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    Penelope the Adopted Absol [Inactive] Empty Penelope the Adopted Absol [Inactive]

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    Penelope the Adopted Absol [Inactive] 2dj1l3q

    Alias Penn
    Gender Female
    Age Young adult
    Species #359, Absol the Disaster Pokémon
    Height 3'11"/1.2m
    Weight 103.6lbs/47.0kg
    Level 53
    Ability Super Luck
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Quick Tempered
    Moves ~Double Team [Learned]
    ~Slash [Learned]
    ~Detect [Learned]
    ~Night Slash [Learned]

    Pokédex Entry: "Rumored to sense disasters with its horn, it became a target. It fled deep into the mountains." (Black/White Pokédex)

    No items are in her possession

    - -- --- ------------- --- -- -


      "I do try, I do, but I'm a quitter. I don't want to be seen as a loser to others, so I keep quiet. Because if I ever reveal my true self, I would be seen as worthless, pitiful, weak. I refuse help from others, and I will prove to everyone that I am be strong."

    Penelope was like everyone else; She was born into the world, in which her parents consider their only child a miracle. The Absol grew up knowing the goodies of the world, despite being a shut-in, and her family struggled to get food and shelter due to the massive competition for territory in their home. Nonetheless, she was normal, an average Absol. Penelope never knew what hate was until she left her parents' care for her to explore and know the world. Of course, when Penelope informed of her parents of her leaving, they were hesistant, but they were loving, understanding that they must let go of their child sometime in their life. Penelope left her parents with a happy good-bye, following her senses to know where to go. But yes, she never knew what hatred was until she left her home. Penelope never understood why humans would hiss at her, or run away frightened. She never understood why other Pokémon would leave her alone either. She heard of being called the Disaster Pokémon, leaving her feeling the pain of loneliness.

    After months of traveling, hearing insults of her, Penelope realized what they meant by disasters. For she stumbled upon her own home on accident, finding it being buried by a landslide. The Absol was devastated, believing her parents have left the world because Penelope caused this. As she retraced her steps, she found how several places were destroyed by natural disasters; flooding, landslides, thunderstorms, wild fires. Pokémon of the area pinned the blame on Penelope, being known as the Disaster Pokémon, it seemed obvious to point it all on the Absol. The Absol - teen at the time - felt cornered, alone, she didn't want to cause anyone anymore trouble. Penelope ran off into the deep part of the mountains, to prevent any trouble to anyone, refusing to follow her dream of exploring the land. Insults, loss of her parents, the dropping her dream to cause no more trouble left the Absol feeling shattered, attempting to make a new life out of the mountains she now lived in.

    During her time in the mountains, Penelope made herself known as Penn to the Pokémon that lived nearby. The Pokémon that lived near Penn were kind and heart-warming Pokémon, they were the ones that welcomed Penn with open arms. The Absol was grateful, taking this a second chance to make things right. It was as if these Pokémon took no notice of the rumors of Absols being the bringer of Disasters. It made Penn happy on the inside, especially since the Pokémon were family to her.
    Luck wasn't by her side one bit.
    The Epidemic hit, starting from human cities to the farthest ends of the Earth. It took a couple of months within the outbreak to hit Penn's home. Not only were her considered family died and got eaten, some turned into the Undead themselves. The Absol, once again, heartbroken left her home, wondering the barren, considered abandoned earth with Undead running amongst the shadows.


      Emerald green eyes that stare off into the distance, hatred masking the sorrow and loneliness inside. Silky, thin fur races through the darkness with graceful hops, beautiful she is on the outside, but ugly deep inside.

    Penn looks just alike as other Absols, however, she has emerald colored eyes rather than crimson red. Her feet are also rather bigger, and sturdier than others due to the constant traveling. Her silky, thin fur comes from the constant care to it, not that Penn cared of her looks, but she comes to the point in boredness where she would just simply clean the dirt off her fur.

    Penelope, aka Penn, is an insecure Absol. Despite her cool, unamused harshness, she actually wants to prove herself as a strong, leader-like being. However, due to the many deaths she had to witness throughout her life, Penn often bottles up her feelings and tries not to cause too much trouble for others. If anything ever reminds her of her past, she simply walks away or hides herself to drown in sadness, not wanting to trouble anyone of course.
    Penn constantly believes that she would bring upon disaster, thus staying away from many survivors, however, if that cannot be avoided, then she simply keeps her distance.
    When it comes to battles, Penn is rash, reckless, and depends on her attacks to trample down an opponent, however, she does have Detect and Double Team as back up in case anything goes wrong. Despite this, it's easy to break down her defenses. With strategy, and common sense, Penn is easy to beat.

    The Disaster Pokemon often downgrades herself as the most pitied being on the face of the Earth, mostly due to the several insults she recieves, she also believes she hated by everyone. If others attempt to befriend Penn, she often accepts their friendship, however doubts it, and thinks they will backstab her at some point in time. She's very biased at first meetings, but usually just keeps it to herself.

    - -- --- ------------- --- -- -

    User Notes-

    • Based off [url=http://lan-lanwolfy.deviantart.com/art/Xoci-Pen-272237837Pen[/url], an adopt of Qwrk's.
    • Even at jokes, Penn usually just keeps a straight face, barely smiling. Though on the inside, she probably is smiling, laughing maybe. Nonetheless, she barely shows how she truely feels to anyone.
    • An only child as stated at the beginning, however, she finds youngsters as little sisters, or even a child of her own. The only time she would give away her true feelings if there were a youngster around.
    • Adopted from TK!
    • Underground should actually be open, as Ciana no longer has a save there.

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