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    Aerith the Axew and Lennor the Roselia ((Inactive))


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    Aerith the Axew and Lennor the Roselia ((Inactive)) Empty Aerith the Axew and Lennor the Roselia ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:07 pm

    Aerith the Axew and Lennor the Roselia ((Inactive)) ITOQ92r

    Aerith the Axew and Lennor the Roselia ((Inactive)) 160px-610Axew

    Text Color #4E9258 ForestGreen
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult, 22
    Species #610/Axew/Tusk Pokemon
    Height 2’06” (slightly large)
    Weight 44.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry They mark their territory by leaving gashes in trees with their tusks. If a tusk breaks, a new one grows in quickly.
    Level 35
    Ability Mold Breaker
    Nature Hardy
    Characteristic Strong Willed
    Moves - Dragon Rage (learned)
    - Dig (TM)
    - Dragon Claw (learned)
    - False Swipe (learned)
    History She was hatched to a trainer who specialized in dragon Pokemon. He had always wanted a dragon from the Unova region, and paid especially well to have the egg shipped to Orre. When the little Axew cracked open her egg and burst out angrily, the trainer was thrilled at her battle spirit and gave her the name Aerith. At first Aerith wasn’t sure about the human, despite him being the one who hatched her, and didn’t want to train with him. She leveled slowly at first, only training with the others in his team when he wasn’t around, until one day they were attacked by a group of street thugs. Her human fought hard, with his own hands, to keep them away from his Pokemon and it inspired her to charge in full force and knock one of the assailants to the ground. She stood before her human and growled, warning any of them not to come near him. He was touched and decided to try and give her another chance, and for the first time when he called out the strategy she listened move for move.

    Several years passed after that day, and Aerith grew rapidly. The team was regulars in the Coliseums and Aerith herself took home many of the victories, but she always shared the credit with her friends. She became very firm over the years of harsh battling, and she would never turn down a fight from a worthy opponent. Her tusks were razor sharp and her body was as hard as rock, and she knew that she wasn’t far from evolving. She could just feel it. Her trainer had shown her pictures of what her species developed into, and it filled her with a fiery desire to become a power Haxorus. To her, they were the picture of beauty and strength, and she wanted to be able to command respect like they could.

    When the infection spread throughout in Orre, all hell broke loose. People and Pokemon were running for their lives, and no one had any time to escape. Due to their noble personalities and desires to protect, she and her trainer fought hard at the port to keep away the infected while people boarded ships and fled. It was a long and impossible battle, and many of her teammates perished before her eyes. When one of the infected caught her trainer her heart was crushed, along with his throat. She tore through the infected masses in a righteous fury, determined to seek justice over his death, but by the time the infected began to recede there wasn’t much left to defend. Aerith stood in the blood soaked battlefield alone, unyielding, and watched as the last boat boarded. Without giving it another thought she turned and leapt for the receding ship, determined to protect the people on it at all costs. It was what her friends and her trainer gave their lives for, after all.

    Unfortunately, some of the Pokemon on board had been infected during the escape, and soon the ship was filled with the sounds of screams and infected and undead tore through.  She ran into a Roselia who was doing his best to fend off the unwanted pursuers, and jumped in to save him. He was grateful, almost creepily so, and introduced himself as Lennor. She didn’t really care for introductions, but offered her name anyway, and told him to come with her as they fought their way to the upper decks. Aerith tried her best to protect the humans, but was unable, and the ship soon went off course and crashed into Citadark Isle. She fled with Lennor, painfully aware of how useless she was against these creatures, and they both went further inland to try and escape. After a while, Aerith began to resent saving the Roselia, because he was the most annoying creatures she had ever met. He was always talking about death like it was a game, pissing her off on multiple occasions, and was always around. While she would have been grateful for the company if he would just shut up once in a while, more often than not she just wanted to wring his neck. But since he was the only other survivor of those horrors she knew, she couldn’t bring herself to abandon him. So now they wander the island, hoping to find some way off and away from the undead.
    Appearance Aerith looks just like a normal Axew, but her years of hard fighting have left her looking a little more solid. She is larger than average, and uses her extra weight to her advantage when challenging stronger opponents.
    Personality Aerith has a very strong personality. She will always let you know her exact opinion on something, and tends to butt heads over the smallest disagreement. She is also noble, believing in justice and truth above most else, and is very protective of weaker Pokemon. She will throw everything she has in a fight, especially if she is protecting someone. She likes to battle but will only challenge worthy opponents. However, if you come at her, she will not hesitate to beat you down. When first meeting her she can seem a little gruff, and her mouth is usually set in a line or a disapproving frown, but once she considers you a friend her softer side comes out.
    User Notes -she is very protective of younger Pokemon, even if they are larger than her
    -her goal is to become a powerful Haxorus
    -rescued Lennor a long time ago, and cannot figure out how to get rid of him
    -Lennor drives her absolutely crazy

    Aerith the Axew and Lennor the Roselia ((Inactive)) 180px-315Roselia

    Lennor “Len”
    Text Color # B041FF DarkOrchid1
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult, 30
    Species #315/Roselia/Thorn Pokemon
    Height 1’04”
    Weight 5.3lbs
    Pokédex Entry The more healthy the Roselia, the more pleasant its flowers' aroma. Its scent deeply relaxes people.
    Level 40
    Ability Poison Point
    Nature Calm
    Characteristic Thoroughly cunning
    Moves - Razor Leaf (breed)
    - Poison Jab (TM)
    - Giga Drain (learned)
    - Petal Dance (learned)
    History He was abandoned as an egg, and was picked up by a man specializing in high profile assassinations. His original intention had been to sell the egg, but before he could make it to a market that would take un-hatched Pokemon it hatched and the little Budew came out. The assassin had always had an affinity for poison as a method of death and torture, so seeing the grass/poison type gave him the idea that he might keep the little guy and use the baby’s natural poisons as his own. He gave the hatchling the name Lennor, usually just calling him Len, and began to train him. He wanted a Roselia for their toxic poisoned thorns atop their head, and treated the little one as best he could until Len felt comfortable enough around the man to evolve for him.

    Once Len evolved, training was a whole new thing. He got to learn about his master’s trade and he was completely fascinated by it. The beauty and skill it took to kill someone was the most wonderful work of art he had ever seen, and strived to be as lovely as his master. Soon the pair worked his assignments together, Len using his natural gifts to incapacitate their targets while his master went in for the kill. The color of blood thrilled Len, and one day he decided to try absorbing it through his roots. The next day he swore that his blooms were more lush and radiant than ever, and credited it all on the nutrient rich blood he had absorbed. This quickly developed into an obsession for him, and soon on every mission he would take the blood of the victim for himself. He even began killing people who weren’t their targets because his master wouldn’t always go for a bloody kill.

    Years passed this way, and Len and his master gained an infamous notoriety. But when the infection came, that counted for nothing. Creatures more blood thirsty than he himself ripped through Orre, with Len finding his normal vanity and arrogance replaced by utter fear. They boarded a ship, hoping to get away from the madness, but it seemed that some of the Pokemon on board had been infected. After only hours at sea a new wave of undead erupted on the ship, slaughtering people left and right. Len fought to defend himself, and when his master became overwhelmed by the creatures, didn’t give a second thought as he fled. His life was more important than anyone else’s, so he wasn’t going to stay and die for his master. He found himself cornered on his way up to the deck, and was sure that he was going to die when a strange green dragon burst in to save him. She was a little rough around the edges, but Len found the opportunity for survival when she told him to come with her.

    Lennor followed the dragon, which he learned was named Aerith, and watched the powerhouse plow her way through the undead to get them both to the surface of the ship. They reached the deck just in time to see the ship crash into Citidark Isle, leaving them trapped with these creatures. They fled from the ship and deeper into the island to try and put some distance between them and the creatures that wanted to eat them. Len soon found that Aerith was easily riled, and her reactions were usually over the top hilarious, so he eased his own boredom by teasing her endlessly. He would tell her stories about the assassinations he and his master went on, and watched as her face turned red with rage before she would storm off. This was probably his most fun activity, and that was how they spent their days as the pair somewhat worked together to find their way off the island and away from the undead.
    Appearance Lennor is a fairly average Roselia, but his blooms are larger than usual. His slightly taller build gives him more balance with the extra weight of the petals.
    Personality Lennor is vain, extremely, and does anything to keep his roses pristine. He thinks that the rich nutritious blood of other Pokemon helps to keep his flowers looking more beautiful than any other Roselia, and has a sick fascination with death. He is manipulative and will use anyone to get what he wants, damn the consequences.
    User Notes -Clings to Aerith like a parasite, using her for protection and his own personal entertainment
    -his favorite pass time is annoying Aerith
    -his obsession with blood comes from his desire to have the most beautiful roses
    -he is unaware of his lineage, but his father was a trainer’s Victreebel

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