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    Elite Four Shauntal [Dragonspiral|Unova]


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    Elite Four Shauntal [Dragonspiral|Unova] Empty Elite Four Shauntal [Dragonspiral|Unova]

    Post by Duma Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:54 pm

    Elite Four Shauntal [Dragonspiral|Unova] Elite%20Four%20Shauntal_zpsit2edq0l
    Image by NyraXers

    Text Color #896295
    Theme(s) What Are You Waiting For? [Nickelback]
    Item Small messenger bag that holds a few TMs, her pokeballs, her writing utensils and her books
    Weapons Two small daggers, a dozen throwing knives and her pokemon.
    Gender Female [Cisgender Female]
    Age Low to Mid 30's
    Species Human
    Weight 135lbs.
    Height 5'08"
    Occupation Former Elite Four member, Writer, Ghost Type Specialist
    Party Lost two of her original team. The others are all still healthy and two she picked up in the Epidemic. All of them except the Phantump are female.
    Pkm 1
    Elite Four Shauntal [Dragonspiral|Unova] Sableye
    Species- Sableye
    Level- 60
    Ability- Keen Eye
    Attack list-
    -Power Gem (Learned)
    -Moonlight (Bred Move)
    -Shadow Ball (Learned)
    -Shadow Sneak (Learned)
    **Volbeat father
    **Text Color #83C5D5
    **Has a Muscle Band around arm
    Pkm 2
    Elite Four Shauntal [Dragonspiral|Unova] Phantump_front-png
    Species- Phantump
    Level- 45
    Ability- Natural Cure
    Attack list-
    -Phantom Force (Learned)
    -Curse (Learned)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Solar Beam (TM)
    **Text color #BB9874
    **Has a soothe bell and shell bell on a wristband
    Pkm 3
    Elite Four Shauntal [Dragonspiral|Unova] Cofagrigus
    Species- Cofagrius
    Level- 60
    Ability- Mummy
    Attack list-
    -Grass Knot (TM)
    -Shadow Ball (Learned)
    -Will-O-Wisp (Learned)
    -Psychic (TM)
    **Text color #FFBD31
    **Has a pack of leftovers inside the casket
    Pkm 4
    Elite Four Shauntal [Dragonspiral|Unova] Pokemon-heartgold-soulsilver-gengar-sprite
    Species- Gengar
    Level- 61
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Shadow Ball (Learned)
    -Dark Pulse (Learned)
    -Focus Blast (TM)
    -Sludge Bomb (TM)
    **Text Color #A86090
    **Has a Expert Belt tied around upper arm
    Pkm 5
    Elite Four Shauntal [Dragonspiral|Unova] 478
    Species- Froslass
    Level- 60
    Ability- Snow Cloak
    Attack list-
    -Blizzard (Learned)
    -Ice Shard (Learned)
    -Shadow Ball (Learned)
    -Psychic (TM)
    **Text Color #BD428C
    **Has a pair of Wise Glasses
    Pkm 6
    Elite Four Shauntal [Dragonspiral|Unova] 609
    Species- Chandelure
    Level- 63
    Ability- Flame Body
    Attack list-
    -Shadow Ball (Learned)
    -Psychic (TM)
    -Fire Blast (TM)
    -Energy Ball (TM)
    **Text color #7352E6
    **Has a choice scarf tied around their left arm
    Quote "Every person who works with Pokémon has a Pokémon story to tell. I've found that stories where people and Pokémon help each other out are far more interesting than stories about only people, or only Pokémon!"
    History Shauntal had an average life, her parents were decent and she had a relatively normal life around other kids her age. She would play with the Persian that her father owned, and occassionally she would read the books that her mother owned. It wasn't the best, nor was it the worst, it was... Average.

    From a very young age, Shauntal loved Ghosts. She would read all the books they owned on the powerful ghosts there were. Giratina, the ghost dragon legend of Sinnoh, The tall Golurk of Unova, even the poison ghosts of the Ghastly line. Shauntal loved reading everything about all the ghosts that were in all the regions.

    When she was approached for the chance to get her very first Pokemon, Shauntal went for a young Litwick, the fire ghost's bad reputation for stealing the life-force of others did not sway Shauntal, and instead it drew her closer to the candle. She would become one of the strongest trainers, and maybe even one day, beat the Champion, all with her team of ghosts.

    Determined to stick to this goal, Shauntal trained her Litwick, catching a Yamask and Drifloon in her travels, and after training those two up to a reasonable level, Shauntal was ready to start battling others. She started off small, challenging a few other trainers she passed to battles, before going further and joining a battle group.

    In this battle group, Shauntal made a big name for herself as a strong Ghost trainer, and even if her challengers brought pokemon she was weak to, Shauntal would manage to scrape a win up with her Litwick - who had recently evolved into a Lampent. With their small team, Shauntal was able to make a very good name for herself as the powerful Ghost trainer with the even more powerful Pokemon. With this, Shauntal was satisfied.

    In one of her battles, Shauntal was given a young Haunter, which after she recieved it evolved into a young Gengar that at first, was rather troublesome. The ghost was forever glaring at her, and even though they followed her orders, the Gengar was less than pleased. So, to amend this, Shauntal spent the next few months spending all her time with the duel type, gaining their trust and eventually, she got the Gengar to like her, and instead of glaring at her from the shadows, the ghost would smile at her and spend time with her like the res tof her team did.

    After a few years of battling the trainers in her battle group, Shauntal was approached by the Champion himself, Alder. He came asking her to take over the previous Elite Four's position as the Unovian League Elite Four Ghost Master. Shauntal was surprised, but of course she wouldn't let an oppertunity like this to go to waste, so she agreed, and after a quick move and a few gifts, Shauntal was ready to step up to become one of the famed Elite Four.

    She joined at the same time as another new person did. He was a tall, Dark Type trainer that had a powerful Liepard by his side. Shauntal and her Chandelure didn't like the looks of them, and during the times that the four of them were together, Shauntal and the Dark trainer - Grimsley - would spend the time glaring at each other.

    Despite this however, Shauntal once went to visit him in the room he had set up for challengers, and after a few minutes of talking, Shauntal found out that he wasn't so bad. The two of them became good friends, and after a day of nothing going on, or even if they had the rare challenger, Shauntal and Grimsley would sit on the black lounge he had and read together. They grew to have odd nicknames and inside jokes between the two of them, which neither of the other two Elites could get.

    When she wasn't spending her time with Grimsley, she would visit Cynthia's Villa in Undella Bay. Shauntal loved spending time with the Sinnoh Champion, and she would often train her pokemon with the woman during off times when there was no one at the League. It was during one of these times that she got word of what happened at Opelucid City.

    Team Plasma had attacked Opelucid, looking for some item that was supposedly there. Using a legends power, they put the city on ice. Literally. Taking the time to return to the League, Shauntal helped all she could, but there wasn't much any of them could do other than helping ration food and other necessities. So when the Epidemic hit, Shauntal knew that the City wouldn't last.

    It was a full-out attack on the League, and soon Shauntal had to leave. She knew that Grimsley had left a few days earlier, but she wanted to stay and help her home. Despite that, the conditions grew too unstable, and the Ghost trainer had to flee. After changing to a less hindering attire, she grabbed her novel and writing pens, and once she had her pokemon in their balls safe, she fled.

    As she left the League, the smell of singed fur and blood swamped Shauntal's senses. Looking around for living survivors, Shauntal came across a horrible sight. Grimsley's Drapion, one of his strongest, was crushed under fallen rubble, a dead Flareon nearby. Shauntal placed a hand on the bug’s hard shell, murmuring a soft goodbye before she left, trying to find safety.

    Along her travels, Shauntal would use Golurk and Drifblim to get around, since the giant and the ghost balloon were two of her best. Despite that, when they were checking a house for any survivors, an undead attacked. It was a sableye, its teeth bloodied and claws chipped away. It attacked Shauntal, and in an act to defend their trainer, Golurk took the hit, taking out the Sableye with a powerful punch that sent it crashing headfirst into a wall. It was then that Golurk fell to its knees, gasping for air. The Sableye was infectious still, it seemed.

    Suffering from their injuries, Golurk died that night, passing away under the watch of Drifblim. Shauntal had enough time to say goodbye, before the giant's eyes reopened and they lashed out with unbelievable speed, hitting Drifblim, who under the pressure of the punch, the balloon popped, leaving Shauntal with only shreds of what once was one of her oldest teammates. Sobbing out apologies, Shauntal sent out Chandelure to help her as she took down Golurk again, this time doing it properly.

    The burial didn't last long, since Chandelure told Shauntal that they had to keep moving. As they were about to leave, a young Sableye poked its head from a small house. After a quick check-up, Chandelure deemed them safe and after talking with the duel type, they agreed to join her, since it was safer than staying there.

    On her travels, Shauntal found herself wondering more and more about how her friend was doing. After a more recent encounter with an undead where Shauntal saved a young Phantump from attacking undead, the Ghost trainer made her way to HQ, where she had heard the call for the trainers and Elites. Shauntal travelled there in hopes that she would find Grimsley there.
    Appearance After her escape from the League in Unova, Shauntal changed her oustfit to include a more suitable wardrobe of a long sleeved black shirt, black jeans, a dark faded purple long tailcoat with black trim and silver buttons. Her glasses have been swapped for a smaller set, she still wears her dark faded purple armsocks, a purple-grey scarf to replace the large bow she once had around her neck and she has grown her hair out to be pulled back in a ponytail that goes black at the very tips of her hair.

    She carries a small black messenger bag that carries her writing utensils, pokeballs and her novel that she is writing. At her hip is the sheaths for two daggers and along her belt are small sheaths for her throwing knives, six on each side.
    Personality Pros: Shauntal is very kindhearted and sweet. She loves to talk, and she's almost never without ideas for a conversation around people. She makes friends quickly, and keeps them for life. She loves talking to new people if they give her ideas for her novel, and she is almost never without her pen and notebook, ready to jot down notes at the earliest convenience. Very bright and bubbly, Shauntal can express great joy when meeting up with an old friend, as well as meeting someone new and exciting. As an Elite Four member, Shauntal excels at fighting, and after each fight, she will praise each side, unless they're undead (in which case she'll say a few words of apology).

    Cons: Writer's block is a real challenge for Shauntal. She can get very mopey and difficult when she's going through a bout of writer's block, and if she can, will complain about it like there's no tomorrow. She is also not very good at stressful situations and can end up tripping over her words in an attempt to calm everyone down.  She also doesn't do well in very large groups. If it's one or two strangers, or a group that she knows, Shauntal is fine, but she wants no part in a large group of strangers without someone familiar nearby.

    Neutral: She is still trying to write her novel, and is about three quarters done. Shauntal is a Biromantic Demisexual.
    User Notes -Knows Grimsley as a fellow Elite Four and a very good friend
    -I was given permission to use Grimsley in Shauntal's history

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    She's finally ready for a team omg

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