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Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos]


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Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Empty Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos]

Post by Starbits Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:04 am

Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Tumblr_npkeaxjTnS1s5iyovo1_r2_400

Lisia Loraine
Shining Contest Star
Text Color 71d9ad
Theme(s) [url=link]???][/url]
Item backpack that contains
-change of clothes
-bag of berries
-separate bag of berries Lisia can eat
-canteen of water, full
-a teeny altaria plushie
Weapons Her Pokemon, a baseball bat, and a can of mace
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She | Her | Hers
Birthdate February 20th
Age 15
Species Human
Weight 100.8 lbs
Height 5'2"
Region of Origin Hoenn
Religion Arceist; prays to the Hoenn legends, Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon in particular
Accent American  
Occupation Former Contest Star | Pokemon Trainer
Party Lisia had only one Pokemon growing up and that was Ali. Shortly after various encounters with Brendan she decided she wanted to round herself out as a trainer by participating in battling, and having long ago fallen beneath the spell of dragon types, she assembled a team of all dragons. Though not of any impressive level when the Epidemic broke out just a month after assembling her team, she has trained hard in the four years of hell under the tutelage of Juan, her Uncle Wallace's old tutor. All of them are now very capable of defending their girl. Approach with caution-- they are less trusting than she.
Pkm 1
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] 334
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Luxuryball
Altaria | Ali (M)
Text Color: 96D9D6
Level- 60
Type- Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Dragon Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Flying
Ability- Natural Cure
Attack list-
-Sky Attack (Start)
-Draco Meteor (Tutor)
-Moonblast (Level)
-Sing (Start)
**Has Altarianite on a necklace around his neck
Pkm 2
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] 330
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Premierball
Flygon | Gaia (F)
Text Color: cd605e
Level- 58
Type- Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Ground Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Dragon  
Ability- Levitate
Attack list-
-Dragon Claw (Level)
-Earthquake (TM)
-Sand Tomb (Level)
-Supersonic (Level)
Pkm 3
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] 373
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Premierball
Salamance | Quaza (M)
Text Color: A98FF3
Level- 58
Type- Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Dragon Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Flying
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Dragon Claw (Level)
-Zen Headbutt (Level)
-Fire Fang (Start)
-Thunder Fang (Start)
Pkm 4
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Dragalge
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Pokeball
Dragalge | Circe (F)
Text Color:6c9149
Level- 56
Type- Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Poison Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Dragon  
Ability- Poison Touch
Attack list-
-Dragon Pulse (Level)
-Sludge Bomb (Level)
-Hydro Pump (Level)
-Smokescreen (Start)
Pkm 5
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] 148
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Pokeball
Dragonair | Mystique (F)
Text Color: 6F35FC
Level- 57
Type- Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Dragon  
Ability- Shed Skin
Attack list-
-Dragon Rush (Level Up)
-Aqua Tail (Level Up)
-Thunder Wave (TM)
-Flamethrower (Level Up)
**has Evolite set into a collar that's like a choker necklace
Pkm 6
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Goodra
Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Pokeball
Goodra | Amethyst (F)
Text Color: beade0
Level- 55
Ability- Hydration
Type- Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] Dragon  
Attack list-
-Outrage (Start)
-Power Whip (Level)
-Rain Dance (Level)
-Protect (Level)
Quote "Pokémon are about more than strength. You can raise 'em to be beautiful, or you can raise 'em to be tough as nails. They grow and change, trying as hard as they can to live up to their Trainer's feelings."

"If Pokemon change to live up to their Trainer's feelings... I wonder what mine are changing into, then..."
Lisia was born to a pair of very happy parents and a large, extended family. Growing up in the city she was born in, Lisia adored her Sootopilis home, spending many happy hours playing by the water. Her bright and cheerful disposition quickly attracted a large host of children her age whom she soon befriended, but one boy in particular hung around her. She and Chaz spent many days talking and becoming friends, making a promise together that they would someday take the Contest world by storm.  

Though they made good on this promise when they were nine years old, Lisia was far better than Chaz and soon surpassed him. This did not bother Chaz; what began to strain their relationship was Chaz's desire to not share his friend with anyone else, being fairly rude to anyone who he perceived as coming between them. As she rose in stardom it grated on her nerves, but she continued to try to maintain their friendship, though at the same time made it clear that she was not pleased with his attitude. His belligerence flared again when Lisia scouted a boy her own age in Slateport and he began to do well in contests; watching him do so well inspired her, and she struck up an amiable relationship with Brendan.  He inspired her, the girl firmly believing he did so well because he was a well rounded trainer, having also participated in Pokemon battles and slowly travelling through the region to earn Gym badges.

Lisia was present for almost none of the debacle with Team Magma. As soon as things started to get sketchy Wallace pleaded with his sister to take her family elsewhere for a while, perhaps framing it as a vacation so that she would not frighten her daughter; this, while Lisia watched as the sky turned red and the heat unbearable, she was not in Hoenn for that incident, though she heard plenty of it later from her Uncle Wal.  

It made her decide she wanted to begin battling. Her true love was contests, but Brendan had shown her that a well rounded trainer had special perceptions, and Team Magma had taught her that greater evil than an eleven year old expects and that a person has to be ready for it. Having long ago fallen in love with dragon types, Lisia began to assemble a team of dragons, adopting them from adoption centers.  

It was months later that the epidemic broke out.

Her mother and father had been too busy to make it to this particular Contest, but one of her guardians was there-- Juan, Wallace's mentor. Fleeing the hotel they were staying at, Juan tried to take her to the nearest evacuation center, but they were too late-- the ship had already left, stranding them in a world quickly taking a turn for the worst. With their escape route cut off Juan and Lisia next went looking for their family, and were grateful when they did not find neither them nor bodies-- surely this means they had been evacuated, right?

Unfortunately this was not to be; they found Lisia's parents dead in a car not far from the city they'd been staying in. Devastated beyond words, Lisia repressed everything she could about it and began to delude herself into believing that the bodies they'd found weren't her parents'; her parents were fine. All of them were fine. They had to be.

For the next four years Juan took care of Lisia, teaching her how to train her Pokemon, how to survive in the wild. Though it was far from easy, Juan managed to keep Lisia from some of the worst of humanity during this time, but not all of it. He began to grow worried; she wasn't dealing with it in a healthy manner, making up stories she'd rather believe, and there was nothing he could do to help her.

One day they were travelling through a cave system Lisia, tired and cranky, began to argue with her Uncle Juan. She did not think this was the way out of the cave. Juan did. The argument persisted for several minutes and was interrupted by a group of bandits. Thankfully they didn't coordinate their movements correctly and when Juan ordered Lisia to run, she was able to do so, as they hadn't surrounded them properly. She fled, but did not get far before she heard a tremendous crack, and then the sound of tons of rocks falling in on themselves. Returning to the area she overheard several of the bandits speaking with one another, checking to make sure they were all okay. While most of them were fine, a couple of them were missing, as was their target. They had no remorse for Juan.

Rage spotted her vision, coloring everything she saw. Though she tried to follow them, they disappeared into the shadows. But they'd have to exit the cave at some point to get food for their Pokemon, right?

She found the exit. And waited. One day. Two. Three. At the end of the third day, a group of people. Peering into the darkness, the number of shapes looked right. The heights looked correct. Perfect.

Sharing her grief, her anger, lusting for revenge, her Flygon Earthquake'd the ground, collapsing the cave ceiling in on the people who had killed her uncle. The act left her breathless and shaky, somewhat sick... but it was done. She left to find her Pokemon water. It was at the watering hole she'd found where she found them, the bandits that murdered Juan.

She killed the wrong people. The weight of the situation slamming into her, she fled, spending the next several days a broken mess, wandering in a daze. Unable to deal with reality as it was she shoved it away, doing everything in her power to make herself forget what she'd done. Halfway successful, she gained her wits back, much to to the intense relief of her dragons.  

With little else left, Lisia travels, her sole goal in life to locate her family.

And apologize to a dead man for being a brat.
Appearance -she wears her hair in a braid now, but she still has the two long pieces of hair that hang on either side of her face
-she wears a striped off the shoulder sweater that's in various shades of blue and purple; her pants are white and blue and her boots and bag are blue
-still has the hair clip, minus the mega stone
-a little thin, but thankfully not too skinny
-face and clothes are slightly dirty
-change of clothes-- green hoodie, gray sweater, purple pants


-she and Pearl would be great friends
-no seriously the girl has no volume control when excited

  • mouth tends to be several steps ahead of her brain

-she speaks in a rush, often dumping a copious amount of words out at a time
-this leads to her sometimes being a tactless fuck
-she means no harm, but she honestly has no filter; it is something she is starting to mature out of, but for now there is a severe lack of filter

  • giving, generous

-it does not matter how little she has; she will share with you if you are without
-whether you like it or not

  • meticulous when planning

-when Lisia is thinking something through--and she does that far more often than you may think--she is careful, extremely so

  • perceptive

-she's good at reading people--like Steven says the Simmons family are good at spotting emotions in other people, and Lisia has used this talent to judge how well she is doing in Contests.  It is this skill that makes her such a dangerous opponent; whether it is a contest or a battle, Lisia can read the faces and body language of those she faces off against or need to impress and react accordingly.
-unfortunately unlike her uncle and second cousin Lisia is not gifted with the ability to use this radar to be a caretaker, which leads us into:

  • made awkward by closeness

-she's not used to things like watching people cry, listening to secrets being confessed, or any such acts of intimacy; she is a young girl of a famous stature with many friendships that were only skin-deep, her only close friends being the adults in her life--her parents, Uncle Wallace, Uncle Steven, and Uncle Juan.  She had no close friendships with people her own age and, since her close relationships were all with people who were much older than she, they had a guardianship role in her life; they had a duty to protect her and oftentimes this meant shielding her from their pain and troubles, and thus she never learned how to help others deal with sorrow
-even witnessing intimacy in a positive way, like seeing someone overcome by sheer joy, is something that throws her for a loop-- this person is screaming with happiness and hugging this person what do I do again?
-due to being famous she was constantly wary of those her own age looking for her friendship as they tended to want something out of it and now it's biting her in the ass

  • usually bubbly, cheerful

-the most noticeable thing about Lisia besides her lack of volume control is definitely her upbeat attitude.  Never one to dwell on the bad side of life for too long, Lisia will always bounce back from whatever has happened, always finding a silver lining; though it seems as if she is almost indestructible in this sense, she is far from impenetrable

  • delusional

-to cope with the mental trauma, Lisia has convinced herself that she is not killing the undead that she kills; she is merely putting them to sleep
-she has likewise convinced herself that all their loved ones are hidden away someplace safe, even those she watched die with her own eyes, and if only they can find them, everything will be fine
-on top of this as mentioned in the history she has buried and repressed most of what she has done, deluding herself into believing it never happened and was just a nightmare, if she even admits to its existence at all
-if things are bad enough she will ignore just how bad it is, leading her Pokemon to need to correct the problem for her until she can manage on her own again
-example is running really low on food, and she is starting to go hungry so the others can be fed; she will ignore that she is starving because stressing out over looking for food and not being able to find it only makes her sicker, and thus her Pokemon will need to frantically try to correct the problem before either her mental or physical health give out on her

  • inwardly bitter

-she is a fifteen year old child--she should be worrying about boy bands, fashion, movies, Contests, and other such things that interest her.  Even Chaz's dumb advances and thick head would be a preferable thing to worry about.  As it stands it's the apocalypse and she has had the remainder of her childhood and her innocence stolen from her; she had to grow up way too fast and it's very painful to think on.  She solves this problem by doing her best not to dwell on it, but it can be difficult sometimes whenever she has time to think or is reminded of her old life by something

  • harbors a very violent and vengeful side

-cultivated from her bitterness and her pain, Lisia is not a very forgiving soul when it comes to harm done to her own; she has lost a lot and she does not take well to losing more
-while her violence and vengeance generally fits the crime, it means she is not above causing serious injury, though her last experience with a life for a life has left her terrified and unlikely to try that again
Lisia's Relationships:
:aquarius: Wallace: Lisia's beloved uncle. Since the child was born Wallace has been around to help look after her and Lisia has grown up with him as one of her many guardians. Wallace was an incredible influence on the girl, teaching her not only about the wonders of fashion and contests but also stressing the importances of class, generosity, kindness, and poise. The two adore one another and Wallace wastes no opportunity to spoil the girl when possible. Lisia in turn takes to heart his nuggets of wisdom and very much considers the man her idol, everything she strives to be. Wallace quit Contests to focus full time on his Gym Leader duties after seeing his niece's talent in the field far outshining his own, but watching Brendan and Lisia partake in contests together rekindled his desire to participate, much to Lisia's joy. Like with the others of her family she is not concerned for his safety due to her delusion that all of her family is safe and sound somewhere, whether this be true or not.

:aquarius: Steven: Wallace's dear friend whom Lisia knows through her uncle, Lisia adores Steven and fully considers him part of her family. She's willing to indulge him in some of his long winded rants about rocks, though she'd much prefer to hear about his tangents relating to steel type Pokemon since she finds those more relatable. The girl is aware of Wallace's crush on Steven and holds onto the childish dream that perhaps that will work out for them, though deep down she realizes it never could. She enjoys his calm, level-headed nature, though wishes he had more of a sense of humor.

:aquarius: Juan: A talented water type specialist who was first Wallace's mentor and then her own, Lisia sees Juan as an uncle perhaps wiser than even her Uncle Wal. Juan was very patient with her, though also very firm; he taught her everything she knows about battling even though dragon types are not his speciality.  

:aquarius: Brendan: The boy she met through Contests by pretty much singling him out in a crowd to promote as a rising Contest star, Lisia took a liking to Brendan and he encouraged her through his victories to experiment more with other ways of living with Pokemon; Lisia settled on battling due to Wallace and Steven's love of it. Surely if they enjoyed it, she should too, right? It turned out to be a live saving move as she had assembled a battling team just a short time before the Epidemic broke out.
User Notes
-is often referred to as "Lissa" by her Pokemon; it's a welcome nickname so feel free to use it
-she refers to Wallace, Juan, and Steven as her uncles despite only Wallace actually being her uncle
-I made up none of that stuff about Chaz by the way he's actually like that in game and it's ANNOYING
-Juan is heavily implied to be dead but could have survived; she is unaware of that
-is triggered by caves, dripping water, landslides, the smell of caves (damp, cold earth) and the like; these things will cause hyperventilation and sometimes flashbacks. Though not triggered by stalagmites she's not a big fan of them.


Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] RosaChallenge
oh, captain, let's make a deal
where we both say the things that we both really feel
i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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To the PC, please and thank you!


Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] RosaChallenge
oh, captain, let's make a deal
where we both say the things that we both really feel
i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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Contest Star Lisia [Laverre, Kalos] RGgji6G


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