult (human 21)
Species #571, Zoroark, The Illusion Fox Pokémon
Height 5'03"
Weight 178.8 lbs.
Pokédex Entry "Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery."-Pokémon White
Level 40
Ability Illusion: This pokemon disguises itself as another.
Nature Naughty
Characteristic Somewhat Vain
-Sucker Punch (Bred from Absol father)
-Flamethrower (TM passed down)
-Hone Claws (Level)
- Low Kick (Tutor)
History Shuu was born to and Absol father and Zoroark mother in a pedigree breeders.
His fur a light flame blue from birth he was the pick of the litter, favored and fawned over for his rarity and good breeding.
Served only the finest of foods and groomed until he coat shone he was purchased by a wealthy in family in high standing as a lapdog.
The adventurous little pup easily became bored with such a simple life and constantly sought new stimulus, he found entertainment in high dining.
His adopted family were the pinnacle of the upper crust and employed chefs of all different schools. An inquisitive Zorua intelligent enough to disguise himself as a child learned much from watching.
As one who had never had to do anything but appear cute Shuu started to take his enjoyment from meals. He had a highly developed sense of smell and taste and, as the favored pet, he could afford to reject any meal not up to his exacting standards. In response the families chef's had started to create more and more exotic dishes to delight the picky Zorua. When the family pet was happy the family was happy and when the family was happy the paycheck go bigger.
Shuu was happy to spend his entire life in this manner.

When the Epidemic struck, he left to fend for himself with no battle experience. Shuu had never lived anywhere without humans to wait on him. He had never even seen another pokemon.
However fortune smiled on him.
After he finally had to leave the abandoned mansion in search of food the one to find him was a live, healthy Zoroark. Recognizing the pitiful pup as one of his own species Shuu was taken in by the kind stranger who taught him to fight with claws, illusions and swift kicks to the legs. The Zoroark treated Shuu like his own son, protecting him from the undead and keeping him fed. Due to his upbringing Shuu hated the bland and foul tasting food his guardian had managed to scavenge.
He was very picky about his food, especially seeing as this bleak world seemed to offer no other joy but he knew if he didn't grin and bear it then he would be left alone once again.
He waited until the Zoroark fell asleep then would go out on his own in a hunt for a proper meal.
One such night after coughing out the squashy Oran berry he had to force down with a smile he had caught the scent of a rare mushroom in the wood. Accidentally wandering outside of the illusion barrier that hid them from sight he stumbled onto the territory of one of the infected.
Having never fought apart from sparring with his guardian he was badly bitten as he fled yelping back towards the Zoroark.
He hid the bite marks with his own illusion. The last thing he needed was for the elder dark type to ask where he had been.

As time passed the food got worse. Sometimes he could barely choke it down without wanting to vomit. He found even his favorite food started to taste foul. His body started to wither with hunger but he put up an excellent illusion so his guardian couldn't tell there was a problem.
He had thought he would never want to eat again until, when walking through the woods at the Zoroark's side, they had come across the corpse of a Pachirisu it had been brutally torn open by the scent that radiated from its bleeding body had been so warm and savory. Shuu's stomach had growled and his guardian had led him away from the grisly sight to find some berries.
Shuu had just sat and twitched his tail as he thought about that smell. It had been such a long time since he enjoyed eating. He wanted to feel the excitement of a real meal again. Eventually the Zoroark fell asleep and Shuu slunk off to find the body. It hadn't been disturbed and carefully he tried nibbling on it and found it was delicious. More than delicious it was the best thing he had ever tasted. So smooth and savory with a zing of flavor. This was the high-end food he had missed!
He ate the entire thing then contentiously cleaned the blood from his face and paws.

Shuu started to become more active in search of his meals. Instead of scavenging for fruits and berries when his guardian slept he began to learn how to hunt. His first few weeks were unsuccessful. He had to learn fast the proper way to stalk his prey and kill them and his hunger helped him grow.
This first kill tasted even sweeter now the meat was fresh and he relished every bite of it.
Soon he was regularly managing to kill and eat to satisfy his hunger. After swallowing whatever trash his guardian had managed to find for him he would privately throw it up in a bush and go catch his own meal.
He even began to get bored with the basic meals of bodies and started reverting to his picky eating habits. Under his illusion disguise as normal he would convince another pokemon into actions to increase their tastiness then prepare their bodies in the most tantalizing way possible.
He started to view himself as a superior predator and created elaborate meals to recreate his high upbringing.

Halfway through a meal of a Pidgey he had been discovered by his protector who had woken up in the night to find his charge missing. The fight had been enough to shatter his illusion and reveal his red eyes and purple-tainted coat.
The fight had been short but brutal, halfway through Shuu had found the energy to evolve and had laid a nearly fatal blow. However his former guardian had escaped to spread the warning and gather the other pokemon against him. His face was now known and hunting all but impossible in the forest. He could hide his form through illusions but as soon as he wanted to eat he was attacked.
This irritated him greatly, he could hide himself away with illusions and live a peaceful life but it would be one of starvation or foul force-feeding. The only solution was to find a way to disguise his true self while eating and live under disguise during the hunt. Fleeing he found a carnival style mask to hide his face and adopted the alias of "Gourmet"
Appearance Zoroark is a bipedal, gray-brown, fox-like Pokémon with crimson and black accents. It has a pointed snout and ears with red insides. It also has some red rimming its eyes and mouth. It has a large, red, voluminous mane with black tips, which somewhat resembles a ponytail, as a teal bangle down its length separates a mass of the mane from the lower portion. It has a black ruff on its upper body, pointed at the shoulders from which its arms extend. Its upper arms are thin, whereas its lower arms, while still slim, are bulkier. The arms have spiky extensions of fur at the elbows, and it has red claws on its hands and feet. Zoroark's eyes are red-rimmed with light blue irises.-Bulbapedia

Shuu is a shiny Zoroark of regular size. He takes great pride in his appearance, being immaculately groomed. This trait carried through to all his illusions.
In his illusions he appears to be a perfectly healthy pokemon though the more perceptive may pick up the smell of the infection on him.
Under his current disguise he is a plainly undead form with a bright purple mane and speckled body and bright red eyes. He has successfully avoided most major damage in battle so his body is intact. He has a condescending smirk that becomes a twisted expression of utter rage if his meal is interrupted. When enjoying a meal he always does it in his true form in the comfort of his Restaurant.
He wears a mask in the shape of a cubist crescent moon that covers half his face. The mouth on the moon fits over his right eye while the eye of the moon rests over his forehead. The masks triangular nose forms a see through mesh covering for his left eye.
Shuu particularly enjoys appearing as a human, especially now they are no longer present, and will do so on occasion for fun.
Personality Zoroark can create illusions that are indistinguishable from reality, deluding many people simultaneously. It can even create illusory landscapes in the forests where it dwells, to hide its territory and protect its den. However, Zoroark is incapable of physically changing itself into another form; it is merely capable of casting illusions. When a Zoroark takes the form of a human, it is capable of human speech. It can make convincing illusions of attacks, and these illusions are extremely realistic, enough to fool even cameras and make one believe they're being physically affected, though the illusion does not have any direct physical effect.-Bulbapedia.

Shuu is both narcissistic and arrogant. His flamboyant manner and romantic speech pattern disguise the fact he views himself as a superior predator feeding on the less powerful. His elaborate preparations and specific choices of target are his way of declaring he is at the top of the food chain.
Once he has a target Shuu develops a near obsessive interest in his chosen prey and will follow them for weeks preparing them as a meal so their taste will be the best, including convincing them to eat a certain diet to improve the flavor of the meat. He acts charmingly flirtatious with both genders though his only true 'love' is food and he has no real emotional attachment to anything but the meal. The care he puts into looking after others is only the care that his meal be as exquisite as possible.

As an Undead he only derives enjoyment from eating other pokemon, though he will eat normal food as part of his disguise but it tastes foul to him and he will vomit it in secret. Shuu can command other undead using his illusions to some extent but will never let any of them near his meal. Once he is in an area he will find a nice spot to hide with his illusions. Shuu refers to this as his restaurant. Other Undead retaining their wits may be invited to join in on his dining.
He gets very angry if his taste is criticized. He likes to view himself as high class and any implication he is just another Undead riles him up. When angered he will happily kill those he does not wish to eat.
Shuu associates food with any form of pleasure and finds those he considers attractive to be the only thing worth eating. His attention is very romantic to those that don't know his plans. Even those that do can keep him as a loyal companion provided he feels there is still a chance of eating them. If his dining is interrupted he will retreat and make new plans, wanting the moment of eating to be as enjoyable as possible. He gets very possessive, nearly infatuated by a potential meal and will defend them from other Undead with all his strength. He enjoys the taste of infected as they have the sharp note of the undead but balanced with the mellower flesh of the living.
User Notes
-Based on Shuu Tsukiyama, The Gourmet Ghoul, from Tokyo Ghoul, shown as his 'human form'.
-Shuu views himself as high-class and sophisticated and other Undead as not understanding the pleasures of food. However he loses himself to his bestial side when enjoying a good meal.
-Forms a Lair that he refers to as a Restaurant where he will place his stolen dinnerware (a wineglass and a china bowl and plate) for his meal. It will also have a flat stone where he prepares the bodies of his recent kills and be entirely disguised by illusions. He will invite his chosen prey to this area (under the guise of a romantic dinner) then kill and eat them. He is experimenting with different flavours, such as force-feeding his prey pokemon meats before eating them or (in the case of some infected) eating them while they're eating.
-Becomes a bit too involved in the thrill of the hunt. The moment building up to a kill gets him excited.
-If he doesn't get his meal promptly Shuu becomes much less rational very quickly and falls into more obsessive behavior over his food; borderlining stalker behavior.
-If an attempt to kill his target fails he will not move on by instead follow them even closer. A pokemon powerful enough to use this to their advantage gains an ally as he will do anything to keep close to his target including obeying their commands and killing other undead to defend his meal. If the fact he is hunting them is known he will loudly declare he is doing this.
-Is adept at scavenging for food but will only bring back ingredients he thinks will improve the flavor of the meat.
-He cannot fluently speak any other language but his owners had a great interest in reading classical literature in many different languages and he knows some phrases in French and Italian.
-Having observed human chefs at work preparing his meals he has some understanding of cooking techniques, though he finds the lack of proper equipment to hinder his culinary talents.
-He has no real attachment to any territory, wandering all over in search of the best meal.
-His base disguise is as a normal Zoroark, figuring no pokemon would think it is an illusion.
-His calm sophisticated demeanor is just a disguise, he is as mad as any other undead.
-Was tutored Low Kick by the Zoroark that raised him who was himself tutored the move while travelling with a human trainer. The Zoroark was searching human settlements for this trainer when he encoutnered Shuu.
-Prefers to be referred to by his last name or, if he is not in disguise, Gourmet. He views Gourmet as a truer name.

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Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Empty Re: Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater)

Post by Kaze Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:30 am


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Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Empty Re: Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater)

Post by Mew Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:00 am

Level is a bit to high to be applicable to young adult. I suggest raising the Age, or lowering the level.

Good work on the TM passed moves, but it only works from father to son, and Absol cannot learn Low Sweep in any generation, making this move invalid. If you change Low Sweep to a TM move, it would be fine, however.

Other than those two notes, the character looks amazing, and I think it's a wonderful adaptation of the original character, and of the ghouls in general. I look forward to seeing him in action!


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Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Empty Re: Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater)

Post by Kaze Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:56 pm

Edits have been made, to the main computer please~

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Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Empty Re: Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater)

Post by Mew Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:11 pm

Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Ebed9qR


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Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Hz72hB2

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Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater) Empty Re: Shuu the Gourmet Undead Zoroark (Floater)

Post by Kaze Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:33 pm

Yay I got the stamp of Mew-pproval~!

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