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    Amalthea the Last Rapidash ((Inactive))


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    Amalthea the Last Rapidash ((Inactive)) Empty Amalthea the Last Rapidash ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:47 pm

    Amalthea the Last Rapidash ((Inactive)) BwMAfNY

    Text Color #CC99CC
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age 25
    Species #078/Rapidash/Fire Horse Pokemon
    Height 4'08" (very small)
    Weight 160.4lbs (underweight even for her size)
    Pokédex Entry When at an all-out gallop, its blazing mane sparkles, enhancing its beautiful appearance.
    Level 40
    Ability Run Away
    Nature Calm
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves - Growl (learned)
    - Stomp (learned)
    - Protect (TM)
    - Captivate (breed)
    History Who am I? Why am I here? What is it that I'm searching for in this strange place, day after day?

    Amalthea was born wild with a herd of other Rapidash that called a beautiful valley nestled safely beneath a mountain home. But there isn't much of that left in her mind, as she has been alone for so long that it has seemed a normal thing for her. She remembers that there was something she was supposed to do, but for some reason the peace and contentment of the valley drove it from her mind. The epidemic seemed to leave the valley almost untouched so the small equine paid no mind to the strange noises that came from outside the valley. The only time she ever questioned the loneliness that sometimes ate at her was whenever she would catch a glimpse of herself in the water and wonder why there was no one around who looked like her. The question solidified when one day she came across a pair of hunting Mightyena who backed off saying it would be a shame to kill the last Rapidash left in the valley.

    Puzzled by this she began to wander the valley and, one day, she came across a strange Butterfree that told her the tale of a great undead Tauros, fur stained red from the blood of his victims and covered in fire that drove off her herd. The "Red Bull". To her shock she learned that it had only been a year since the devastating event and she had completely blocked it from her mind. With a new determination she left the safety of her valley to hunt down the rest of her kind, unaware of the dangers she would face. During her travels she came across a strange young man, a human, who helped her escape a blockade set up by the human armies to kill any Pokemon who tried to cross. He gave her a strange device that, when he activated it, suddenly blanking her memory of one of her fire moves and allowing her to repel most attacks sent her way. Grateful for this new protection she traveled by his side until the inevitable finally wrenched him from her, as he was killed in an undead attack that left her terrified and fleeing for her life.

    Once, I can't remember, I was long ago, someone strange. I was innocent and wise, and full of pain.

    Months went by like that. Seeing so much death and devastation after leaving the safety of the valley soon took its toll on Amalthea, driving her into a deep depression that threatened to overwhelm her. She struggled to figure out what to do and where to go, lost without her friend and guide. All she knew of the Bull was that he had gone towards the sea with her brethren, but Amalthea had no idea where the sea even was, much less what to do when she got there. She had never been an overly powerful fighter, only gaining experience throughout her life by training with the herd. Fire frightened her, the undead terrified her, and she was all alone in a world devastated by both. She began to become plagued by terrible nightmares, forced to relive the Red Bull's attack and watching her kind get driven off and into the sea. They were fire types! They would never survive the sea! Even when she awoke the vivid images haunted her, and her depression would worsen.

    Completely and utterly lost the Last Rapidash trudged along, praying for anyone who could help her find the Red Bull and her herd.

    But I'm always dreaming, even when I'm awake; it is never finished.
    Appearance Fur the purist white, shimmering silver in the light, her mane dazzles and sparkles with the white heat of her flame. Almathea is a delicate and fair, small even by Rapidash standards with a lithe form that almost betrays the eye. It does not seem possible for one so frail and beautiful to have survived this long. Her violet eyes entrance those who dare to stare into its fathomless depths, no one able to truly see the wild and pure spirit that lay within. Highlighting this delicate beauty's features is a single, pink, star shaped mark surrounding her horn that draws the focus to those eyes.
    Personality Almalthea is very empathetic to the plight of others, and always tries to help. She has a knowledge of healing herbs and berries and prefers to act as a healer rather than a fighter. She generally keeps a calm composure but when danger rears its head she can become very panicked and frightened, tending to run away rather than fight. She is very quick, but her mind wanders to the life she has forgotten and her search to find out her past and her herd.
    User Notes - based off of Amalthea, from the book/movie the Last Unicorn
    - the Tauros was able to fend off the Rapidash's fire by surrounding himself in his Incinerate attack while driving off the herd
    - she still searches for the "Red Bull" to find out what happened to her kind
    - her blanking out on finding her kin was due to a form of PTSD that had her block out the memory
    - her moveset is fairly weak now because her most powerful move, Flame Wheel, was replaced by the Protect TM
    - Captivate was chain bred to her, both of her parents knew the move as her father was once a trainer Pokemon

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