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    Persephone the Chaste Sawsdoe ((Inactive))


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    Persephone the Chaste Sawsdoe ((Inactive)) Empty Persephone the Chaste Sawsdoe ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:51 pm

    Persephone the Chaste Sawsdoe ((Inactive)) ZEadG1C

    Text Color #F066FF
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Species #???/Sawsdoe/Season Pokemon
    Height 5'09"
    Weight 183.9lbs
    Pokédex Entry The plants growing around its neck change according to the season. It is alwasy seen with one or two Deerling following it.
    Level 34
    Ability Chlorophyll
    Nature Docile
    Characteristic Good perseverance
    Moves - Camouflage
    - Jump Kick
    - Aromatherapy
    - Energy Ball
    History A simple life for a simple Deerling, and it was Demeter ever wanted for her daughter. Persephone was a shy and gentle child, a happy girl who loved wandering the meadows and forests she called home. But it was on a bright sunny day that this peaceful world was taken away from mother and daughter, and would hide the child from rays of warmth.

    It was early morning when Persephone started to graze, slowly making her way further and further away from her mother's side. When she was far enough away that she couldn't see her mother anymore something wicked came for her. A hound as dark as night and covered in bone stepped forward, his very presence intimidating to the tiny Deerling. Persephone began to back away slowly but the hound charged and her small heart nearly seized, causing the female to faint dead away. She was completely unaware of what happened next, only that when she awoke she could no longer see the sun.

    The hound had taken her to a deep, dark cave. He kept her there with only one simple word, “Mine”, and Persephone was too afraid to question it. She lived with him for longer than she could even count, no way to judge the days or passage because of the lack of sun and light in their dark home. It made her already small form even more frail, unable to gather the nutrients from her usual environment. But the odd thing to their strange relationship was that almost immediately he began calling her his mate, and while he did provide for her and train her he was also strangely absent for long periods of time. It was lonely being the 'mate' of a Houndoom called Hades.

    After several months this way of life started to become normal for Persephone, but she still longed for the outside air and the touch of sun upon her fur. She also missed her mother terribly and prayed that wherever she was she was alright. During one of Hades long trips away from their home a curious sight appeared. It was a young Sawsbuck, and he had stumbled upon their little den to discover the young Deerling munching on seeds that her mate had previously brought her. He offered her a charming smile and she couldn't help but ask how he had come to be there. He mentioned climbing down through tunnels and stairs so when she asked if there was a way outside he offered to take her there. Persephone could not refuse such a tempting offer.

    After months in dark isolation the first steps into the glorious outside was heavenly, the young doe's body soaking up the rays of golden life like desert sands took in water. More refreshed than she had been in months she all too easily allowed the strapping young buck to lead her away, completely unaware of the dangerous fury growing in her mate upon finding her gone. She was with the other male for only a few days but his behavior soon became more aggressive than she ever knew Hades to be, and his pushy ways soon had her cowering from him. But the sounds of screams soon had his advances retreating, and dozens of strange looking Pokemon began pouring out of the town they were traveling near. These creatures were violent and stank of death, and soon Persephone was fleeing from not only the buck but from these things as well.

    The Deerling was forced to use the skills Hades had taught her to fend off several of the monstrous creatures, and while the thought of killing any being made her sick to her stomach she knew she had to survive. Upon using a Jump Kick to take out an infected Rattata a strange white light began to glow around her. But before the light could clear a strange ripple of energy raced through the area and in an instant everything was gone. The energy faded, the light around her receded, and there stood a beautiful new Sawsdoe who was completely clueless as to either her transformation or even where she was. But what she did know was that the buck was sent there with her.

    His amorous advances became even more aggressive and Persephone was forced to run, her new body carrying her quickly across the hot desert sands of wherever she was until she reached a strange building in the middle of nowhere. It was the only place she could see to hide, but what he didn't know was that the buck wasn't the only one to follow her.
    Appearance She appears as a normal Sawsdoe, though slightly more lithe, but there are subtle differences. Delicate and feminine, Persephone is known as a true beauty. She is adorned by nature and her foliage collar change to reflect the passing of the seasons. Her favorite is spring, as it is the symbol of purity and rebirth.
    Personality Quiet, enjoys the simple things, prefers outdoors, tends to bow to authority, cherishes family and misses her mother Demeter. She is confused by her feelings towards Hades, as she knows that he was never actually cruel to her but doesn't know if he actually cares for her the way he says he does.
    User Notes -To go with Silverishness's Hades
    -According to mythology Persephone was sentenced to spending half the year in the Underworld with her husband Hades because she ate seeds from a pomegranate, in this world those seeds were Miracle Seeds
    -Strange energy refers to Mewtwo's freakout that sent her from Unova to Orre

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