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    Hope the Hydreigon (inactive) - ADOPTED


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    Hope the Hydreigon (inactive) - ADOPTED Empty Hope the Hydreigon (inactive) - ADOPTED

    Post by Nightfall Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:43 pm

    Hope the Hydreigon (inactive) - ADOPTED ZZM1gQu

    Item None at present
    Gender Female
    Age Aging adult
    Species #635 Hydreigon, The Brutal Pokémon
    Height 6'1"
    Weight 350lbs
    Pokédex Entry "The heads on their arms do not have brains. They use all three heads to consume and destroy everything."
    Level 78
    Ability Levitate (the Pokemon has full immunity to Ground-type moves)
    Nature Rash (-Sp.Def, +Sp.Atk)
    Characteristic Likes to fight (+Attack)
    Moves Hyper Voice (level up)
    Fire Blast (TM)
    Earthquake (TM)
    Thunder Wave (TM)
    History Born in captivity to a breeder of Deino, Hope, then known as Milly, was bred specifically for her aggression – her parents both having defeated the Elite Four with their trainers. Unsurprisingly, the youngster was always a snappy, rather unpleasant creature. Blessed with a natural hostility that surpassed all expectations, the female was incredibly unpredictable from the moment she hatched. Unwilling to trust anyone around her, the child took months to tame – constantly fighting against the human’s efforts as her famous temper effectively warded off any chance of socialization with the other Deinos of her age. An incredible rage stemming from her lack of eyesight, Milly had a lonely childhood. She didn’t like others, didn’t want friends, and instead spent the first years of her life in an almost feral state. Slowly socialized over time, the female was still deemed too volatile to be homed in a family environment and came with a firm warning concerning her 'poor' nature.

    To everyone’s surprise, she was eventually sold onto a dragon-trainer living in Johto. The headstrong Deino disliked his arrogance, the man convinced that through hard work he’d break her spirit and make her nothing more than an obedient pawn. Of course, Milly fought him every step of the way. Whilst she adored the vigorous training that the human subjected her to, constantly striving to prove herself a powerful force despite her species’ blindness, the Deino was never easy to work with. In the event she lost, she would vent her frustrations on her team mates – incredibly aggressive in both her bitter words and more dangerous actions. She was truly a merciless opponent, eventually evolving into Zweilous to discover that she remained blind. Her anger boiling over, she spiralled out of the human’s control, even turning her hatred against the cocky youth. It was then that he finally accepted defeat. For the sake of his own health as well as his unnerved team, the trainer sold the moody creature to another gentleman living in Kanto.

    Furious at being tossed from one human to another, the Zweilous was ready to kill something, but upon meeting her new human she had a change of heart. He was in his mid twenties, a rather bleak individual who worked as a guard in the region’s penitentiary. Curious about this strange new world, Milly had mixed views about the life as a prison guard – stemming from the opinions of her two bickering heads. Warming up to her new human regardless, the dragon-type was pleased at the opportunity to be herself. They didn’t want her to be some kind of pet – they needed her to be scary, ruthless and violent when necessary to keep the human inmates firmly in line. Of course, there were some restrictions, but the jail was famed for its brutality, the majority of the guards always bending the rules to ensure that the inmates never forgot their incarceration.

    Over the years that followed, the Zweilous, renamed Hope as a malicious joke at the prisoners' expense grew into a force to be reckoned with. A firm friendship flourished with her human as for the first time in her life, she began to follow orders. The guards of the prison demanded respect, instilled fear into the inmates and Hope admired that, considering herself one of them. However, over the years, two distinct personalities blossomed for each of her heads. The left, was ruthless – a true monster with a blood lust and passion for the law, regardless of how she had to enforce the reminder of who was ‘top-dog’. The other head began to sympathise with the prisoners. She saw them as misunderstood souls, often passing messages between the inmates and on occasion slipping ‘gifts’ from the outside world into their cells. Hope soon found that her greatest enemy was in fact herself, beginning to train harder to quicken the process of evolution.

    Hope worked in the penitentiary for a little over eleven years in all. She evolved after a decade of hard work and total loyalty to ensuring that criminals would pay for their villainous acts. The dragon built up strong friendships amongst the various guards, often disagreeing with their approaches to handling the inmates, but remained in awe of their power in the establishment. With Hope’s evolution, the personalities of her two heads soon merged, creating an almost balanced persona to provide far easier to work with. Whilst still possessing a quick temper and no-nonsense attitude, Hope had grown less violent, abandoning her previous sadism as she reminded herself that essentially she and the inmates were just people with different opinions. Of course, she never showed such sensitivity – her reputation apt to be ruined by such a revelation. Instead, Hope fully embodied her role as the biggest fear of the hundreds of humans she controlled.

    When the epidemic hit, the undead were quick to target the massive building housing an endless supply of near-helpless humans. The Hydreigon, her immediate loyalty lying with her human and the guards she worked with, fought savagely in a bid to protect those simply doing their job. Countless prisoners were slaughtered, the building transformed into a bloodbath as humans were torn limb from limb in the massacre. Amongst the chaos, prisoners took the chance to escape, instilling an incredible fury in the dragon as she acted to stop them. The moment she turned her back on her beloved human, he was cut in half by rampaging monsters. Utterly devastated, the dragon’s sorrow was quickly substituted with an undying anger as she took to the skies. Aiming countless attacks at the building’s weak structure, the Hydreigon didn’t rest until the prison had collapsed on itself – killing human and pokémon alike beneath the rubble, ensuring that everyone paid for the deaths of the only people she had truly loved.

    Content with her revenge, the dragon left in search of a new purpose in life. Travelling from city to city, the female found nothing but bloody, empty streets, confirming that there was truly very little left to live for. She cared not for family, she had no friends – the closest things to companions were the guards, now all dead. She was made redundant from her job as a guard, the humans virtually extinct as she drifted across the land, trying to find anything to keep her occupied.
    Appearance Larger and chunkier than the average Hydreigon, Hope has clearly been trained to battle all her life, her power evident from her rather masculine appearance alone. Her muscle visible beneath thick, untamed fur, the female possesses a great physical strength and makes no effort to lessen her already intimidating appearance – topping it off with a stern expression. Hope boasts an impressive wingspan, each of her wings powerful and bulky, whilst her colouration remains normal for her species.

    On close inspection, one will see that Hope’s body is littered with scars. Whilst a good portion have faded to near-invisibility or is hidden beneath matted, dirty fur, the noticeable marks only heighten her rough looks. However, the most distinguishable mark is a near-vertical scar running down her forehead gained from a prisoner’s attempt at killing her. Needless to say, he never walked again after the incident – but the scar still serves an ugly reminder of the dangerous lifestyle she loved. Her eyes are a piercing golden colour.
    Personality Famed for her short and very much ugly temper, Hope will not put up with anybody’s shit. Extremely impatient, the female cannot stand the company of those she deems weak, immature and rebellious; her natural instinct ordering her to put them in their place. Whilst she will only resort to physical violence on rare occasions, Hope has absolutely no problem in screaming her lungs out or providing her company with snide threats – which, when challenged, she is more than happy to carry out. Although she can be very much alike to a bully, Hope is essentially fair with her judgements. If her company doesn’t anger her, she presents them with a cold indifference – a far more pleasing persona in comparison to her monstrous fury.

    When said fury is truly awakened, Hope has absolutely no qualms about killing someone where they stand. Undeniably a dangerous, unpredictable individual, the Hydregion possesses a great physical strength which she enjoys demonstrating to those who doubt her abilities. Admittedly, she is a rather reckless battler – relying almost entirely on brute strength to ensure victory whilst completely neglecting strategy. Although intelligent enough to get by, Hope is not the brightest crayon in the box – her power lying firmly with her physical capabilities. Completely unfazed by violence and gore, the dragon is in fact somewhat of a sadist when given the opportunity and permission to do what her species is known for – wreaking utter havoc on those deemed unworthy for life. She will indulge in torture with a grin on her face.

    Despite the aggression and capacity to hate, Hope does have a number of redeemable qualities. Down-to-earth, the female is a rational being with keen instincts. A good judge of character from her experience working in the prison, the dragon-type has a certain knack for identifying the bad sort of people and chooses to alert them exactly whose boss the moment she meets them. In many respects, she’s a brilliant asset to a team in the fact she’s always alert, picking up on the smallest of changes and ready to throw herself in the firing line. Knowing that she holds a physical strength most pokémon can only dream of, Hope uses her gift to not only harm the villains but protect the innocent. Extremely protective, the Hydreigon has little regard for her own safety as she is usually the first to fly into the midst of battle. Seemingly fearless, Hope will gladly slaughter her way through hoards of undead, secretly pleased with the fact that she has saved those that truly deserve saving in the process.

    Hope has never been the most talkative of creatures, choosing to speak only when necessary or delivering a malicious threat. Otherwise, she’s blunt, almost insensitive when it comes to emotional matters as she keeps herself distant from the problems of others. Despite her complete lack of interest in the lives of those around her, Hope proves an exceptionally good listener. Capable of offering frank but surprisingly useful advice, the dragon-type buries a maternal streak in the very recesses of her mind which usually surfaces around those who have proven themselves truly good souls. Whilst she remains adamant that she hates children and doesn’t know the meaning of love, the dragon is very much in denial. Her tough, no-nonsense persona ensures that she never delves into the mindset of the emotional woman that she’d once been; her true identity revealed to be an extremely lonely individual who feels she’s missed out on life. Of course, she would rather die than admit her hidden desires and those who go prying are usually met with an unforgiving slap in the face. She’s a very private person and will not stand having self-acclaimed ‘therapists’ trying to appeal to the gentler creature that she abandoned long ago.
    User Notes --Hope hates gender stereotyping with an undying passion. Whenever someone tries to ‘protect’ her or treat her differently based purely on her identity as a female, she will make a point of demonstrating that she is every bit as strong as a male. At the same time, Hope will also flip shit if she is mistaken for a guy.
    --Not overly fond of children, Hope prefers the company of people who are able to look after themselves.
    --Adopted from Snitch - original profile here.
    --The only things changed about this profile were the image and the inclusion of Hope's Age. The content itself has not been altered in any way.

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