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    Lyzria the Undead Gyarados (Floater)


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    Lyzria the Undead Gyarados (Floater) Empty Lyzria the Undead Gyarados (Floater)

    Post by Nightfall Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:52 pm

    Lyzria the Undead Gyarados (Floater) BvHZ5
    Image by Fox

    Text Color #a80000
    Item None at present
    Time of Infection 1 week after the outbreak
    Age Adult
    Species #130 Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokemon
    Height 21'04"
    Weight 518.1lbs
    Pokédex Entry "Brutally vicious and enormously destructive. Known for totally destroying cities in ancient times."
    Level 47
    Ability Intimidate (lowers the foe's Attack stat)
    Nature Rash (+Sp.Atk, -Sp.Def)
    Characteristic Likes to thrash about (+Attack)
    Moves Twister (level-up)
    Aqua Tail (level-up)
    Ice Fang (level-up)
    Hyper Beam (level-up)
    History Lyzria was born in southern Kanto, not far from Fuchsia City. Like other members of her species, she was shunned, ridiculed and laughed at from the moment she could swim. She would take a swim down the river and have to endure the taunts and jeers from the other Pokemon. Humans would catch her with their fishing rods, say, "Oh, not another damn Magikarp!" and kick her back into the water. One of them even said, "Useless ... I wanted a Gyarados."

    Useless, weak, stupid ... these words and more tormented the young Lyzria to no end. The Magikarp became withdrawn and bitter, to the point where she would hide for days on end. Gyarados ... just imagining the power and sheer size of that creature that she would ultimately become spurred her to come out of hiding. With a plan in mind, she deliberately allowed herself to be hooked by every Trainer that fished in the river. After being rejected and kicked various other times, finally one of the Trainers battled and captured her.

    Training was difficult and Lyzria suffered many injuries, but her Trainer was persistent. All the while, the twisted mind of the Magikarp brooded and plotted her revenge. Eventually, the day came where Lyzria was enveloped in a bright, beautiful light. The Gyarados emerged, and immediately lunged for her Trainer, snatched him up in her jaws and crushed him to a pulp. Lyzria thought she had been reborn, and that her true life's purpose was to destroy as much as possible; revenge for the lifetime of torment she had to endure. She had the power - she wasn't prepared to let it go to waste.

    Lyzria became infamous almost instantly. She brutally attacked and killed anything that crossed her path, be it human or Pokemon. Entire villages fell to her rampages, the Gyarados leaving a trail of destruction and blood wherever she went. Groups of hunters searched for her, only to return with multiple deaths and severe casualties. Lyzria was an unstoppable force of nature; a hurricane devouring everything in its path. She only stopped killing when she slept.

    When the epidemic arrived, Lyzria saw it as a blessing. She devoured the corpse of an undead Raticate, thus becoming infected herself. She then retreated to the bottom of the Lake of Rage, waiting with great anticipation for the transformation. To never have to fear death ... the Gyarados trembled at the thought. Surely enough, one night she passed away, and awoke several hours later.

    Lyzria continues her vendetta against all living kind to this day, now driven by an insatiable appetite for blood. Her only goal is to cause as much mayhem as possible and eat as much as her decaying stomach can hold before moving on, leaving her trademark trail of destruction and death behind her.
    Appearance Lyzria has been undead for a long time, and it shows. The Gyarados's scales are filthy with mould and dried blood, her fins tattered and torn at the ends. The bottom of her lower jaw has completely rotted away, leaving her brown tongue hanging between it. She has a huge hole in her belly, from which her intestines trail. A trail of blood follows her wherever she goes, oozing from the open wound. Her eyes burn fiercely red.
    Personality Destruction, death and bloodshed ... they are the only things that Lyzria exists for. The Gyarados is EXTREMELY violent, attacking and killing anything that moves. Quite often she will destroy a forest, town or undersea reef, simply because she feels like it. She revels in her power, and feels that there is nothing that could possibly oppose her.

    Thanks to the infection, Lyzria's bloodlust is no longer just a result of her twisted mind. She constantly craves it, and no matter how many creatures she consumes, her hunger is never satisfied. She will eat practically anything, living or undead, big or small, human or Pokemon.

    Her mental capacity is now very limited, and she can hardly think for herself outside of her lust for blood. She can still speak, but only uses one or two words at a time, and her vocabulary is small. The only words she can say are what she was bullied with as a Magikarp, and taunts her prey with them. If any such words are even uttered when she is nearby, even if they are not directed at her, she will instantly start to rampage. Her thought capacity is a little more intact, although, like with her speech and motivations, they centre around her bloodlust and hunger.

    She is able to plan her attacks to a certain extent, but will become impatient if she is forced to wait. She cannot stand losing or otherwise being unable to get what she wants, and will simply Hyper Beam everything in front of her until she is satisfied that she is still on top.
    User Notes --Fox told me that it was still OK to use the image.
    --Adopted - original profile here
    --Words that she can use include: useless, weak, stupid, pathetic, idiot, lies/liar, worthless, fool, and various others. She occasionally says "yes" and "no", but only to herself.

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    Lyzria the Undead Gyarados (Floater) Empty Re: Lyzria the Undead Gyarados (Floater)

    Post by Nightfall Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:34 am

    Time to cause some mayhem. >:]

    Please move to the PC for approval.

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    Lyzria the Undead Gyarados (Floater) Empty Re: Lyzria the Undead Gyarados (Floater)

    Post by Suicune Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:51 pm

    I've been dying to see a Gyarados on land to terrorize everyone. Approved. 


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    Lyzria the Undead Gyarados (Floater) Empty Re: Lyzria the Undead Gyarados (Floater)

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