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    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP)


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    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) Empty Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP)

    Post by Nightfall Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:30 am

    (dual image pending)

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) Clair
    Image by Lady Silverfishes

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) Tumblr_nmzudyKb3G1s5iyovo2_400
    Image by Starbits

    "The Blessed User of Dragon Pokémon"
    Themes Alice Cooper - Poison
    Ludo - Love Me Dead
    Halestorm - Mz Hyde
    King Charles - Polar Bear
    Simon Curtis - Flesh
    Nightwish - Feel For You
    Text Color #14afde
    Weapons A knife tucked into her boot, a handgun with ammo and a taser (strong enough to knock an adult human unconscious).
    Items A Pokegear and its charger, a Dragon Fang, her six Poke Balls (and a small collection of empty ones), a walkie talkie.
    Gender Female
    Age 31
    Species Human
    Height 5'05"
    Weight 128.5lbs
    Occupation Former Gym Leader of Blackthorn City, Descendant of the Dragon Tamer Clan
    Party Charizard and Aerodactyl are the only male Pokemon in her party - the others are female.
    Pkm 1

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-230Kingdra

    Attack List
    -Dragon Pulse (level-up)
    -Hydro Pump (level-up)
    -Smokescreen (level-up)
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    Pkm 2

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-130Gyarados

    Attack List
    -Dragon Dance (level-up)
    -Aqua Tail (level-up)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Ice Fang (level-up)
    Pkm 3

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-006Charizard

    Attack List
    -Flamethrower (level-up)
    -Air Slash (start)
    -Dragon Claw (TM)
    -Shadow Claw (TM)
    Pkm 4

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-149Dragonite

    Attack List
    -Dragon Breath (egg move)
    -Hyper Beam (TM)
    -Thunder (TM)
    -Protect (TM)
    Pkm 5

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-445Garchomp

    Attack List
    -Dual Chop (level-up)
    -Crunch (level-up)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Fire Fang (start)
    Pkm 6

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-142Aerodactyl

    Attack List
    -Rock Slide (TM)
    -Roar (level-up)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Aerial Ace (TM)
    Quote "I just think we both need a break, don’t you? Forget about the state of the world for just a few minutes ... Nobody has to know. I won’t tell if you don’t.”
    History Clair was born and raised in Blackthorn City in the Johto region and lived under the care of her grandfather, who was the leader of the Dragon-Tamer Clan, an ancient order that had lived and trained in Blackthorn for many generations. She and her cousin Lance were the only two descendants of the clan, and so they were trained to become powerful trainers before they had even come of age. Lance in particular had the gift; he was easily commanding and training high-level Dragon-type Pokemon as a child. Clair found herself growing jealous of her cousin's natural talent, and pushed herself to catch up with him.

    Lance left to travel when they were both teenagers, leaving Clair to hone her skills by herself. She found herself able to concentrate better without her cousin being around to take all the praise, and overall had a better attitude towards her duty. By the time she was 16, she was already challenging Kanto's Elite Four with her party of dragons, taking them down one by one. That was until she got to the end where she discovered that her final challenge was none other than Lance.

    Annoyed that he'd still managed to outperform her, Clair immediately challenged him. The battle was long and harsh, but eventually Lance took the victory. Clair left the Indigo Plateau, greatly troubled by her first ever loss. She began to resent her cousin, growing bitter and fearful of him. He had made her look bad, and Clair did not except that.

    A few years later, Clair became the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City, using her team of dragons to send many a Trainer scurrying back to the Pokemon Centre. Growing more confident by all her victories, Clair found her heart softening. Whenever she got the opportunity she forgot all about Lance and the fact that he had recently become Champion; she had her own winning streak to uphold.

    But one day, a young Trainer called Gold challenged her gym and, after a long battle, defeated her. Unable to accept her loss, Clair refused to give the youth his badge and sent him into Dragon's Den to pass a test. Clair smirked as he walked out, quite sure that he would fail. But surely enough, Clair followed Gold into Dragon's Den to watch his failure for herself, only to get there and for the elder to tell her that he had passed. Mortified, Clair refused to believe it, but quickly changed her tone when her grandfather threatened to tell Lance about her behaviour. She tossed Gold his badge and a TM and stomped out.

    She met Gold as he returned to the entrance and apologized for her behaviour, urging him to do well at the Pokemon League. More than anything, she hoped that this young trainer could give her cousin a good thrashing for her.

    When the epidemic hit a couple of years later, Clair went with Lance to HQ and met up with the other survivors. Lance was appointed the leader of both Kanto and Johto, and Clair became his second in command. She remains there to this day.
    Appearance Although not the tallest of women, Clair knows how to stand out in a crowd. She is partial to clothes that reveal plenty of her slim figure, of which she is proud. Clair wears blue boots and gloves with black rings at the top, and a long black cape fastened at the neck with a blue orb, not unlike a Dragonair's. Her blue hair is long and thick, and mostly seen tied up into a high ponytail. She has a nasty look in her vivid blue eyes.
    Personality Clair was never the nicest of people to begin with, even before the epidemic started. Bratty and spoiled, she was very childish even as she entered adulthood. Prone to throwing hissy fits if she didn't get her own way, getting Clair angry was not advisable. She took her position as a Gym Leader very seriously, and did not take losses very well at all, such as her defeat by Gold's hands where he had to be practically threatened into giving him his gym badge. She both fears and highly respects Lance, doing whatever necessary to keep from angering him. Her worst nightmare is humiliation, in whatever form, and this staples very much from her defeat by Lance's hand.

    The epidemic didn't do Clair's already sour personality any good. Having no choice but to stay by Lance's side and to work closely alongside him, Clair became very bitter of her cousin, knowing full well that she'd be the one in charge of HQ if only she had defeated him that one time. Nonetheless, he is the only person in HQ that she will obey without question. Clair tends to look down her nose at everyone else, even other Champions, believing that only she and Lance could possibly lead the HQ to greatness due to their heritage and skills as Trainers.

    As time went on and Lance occasionally left HQ to do ... whatever he did, Clair was left in charge of both Kanto and Johto while he was gone. It is only when Lance isn't around where Clair's true colours surface; underneath her docile demeanor, Clair is one nasty piece of work. She has no qualms in abusing her power as much as she possibly can, becoming manipulative, mean and abusive, both mentally and sometimes physically - she'd have no issue with giving someone a good beating to show them who's boss. She is relentlessly selfish, acting only when her own needs and wants can be met, and has practically no respect for anyone else in HQ. To say that she is narcissistic would be putting it lightly.

    What Clair wants, Clair will get. She sometimes disregards Lance completely while he is gone and will just do whatever the hell she feels like. As long as she gets something good out of it, she will do it. Clair is no stranger to manipulation, happily messing with peoples' heads. She takes advantage of the fact that there are many people in HQ who suffer from depression or other similar problems, particularly the men - she's lost count of how many of them she has managed to get into her bed, and will happily take more.

    Clair can switch her demeanor from kind and caring to evil bitch in a matter of seconds, making her very unpredictable. Her strange obsession for Lance shows no bounds, and she will do anything he asks her to do - even if it means getting blood on her hands.
    User Notes
  • Still love this bitch

  • Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 266px-FireRed_LeafGreen_Lorelei

    Themes idk
    Text Color idk
    Weapons idk
    Items idk
    Gender Female
    Age 35
    Species Human
    Height 5'06"
    Weight 132.4lbs
    Occupation Former member of the Kanto Elite Four, Ice-type master, Lance's personal assistant
    Party Stuff about the team goes here
    Pkm 1

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-131Lapras

    Attack List
    -Bulldoze (TM)
    -Hydro Pump (level-up)
    -Thunder (TM)
    -Ice Beam (level-up)
    Pkm 2

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-478Froslass

    Attack List
    -Draining Kiss (level-up)
    -Shadow Ball (level-up)
    -Psychic (TM)
    -Blizzard (level-up)
    Pkm 3

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-614Beartic

    Attack List
    -Thrash (level-up)
    -Power-Up Punch (TM)
    -Aqua Jet (start)
    -Icicle Crash (level-up)
    Pkm 4

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-699Aurorus

    Attack List
    -Calm Mind (TM)
    -Hyper Beam (level-up)
    -Ancient Power (level-up)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    Pkm 5

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-460Abomasnow

    Attack List
    -Giga Drain (tutored)
    -Ice Shard (level-up)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Brick Break (TM)
    Pkm 6

    Gym Leader Clair and Elite Four Lorelei (HQ - WIP) 96px-087Dewgong

    Attack List
    -Signal Beam (start)
    -Water Pulse (egg move)
    -Ice Beam (level-up)
    -Safeguard (level-up)
    Quote WIP
    History WIP
    Appearance WIP
    Personality WIP
    User Notes
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