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    Martha the Flaaffy and Arceus the Drapion


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    Martha the Flaaffy and Arceus the Drapion  Empty Martha the Flaaffy and Arceus the Drapion

    Post by Nightfall Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:19 pm

    Martha the Flaaffy and Arceus the Drapion  FVJHNwz

    Martha the Flaaffy and Arceus the Drapion  Marthaaa_by_younabluelovesyou-d7ctq2z

    Text Color #FF6EC7
    Item None at present
    Gender Female
    Age Young teen
    Species #180 Flaaffy, the Wool Pokemon
    Height 2'07"
    Weight 65.6 lbs (a little underweight)
    Pokédex Entry "Its fluffy fleece easily stores electricity. Its rubbery hide keeps it from being electrocuted."
    Level 18
    Ability Static (there is a small chance the foe will become paralyzed if they make physical contact)
    Nature Timid (-Attack, +Speed)
    Characteristic Quick to flee (+Speed)
    Moves Thunder Shock (level up)
    Thunder Wave (level up)
    Charge (level up)
    Cotton Spore (level up)
    History Martha's life was relatively simple before the epidemic. She was born onto a farm in Johto, where she lived under the care of her parents and older sister, Maisie. The farmer also owned a large herd of Miltank, and as a child Martha often visited the field with Maisie to play with them. One of the older ones, Dorothy, treated the two girls like they were her own grandchildren. The farmer regularly sheared off Martha's wool to be sent off to make clothing and other items. Life was simple, and good.

    She lived this way until she was in her early teens - she evolved into Flaaffy and Maisie became an Ampharos. Their remote location meant that they didn't know about the epidemic until several of the Miltank came down with a mysterious disease that caused them to become aggressive. After listening to the news broadcast on the radio, the farmer panicked and packed up his family, leaving all of his livestock behind.

    Martha wanted to follow, not understanding the severity of the situation, but Maisie said no - they needed to stay behind and look after the sick before they could go anywhere. Little did they know at the time, their father was among the infected. One night, he suddenly lashed out, grabbing Maisie and biting her on the shoulder. Their mother managed to throw him off, shouting at her daughters to flee. They reluctantly agreed, running away from the madness just as Dorothy the Miltank dropped down dead, only to rise seconds later and chase them.

    Martha was slung into Maisie's arms as she wept, the Ampharos running as far as her legs could go. The bite on her shoulder was turning an odd colour and was oozing unpleasant-smelling pus. Eventually, they reached Olivine City to find it completely abandoned. Dead bodies littered the floor, and undead Pokemon prowled the streets. The sisters took shelter in a cafe, where Maisie secretly began to realise that she may be infected too. Not wanting to accidentally hurt Martha, she came up with a plan. She took Martha out on a trip to find some food, and then slipped away from her when she wasn't looking.

    Martha was terrified. One moment her sister had been at her side and the next she was nowhere to be seen. She screamed and wept for her to come back but her noise was attracting unwanted attention. She fled, and searched for her sister throughout Johto and all the way to Sinnoh.

    At the Great Marsh, she met a group of Pokemon led by a Kangaskhan called Rhea. For the first time since losing Maisie, Martha felt happy. She regarded her new friends as her family, and grew particularly close to Arceus, a hot-headed Drapion that seemed to have a soft spot for her. When Arceus and her friend Fynne went missing, Martha panicked at first, but with persuasion began to trust that they would be fine by themselves. After all, Arceus had her best friend back. She was happy, and that was what mattered.

    After a series of events, Martha felt herself strengthening as a person. She found herself able to hold her own in dire situations, for the first time. Taking care of Eliana, Rhea's newborn adopted Oddish daughter, gave Martha the responsibility that she needed to grow up and survive this. She would find Maisie as an Ampharos just like her, and the two of them would live out the nightmare together, telling jokes and playing games just like back when things were normal.

    The new-found peace didn't last, however: a flock of birds attacked, carrying one of her friends away and causing Eliana to run away, never to be seen again. Martha panicked, and ran back into the Marsh to find the others. It was not to be - Martha found Rhea's dead body in a clearing and began to scream. It was all too much for the young Flaaffy. After attacking everything around her in a frenzy, she fled.

    Martha's only fuel to survive is now pure fear. She lives her life in hiding, barely ever seeing sunlight unless she is driven from her hideout. She prays that Maisie will one day find and rescue her, but the image of the bite wound on her sister's shoulder keeps coming into her mind, and it is starting to make more sense to her. She cries herself to sleep, waiting for the miracle she'll never have.
    Appearance Martha is a relatively normal-looking Flaaffy, albeit a little underweight recently due to lack of food.
    Personality Martha is a shadow of her former self. The previously bouncy, talkative and optimistic Flaaffy is now gone, replaced by a quivering, crying mess. She lives her life in hiding, only coming out to occasionally eat. She is terrified of everything around her, diving for cover at the slightest noise.

    When alone, Martha daydreams to the point where she can't distinguish her imagination from reality. She blocks out the epidemic and the state of the current world as much as possible, thriving off her imaginings that the world outside her hiding place is a magical paradise. This does not last for long, however - once Martha succumbs to hunger and is forced to venture out, reality crashes down onto her and she plunges into depression yet again. She simply can't accept the world as it is, losing all strength to even try and move on.

    The old Martha is still in there somewhere; only a familiar face could ever lure her out.
    User Notes None at the moment

    Martha the Flaaffy and Arceus the Drapion  IcimOAl

    Text Color #AA00FF
    Item None at present
    Gender Female
    Age Adult
    Species #452 Drapion, the Ogre Scorpion Pokémon
    Height 4'03"
    Weight 135.6 lbs
    Pokédex Entry "It takes great pride in its strength. Even though it can tear foes apart, it finishes them off with powerful poison."
    Level 46
    Ability Sniper (increases the chance of landing a critical hit)
    Nature Naughty (+Attack, -Sp.Def)
    Characteristic Likes to thrash about (+Attack)
    Moves Poison Fang (level up)
    X-Scissor (TM)
    Earthquake (TM)
    Aerial Ace (TM)
    History Arceus was a normal, average Skorupi. She was a little more rash and loud than the others of her kind, but she was generally normal. She lived with the rest of her kind in the Great Marsh. There were many of them, and life was simple and easy.

    One day, a trainer came to the Marsh looking for a specific kind of Pokemon. He had a strong Infernape at his side. His name was Cecile and he was looking for Pokemon to help him make a small elite team. He wanted a Drapion, but not just any would do. Cecile was looking for one with much potential. He spent days battling the Skorupi, but none of them had any interest to him. But then he found her, and knew as soon as the battle started that she was what he had been looking for. Cecile named her Arceus, hoping that the great name would give her what she needed to be an awesome fighter.

    Cecile's instinct was right, and he soon obtained a Gible to go with Arceus, named Fynne. Cecile trained both of them long and hard, until both had reached their final evolutions. Arceus was an insane fighter with an attitude, and Fynne was cautious but strong. They were a menace on the battlefield. Cecile was very satisfied with their work.

    As a reward for all of the hard work, Cecile decided to take Arceus and Fynne back to the Marsh, as a sort of vacation for the two. But something was wrong. The epidemic had taken fold and there were undead Pokemon behind every corner. Cecile realized too late that they were in danger. They got to him before he could protect himself, but before the undead could kill him, Cecile released the fighting duo, releasing them, as he died.

    Fynne and Arceus watched the man that had trained and cared for them torn to pieces before their eyes. The two fled, scarred by what they had just witnessed. For months they were able to hold their own. But Fynne disappeared, leaving Arceus on her own. She was going mad with loneliness and grief, almost to the point of suicide.

    Arceus continued to live in the Marsh for some time before meeting up with a group of survivors. After a turbulent start, she began to make friends with some of them, including a cute, bouncy young Flaaffy called Martha. However, it turned out that the Ultra Ball she had been carrying around actually contained Fynne after he was accidentally released. Figuring that they were better off alone, they left.

    A massive, destructive battle with some very powerful undead left both Arceus and Fynne injured, and once more they were separated in the chaos. The Drapion searched everywhere, but her timid companion was nowhere to be found. She now continues to travel, hoping one day to meet up with Fynne again while driving herself mad with worry.
    Appearance Arceus is a relatively normal-looking Drapion, albeit a very loud and irritable one. Her eyes tend to almost always be wide with livid emotions, holding herself up high and proud.
    Personality Arceus can be very difficult to get along with. The Drapion is very quick-tempered and irritable, easily offended and can be an absolute nightmare when enraged. She is loud and brash, and often destructive when angry. She often begins to thrash about and destroy things around her, just because she feels like it. Simply put, she is a bitch.

    There are reasons for her mental instability, however. The epidemic has put Arceus through a lot, and she is worried sick about Fynne. She pretends that she doesn't care, but Arceus can be remarkably kind and sensitive if one is lucky enough to get on her good side. She is very protective of both herself and any friends she makes.

    Arceus is proud of her strength and is a formidable foe in battle, and she knows it. She will fight relentlessly in any situation that demands it, even against other living if they are stupid enough to piss her off. She knows full well that she was named after the real Arceus, and finds amusement in tricking other Pokemon that she is actually him in disguise.
    User Notes --Adopted from Ricxs - original profile here
    --Cecile used many TMs on her
    --Suffers from mild OCD, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

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    Martha the Flaaffy and Arceus the Drapion  Empty Re: Martha the Flaaffy and Arceus the Drapion

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