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    Saiki the Dragonair *adopted* ((Inactive))


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    Saiki the Dragonair *adopted* ((Inactive)) Empty Saiki the Dragonair *adopted* ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:31 pm

    Saiki the Dragonair *adopted* ((Inactive)) GWBpY

    Title The Dark Firefly
    Gender Female
    Age Young adult
    Species #148, Dragonair the Dragon Pokémon
    Height 13'01"/4.0m
    Weight 36.4lbs/16.5kg
    Level 34
    Ability Shed Skin
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Highly Persistent
    Moves ~Slam [Learned]
    ~Thunderbolt [TM]
    ~Rain Dance [TM]
    ~Dragon Tail [Learned]

    Pokédex Entry: "It is called the divine Pokémon. When its entire body brightens slightly, the weather changes." (Crystal Pokédex)

    "If its body takes on an aura, the weather changes instantly. It is said to live in seas and lakes." (Black/White Pokédex)

    A Guitar-shaped Music Box covering the song; 'Always with Me' from Spirited Away.

    - -- --- ------------- --- -- -

    The birth of the young Dragonair was on purpose, her supposed looks and life-style being made specifically for her - though no one expected a firefly-like Dratini rather than a shiny pink one. Saiki was born into a rich family using the Masuda-method - breeding two international Pokemon together - and was shut-in from most of the world as well. Despite being a spoiled Pokemon, she wasn't stuck-up - being taught several lessons of being polite and such - and preferred just to be silent and listen to her music box all day and all night. She barely had any friends, Saiki was often surrounded by her human family, maids and caretakers, not that she minded their presence, whether they were there or not for her made no difference to the Dratini.

    Saiki wasn't bred for battle, but her family decided that she should learn to defend herself in an emergency situation. However, because she was a slow learner, the family just gave her TMs that seem fairly useful, especially Rain Dance, since Saiki was able to make the rain fall quite heavily - covering her scent - on her first try. The family never realized that the move would come with its term and conditions.
    One very morning, when the Dratini was out and about in the backyard of the mansion, she was kidnapped by men who had heard rumors of a one-of-a-kind Dragon Pokemon. Scared, Saiki cried and wailed out of her mind, causing an unintentional Rain Dance to come crashing down the surroundings. The men dropped the bag that the Dratini was in, feeling that it wasn't worth to kidnap a Pokemon through such crazy weather.

    Thanks to this move, she was able to get out of the grasp of an illegal trade, however, Saiki was now separated from her family. Saddened, she simply stuck by near the place she was dropped, with lots of berries surrounding the place to keep her plentiful. The Dratini was too frightened to move and explore her place.

    The Epidemic hit around that time.

    Around the Dratini's area, it took no longer than a few weeks for it to be unavoidable. Saiki had to go back home for food, warmth, and shelter. Avoiding the Undead that roamed the area was nearly impossible, the firefly-like Dragon had to fight them, mostly knocking down first evolutions like her. The thought of first-evolutions being undead made Saiki thought of how short their lives were, thus the thought of undead often made her look at things in their perspective. Thanks to fighting Undead, the Dratini evolved to a Dragonair, feeling herself refreshed and renued.

    Nonetheless, the trip back home wasn't all that hard, it took months, but that was because she was lost rather than running into Undead all the time.
    Saiki couldn't help, but feel her heart pause during that time she stared at her home.
    The place was in ruins, holes were everywhere, scorch marks, vines, water damage was visible. It was as if Arceus himself sent an army to destroy her home. Devastated, the Dragonair searched frantically in the ruins of her home, trying to get in all the items she could find.

    That was when she found her music box. Joyous, the Divine Pokemon held it close, bringing it up with her to wherever she went to as she left the remnants of her home and to soar the skies to search for a new home, and a new family.


      Dark as the evening sky, yet as beautiful as the stars embedded in them. The black, blue-eyed serpent of the night glows like a firefly as the weather begins to stir. Only then were its true colors were shown at that very time.

    Saiki is a sleek black Dragonair with a gray underbelly. Her feathers and orbs shine a golden yellow, as her tattoos cover the right half of her body, glowing whenever the weather is to be changed. Speckles of the gold scatter across her back, adding the finishing touches to the Dragonair's beauty.

    The Divine Pokemon has softer skin and less flexibility than other Dragonairs due to her spoiled life-style before the Epidemic, she tries to keep herself clean and healthy-looking whenever possible. On the lower end over her body, however, she has scratches scattered across due to the often usage of her tail to block and deflect attacks rather than taking them head-first.

    The Dragonair is very neutral upon first meetings; staying quiet and polite until needed for her introduction, never judging a book on their cover, and is willing to listen to whatever suggestions others hold. However, if one were to get on her nerves, she will snap, most likely to rant, or try to snap some sense into the other. Most of her little rants are often caused when others aren't thankful, or they're being rude. Nonetheless, she never really seems sassy unless she's trying to get her point across. At times, others think Saiki is mute due to her lack of speaking, mostly because the Dragonair never really speaks unless spoken to or when necessary.

    Saiki is also aware of how at times, her physical outlook could have that 'effect' on others. Often tolerating it rather than degrading herself, she never really did like degrading herself, nor did she like putting herself in the highest position. In Saiki's mind, no one is above her, and no one is below, as she feels that everyone is equal. At times, she can also go into a very 'Guru-like' mode, often going into where she teaches the others things that should be taken into consideration.

    A couple of negatives in her personality, is that Saiki is a bit slow when it comes to love. It's not that she hates it, but she finds it as if you are putting someone in position higher than others. Nonetheless, she rarely gets sad due to the several times she bottles up her feelings. Often just slithering out alone as she glows and summons the rain. Whenever she's sad, she often uses her Rain Dance unintentionally, how heavy the rain is depends on how heavy her sadness is. It's not often that this happens, but usually she summons heavy rains.

    - -- --- ------------- --- -- -

    User Notes-
    > Adopted from Blitzstrike (before that, Qwrk)
    > Based off Saiki, an adopt of Qwrk's
    > Saiki carries her music box everywhere, however, in times where she must put it in down (a battle for example), the Dragonair shall keep it in a safe place, most often being in her sheltered place.
    > At the point of sadness or depression, the Dragonair can unintentionally use Rain Dance to cover up her tears. The heavier the rain, the more sad she is.
    > Kidnapped at an early age, Saiki finds it painful to remember it. Despite her many attempts of trying to bury it up, the memory also seems to come right back up.
    > Saiki's Text; #3D2F2F ~ #D9DD3E ((probably gonna work on this one, lol))

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