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This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Kane [Inactive] Empty Kane [Inactive]

    Post by Abysswalker Thu Feb 09, 2023 9:39 pm


    Text Color #B1877A
    Theme(s) The Ballad of Mona Lisa
    Item Large backpack, sleeping bag, collection of nonperishable food, large water bottle, two packs of matches, carving knife, a crude wooden Phantump figurine, sketchbook, pack of drawing pencils
    Weapons Carving knife, pistol
    Gender Identity Agender (they/them)
    Birthdate May 9th
    Age 32
    Species Human
    Weight 193 lbs
    Height 6'1"
    Region of origin Unova
    Occupation Survivor
    Party Morelull, Carracosta, and Floette joined them during the epidemic.
    Pkm 1
    Kane [Inactive] 763

    Name: Reed (he/him)
    Text color: #65007D
    Species: Tsareena
    Level: 51
    Ability: Queenly Majesty
    Attack list:
    -Trop Kick (Level)
    -Play Rough (TM)
    -U-Turn (TM)
    -Acrobatics (TM)
    Pkm 2
    Kane [Inactive] 755

    Name: Marshmallow (she/her)
    Text color: #D85769
    Species: Morelull
    Level: 24
    Ability: Effect Spore
    Attack list:
    -Moonlight (Level)
    -Sleep Powder (Level)
    -Confuse Ray (Level)
    -Mega Drain (Level)
    Pkm 3
    Kane [Inactive] 545

    Name: Polar (he/him)
    Text color: #AC9F77
    Species: Scolipede
    Level: 48
    Ability: Swarm
    Attack list:
    -Cross Poison (TM)
    -Iron Defense (Pre-Evo)
    -X-Scissor (TM)
    -Protect (TM)
    Pkm 4
    Kane [Inactive] 565

    Name: Mariner (he/him)
    Text colour: #B097A7
    Species: Carracosta
    Level: 49
    Ability: Solid Rock
    Attack list:
    -Aqua Tail (Level)
    -Crunch (Level)
    -Knock Off (Egg Move)
    -Dig (TM)
    Pkm 5
    Kane [Inactive] 670-o

    Name: Bouquet
    Text color: #FCD9CC
    Species: Floette
    Level: 28
    Ability: Flower Veil
    Attack list:
    -Magical Leaf (Level)
    -Dazzling Gleam (TM)
    -Wish (Level)
    -Giga Drain (TM)
    Pkm 6
    Quote the fallen leaves tell a story.
    Accent Their voice is low, but not quite baritone.
    Appearance •Tall and lanky, but not gaunt; they have weight to them. Has a good amount of musculature due to a life of physical labor, though not enough for it to be obvious at a glance.
    •Hair is long, straight, and silver in color. Along with their pale blue eyes and quiet personality, they’ve been described as ghostly or spectral in the past. Their sickly, almost grey skin complexion does them no favors in this regard.
    •Kane’s expression is universally flat and emotionless.
    •They are wearing: a short-sleeved, dark blue tee made of heavy fabric, a light grey windbreaker, black traveler pants, a thin pair of black leggings, and black combat boots.
    Religion They have thought a lot on it over the years, and settled on agnosticism.
    Personality +Reserved+
    -They’re not exactly the greatest conversation partner.
    -Kane prefers to speak using as few words as they possibly can, or even none if possible. If someone tries to strike up conversation with them, they’ll be noticeably uncomfortable; in a group, they will often stay off to the side or attempt to blend in without standing out.
    -It’s not that they dislike people, they just struggle to think of what to say, and see themself as uninteresting.

    -Always a follower, never a leader.
    -If someone takes charge and tells them what to do, they will go along without thinking, all for the sake of having a goal to work towards. They aren’t very rebellious, nor insulted by the idea of being bossed around.
    -They do have limits, though, and aren’t bereft of morality. Saying no is, in fact, an ability of theirs.

    +Impatient, Hasty+
    -Kane doesn’t know how to be idle.
    -Not doing anything frustrates them to no end. They need a task, a goal, anything to keep their mind distracted and their body moving. There’s nothing Kane hates more than waiting, or feeling useless.
    -Often either pacing or working on something, whether necessary tasks or hobbies, to keep themself occupied.

    -Doesn’t genuinely care for much of anything anymore, and hasn’t in a long time.
    -It’s rare to see them with any outward emotional response; their ability to experience strong feelings has deadened with time and trauma. It still exists, but most of the time, Kane only feels empty.
    -Their movements appear to be almost mechanical. Everything they do is merely going through the motions.

    -They don’t really care if bad things happen to them, or if others treat them like shit.
    -They deserve it, after all.
    -If they’re manipulated, or used as a tool, Kane’s instinctive response is “so what”. They will not stand up for themself. Being used is fine; to them, it’s better than not being acknowledged at all. Perfectly content with being dehumanized, and does so to themself on a regular basis.
    -Has self harmed their entire life, both physically and emotionally.

    -Towards themself, mostly.
    -They don’t know how to deal with difficult problems head on. Mainly, their own trauma. Their first instinct when confronted with something out of their control is to either run away, or pretend it doesn’t exist.
    -If forced to confront the things they wish to either escape or hide from, Kane will easily break down. Unable to handle the weight of their own psyche.
    -They’ve buried their pain for a long time, and they aren’t about to stop now.

    +Identity Issues+
    -They do not know what it is like to be their own person.
    -Kane sees themself less as a completed individual, and more as broken pieces of a human awkwardly fitted back together into an asymmetrical shape. They struggle to identify who they are, or what defines them; they’ve become completely dependent upon how others interpret their existence.
    -The only reason they stuck with the name Kane for so long is because Erdan liked it. It had nothing to do with their own preferences.

    -They just want to be loved.
    -Or maybe more accurately, they just want to feel loved.
    -Deep down, they crave true companionship, and hate themself for the emotional distance they’ve put between them and their Pokemon. Kane cannot separate it from the dull haze of their apathetic existence, but they are constantly, painfully sad.
    -They wish they’d tried to make things work with Erdan. He still has their heart, and the years of separation have given them an ugly, weeping mental wound.

    -More than they think they are.
    -They tried to kill this part of them and leave it rotting, but Kane cannot entirely destroy the instinct to care for others. They would give their only cup of water to a stranger, or put themself in harm’s way to save another without thinking.
    -Especially protective of kids and defenseless people or Pokemon. There is still a sense of justice lingering within them, despite everything.

    -The horrific trauma of being blamed for a parent’s death has never left them.
    -Kane feels intense shame for the act of being alive, an emotion that worsens if they dare to feel even the slightest spark of joy. They see themself as a monster, one who should be suffering constantly.
    -That they were seriously hurt by Erdan’s lashing out is something they feel regret towards, despite it being justified.
    Affiliations Erdan: Their former partner and close friend. Too painful to think about. (Link)
    User Notes •Adaptation of one of my Elden Ring characters.


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