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    Mint the Espeon [Inactive - Adopted]


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    Mint the Espeon [Inactive - Adopted] Empty Mint the Espeon [Inactive - Adopted]

    Post by Min Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:57 pm

    Mint the Espeon [Inactive - Adopted] WWzP8

    Text Color #CC99CC – Pale Pink
    Item A Mightyena mask, a soothe bell around her neck, and a bracelet with a smoke ball around her foreleg.
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Species #196, Espeon/Sun Pokémon
    Height 2'11"
    Weight 58 lbs
    Pokédex Entry By reading air currents, it can predict things such as the weather or its foe's next move.
    Level 45
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Alert to sounds.
    Moves 1) Psychic (TM)
    2) Shadow Ball (TM)
    3) Grass Knot (TM)
    4) Signal Beam (Move Tutor)
    History Mint was taken in by the family running the Miltank farm for MooMoo milk, along with her parents. When she was still young, Mint was the victim of a vicious Mightyena attack, leaving the Eevee with horrid scars all over her body and face. But even though she managed to survive the attack, Mint was left half-blind and half-deaf, as the Mightyena tore out her left eye and shredded her right ear until she couldn't hear a thing out of it. Mint's parents pitied their daughter beyond belief, thinking that because of her being half-blind and half-deaf she would never grow up right, never evolve. They believed Mint would stay stuck as an Eevee forever, never growing up to be anything. But Mint didn't want their pity; she wanted to show everyone that she could become strong, even with her disabilities. The young Eevee befriended a Deino, who had been blind since birth, and he helped her adjust to not having her left eye. However, Mint's deafness still held her back, and was still a problem in her training.

    But then the epidemic began. Vicious, horrible Pokemon swarmed into the Miltank farm, killing the kind human family living there and Mint's entire family. Mint could not bear to see any more loved ones die, and began to fight those strange Pokemon to protect her Deino friend. Under the morning sun, Mint underwent her evolution into an Espeon. But even with her evolution, the Deino was still killed, and Mint was about to be overwhelmed when a fire engulfed the attacking Pokemon and a male Trainer and his Pokemon began fighting them off, saving Mint. She decided to stay with the Trainer, who's name was Matt, and to improve Mint's strength he taught her TM moves.

    But then Matt was ambushed outside Ecruteak City by strange Fearows, and Mint was separated from the group as she attempted to fight off several of them. The Fearow were so weird, their feathers greasy, caws groggy, eyes blackened, and moved in a lumbering fashion. As she tore the last Fearow attacking her in half with a Psychic-attack, Mint turned to where she had last seen the others only to witness the death of Matt's Charizard as he was skewered through the neck by another one of the hostile birds. Matt and the rest of his Pokemon were nowhere to be found, and Mint was forced to move on alone. She stumbled across Azalea Town, filled with corpses and the stench of the dead. In the lifeless town she found the skeleton of a Mightyena. Breaking off half of its skull to cover the left side of her face, it was a reminder to Mint of why she was fighting. Fighting so that no other Pokemon should have to suffer as she and many others did. The Espeon has encountered many of the dead Pokemon, and her hopes are crushed every time she comes across a new town.

    But yet she kept moving on, no matter what. Mint knew she had to find others, as she wouldn’t live very long on her own.

    In Azalea by Slowpoke Well she made a small group of friends, and the loneliness she felt has abated for now as she enjoys their company. In particular she has grown close to the Umbreon of the group; having never felt the emotions towards anyone else that she has felt towards him, a large reason of why she remains in their company is because she hopes in time she’ll understand why she feels the way she does around him...

    Appearance Mint is the average height and weight for an Espeon and her distinguishing markings have been acquired from various attacks. She has a small bracelet containing a smokeball around her foreleg for emergencies.
    Personality Mint is quiet, and tends to be soft spoken in nature. Significantly lonely after the disappearance of the human she had come to love as well as his team, she is glad to have found friendly survivors. Excluding the Spiritomb and perhaps the grouchy Kyoya, she’s grown quite fond of everyone there and is saddened when one leaves, as in the back of her mind she fears not only what will happen to them out there on their own, but also what might happen if everyone leaves and she is stuck trying to survive by herself again.

    Her affections for Plague have grown in ways she has never experienced before. She not only thrives in his company and is touched by his displays of affection. She actually trusts him to the point where, when it was revealed he was infected, she did not care and moved to defend him anyway.

    Though usually not someone whom one would call “loud,” Mint slowly transforms into fifty eight pounds of furious psychic cat when provoked. Able to argue quite well, Mint’s anger is a slow burn; she begins with biting words and ends with a psychic to the face should the situation become worse. The escalation of things rests entirely on the opponent; if anything is going to get physical, the opponent has to either instigate it with an attack, or seem as if they are going to attack.

    She is not particularly squeamish but also doesn’t exactly enjoy the sight of mangled bodies.

    User Notes 1) Mint uses the half-skull on her face as a way of hiding the gruesome damage to her face, as the horrid scar across her eye makes her less than confident about herself. She will completely freeze up if the mask is removed without her consent.

    2) She's afraid of becoming attached to someone because Mint thinks she'll lose them as she lost her family. However, she is becoming attached to the group she is travelling with anyway, Plague in particular. The positive emotions she receives as a result of being with them is burying her fear rapidly, but if too many people leave (and when Plague does leave) the fear will be unearthed again.

    3) Mint's very easily discouraged and insecure. She also feels inadequate because of her being half-blind and half-deaf, though she is determined to someday overcome her low self esteem.

    4) Mint's a big tomboy despite her shyness, and her voice is slightly lower than it should be for a female. However, her voice does echo deeper on the left side of her face, because of the skull; the result can be very bizarre sounding when in an echoing place.

    5) Adopted from Ciana who adopted her from Skyraven. Reworked her profile a little, and added a little bit about what has happened in the RP at this time.

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