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    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral))


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    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral)) Empty Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral))

    Post by Iris Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:16 pm

    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral)) 2x6PRoE

    Iris Atashi
    Text Color #C12859
    Theme(s) None
    Item Satchel holding basic supplies (meal rations, water skin, etc), diary, whetstone, Champion Crown from her days before the Epidemic.
    Weapons Series of small daggers and throwing knives, Glaive
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult, 20
    Species Human
    Weight 110.8lbs
    Height 5'05”
    Occupation Dragon Master, Single Move Tutor. Formerly – Unova Champion/Opelucid Gym Apprentice
    Pkm 1
    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral)) Spr_5b_635
    Hydreigon, “Medousa”, F
    Level- 61
    Ability- Levitate
    Text Color- FF3E96
    Attack list-
    -Focus Blast (TM)
    -Fire Blast (TM)
    -Dragon Rush (LVL)
    -Surf (HM)
    Pkm 2
    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral)) Spr_5b_373
    Salamence, “Syltha”, F
    Level- 66
    Ability- Intimidate
    Text Color- 82CFFD
    Attack list-
    -Draco Meteor (Tutor)
    -Fly (LVL)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Crunch (LVL)
    Pkm 3
    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral)) Spr_6x_714
    Noibat, “Gau”, M
    Level- 32
    Ability- Infiltrator
    Text Color- B5509C
    Attack list-
    -Air Cutter (LVL)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Outrage (Egg)
    -Razor Wind (LVL)
    Pkm 4
    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral)) Spr_5b_306
    Aggron, “Tilde”, F
    Level- 65
    Ability- Rock Head
    Text Color- BC8F8F
    Attack list-
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Double-Edge (LVL)
    -Stone Edge (TM)
    -Heavy Slam (LVL)
    Pkm 5
    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral)) Spr_6x_133
    Eevee, “Aveline”, F
    Level- 18
    Ability- Adaptability
    Text Color- 7BCC70
    Attack list-
    -Swift (LVL)
    -Return (TM)
    -Helping Hand (LVL)
    -Quick Attack (LVL)
    Pkm 6
    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral)) Spr_6x_612
    Haxorus, “Vashoth”, F
    Level- 69
    Ability- Mold Breaker
    Text Color- DBDB70
    Attack list-
    -Dragon Dance (LVL)
    -Outrage (LVL)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -X-Scissor (TM)
    Quote "There's a myth in Sinnoh that says that the reason why Pokémon jump out is because they want to thank people. I'm sure that we and Pokémon have helped each other and enriched the world since ancient times. These memories have been engraved in each Pokémon's heart!"
    History Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Johto, in a valley known as Blackthorn City, Iris was born. Known as the Village of Dragons it was no surprise when the small child developed her love and fascination with the Pokemon type. Pursuing the Dragon Masters at all hours she begged and pleaded to be taught until she was given a test, a dragon egg to care for. It took weeks of careful care and attention but soon a baby Axew hatched from within and the bond that struck them was as easy to see as one’s reflection in mirrored glass. Pleased with her ability to bond with the powerful creatures the Dragon Masters of the valley extended her a tutorship, bringing her in as one of their own. Sadly, though, Iris’s nature proved almost too difficult for them to teach.

    The young girl was special in a way they hadn’t seen in years, able to read the hearts of most of the dragons in the village and understand them better than even their trainers. She would often skip out on lessons and take off in small adventures with her Axew, Vashoth, in hopes of meeting the wilder Pokemon inhabiting the area. Some of whom were less than appreciative of the boisterous child. When a raging Shellgon tore up several gardens in pursuit of the girl they knew they had to do something, and so off to Unova she was shipped. Much to Iris’s displeasure.

    Upon arriving she was met by the leader of Opelucid Gym, Drayden, and despite his kind nature the petulant child wanted none of it. She insisted on calling him old and grew increasingly more indignant as time went on. But he was patient with her, almost too patient, and though it took time eventually he was able to break down the wall she had put up and she confessed that her real reason for her anger and childishness was because she thought he would abandon her too. Drayden assured the child that she was there to stay and after a while Iris let him in on her secret, that she understood his dragons. Not in a literal sense, such as hearing them speak or mind reading, but that she could sense their moods and their needs as though they were her own. She could see their hearts.

    Nurturing her gift took time, and before long they realized she hadn’t reached her full potential because her own heart was still calloused from being sent away from home so young. So, to help her grow, Drayden brought in a friend from the Unova league, the Champion Alder. He was a spiritual man who took young Iris under his wing and helped her let go of the troubles of the past so she could see the brightness of the future illuminating the present. With his help she quickly returned to the happy, adventurous, and more than a little risky child she had been. All of which Drayden supported. He taught her how to explore, how to use any environment as a chance to train, how to approach and bond with wild Pokemon, even how to capture them.

    As the years passed she became very close to Drayden, considering him more family than the ones back home, and took from calling him old to just calling him “Grandpa.” Despite being his apprentice Iris was allowed to roam the region and sometimes she would follow Alder around or even go off on her own, provided she tell Drayden where she was going if she did. Life was good, until Team Plasma that is. Iris had encountered a group of youths near her age and one of them had her Pokemon stolen by one of those brutes for some rubbish reason. She fought to protect the girl and helped a boy get the poor girl’s Munna back, learning his name was Blair (though no one ever called him that) and happily wished him well on his journey where she told him they would meet again if he made it to Opelucid Gym. Not long after, Plasma attacked the League and it took Black to bring it back to rights. Iris recounting the legend of the Twin Dragons to help him unlock the orb he carried and with it he summoned and championed Zekrom, defeating Plasma and putting the world back to rights.

    Black stayed for a long time, becoming a detective in Opelucid, and Iris got to see her friend fairly regularly. But she still busied herself with intensive training because after Plasma she had a new goal, to become the Champion and share the hearts of Pokemon with the world. It took two years but eventually she was able to challenge and defeat Alder so to reward her on her success and new career as Champion Grandpa gifted her a new dress. Thrilled with her new role in Unova the young Dragon Trainer sought to share her skills but it was not to be, because on one of her visits home the skies erupted with ice and devastated the area. Plasma again, and this time there wasn’t anything she could do to help. The fused legends she had no knowledge of and so she stayed behind with Black to try and help as many people as possible, feeling a wave of relief when Plasma was once again defeated.

    The fragile city was left covered in ice but thankfully they were able to rebuild much of it. Iris returned to the Pokemon League to await for the day she would be challenged. Just as Alder had been proud of her for finally winning, so too would she feel that warmth in her heart at seeing the joy on another’s face for accomplishing their dream. In the meanwhile she got busy trying to show the world that Pokemon were not only companions but that the memories of all people and Pokemon are engraved in each other’s hearts, shared with each new generation. When translators were created it made this process really take momentum and Iris was overjoyed at being able to actually hear her companions and speak to them in kind. For a few years everything seemed to be okay, like life was getting back on track, but then the next tragedy struck.

    The Epidemic ravaged Unova. Iris rushed back to Opelucid to try and help Grandpa evacuate as many as possible to the more fortified Pokemon League but many were lost. Even two of her precious Pokemon were killed in the initial wave, bodies ravaged beyond returning from the dead which, despite the atrocity of their death, was probably the more merciful outcome. She fought hard, and with help was able to get a few handfuls of her townsfolk out of the immediate danger and to safer ground. But after a several weeks the evidence was apparent, that this virus was not going to stop spreading. They were already running low on rations. People were getting sick, fights were breaking out, the stress of confinement and waves of fear upsetting everyone and pushing them to their breaking points. It was then that Grandpa came up with the plan to venture out and once again seek aid in the Legends that aided them once before and he set out for Dragonspiral Tower. Despite much protest Iris insisted that she come along, not just because she could fight but because he might need help. She wouldn’t lose someone else she loved and wouldn’t let them abandon her like when she was a child. This was her decision.

    Wherever Drayden went, Iris was going too.

    Appearance While not very tall, Iris is fit and lean. Her muscles are toned from years of training alongside her dragons and her dark skin even more bronzed from a lifetime outdoors. She is young, but not a child. She still retains a youthful appearance though the hardships since the Epidemic have begun to show around her mouth and eyes, dark circles and lines forming from restlessness and sorrow. Her long, dark hair is always kept high in a warrior’s ponytail, some of the shorter locks peeking out of the bulk in a spiked fashion while her long bangs are kept looped back into the tie. Her Champion clothing is tattered, hastily resewn and repurposed into a more useful fashion as travelling in a dress leaves much to be desired. Changing out her sandals for a pair of boots the young woman cares nothing for fashion and instead focuses on maneuverability and practicality.
    Her glaive is back mounted with a hard leather strap, fingerless gloves helping keep grip and preventing blisters on the chances she has to use it. Small throwing daggers are strapped around her leg and are easily accessible in a pinch. Her only bulk is the leather satchel she wears but when in a fight it is quickly thrown to her back and twisted with the leather that normally holds her glaive, after it is drawn. Having seen much hardship her normally shimmering maroon eyes hold a more fragile light now, only truly sparkling when she at peace around her dragons or Drayden.
    Personality True to form, Iris’s biggest passion is Pokemon. Especially Dragon Pokemon. From a young age she was able to sense and read the hearts of dragons and over the years was able to reach that ability out to other Pokemon, sensing their joy and love for their trainers as well as pain and sadness for those who mistreated them. She writes in her diary every day, if she can, and tries to pour all of her negative emotions out onto paper so that she won’t let them out on those around her. This often makes her seem more aloof when around humans, keeping safe company in her Pokemon rather than resting her burdens on strangers.
    If she sees a wounded or lost Pokemon she does her best to try and help it, though dragons are more likely to trust her due to her natural ability with them. She has taken in two strays this way in an effort to save as many as possible. While still optimistic and kind, her joyous nature is more subdued than in her youth as the horrors of the Epidemic have left their mark on her psyche. She still struggles to put on a smile in front of her friends, Pokemon, and Drayden so that they don’t worry about her, but inside she is still crying over the anguish of the world. She fights every day to try and bring back the peace of the world so that both people and Pokemon can stop suffering.
    User Notes -Her Lapras and Archeops from her Champion Team were lost during the evacuation of Opelucid during the Epidemic
    -Iris has trained as a Move Tutor for only one move, Draco Meteor. She only grants it to those who have won the hearts of their dragons because she believes only they will use the move’s devastating power wisely. She can still teach it to those who wish to learn it, though if they have no trainer they must prove themselves worthy by a series of tasks meant to prove the heart of the dragon who asks.
    -I leave Salamence open as a possibility of gaining Mega Evolution in the future.
    -Her Noibat and Eevee were wounded strays she picked up after the evacuation.
    -No, Sil, Aveline was not meant to be a Dragon Age reference lol. Even though she shares much the same fate lol. It is because the name means “Little Eve”. Vashoth, however, TOTALLY IS.
    -Aveline will eventually become a Drakeon and will likely become a dual with Iris down the road.
    -Alter Image by Starprincess13, drawn for Kaze  

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    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral)) Empty Re: Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral))

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    No, Sil, Aveline was not meant to be a Dragon Age reference lol. Even though she shares much the same fate lol. It is because the name means “Little Eve”. Vashoth, however, TOTALLY IS

    You can't convince me it's not.


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    Resistance: Iris ((Dragonspiral)) RGgji6G


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