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    Elidr the Dragonair and Fieryat the Mutated Charizard ((Inactive))


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    Elidr the Dragonair and Fieryat the Mutated Charizard ((Inactive)) Empty Elidr the Dragonair and Fieryat the Mutated Charizard ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:20 pm

    Elidr the Dragonair and Fieryat the Mutated Charizard ((Inactive)) OESNVAT

    Elidr the Dragonair and Fieryat the Mutated Charizard ((Inactive)) 6DXTTpT

    Elidr (ell-i-dor)(meaning ‘sorrow’)
    Text Color #75A1D0
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult
    Species #148/Dragonair/Dragon Pokemon
    Height 13'01"
    Weight 36.4 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It is called the divine Pokémon. When its entire body brightens slightly, the weather changes.
    Level 30
    Ability Shed Skin
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Alert to sounds
    Moves - Wrap (learned)
    - Twister (learned)
    - Dragon Rage (learned)
    - Slam (learned)
    History Not much is known about Elidr, not even to himself. He was born during the Epidemic, hatched alone among the many corpses of his colony. He was forced to rely on himself for survival, and learned to adapt to this strange world he was thrust into. For the longest time he didn’t even have a name, all he knew was fighting, feeding, and moving on. Basic survival.

    After about a year of living on his own, another living came across the Dratini while he was resting in a nearby pool of water. It was an Arbok, a female, and she took pity on her fellow serpentine creature. Though he had no idea why, the female stayed with him, teaching him things like culture, battling, type effectiveness, even simple things like how to speak and trying to explain something called 'feelings'. He wasn’t very good at the last ones. She even gave him a name, Elidr, which she told him meant ‘sorrow’, though he wasn’t too sure what sorrow meant, either.

    He let her stay, for a while, since she was useful when hunting and kept teaching him all sorts of new things. But, as the young Dratini knew all too well, peace doesn’t last in this world. They were attacked one day while moving locations, and in an effort to defend him, the Arbok was killed. Elidr felt a strange, vice-like grip in his chest that hurt and confused him. He didn’t know what it was so he did the only thing he knew how to do, he ran for his own life. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t wonder what that feeling was, and since there wasn’t anyone to ask now, it continually haunts him. So he continues to wander, as he did in his days before the female came into his life. His only focus...always survival.

    ***added for RP***

    In Amity he met Pokemon he couldn't relate to, and after a serious of deaths that could have been avoided had they any sense Elidr left. Soon after he came to Hearthome where he came across another dragon who thought much the same way as him. He has since formed a companionship with Reeves and keeps by him. Due to a vicious battle with Sableye he has finally evolved.
    Appearance Elidr is a perfectly normal Dragonair. He just always wears a scowl.
    Personality -reacts based almost purely on instinct, and will really only keep allies as long as they are useful
    -keeps strictly to the laws of nature
    -is hesitant to trust
    -he is continually wondering about what the strange sensation was when the Arbok died, because he has no logical concept of ‘feelings’
    -doesn’t understand ‘friendship’ but understands partnership and companionship
    User Notes -Elidr has learned a little bit more about speech and companionship through RP, so his speech has upgraded somewhat.
    -He is still seeking the meaning of 'feelings'
    --Elidr is already approved and on the team, he evolved in RP

    Elidr the Dragonair and Fieryat the Mutated Charizard ((Inactive)) H6hznT4

    Fieryat (fear-ee-aught) “Fear”
    Text Color #daa520
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Species #006/Charizard/Flame Pokémon
    Height 6'09”
    Weight 212.5lbs
    Pokédex Entry Breathing intense, hot flames, it can melt almost anything. Its breath inflicts terrible pain on enemies.
    Level 51
    Ability Blaze
    Nature Hasty
    Characteristic Thoroughly cunning
    Moves - Dragon Claw (learned)
    - Air Slash (learned)
    - Flare Blitz (breed)
    - Flamethrower (learned)
    History From the day she was hatched Fieryat had a destiny. Her tiny golden horns and the power of her egg move proved her lineage that she was the daughter of the Dragon Queen, and that she herself had been born a queen dragon. Such females were rare and as such held the power to rule in the Charizard clan. In truth she was actually the third daughter of the Queen, but her sisters had not been born with the lineage of a queen, lacking the crown of horns and the move Flare Blitz. It took the third male, in almost a century of trying, who was finally able to conquer and earn the right to mate with the Queen that the clan finally had an heir. Her father was named Sire and stayed at her mother's side, though no more daughters were allowed to hatch for fear of conflict. From then on Fieryat's destiny was set.

    Her entire life was spent being raised to one day succeed her mother, the rules and traditions of their clan driven into her mind until they were second nature, and even as a child she could quote the rules better than any of the elders. It was then that she was put into training, the clan not willing to listen to a un-evolved child should anything befall their Queen. Only a Charizard could rule and that was the way it was going to stay. Daily, and often spilling into the starlit hours of night, she was trained. Brutally, hardly, given no leniency despite her heritage and title was she shaped and molded into a powerful dragon like her mother. And by the time she reached her final evolution it was contested that she may even be stronger than her mother the Queen.

    Even though Fieryat had reached the final stage of Charizard, her striking visage and regal crown of golden horns even more pronounced, she was still only an heir. Her mother held the power in the clan and kept them through their seasonal migrations, but the future queen was not without her duties. Fieryat was in charge of the first wings, the hunters of the clan, and would often lead the hunts herself. She thrilled in the chase and her knowledge of their territories often kept her a step ahead of the fledglings and sometimes even the seasoned hunters. As the clan moved to their summer caves, however, she began to notice something odd.

    A strange lack of game began to surface in the milder climates the fire types preferred in the heat of summer days. It soon evolved into a near famine for the clan and Fieryat's mother had no choice but to expand their territory. But this did not come without a price. A family of Tyranitar held the lands that Fieryat and her hunters were poaching from and they did not take kindly to the intrusion, attacking without warning and badly wounding several of the drakes before they could get away. Upon returning to the caves the Queen saw their state and was furious, demanding recompense and setting out with their strongest to attack the family of mountain dwellers. Unfortunately, it was a battle the Queen was not to return from.

    With her mother struck down in her prime Fieryat was thrust into Queenhood far earlier than anyone had expected and the transition of power saw the Tyranitar's with an opening to attack the caves. With vicious earthquakes they barraged the summer caves and drove the Charizards into their winter lands far earlier than the season demanded and it was there they discovered the reason for the famine. A plague had descended upon the region killing human and Pokemon alike, but not all of the Pokemon stayed dead. The new Queen was unprepared with how to deal with the invaders of Undead and in a matter of days half her clan was destroyed. Fire seemed to be the only thing that kept them at bay but they were only able to hold out for so long. In a panic much of the clan scattered but only a brave and loyal few stayed with the new Queen and did what they could to keep their kind alive.

    With her smaller group it was easier to feed and keep watch, the small group keeping a healthy migratory pattern to avoid lingering where the Undead could find them. For months she and her few remaining subjects lived this way until a strange power tore through the land and saw Fieryat carried away to an unknown region and unknown Pokemon. Terrified the Queen fought to survive on her own and thanked whatever deities she could think of for her childhood of ruthless training. She searches now for her clan, for her own kind, and prays that one day she will be able to restore her mother's people to their former glory.
    Appearance Proud and regal this strangely evolved Charizard is massive for what would be the normal for her kind. But, where she is from, all Charizard appear this way and she would be considered almost small. A queen dragon, golden horns adorning her head to announce her heritage, she carries herself with dignity and grace. With her impressive wingspan she can fly and glide for long periods of time, ebony eyes scanning the skies and ground below, but her lithe frame makes speed her forte. Her coloration did not deviate from a normal Charizard but her size and body structure certainly argue the point.
    Personality A natural born leader, a fitting trait seeing that she was born a queen dragon. Her ability to lead and inspire others came naturally at a young age much to the pleasure of her mother, the current Queen of their clan. She can quickly grasp complexities and large amounts of impersonal information then make quick and decisive judgments. A  "take charge" kind of female.

    She dislikes mistakes and cannot stand to see them repeated, and has little to no patience with inefficiency. She can appear snappy or even harsh when her patience is tried thin, and due to her being raised to lead and separate herself beyond her people to see the bigger picture she is not naturally tuned in to people's feelings. Tends to believe that she should not tailor her judgments in order to be considerate of other people's feelings, often leading to conflict.

    Because of her heritage and her way of dealing with others she tends to distance herself, almost isolatingly so, but when a battle starts is quick to lead the charge. Her years of harsh training have left her with a sharp mind for battle and can think of ways to take down even the strongest foes, even with a type disadvantage. Often in times of anger, however, she will use the raging fire within her to simply melt the offenders into nothing. Very intelligent she can make decisions quickly and is quick to verbalize her opinion and decisions.

    Secretly she longs for companionship now that her clan is gone and has extreme difficulty expressing her depression and desperation, feeling that even without her clan she is still a royal and must keep such weakness inside.
    User Notes -Father was a Charizard, her breed move was passed down through all the royal bloodline proving their status
    -Mutation in her clan caused by years of living high up in the caves of rugged mountains. Most notable mutation is the bat-like wings with hook claws at the ends allowing her to cling to walls
    -the extra horns are only present in queen dragons of her clan, yet they are underdeveloped as she has not yet reached full maturity
    -Higher level is due to her rigorous training from childhood in order to evolve and be powerful enough to lead an entire clan of Charizard and its line, and to protect herself from being forced to mate an unworthy male.
    ---Lineart listed as free to use as long as credit was given and a link back to the page: Original Lineart on DA by dragonmarkaleb (I colored digitally and only edited in the fire for the tail.)

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