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This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Erdan [Inactive] Empty Erdan [Inactive]

    Post by Abysswalker Sun Feb 05, 2023 5:20 am

    Erdan [Inactive] Ejerdan3watermark

    Text Color #DDD5A5
    Theme(s) Wonderland Round Three
    Item Crossbody bag, universal communicator, two thermos, three journals, handful of pens, several pouches of berries, small cooking pot, a book of landscape art
    Weapons Knife, box cutter
    Gender Identity Trans male (he/him)
    Birthdate March 24th
    Age 31
    Species Human
    Weight 137 lbs
    Height 5’7”
    Region of origin Unova | Lacunosa Town
    Occupation He prefers not to talk about it.
    Party All Ghost/Grass types. Dusk and Dawn are siblings, hence the shared egg move.
    Pkm 1
    Erdan [Inactive] 708

    Erdan [Inactive] Duskball
    Name: Dusk (she/her)
    Text color: #7E8B55
    Species: Phantump
    Level: 21
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Attack list:
    -Will-O-Wisp (Level)
    -Hex (Level)
    -Confuse Ray (Level)
    -Sucker Punch (Egg Move)
    Pkm 2
    Erdan [Inactive] 708

    Erdan [Inactive] Dreamball
    Name: Dawn (she/her)
    Text color: #CB6627
    Species: Phantump
    Level: 20
    Ability: Frisk
    Attack list:
    -Leech Seed (Level)
    -Sucker Punch (Egg Move)
    -Will-O-Wisp (Level)
    -Confuse Ray (Level)
    Pkm 3
    Erdan [Inactive] 710

    Erdan [Inactive] Nestball
    Name: Noontime (he/him)
    Text color: #D7F3FB
    Species: Pumpkaboo
    Level: 23
    Ability: Pickup
    Attack list:
    -Bullet Seed (Level)
    -Disable (Egg Move)
    -Shadow Sneak (Level)
    -Confuse Ray (Level)
    Pkm 4
    Pkm 5
    Pkm 6
    Quote "To err is human, to forgive, divine. To err is human, to forgive, divine…"
    I forgot the trigger warnings... huge apologies to those who read before I edited :( CW: Child abuse, implied religious abuse, transphobia, mental health episodes, implied partner abuse


    Accent He has a quiet, reserved voice. His manner of speech is somewhat formal, though not excessively so.
    Appearance •Long hair is tied back in a ponytail; it is ginger in color. The hair tie is a flexible, golden-colored band decorated with faux flowers.
    •Often seen with a relaxed, light expression, and a slight smile.
    •Rather pale due to both his natural complexion and his tendency to wear significant layers. Easily sunburnt.
    •Wears mainly black and greys, purely because he likes those colors rather than for any serious reason. Current outfit: black, long-sleeved turtleneck, dark grey slacks, black rainboots, grey gloves, and an arm-length black cloak with a flower-shaped clasp.
    Religion Ohh boy.
    -Tries to treat everyone with a certain level of friendliness, unless they've given him a very good reason not to. Someone can be rude to him, and he'll probably keep being polite right back. Can venture into being passive-aggressive.
    -It is very rare for Erdan to start arguments, let alone full-on fights. He is not typically outwardly aggressive.

    -On the surface, at least.
    -Erdan is at ease in conversation, even with people he barely knows. He can get along with a wide range of differing personalities, and is quick to roll with the punches.
    -Has a good sense of humor, which in the past often helped people feel at ease around his less casual speech mannerisms. Also has a thick skin for teasing and dirty jokes, though the latter can quickly make him uncomfortable if it ventures into traumatizing territory.
    -Not one to avoid company, though spending too long in others' presence can drain him fast.

    -Suspicious of other people instinctively.
    -He will never truly trust anyone until they have "proved" themselves to him, which is a daunting task in and of itself. Erdan does not open his heart to anyone easily. If someone gains his trust, he will become unhealthily dependent upon them.
    -Constantly being hurt and betrayed throughout his life has made him close in on himself. Has serious abandonment and trust issues.

    -To an unnerving degree.
    -Once his mind is hooked on a goal or a plan of action, it is exceedingly difficult to convince him otherwise, or snap him out of his tunnel vision.
    -Despite his pleasant exterior, he can be a pain to work with in high pressure situations; it's his way or the highway.
    -Not one to ever give in easily.

    -Far more than you might suspect.
    -A history of having no control has left him desperate to find something, anything, he won't feel powerless against. Which is difficult when nearly everything and everyone triggers his trauma in some way.
    -Has developed manipulative tendencies, which can easily grow worse if bad things continue to happen to him.
    -Holds a repressed desire to force everyone he encounters to stay with him and love him as a friend, a feeling he is ashamed of.

    -Surprise, surprise.
    -His very core is built upon a deep, inescapable hatred towards himself. There is not a single aspect of his being Erdan is tolerant of, let alone proud of. Toxic thoughts whisper into his ear every minute of the day, and it is a struggle to fight them off. It's a battle he is ultimately losing.
    -Views all praise or compliments with suspicion and poisonous doubt. He can find a way to twist anything into an attack against himself.
    -The critical voice in his head used to sound like his abusers, but now it just sounds like himself.

    -Erdan didn't feel purpose in life even before the undead plague, and that certainly hasn't changed.
    -Needs someone or something to give him a meaning to his life, no matter what said meaning may be.
    -Currently dedicated towards helping and serving Unearth, his Trevenant companion. Their current, very new separation will quickly begin to wear on him mentally.

    -It's simmering beneath the surface, ready to be unleashed.
    -Not inherently religious in nature, though it will certainly have influences from Erdan's spiritual beliefs when he finally loses it.
    -Cracking under the weight of trauma, he is not yet fully down the path to fanaticism, but Erdan has certainly taken significant steps.

    -Even with his beloved Pokemon companions around him, he still feels completely alone. This only worsens his guilt, and he always fears they will leave him.
    -Locking his true thoughts and feelings behind the walls of his mind has only further contributed towards this isolation. Erdan isn't sure he's capable of anything other than mental solitude.
    -Losing Kane, the only human who ever cared about him, is a wound that never healed. He misses them every day.

    -Even now, he's still interested in just about everything around him.
    -Asks a lot of questions if given the opportunity, and is playfully self-deprecating about it. Erdan has never lost his affinity for learning.
    -He learned a lot about the world after running away from home, but his knowledge of regions outside of Unova is still rather limited.

    Affiliations None for now.
    User Notes •He is an AU version of my Elden Ring sona with the same name. Considering his source material, he will maybe, uh… go a little bonkers. Eventually.
    •Picture is from this picrew: Link. A temporary image until I can get his art done.
    •Had to Teleport Ex Machina him out of Unova lol, where he ended up is still TBD currently.


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