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    Wy the Mightyena [inactive] Empty Wy the Mightyena [inactive]

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    Wy the Mightyena [inactive] Wycopy

    Text Color #8B8989
    Item Bright Red Ascot, Scrunchie with a Flower on Left Ear, and a Light-blue Band that has a Yellow-and-White Dolphin Design on her right paw.
    Gender Female
    Age 18
    Species #262 Mightyena, the Bite Pokemon
    Height 3'00"
    Weight 77 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It chases down prey in a pack. It will never disobey the commands of a skilled Trainer.
    Level 20
    Ability Intimidate
    Nature Bold
    Characteristic Strong-willed.
    Moves Bite
    Ice Fang (Egg Move)
    Thunder Fang (Egg Move)
    History Wy was born just outside of Goldenrod City, in the Pokemon Daycare, the daughter of a battle-hardened Granbull and his mate, a beautiful Mightyena. Not long after her birth, Wy was adopted by a struggling artist who had just lost her son in a freak accident. The Poochyena was not too happy about having to live with a human, and started avoiding the woman who had adopted her (who's name was Lili, by the way.) This broke Lili's heart, but no matter what she did, Wy refused to warm up to her. Then one day the young Poochyena stumbled across the room Lili used for painting and fell in love with all the amazing drawings. Though Wy couldn't exactly understand everything about art, she began to watch Lili as the woman painted the colorful pictures Wy enjoyed. It was art that had brought the two together, and Wy even attempted to make some art of her own by stealing paint. Even though Lili's loss would never truly be forgotten, her new Poochyena helped her overcome the emotions that once left her body racked with pain. It took time, but the two became inseparable. When Wy was a year old, Lili's art career began to pick up, and so they moved to Olivine City. She had always loved the coast. However, at the time when Wy and Lili thought they had it all, things quickly fell apart. A devastating hurricane struck Olivine, killing many people and Pokemon alike. Wy and Lili were fortunate enough to survive, but they were now left homeless and penniless. Lili decided the only choice they had was to move to Ecruteak City and start over there.

    But fate was cruel to them. While on their way to Ecruteak, the two were stopped by a group of black-clad people who looked as if they wanted to tear out somebody's throat. A man with a scratchy voice demanded that Lili hand over all of her money while holding Wy down at the same time-but she was completely broke. It didn't matter what she tried to tell them, the thugs just wouldn't believe her. So they shot Lili instead, right in the chest. Wy froze completely; it couldn't be true, Lili couldn't be dead, not her closest friend. She refused to believe it, unfocused on Lili's murderer-no, attacker-even when the people vanished. Wy limped over to Lili, nudging her, trying to wake the girl up. Lili was cold, still, lifeless, lacking the heartbeat and pulse that showed the life of a person. Wy could n longer deny it; she was dead.
    So Wy fled, praying to Arceus that it was all a dream, that she would wake up to Lili greeting her. She wasn't so lucky. Wy secluded herself in the Burned Tower of Ecruteak, not wanting to be near others. This was her way of life for quite awhile, but then Wy decided it was time to step up and become mature, overcome her grief as Lili had done all that time ago. It was at that time did Wy pledge that she would become as mature as she could be, and always be proud of who she was. Afterwards, Wy began to venture out into the region once more. The freedom she now had....it was amazing. It even helped subdue the grief she was trying to outrun. Wy traveled all the way to Violet City, where she met a rather unusual Umbreon who went by the name of Sealand. He was enthusiastic and friendly, but at first Wy was extremely cold towards him. Despite that, Sealand continued to hang around her. This went on for about two weeks, until they became friends after Sealand beat the crap out of a creepy Ninetales who had tried to attack Wy. She discovered Sealand wasn't as annoying as she'd thought, though he was quite the attention-seeker. This mutual friendship lead to Sealand accompanying Wy as she traveled throughout the region. This was great, because Wy needed a partner to help her fight off stronger foes, since she wasn't very powerful herself.

    About a year and a half after this, the Epidemic struck Johto, and Hell followed with it. Both Wy and Sealand avoided catching the disease, and stayed alive using all their intelligence and skills. But misfortune struck when the two came to the MooMoo farm, where a huge battle between the undead and the living was taking place. Wy and Sealand tried to avoid getting caught in-between it, but they attracted the attention of a blood-covered Dragonite. The ground and the sky were ripped apart by the brutality and power of its attacks, and with all the panic and destruction going on, Wy and Sealand became seperated. Again, again, again. Wy was on her own, and ran to Olivine City as fast as she could.
    The terrible memories and return of her grief......they made surviving the undead attack even worse. But Wy survived, and remains in Olivine City to this day. Maybe Sealand would come, maybe she wouldn't lose the only other friend she had.
    It was a lot to hope for in this new, hellish world of hers, but Wy refused to believe he was dead, and still waits for Sealand to come.
    Appearance Wy is a normal Mightyena, excluding the fact she is about three inches shorter than the average one at exactly three feet of height. Wy wears a rather loose, bright red ascot around her neck, and her left ear has a scrunchie with a flower attached tied onto it. Lastly, her right paw has a light-blue band around it that has a yellow-and-white dolphin design. Wy stands tall (as she can get) and carries herself proudly, reflecting her bold nature. Wy usually tries to look very serious and mature.
    Personality Wy is rather mouthy, and does her best to act as mature as possible. However, she occasionally does show her childish side. Before the epidemic started, Wy was one who enjoyed freedom and wanted to have fun. Nowadays, she is very serious and isn't very friendly towards others. In fact, Wy tends to act very cold and hostile, making it difficult for other Pokemon to crack that shell and befriend her. Another thing to note is that Wy loves art of all kinds.
    User Notes -Wy is cold and distant, but it's not impossible to befriend her. You just have to be determined to get past her serious side.
    -She has an extreme case of hydrophobia, due to the fact she was nearly killed by an Infected in the water.
    -Wy has a great love of art, though it's hard to notice in these times.
    -Wy was sent to Hoenn through Mewtwo's pychic freak out.

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    Nice to see she's back! c:


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