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Tanythe Shiro the Human


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Tanythe Shiro the Human Empty Tanythe Shiro the Human

Post by Duma Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:27 pm

Tanythe Shiro the Human Tanythe_shiro_by_tiny_warrior-d8rbfch
Art by FlyingKitty
Tanythe Shiro the Human Tumblr_nqs1imQ3Ry1s5iyovo1_400
Art by Starbits
Tanythe Shiro the Human 5ThpJzG
Art by me

Tanythe Shiro
Text Color 4FC6A3
  • Savin' Me [Nickelback]
  • In My Room [Thousand Foot Krutch]
  • iNSaNiTY [Nightcore]
  • See You Again (No Rap Edit) [Charlie Puth]
  • Untraveled Road [Thousand Foot Krutch]
  • Never Too Late [Three Days Grace]
  • Hold Me Now [Red]
  • Thank You [MKTO]
  • Jumpstart [These Kids Wear Crowns]
  • I'll Attack [30 Seconds To Mars]
  • Don't You Dare Forget The Sun [Get Scared]
  • iNSaNiTY [Vocaloid]
  • Have A Nice Day [Bon Jovi]
  • Battle Scars [Paradise Fears]
  • Stronger [Kelly Clarkson]
  • Fix You [Coldplay]
  • Trying Not To Love You [Nickleback]
  • Lullaby [Nickleback]
  • If Today Were Your Last Day [Nickleback]
  • Chasing Cars [Snow Patrol]
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams [Green Day]
  • Bullet [Hollywood Undead]
  • I Don't Wanna Die [Hollywood Undead]
  • Rain [Hollywood Undead]
  • Pour Me [Hollywood Undead]
  • Item Universal translator, silver Mightyena ring, Hematite bracelet, yin-yang necklace, silver pentagram necklace with peridot in the center, black rope bracelet, Vapor's pokeball on her belt, glasses, small messenger bag, badge Case*, iPod with a cracked screen*, half-broken earphones*, charger*, wallet*, artbook*, artist pencils*, sharpeners*, erasers*, sharpening stone*, her team's pokeballs*, a pair of knitted skeleton gloves*, glasses cleaning solution* and glasses cloth*
    * - In bag
    Weapons Two daggers, a slightly damaged machete and small 9mm pistol(low ammunition).
    Gender Female | Genderfluid
    Age 20
    Species Human
    Weight 113.67lbs | 51.56kg (Underweight)
    Height 5'8"
    Occupation Trainer|Artist
    Party Shiro is trying to find Vapor, and will not use up the last slot in case she comes back - she still has her pokeball.
    Pkm 1
    Tanythe Shiro the Human Sylveon__sprite__by_goldwolfspriter-d5xyae9
    Species- Sylveon "Sylv"
    Level- 61
    Ability- Cute Charm
    Attack list-
    -Moonblast (Level)
    -Psyshock (TM)
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    -Hidden Power [Bug] (TM)
    **Text color D66FC5
    Pkm 2
    Tanythe Shiro the Human Lucario
    Species- Lucario "Aura"
    Level- 60
    Ability- Steadfast
    Attack list-
    -Aura Sphere (Level)
    -Hidden Power [Electric] (TM)
    -Heal Pulse (Level)
    -Flash Cannon (TM)
    **Text color AB9C90
    **Has a black belt tied around wrist
    Pkm 3
    Tanythe Shiro the Human M0cM27l
    Species- Luxyara "Zapparel"
    Level- 62
    Ability- Intimidate
    Attack list-
    -Sky Drop (Learned)
    -Thunderbolt (TM)
    -Hyper Beam (TM)
    -Crunch (Pre-Evolution)
    **Text color 367487
    **Has a Silk Scarf tied around neck
    Pkm 4
    Tanythe Shiro the Human Zoroark_Sprite_by_Quanyails
    Species- Zoroark
    Level- 59
    Ability- Illusion
    Attack list-
    -Foul Play (Level)
    -Night Slash (Level)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    **Text color 561010
    **Has a pair of Black Glasses hidden in their mane
    Pkm 5
    Tanythe Shiro the Human Flygon
    Species- Flygon "Istaria"
    Level- 63
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Fly (HM)
    -Earthquake (Pre-Evolution)
    -Crunch (Pre-Evolution)
    -Steel Wing (TM)
    **Text color 3DB439
    **Has a necklace with a pendant filled with Soft Sand
    Pkm 6
    Tanythe Shiro the Human A9BcHD0
    Species- Vaporeon "Vapor"
    Level- 70
    Ability- Water Absorb
    Attack list-
    -Dig (TM)
    -Surf (HM)
    -Hydro Pump (Level)
    -Ice Beam (TM)

    Quotes "There's no point in living if there's nothing left to fight for."
    "Just because I shed tears, does not make me weak. These tears are what makes me human."
    "Everyone has a reason to keep looking forward. My reason is because I have nowhere to turn to, nowhere to look, but forward."
    "If you knock me down, I will get back up. If I stay down it means I have given up, and that is the one thing I don't do."
    "They say luck will travel, I say that's why I have feet."
    "Behold the power of the Australian!"
    1995, August 25th, 12:30am.

    Tanythe Shiro was an odd child, always taking the dangerous route to everything. Even at birth, she had almost been strangled, and was only saved my quick thinking and a whole lot of luck. The first three years of her life went by rather quietly, with their small family living in Johto for a short while, before moving across the oceans to Hoenn, where Shiro and her family lived for a while longer.

    When Shiro had her 5th birthday, she was sent to trainers school, to learn about pokemon, what they did for their world and how to raise one. While the school itself was a good, reputable school, the other children there were absolute assholes. Even on her first day, Shiro was picked on because she was different, because she acted different and because she could not understand the emotions of fear, embarrassment and love. For a while, she blocked out their hate, ignoring them as best she could, but one's patience could only go so far.

    Shiro went to a nice after-school care while her parents worked, getting picked up by her older brother after school and dropped off there so that he could go off with his friends. Shiro had fun there, and she met a few other people there who didn't mind the constant teasing she got from others. She played with the building toys, forever building dragon types and dark types from the blocks. She became known for being 'that little creep who never spoke', since she didn't like to speak with others, more involved in her building to take any notice.

    The kids had come up with a plan to try and get Shiro to talk to them - destroy her creations and see if they got a reaction. For the first little while, they didn't get one, but eventually Shiro began to yell at the other kids to leave her alone, even go so far as to attack one kid who was pushing her too far. More often than not, Shiro got into trouble for attacking the other kids, while her tormentors got off scot free.

    To say they the treatment got on her nerves was like saying the sun was hot, or the sky was blue - it was very apparent. At home, things were not much better. Shiro was piled with chores, her brothers would not stop tormenting her for being 'unable to stand up for herself' and her mother would tell her to suck it up and get over it. After a while, Shiro retreated into her own mind to numbly go though each day as though she was a machine.

    One day, Shiro got jumped by two kids who were common tormentors. They circled her, shouting profanities and vulgar slurs. After all the months of torment from these two, Shiro was fed up. She had no weapon, but she still snarled and charged one of the kids, sending them sprawling with a sucker punch to the jaw. They fell back, hitting their head on the ground, but it didn't knock them out. The second kid went to attack, and Shiro whirled around, giving them a kick in the ribs that winded them. After her two hits though, everything went south.

    All too quickly, the kids recovered and rounded on Shiro, not throwing punches, but instead favoring pushing her to each other until she lost her footing and fell, but they didn't stop there. With a combined effort, they dragged her over to one of the nearby lakes and threw her in, with Shiro unable to swim and lugged down by her backpack, she ended up flailing in the water until one of the teachers spotted her and dove into the lake to save her.

    No one spoke to Shiro for a while since that day. Her family was eerily quiet when she got home, and no one spoke a word when she woke the next day. The family sat in silence until they finally got to school, where the only words that were spoken were hushed goodbyes and 'see you later's. The silence bothered Shiro. It wasn't her fault, she had just retaliated to being attacked. All through that day - that week - no one talked to her. She just got hostile, or sympathetic looks. After a while, the silence became unbearable, and Shiro began to listen to music to calm herself.

    A few weeks after the incident, Shiro's brother pulled her aside one day to talk to her. He said that if anyone tried to do that again, to give him - or the police - a call, and gave her a mobile phone. After a quick tutorial on how to use it, Shiro agreed and took the phone. Everything went back to normal then.

    Now 8 years old, Shiro got enrolled in swimming classes, to which she gladly accepted. Determined not to have a repeat of the incident two years ago, she graduated the swimming lessons at the top of her class, and after she got over her fear of lakes, it became a very common thing that Shiro would do to calm herself down. Somehow, the cold water calmed her mind and allowed her - for the first time - to think clearly.

    Things went by rather quietly for a few months, and by Shiro's 9th birthday, she had been given a protection at the school. Anyone who bullied her got a suspension for a day, and in some cases, for three days. Not that it stopped anyone though. Shiro still got bullied daily, and it was always behind closed doors, out of sight to the teachers. Slowly, she spiralled downwards into a depressive state, and her shoulders were always slumped, as though she expected another beating if she ever stood tall.

    She hadn't even turned 10 yet, and already she was having bad thoughts to end it. She didn't want to be in that situation any more, and no matter why, she just wanted out of that area. Out of that life. Her family didn't understand why, as none of them had ever had bullies that were this bad. It was a daily thing - provoke the freak to get a hilarious reaction. Shiro had no escape - whether she was at home, or whether she was at school, she never truly had a proper escape from things.

    At least, until her 10th birthday.

    Now finally old enough to register for a pokemon, Shiro signed up to get a starter, and arrived at the lab bright and early. For her first pokemon, Shiro was shown a range of pokemon, from the regular starters, to some more exotic things like Trapinch, to even a shiny Growlithe that was staring intently at the door. When she investigated the fire type, they were listed as a special case.  As much as she loved the look of the puppy, the brother advised against getting them because of how energetic the fire puppies could get and because of how it was listed as a special case.

    For once, Shiro heeded her brother's warning and got the small trapinch that was in the pen next to them, As she left with her new-found companion, a pair of parents came in and went to pick a pokemon. Shiro stayed behind for a little bit to see that they had claimed the Growlithe puppy. Although confused as to why they wanted the dog, Shiro couldn't stay long to ask, since her brother was calling for her to hurry up and go.

    She spent most of her days at home bonding with her new Trapinch companion, and after researching their evolution line, named the ground type Istaria, after one of her favorite dragon games. She battled with her brother's snivy, more often than not she would lose, but the few battles she did win were enough for her to stay happy.

    After a few weeks of training with both her brothers and herself, Shiro finally asked if she could go out and start her adventure to become a pokemon trainer. Although her family was hesitant at first, they said yes and gave her a mobile phone in case she needed to call them for anything. Though she doubted she would, Shiro took the phone so that she could listen to her music.

    For the first little while, Shiro had fun with just Istaria and her, but after a while, she grew to realize that she would need more pokemon if she were to battle the gyms. After buying some pokeballs from a nearby pokemart, Shiro set out to capture her first few pokemon.

    At first her attempts weren't that successful, but after she got into the swing of battling, Shiro began to get the hang of capturing pokemon, and soon had a lovely team consisting of Istaria, a Shinx called Zapparel, a riolu called Aura and an Eevee that she had yet to find a name for.

    One day when she was out training, she got a call from her brother telling her that she had to come home right away, that something bad had happened. Panicked, Shiro raced home, to find her family sitting around a table, everyone was looking glum - and one person was missing. Their adopted brother, Rusty, had disappeared. He had gone out the day before, and hadn't been home since. The news crushed Shiro. Rusty was the only brother that she actually had liked, and now they were telling her that he was gone?

    Shiro left Hoenn that day. She caught the boat and travelled to Unova, where she cut off ties and started over, registering for the gyms and starting her journey over again. As she began her journey, she noticed a familiar shape on the boat with her, but she couldn't place why she knew them. She studied them for a moment, confused as to why she felt they were so familiar. It was then that she noticed the shiny fur that the figure had. It was the very same Growlihe that was at the shelter the day Shiro got Istaria - who was at that stage almost ready to evolve into a Vibrava.

    Waving the other trainer down, Shiro introduced herself and said that she had recognized them from when she was at the shelter and that they had gotten their pokemon at around the same time. While not usually one for social interaction, Shiro jumped at the chance to talk to another trainer besides her brothers.

    While the two of them were obviously lacking in the social department, Shiro somehow managed to get a decent conversation, and the other introduced themselves as Dazey. Seeing no reason not to, Shiro gave Dazey her full name, and asked how long they were staying in Unova. They answered with an undefined amount of time, to which Shiro asked if she could hang with them for a bit - seeing as she had no real family in Unova at that time, and she just wanted a break from Hoenn.

    Thankfully, to Shiro's delight, Dazey agreed to let her hang, saying they were probably going to meet up with another friend there anyway. She hung with Dazey for a while, sharing a few stories of when she was in Hoenn, as well as doing a few battles with other trainers along the way, with Dazey sometimes joining her with battling. Every so often, Shiro would deviate from their path to challenge a gym, finally finding a water stone to evolve her eevee - now named Vapor - into a Vaporeon. Istaria had evolved into a Vibrava and was great for her battles, even if Shiro would favor Vapor, the rest of her team were all evenly matched in level.

    When she was on her way back to a rendezvous with Dazey, Shiro ran across a young eevee that looked beaten and injured. Carefully picking the fox up, she looked over to Aura - now a Lucario - who dug through Shiro's bag to get a sitrus berry and a potion. When the eevee rejected the berry, Shiro got the potion and gently sprayed the healing substance over the normal type. Soon after they brightened up and although they were still too weak to walk, they were happy enough to stay nestled in the crook of Shiro's elbow.

    When she finally got back to Dazey, they almost squealed at the eevee, immediately moving forward to try and coax the little fox out, only to frighten them, who in turn hid in Shiro's jacket. The disappointment on Dazey's face was almost comical. With a quiet laugh, Shiro cared for the eevee as they kept going, and eventually got them to eat a few berries and drink some water. She named the eevee Sylv, after a suggestion from Vapor. After a little while, she got Sylv to be more friendly to Dazey, and the fox spent a lot of time playing with Vapor and Dazey's pokemon.

    After a while, Shiro got a call from her eldest brother who had travelled to Unova to see her. As much as she wanted to tell her brother to go fuck himself, she agreed to meet up in the closest town. When she arrived, he was waiting on one of the benches, and when Shiro was spotted, he came over and offered her an odd pokeball. He apologized for treating her like shit when they were younger, and although Shiro would never forgive him, she accepted his apology with a false smile and took the pokeball he offered, opening it to notice that it had a pokemon in it - a young Zorua. The gift was almost enough to make Shiro forgive him. Almost. With a nice goodbye and a hug, the two went their separate ways, with Shiro meeting back up with Dazey after defeating the next gym.

    As Shiro returned to Dazey, Sylv evolved into a Sylveon - much to Vapor's amusement and Shiro's delight. By the time they had returned to Dazey, Sylv had grown accustomed to their new ribbons-like feelers, since the new influx of information had been overwhelming at first. Just as Shiro had predicted - Dazey flipped out when they saw Sylv's newly evolved look, practically begging for the fairy type to join her team, but Sylv refused, choosing to stay with Shiro, much to Dazey's disappointment. Dazey and the Sylveon became best friends along their journey around Unova, with the two of them never failing to be any further than a few steps apart - unless Shiro was challenging a gym. More than once Dazey tried to kidnap the Sylveon - much to Shiro's amusement and annoyance.

    As Shiro challenged more gyms, most of her team had fully evolved, with the exception of Istaria, who was fairly close to evolving anyway. By this stage, Shiro had a lot of the badges for Unova, with only about three left. By this stage it had been about a year since she had first met Dazey, when the other trainer said that they had to leave. Although Shiro had been expecting it eventually, that didn't make it any easier.

    The two shared a farewell, and Sylv gave Dazey a Sylveon's version of a hug, and Shiro left with a promise to see him again, though she didn't know when. To see Dazey off, Shiro gave Istaria a rare candy to evolve the Vibrava into a Flygon, who now had enough strength to fly the two of them over to Castelia, where Shiro gave Dazey a goodbye hug.

    After Dazey's departure, Shiro flew back to their last town, challenging the gyms and levelling her pokemon, until finally after her 16th birthday, Shiro was ready to challenge the Elite Four.

    Unfortunately, the Epidemic hit before Shiro could even start her challenge. They were ordered to evacuate, and to release their pokemon. Shiro refused at first, but eventually released all the pokemon besides the ones on her team. Their large numbers attracted a large group of Murkrow, and recalling all but Vapor and Istaria, Shiro jumped onto Istaria who flew up and attacked the undead with multiple Steel Wings. Shiro, Istaria and Vapor fled, trying to find their way away from the area. Somewhere in the panic, Vapor was lost, and they were too far away to recall the Vaporeon. All Shiro could hope was that the Vaporeon would stay safe as her and Istaria flew off, aiming for the region of Kalos - where Dazey had said they were going to before the two had departed.
    Appearance Shiro stands at about 5'8", with semi-fair skin that has been tanned by the sun. Freckles dot her arms, face and shoulders, with the most densely freckled parts on her shoulders. Her eyes are a sprectrum of colors, constantly changing, but the most common colors are blue, green, gold and a dark almost red brown color. Her hair is a dark blonde with the tips dyed black that reaches her shoulders, with sideswept bangs that constantly drape over her left eye. On her right hand she has a thin black rope bracelet tied loosely around her wrist and a silver mightyena ring on her right index finger. On her left hand is a tight hematite bracelet that sits mid-way up her forearm. She has simple black framed glasses that have a very small chip in them on the left lens close to the center, this hardly impairs her vision. Shiro also has two necklaces, one yin-yang on a leather cord, the other a silver pentagram with a large peridot in the center on a silver chain.

    Shiro dresses in dark clothing, with a black hooded t-shirt that has a white tribal dragon symbol on it. She has a black leather jacket that reaches her knees, as well as black denim cargo jeans with gold clips and pockets at her hips and extra deep pockets with clips on her legs. She has a black material messenger bag that has a few frays at the edges, but is otherwise in excellent condition. On her upper arms and just above her ankles are various scars from both self-harm and fights. He most noticeable scar is the long scar that travels up her forearm to her elbow which she got in a fight with an angry mightyena before the Epidemic. She also has a pair of black knitted gloves with the skeletal patter of the hand printed on them. She will wear these if it is too cold for her liking or if she is having an off day where certain textures will set her off. When wearing the gloves she moves her ring from her index finger to her ring finger in her right hand.

    Shiro has become very patient in many cases, and she is very hard to anger with stupid things. She dislikes people who act out against her friends, but unless they turn on her or they outright attack her friends, Shiro would rather stay back and control her temper.

    Shiro can bounce back from many bad experiences if she has a little bit of time to herself. Even if it's just with her pokemon, Shiro can adjust fast once she realizes that something will not change back to how it was before. She is very loyal to her friends and people she looks up to, following them and backing them up every step of the way. She can sometimes be too loyal, leading to her suffering when the person changes suddenly.

    Shiro can be very enthusiastic about topics she loves to talk about, especially when her  friends are around. Because of this, she can imagine up very odd scenarios that could very well never happen in their lifetime. Shiro is very creative in her art and writing, both of which are her favorite hobbies. Even in the most dire of situations, Shiro can still be very happy and cheerful, and will stop at nothing to make sure everyone else is being cheerful as well.

    While not exactly adamant, more stubborn, Shiro is best described as very willful in the way that she puts great amount of effort and enthusiasm into things. Shiro is very kindhearted to a lot of people, often trying to bring out the best in them so that she can help them if they are ever feeling down.

    Shiro can be very laid-back in certain situations, sometimes coming off almost as if uninterested or bored in the way of responding, but then immediately following up with comforting words that prove she is paying attention and genuinely cares

    Shiro is a great friend to almost everyone she meets, once she gets past the horrible awkward moment, she is very nice and works well as someone to turn to when they need a shoulder to lean on, or just to vent to.

    Shiro is very awkward around people she does not know, to the point where she is a complete flop in social situations unless it has someone she knows in the conversation, or if it's a topic that interests her. As much as she is awkward, Shiro is also shy as hell when someone approaches her. She can often stutter in her words when trying to talk, resulting in her becoming more flustered than she already was.

    Shiro has learned from her time at the trainers school that showing emotion in front of strangers usually led to being teased or pushed around, and so because of this, she hates showing emotion to those that she does not know, instead favoring talking to her friends or drawing. She has no idea how the emotions of love, fear and embarrassment feel, and if she were to ever come into a situation where she felt these emotions, she would be very confused and probably ask someone why she is feeling like this, since she literally does not understand why she is feeling that way.

    Shiro is very closed off around many people, with only a select few people knowing her secrets. She can be very tense around psychic types, especially those that have mind-reading capabilities, since she's paranoid about one reading her mind when she was mad at someone and taking it as a threat.

    Shiro can not deal with sudden change. It stressed her out to no end, and she can sometimes lose sleep trying to adjust to the new surroundings. To tie in with this, she does not deal with stress, as it does not make her feel good and it can lead to many sleepless nights as she tries to calm down.

    Shiro is very hard-set on her ideas, and it can be very hard to change her viewpoint once she has her sights set on something. It is also very hard to even get her to think of something that she wouldn't normally agree to.

    Above all else, Shiro loves to play pranks on people, targeting the most grouchy or downhearted in a group in an attempt to cheer them up. Most of the time however, these pranks don't go the way she wants and can sometimes backfire horribly. Shiro, of course, will deny ever doing the prank.

    Though she does not mean it, Shiro can be a little pushy at times when trying to get people to help out, or even when getting a group of people together to do something. Shiro can be too laid-back sometimes, often not taking some things seriously in even the most dire of times.

    Despite her chill exterior and her generally 'precious' (as she has been called) behavior, Shiro has a truly frightening side that she only rarely unleashes. Able to take care of herself when need be, capable with hand-to-hand and close range, she can truly cause fear into other's, even when not able to experience the emotion herself

    Shiro had a lot of physical and mental abuse from both her family and her time at the trainers school. As such, the mention of it can trigger her into horrid flashbacks, as well as wearing backpacks - which is why she prefers messenger bags. She has been tested and confirmed to be an Autistic child with Aspergers Syndrome among a few other mental disabilities, and as of right now, is un-medicated in these disabilities.

    Shiro is a Demiromantic Asexual.

    Shiro loves to use curses, and very often will come up with many imaginative and interesting curses to insult or make fun of people. As much as she likes to disagree, Shiro is adorable in many senses of the word. If she is confronted and told this however, she will make odd noises not unlike a cat, which one of her friends has dubbed as being called "Dumacat Noises".

    When under stress, Shiro will sing songs to herself, often these are songs that fit how she is feeling, or are ones that keep her calm. Shiro also suffers from Chronic Migraines. Often she can ignore the pain but some days it can be unbearable. She also has a very high pain tolerance and can deal with a lot of physical trauma before it actually begins to hurt.

    Shiro will very often introduce herself as Shiro to those she does not know, and only her closest friends know her first name. The nicknames that she responds to are ones that only her friends call her by. The list is; Dooms, Doomies, Kat, Tan, Wild, Cheetah, Chrome, Monochrome, Silver and Wildsilver.
    User Notes -Has a strong Australian accent
    -Persona whoo //unenthusiastic fist pump
    -Knows Dazey from before the Epidemic
    -Shiro uses the electricity from Aura's Hidden Power to charge the iPod
    -Shiro is highly allergic to Penicillin

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