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    Armonia the Rapidash *adopted* and Zakai the Ponyta ((Inactive))


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    Armonia the Rapidash *adopted* and Zakai the Ponyta ((Inactive)) Empty Armonia the Rapidash *adopted* and Zakai the Ponyta ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:25 pm

    Armonia the Rapidash *adopted* and Zakai the Ponyta ((Inactive)) 8GVfgAc

    Armonia the Rapidash *adopted* and Zakai the Ponyta ((Inactive)) BA2kOSa

    Text Color #BA55D3
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Adult
    Species #78/Rapidash/Fire Horse Pokémon
    Height 5'09"
    Weight 209.4lbs
    Pokédex Entry When at an all-out gallop, its blazing mane sparkles, enhancing its beautiful appearance.
    Level 43
    Ability Flash Fire
    Nature Calm
    Characteristic Strong Willed
    Moves -Inferno (learned)
    -Flame Charge (learned)
    -Megahorn (learned)
    -Protect (TM)
    History A cold night air swept over the flowing plains that were illuminated by an otherworldly glow. Getting closer to the source of the light, hoof-beats pounding some sort of eerie rhythm split the silence of the night like repeated gunshots. Getting closer, the glowing seems to be the flames from the herd of Ponyta and Rapidash who gathered in this place as a kind of welcoming ceremony to a new foal who was the first-born of their herd leader, Epixa. The rhythm, kept up by the pounding of hooves, began a crescendo into a fast paced beat and suddenly stopped as a hush fell upon the herd. The only sound heard was Epixa's careful breathing as she watched the cracked egg that laid before her. The egg itself was different than most Ponyta eggs. Its normal color was there but it was coated in a thick silver shine that was breathtaking in its beauty.

    All too soon the egg began glowing brightly as if lit from within until the glow shifted and changed to become a Ponyta. Muffled sounds of shock rippled throughout the herd as the beheld the strange child. Her pelt was a regular color except for the silvery symbols that raced along the length of her body and framed well with her flames that began in blue and fanned out into an endearing shade of purple. When she opened her eyes her mother gasped at their delicate beauty. Framed in a jet black outline sat her shimmering violet orbs that blinked at the herd without a bit of fear in them. Whinnies went up through the herd in welcoming the child of their great leader. Epixa quickly silenced her herd as her voice rang loud and true. "She is... Armonia!." Exuberant cries once again rippled through the equine Pokemon but Epixa shushed them once more. Turning to face her daughter, she knelt down to look her in the eyes, blowing softly into her face. "You have quite the life ahead of you young one." At that point in time, Armonia had wished she knew just what her mother meant.

    Many months passed and Armonia was finally able to take over the herd and lead while her mother retired. The day to take her leadership position was finally upon her and she took it gladly. Leading her herd was one of the best experiences of her life and she was their best leader. She was revered throughout her species for the many times she saved her herd from certain disaster and they told stories of her adventures. Armonia thought nothing could stop her or her herd until tragedy struck. Leaving her many children in what she believed to be a safe haven she went back to her herd to fight. All too soon, however, only Armonia and her two best friends left. Cornered by a group of territorial Dragon-types, the three began to battle with the thought that it would be their last stand. That was until a strange colored Umbreon named Yoru came to their aid and helped to defeat the three dragons.

    They all fought bravely and with strength that surpassed those before them but in the end, Armonia and Yoru were the only two standing among the dead. Tired and heartbroken, Armonia slump to the ground wanting to die like her herd and friends but that was when Yoru told her of trainers and that she should find one and team up. She never forgot his guidance and wise ways when she separated from him that day looking for a trainer of her own, hoping she would find one soon. For what felt like forever, she traveled through her homeland of Kanto alone in search of a human in need of a companion when a strange melodic sound encompassed her and she was drawn to it like bee's to honey. She had heard of singing before but none like this. It was simply beautiful, so beautiful that its power seemed tangible in the air. Hiding behind a tree, Armonia watched a beautiful young girl sitting in a clearing singing her heart out. The sound broke Armonia's heart and she noticed tears streaming down the girls face.

    That's when she saw it.

    In front of the girl was the dead body of an Eevee, most likely her companion. Without anymore hesitation, Armonia strode forward and thrust her muzzle against the girl who jumped in fright and abruptly broke off in her song. Shaking her head, Armonia bowed to her and the girl took in the beauty of the mare before her. With tears still streaming down her face, the girl walked forward timidly and stroked Armonia's pelt and mane, the flames never burning her skin. It was at that point that Armonia and the girl both knew that they belonged to each other. When the Epidemic struck, it was all they could do to keep each other safe.

    They spent many months together riding through the ravaged Kanto countryside. The girl even taught Armonia how to sing and would talk to her all of the time. Armonia didn't know how to respond but could understand the concept of the sounds told to her and finally noticed a repeating pattern of 'Sarah'. At one point in Sarah's conversations with Armonia, Sarah told her how beautiful her musical symbols were that covered her body. Armonia couldn't believe that those strange marks were musical and laughed out loud in a high pitched neigh that tinkled in the air. She had felt drawn to the music when first meeting Sarah, but never knew why or how, so to find that the very markings that made her stand out from her herd where the same thing was a rare bright spot in these dark days. It was a wonderful thing and could keep even the saddest times from being so gloomy and so Armonia went through the Kanto region with Sarah astride her singing to the sadness and darkness of the world.

    Soon the two had reached Victory Road and began a swift gallop through the terrain there keeping their eyes out for any signs of life, living or not. That was when it happened. A large Fearow, bigger then any Armonia had seen, came down from the sky and lifted Sarah from Armonia's back. Sarah cried out once but was silenced as the Fearow hurtled her towards the ground where she laid still. Anger welled in Armonia's very soul and she let lose a Megahorn attack that gouged away at the creature until it was just a pile of blood and gore. Sadness clutched at Armonia's very heart and she stood there feeling numb for the longest time before continuing on deeper into Victory Road. She knew she had to live, that was what Sarah would've wanted. Oh how she so longed for that strange Umbreon to join her once again so that she wouldn't be so alone in this dying world.

    As luck would have it she did happen upon her past savior, traveling with him for a time before unfortunate circumstances tore them apart. As Armonia found herself alone once again she also found herself in a delicate condition, she was with foal. After a few days away from Yoru labor tore into her and after several excruciating hours she finally had her egg, keeping it warm at her side for several days until the small little foal finally hatched. A striking cyan colt rolled from the egg and greeted his mother with a soft whinny, and Armonia felt a longing in her heart grow stronger at the sight of her newest young. A longing for that of her other children. She realized how selfish she had been when leaving her young to defend themselves while she traveled the region looking for a trainer. By the time she had gone back to where she had hidden her colts the cave had been empty save for a few of the youngest laying dead and decaying upon the cold stone floor. It was heartbreaking. Now, near a year later, here she lay with yet another youngling and knew that she had to find her other children.

    As soon as her young son, whom she named Zakai for his chaste purity, was up on his feet they were off. Unfortunately by the time she got back to where her group had separated Haruko was already gone, leaving Armonia frightfully worried for her rebellious daughter. She couldn't wait any longer, and while it was hard to leave without saying goodbye to at least Yoru she knew she had to go. Hopefully she would see her dear friend again, but right now the fiery mother was on mission. And she wouldn't stop until she found, or at least discovered the fate, of her children. All of them.
    Appearance Barely taller than a regular Rapidash, that is not the only thing that sets this female apart from the rest of her kind. Dazzling colors come alive in her mane, while a pale and creamy coat boasts several delicate swirls alerting to her strange breeding. These symbols are musical in nature but it wasn't until she met a human that Armonia had any idea.
    Personality Doesn't have a good concept of the real world. She was born privileged and is used to having everything just working out for her, never really having to put in any work, so since the Epidemic times have been hard for her. Even when leading her herd she had so much love and support that it never occurred to her that they would do whatever she said even if it didn't make sense. She wasn't a leader, she was an idol. Mary Sue complex ran rampant for this mare, breeding with several males who devoted their love to her and birthing more children than she had time or love for. When the Epidemic struck reality slapped her in the face and hard.

    Even now she is dependent on others more than she should be, but now that she has a new child to care for she is finally starting to grow up and realize the whole world isn't in love with her. Now she often gets confused and struggles to find a bridge between who she was and who she needs to be.
    User Notes - Adopted (original profile, owner Blitzstrike)
    -Edited history a bit for grammatical errors, flow, and took out the part about prophecies because it made no sense and took away from the character
    -Her son Zakai was from when she first met Yoru, who is his father
    -Changed Armonia's ability to understand humans because wild Pokemon can't do that
    -----Lineart for Rapidash was listed as free to use as long as credit was given: Original Lineart on DA by Trunksi ((colored digitally by me))

    Armonia the Rapidash *adopted* and Zakai the Ponyta ((Inactive)) TSXxHmX

    Text Color #98F5FF
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Baby
    Species #77/Ponyta/Fire Horse Pokémon
    Height 2'09”
    Weight 54.2lbs
    Pokédex Entry A Ponyta is very weak at birth. It can barely stand up. Its legs become stronger as it stumbles and falls while trying to keep up with its parent.
    Level 4
    Ability Run Away
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Quick to flee
    Moves - Growl (learned)
    - Tackle (learned)
    - Tail Whip (learned)
    History Zakai was hatched on a cold morning, rolling into the grass only to gaze up at a stunning mare he immediately recognized as his mother. For the first hour he spent most of his time trying to stand up, the effort taking much longer than his mother ever remembering it taking her other children. But this didn't stop the foal from trying. Finally he was able to succeed in standing on his shaky, knobby legs, but suddenly a burst of fire erupted from him forming his mane and tail causing him to cry out in alarm and fall over again. He was too scared to try again for fear of the explosion occurring once more, but his mother Armonia consoled him. Finally, after an entire day, the young one was able to walk around after his mother.

    They began their journey almost immediately, his mother dragging him along to who knew where. They were forced to run from several scary creatures that tried to attack them but thanks to his ability he always got away. His mother wasn't always so lucky and occasionally she was forced to protect him, but she never let the small colt get hurt. He clung to his mother like a life-line after one particularly nasty spider grabbed him and tried to have him for dinner, luckily his mother's fire couldn't hurt him. The spider was not so lucky. Still wandering at his mother's side Zakai wonders what is in store for him, his future completely unclear thanks to his naivety of the world.
    Appearance Zakai is an oddity among his kind thanks to his mother's genetics. While much smaller than average, he is still just a baby and is still growing. His pelt is a beautiful cyan accented in dark torqouise swirls that curl around his body like ivy and come to points in the shape of feathers. The soft glow of his flamed mane and tail are a slightly darker cyan than his coat fanning out into a lovely sapphire.
    Personality Zakai is very cautious and shy, keeping to his mother as much as possible. From birth he has always been weak and due to an illness that neither mother nor child know about his strength is growing very slowly. It shows when he tries to run after his mother when she is at full speed, often tripping or running out of breath, forcing him to the ground to cry for help. He can speak a little, though usually doesn't because he has a fear of anyone besides his mother.
    User Notes -Son of Armonia, father is Yoru (because I can do that)
    -Personality (and History) section a little sparse because he is still just a baby and hasn't really interacted with anyone but his mother. It will develop more in RP
    -His level is due to when he gained a little experience from his mother fighting off Undead in front of him (like sharing experience from a battle)
    -Suffers from a congenital heart defect (CHD), affecting his muscle development and growth, and due to it often runs short of breath. Also tends to develop respiratory infections. No one is aware of the defect

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