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    Elite Four Drake (Dragonspiral Team)


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    Elite Four Drake (Dragonspiral Team) Empty Elite Four Drake (Dragonspiral Team)

    Post by Nightfall Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:14 pm

    Elite Four Drake (Dragonspiral Team) 469px-Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sapphire_Drake

    Drake, formerly 'Captain'
    Theme Duh
    ORAS Elite Four Battle Theme
    Ilan Eshkeri - Cap'n's At The Helm
    Two Steps From Hell - Norwegian Pirate
    Text Color #1768d1
    Weapons A scimitar, a revolver with limited ammo, a hunting knife, his Pokemon
    Items A smoking pipe, a box of matches, a flask of rum, a few spare Poke Balls, medicinal items (limited supply), rope, a fishing net, a Dragon Fang, universal communicator (not used with his own Pokemon)
    Gender Male
    Age 62
    Species Human
    Height 6'02"
    Weight 234.4lbs
    Occupation Former member of the Hoenn Elite Four, former sea captain, Dragon-type master
    Party Drake's Kingdra and Altaria were both lost to the epidemic.
    His team are all male.
    Pkm 1

    Elite Four Drake (Dragonspiral Team) 96px-373Salamence

    Ability: Intimidate
    Attack List
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Dragon Claw (level-up)
    -Thunder Fang (start)
    -Fly (HM)
    Pkm 2

    Elite Four Drake (Dragonspiral Team) 96px-330Flygon

    Ability: Levitate
    Attack List
    -Boomburst (level-up [pre-evolution])
    -Dragon Rush (level-up)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Crunch (level-up [pre-evolution])
    Pkm 3

    Elite Four Drake (Dragonspiral Team) 96px-691Dragalge

    Ability: Poison Touch
    Attack List
    -Surf (HM)
    -Dragon Pulse (level-up)
    -Sludge Wave (TM)
    -Toxic (level-up)
    Pkm 4

    Elite Four Drake (Dragonspiral Team) 96px-697Tyrantrum

    Ability: Strong Jaw
    Attack List
    -Crunch (level-up)
    -Ice Fang (egg move)
    -Stone Edge (TM)
    -Dragon Claw (level-up)
    Pkm 5

    Elite Four Drake (Dragonspiral Team) 96px-445Garchomp

    Ability: Sand Veil
    Attack List
    -Dragon Rush (level-up)
    -Dig (level-up)
    -Brick Break (TM)
    -Iron Head (egg move)
    Pkm 6

    Elite Four Drake (Dragonspiral Team) 96px-715Noivern

    Ability: Infiltrator
    Attack List
    -Hurricane (level-up)
    -Super Fang (level-up)
    -Psychic (TM)
    -U-Turn (TM)
    Quote "For us to battle with Pokémon as partners, do you know what it takes? Do you know what is needed? If you don't, then you will never prevail over me!"
    History Drake was born as an only child in Slateport City in the Hoenn region. His father was a fisherman who worked at the city's docks, and his mother ran her own stall in the market on the promenade. They weren't the wealthiest of families, but they got by. From a young age, Drake used to sometimes accompany his father out on fishing trips. He'd stand at the bow of the boat gazing out at the blue horizon, becoming hypnotised by the waves and spotting distant islands. One day, he yearned to explore it all.

    As far as childhoods went, Drake's was as ordinary as they got. He was an adventurous boy, always out looking for new experiences. He made friends with a boy called Drayden, whose family were regular visitors to Slateport from Unova. They made the trip every year, and each time they met the two boys took themselves off for adventures, whether it was a trip to the Oceanic Museum, a few pranks at the market or a play on the beach. He and Drayden stayed very close friends even when they weren't together, and wrote to each other every so often.

    It wasn't long until the day came that would change young Drake's life forever. One Saturday, his father suggested that they take the boat out to one of the islands that Drake always gazed at. His ecstatic son agreed, and in a few hours they came ashore on a small island not far from Pacifidlog Town. It was there that they came across a baby Bagon, wounded and abandoned. Drake was horrified that someone would do that to a Pokemon, and took the little dragon home and nursed him back to health. From that moment on, they were inseparable.

    Going forward into his teenage years, Drake began to wonder about what to do with his life. He still longed to follow in his father's footsteps and live for the sea, but he had a Pokemon now; he could very well go on a journey, maybe even take the League Challenge. His paths had branched and he didn't know which route to take. But at the same time, his father's age was catching up to him and his health beginning to decline. It was several months until he sat next to him on his deathbed, confessing that he'd hit a brick wall and wasn't sure what he was meant to do. But his father looked him straight in the eye and said, "Whatever you do, son, I will be proud. The world is yours; go out there and take all that it has to offer. Regret nothing." Not long after, he took his last breath.

    Strengthened by his father's last words, Drake decided to take the first step. He got a job at the docks; at first he was merely an errand boy, carrying out the odd job for his superiors, not to mention having to occasionally scrub the barnacles off the bottom of the ships. It was hard work, but he slowly began to earn more respect for himself, the senior dock workers taking a liking for his enthusiasm and 'can-do' attitude. Drake was growing in more ways than one; his boy's body became a man's and his resolve only strengthening with each passing day. Finally, he made it where he wanted to be; the Tidal was bound for a trip to Lilycove, and Drake was invited to join the crew, an offer he accepted without hesitation.

    He was finally there. He had the salty winds in his hair, the endless horizon before him and the sun beaming down onto his face. Wingull soared overhead and Wailmer frolicked in the waters below. He and Bagon had their whole lives to look forward to, and he wasn't about to let a moment of it go to waste. Once they arrived in Lilycove, Drake put this into practice. He visited a tavern where he got all the booze he could drink, all the coin he could bet and all the women he could bed.

    Waking up next to a young blonde the following morning, Drake realised that perhaps he'd gone a little too far. Sure, it had been fun, but he was certain that it hadn't been what his father had meant when he told him to take all that the world had. He set off back for Slateport, but this time went on foot, capturing a few more Pokemon on the way. He was beginning to find himself using the Dragon-type a lot, admiring them for their raw power and strong resistances to many of the other types.

    Years passed, and Drake established himself as a prominent figure in Hoenn's shipping industry. He was named Captain of the Tidal, and had an entire crew under his command. They traveled every inch of Hoenn's oceans and beyond, even setting up port in Unova once in a while to give Drayden a surprise visit. His first mate was a man called Briney, an aspiring sailor who became close friends with Drake. He was not a Trainer, but had a Wingull called Peeko who went with them on all their journeys.

    It wasn't always plain sailing, so to speak; the Tidal was often battered by fierce storms that gave Drake and his crew a challenge. One of these typhoons in particular gave them a night they'd never forget. They were fighting the gales and torrential rains on their way to Johto when a Gyarados, confused and enraged by the storm, rose out of the sea and attacked. The mast was snapped in two, the sails were torn and the deck was literally blasted apart as the Gyarados rampaged. Drake, Briney and a few other survivors watched as the stern of the ship disappeared into the frothing waves, taking several crew members with it. Clinging desperately to the bow as it teetered, just barely staying above the surface, Drake released his Pokemon to try and fend the beast off. It worked, the Gyarados diving back into the depths and leaving the survivors floating on the remains of their ship. They were injured and exhausted from their exploits; Drake knew that they wouldn't last much longer. He ordered his Pokemon to help, and together they managed to tow the ship to a nearby shore, where they were rescued and had their wounds treated.

    Drake's Pokemon had saved him; saved them all. He was so proud of them he couldn't express it in words. He had to do something for them, to give them the recognition they deserved. Once the hospital discharged him, he decided to take a break from sailing for a while and travel the lands of Hoenn instead. His Pokemon were worth so much more to him now than ever, and he needed to let them spread their wings just as he had; to allow them to use their potentials to the fullest, and the only way he could think of to do that was to train them to become strong and let them use their abilities as they were meant to. And strong they became; within a few years Drake was training and battling alongside the experts at the Battle Frontier, and an invitation to join the Hoenn region's Elite Four followed not long after; an offer that Drake accepted.

    Despite all the glory though, Drake often thought back to his days at sea, and lamented the destruction of the Tidal; that ship had been his pride and joy. In between his duties at the League he visited Slateport's Shipyard from time to time to visit old friends and commission that the Tidal be rebuilt. By then, traditional sailing ships such as his old friend weren't being built as often as they used to be, making way for passenger ferries and submarines instead. Technology had advanced quicker than Drake had anticipated, and he was initially disappointed not to have the chance to ever sail another ship like the Tidal again. But after some thought, Drake decided to let them reincarnate the Tidal with a more modern edge to it; sturdier, bigger and faster. The result was a beautiful white ferry, with multiple cabins below deck, a massive storage basement and, best of all, a long deck for Drake to enjoy the sea breezes. The reborn SS Tidal set sail on her maiden voyage with Drake at its helm, his old friend Briney on deck and, of course, Peeko flying overhead.

    From there, Drake managed to balance his old sailing adventures nicely with his duties at the League. He and his dragons sent many a Trainer scurrying, standing as the final obstacle between them and the Champion. If he couldn't deal with them, the Champion almost certainly would. During his time there he stood under the leadership of three Champions in total, fellow Elite Fourists coming and going almost just as quickly. He, Sidney, Phoebe and Glacia were there the longest, soon to be joined by another Champion, the young Steven. The League stood tall and strong; the strongest Drake had seen it in many years. In fact, he could happily boast that their League was probably one of the best in the world.

    Like all dreams though, this one came to an end, except in a way Drake couldn't have imagined. One day the League received a message from the Indigo Plateau in Kanto, ordering them to travel there immediately as a matter of urgency. Drake and the others went with Steven only to learn of the terrible plague that had unleashed itself upon the world. Drake was astounded; where on earth had it come from, and so quickly! His mind immediately focused on Drayden, wondering whether his old friend had made it out alive as well.

    But he was obliged to stay at the League, he and the others staying under Steven's command as they turned the Plateau into a fortress; a stronghold unlike Drake had ever seen. Within a few months it was almost like another home, and Drake was more than comfortable there surrounded by his friends and Pokemon in safety. But he knew very well that the world was falling to pieces outside the Plateau's walls, and Drayden's absence from HQ bothered him greatly. He could not just sit there and wait; he had to go to Unova and find him.

    With Steven's permission, he set off with his Pokemon in tow. Once in Unova he began his search for his old friend, traveling from one town to the next in the hope of running into him. Even if he returned to HQ unsuccessful, his mind would be more at rest knowing that he'd at least tried. Of course, the undead did not make this an easy trip, with one particularly challenging battle leaving both his Kingdra and Altaria bitten. Drake put them both down without hesitation; his heart mourned for his friends, but he could not afford to fall weak in his grief. He carries on through Unova to this day, setting his sights on Dragonspiral Tower, a place that Drayden knew and loved. If he was anywhere in that plague-ridden region, it was there.
    Appearance Drake is a very tall and intimidating man sporting a bulky, muscular form. Attached to a belt on his waist is his scimitar and revolver, and his hunting knife is tucked into his boot.
    Personality Drake is one hell of a character. Cocky, rebellious and fearless with a wild sense of humour, he is a prominent presence in any room he finds himself in. Talkative and loud, it's difficult to miss him.

    The former sailor has little care for the finer things in life, instead having spent most of his life simply having the wildest time he can. He is up for literally anything, and will take on a challenge with a smug grin on his face. Failure is not an option to Drake; he is competitive to the extreme and will do whatever he can to reach his goals. As long as life has something good in it, it is worth living. These days it is mostly his Pokemon and a full flask of booze, but it will take more than an apocalypse to knock this man down.

    Drake lives for danger; for a challenge. His entire life has been spent on the edge, whether in an intense battle or surging his ship through the stormy seas. Things that other people would be afraid of are part of Drake's everyday life. He is a daredevil, and proud of it. The epidemic's arrival did unnerve him, of course, but no matter the trials ahead he will always stand tall, ready to face the danger head on, laughing in its face when he and his dragons have finished with it.

    Drake is dedicated to his Pokemon, so much so that his regard for their safety could be considered one of his weaknesses. Having to put down Altaria and Kingdra was unforgivably difficult, but Drake is very self-disciplined, and mostly able to keep in control of his negative emotions. Seeing him angry isn't uncommon, but Drake carries a hardened, stern expression when reminded of his past sorrows. Nobody has ever seen him cry. Drake works hard to ensure that his emotions do not falter him in any way, and he works hard to ensure that all his goals are met.

    Drake is a good friend. Despite his many flaws, earn this man's trust and he'll jump through flaming hoops to stay at your side. He is fiercely loyal to those he trusts, putting himself out at any time to help a friend. Drake's respect is a valuable gift, especially in these dark times, and those who have been lucky enough to earn it know full well the consequences of exploiting that trust; Drake will stay by you until the end unless you betray him in any way. Do that, and you can kiss that friendship goodbye for good.
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