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    Keran the Obsessed Infernape ((Inactive))


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    Keran the Obsessed Infernape ((Inactive)) Empty Keran the Obsessed Infernape ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:32 pm

    Keran the Obsessed Infernape ((Inactive)) BvyfBEF

    Text Color #FFAA00
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult
    Species #392/Infernape/Flame Pokémon
    Height 3'11”
    Weight 121.3 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It uses a special kind of martial arts involving all its limbs. Its fire never goes out.
    Level 39
    Ability Blaze
    Nature Impish
    Characteristic Somewhat of a clown
    Moves - Mach Punch (learned)
    - Blaze Kick (breed)
    - Close Combat (learned)
    - Taunt (learned)
    History Keran. What kind of life could a boy named Keran have? Want the answer? A not fun one.

    Keran was picked on from the get go, his own siblings taunting him and treating him like a loser just because their mother named him Keran. Hell his name meant 'wooden post'. Why on earth would his mother choose him that name? Maybe he really was a loser.  It was with this mindset that the young Chimchar found himself wandering the laboratory where they all lived, finding any place he could to hide from his siblings, until one day he came across the battle testing arena.

    His father was there, a great Hitmonlee he hardly ever saw since he was hatched, but he was battling with a Hitmonchan in some kind circle. The battles fascinated him and the small Chimchar waited until they were finished, and the weird glowing lights went away, to go up to his father. In his own unique way, which mostly consisted of blurting out loud (very loud, mind you), he begged his father to teach him to fight like that. The Hitmonlee was intrigued and since none of his other children had even considered battling he took the little ape up on his request and soon father and son found a common bond. Through months of hard work the Chimchar was able to achieve his first evolution and became much more able to take his father's hits, even dishing out a few of his own now that he was bigger and faster.

    It was nearly two years before another would join the daily routine and when she did Keran was smitten. The Abra was stunning, with her cute little glasses as she watched the Hitmonchan spar with his father. It was actually quite a shock when he discovered that the other fighting type was actually her father, her lovely violet eyes watching the battle carefully and pointing out certain flaws and strengths in their respective styles. As the children broke away to their individual parents the Monferno couldn't help but keep getting distracted by her lovely visage. It got so bad that at one point his father accidentally threw a kick  too hard, one that he was sure the boy would dodge, and clocked him upside the head. It was lights out for the Monferno, a one hit KO that left the Hitmonlee in a panic as he rushed his son to the lab's Pokemon Center and Keran dreaming of a delicate Abra in wire frames.

    He awoke nearly two days later but refused to rest until he found the Abra, checking everywhere until he came to one of the research libraries and discovered a scientist with his Alakazam. And who was sitting next to the powerful psychic? A dainty female Abra reading quietly to herself. Rushing up to her Keran quickly introduced himself and startled the girl, causing her to teleport quickly away to the top of a bookshelf. Her Alakazam mother scolded him but Keran refused to give up, coming back every day until the Abra finally introduced herself as Kenna. What a glorious name she had, or at least the Monferno thought so.

    It took a lot of persistence on his part but finally Kenna started to see him as more of a friend rather than just a nuisance, and Keran was thrilled. He considered it one step closer to winning her heart and convinced himself that one day he would. Now he just needed to convince her. Keran had always been a bit...well...average. And Kenna in her own awkwardness never failed to point it out. She didn't realize how sad it made him to hear how normal and run of the mill he was, that even with his father's breed move he still couldn't compete against the Hitmonlee. Vowing to be stronger for Kenna, to give her something to admire in his technique, Keran struggled every day to become better than everyone saw him. Especially Kenna.

    Unfortunately for Keran his progress came with a huge step backwards as plague began to run rampant through Orre. Violence  filled the towns and healthy Pokemon began to fall ill and rise up again long after their hearts stopped beating. Sickly creatures began to feast on the living killing most humans and driving anyone left away, and even HQ wasn't spared. The hordes hit hard and fast killing most of the battle ready Pokemon first and leaving the children and humans defenseless. Keran did what he could to find Kenna but by the time he reached the library all he discovered was her dead parents and no Abra.

    Horrified Keran did what he could to survive the night, awaiting the horde to move on before going out to search for his beloved Kenna. Over a year passed and there was no sign of her, the Monferno fighting his way across regions and reaching his final evolution before finally getting to Kanto. Nowhere else had held his Kenna, perhaps this region would have better promise?

    He could only hope.

    Appearance Perfectly average Infernape and looks 100% normal for his species, which only adds to his inferiority complex.
    Personality Keran is an easily obsessed and lovestruck fool. He has his sights set on Kenna and has for years, often getting jealous when she is in the presence of other males even if she is ignoring them as well as him. He pesters constantly and always has a big goofy grin, loving to joke around and try and get Kenna to come out of her shell. However if anyone seems to pose an actual threat to Kenna he can become very violent and unforgiving, enough so to kill.
    User Notes -Father was a Hitmonlee
    -He is slightly older than Kenna but not by much
    -I completely stole his name from a male Templar in Dragon Age II, lol

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