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    Resistance: Grimsley


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    Resistance: Grimsley Empty Resistance: Grimsley

    Post by Grimsley Tue Feb 03, 2015 1:36 am

    Resistance: Grimsley Grimsley
    Resistance: Grimsley Grimsley_zps0p3qm4ox
    Resistance: Grimsley Grimsleytransparent
    Image is by 1PhantomRfan and has allowed me to use it so long as I credit them.

    Text Color 3A5973
    Item Translator and A messenger bag.
    Messenger Bag:
    -A large spiral book
    -Pencils, erasers and sharpeners
    -A small canteen of water, half empty
    -A few protein bars
    -Ammunition for pistol
    -Sharpening stone
    -Spare batteries
    Weapons Two knives and a pistol with limited ammunition.
    Gender Male [Cisgender Male]
    Age Mid 30's
    Species Human
    Weight 168.7lb
    Height 6'3"
    Occupation Unova Elite Four Member
    Party Dark Type Trainer
    Pkm 1
    Resistance: Grimsley 510
    Species- Liepard "Nisha"
    Level- 62
    Ability- Limber
    Attack list-
    -Play Rough (Level 58)
    -Sucker Punch (Level 55)
    -Night Slash (Level 43)
    -Snarl (TM 95)
    **Has a black leather collar with a silver tag. Text Color 59346F
    Pkm 2
    Resistance: Grimsley 625
    Species- Bisharp
    Level- 59
    Ability- Defiant
    Attack list-
    -Cut (HM 01)
    -Night Slash (Pre- Evolution)
    -Iron Head (Level 57)
    -Dual Chop (Tutor)
    **Quick claw on a necklace. Text Color C53131
    Pkm 3
    Resistance: Grimsley 553
    Species- Krookodile
    Level- 59
    Ability- Intimidate
    Attack list-
    -Foul Play (Level 42)
    -Earthquake (Level 54)
    -Crunch (Pre - Evolution)
    -Dig (Pre - Evolution)
    **Different colored eyes - one brown the other blue, has a focus band tied around neck. Text Color 8B3141
    Pkm 4
    Resistance: Grimsley 435
    Species- Skuntank
    Level- 60
    Ability- Aftermath
    Attack list-
    -Night Slash (Level 41)
    -Toxic (TM 09)
    -Venoshock (TM 10)
    -Play Rough (Egg Move)
    **Persian father. Text Color EECDA4
    Pkm 5
    Resistance: Grimsley Greninja_by_vale98pm-d6t9w75
    Species- Greninja
    Level- 61
    Ability- Torrent
    Attack list-
    -Surf (HM 03)
    -Water Shuriken (Level 36)
    -Dark Pulse (TM 97)
    -Hydro Pump (Level 60)
    **Has a scar that goes from the right rib, across the back and ends at the left hip and a mystic water under the tongue scarf. Text Color EA7D94
    Pkm 6
    Resistance: Grimsley DHBTk5s
    Species- Houndrunt "Shyama"
    Level- 16
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Thunder Fang (Egg Move)
    -Bite (Level 16)
    -Ember (Start)
    -Howl (Level 4)
    **Manectric father. Text Color B58B5E
    Quote "You're simply adorable when you are flustered, you know."
    History "I can't recall much from my past, but I can recount it as best I can."
    Grimsley's past is much of a blur. The only thing he can clearly recall is that he had a gambling addiction. It was horrible. All day, everyday, he would throw his money to the machine, losing more than he won, yet he just couldn't pull away. It was toxic, dangerous, addicting. He kept saying, "just one more, no more after that" but it never happened. He couldn't pull away, he was lost in the gambling world.

    "However, I found something. Something that pulled me out of those depths. A strong hand to hold on. I grasped that hand and never let go."
    He was on his way to the casino one night, and he heard a clutter in a nearby alley, followed by a Pokemon's loud cry. He didn't know why, but he veered off course to check the noise. It was because of that he found a young purrloin, emaciated and frightened. Somehow, it reminded Grim' of himself. His heart melted and he knelt down to call to the feline.

    The cat was Grimsley's first step to recovery. He spent more time on taking care of the Purrloin than he did going to the casinos, and very soon, he stopped going altogether. He spent his money not on the machine, but on the Purrloin, who he named Nisha for her dark coat and dark past.

    He grew to love the cat, and he trained her as best he could, spurring the idea to be a trainer. He registered himself and embarked on his quest, falling in love with the Dark Type pokemon, as they fascinated him. He caught pokemon, and they came and went, but he always stuck with Nisha.

    "They were my hope, my light. My freedom."
    Every so often, Grimsley would feel the urge to return to the machine, but Nisha and his team always distracted him. He was thankful for this later on, as much as he didn't like to admit it. He had a small team of four, Nisha, Sandile, Scraggy and Pawniard.

    Too keep his mind away from gambling, Grimsley trained his team, Taking delight in battling and winning. He got money and it was relate able to the machine, but he won more than he lost, which switched his focus.

    In his travels, His friends evolved, one by one. Nisha evolved first, evolving into a beautiful Liepard with a royal violet pelt and golden rosettes. Then went Sandile, evolving into a strong, handsome Krokorok. Then, after a bit more training, Scraggy evolved into a rebellious and quirky Scrafty.

    "I loved my team, and they trusted me. I always did have a soft spot for Nisha though. She was my hero. She saved me from my dark past, and for that, I thank her."
    He was close to his team, and they all shared un-breaking trust. However, Grimsley knew that even though his team would die for him, he knew that no matter what, Nisha would not leave him. They were each other's anchors, their ties to the living world.

    Grim' took his time to level all of his pokemon, Pawniard and Krokorok evolved again, and they group of four became a strong, well working team that worked together to get through any and all problems.

    To test his strength, Grimsley joined in with a high ranking battle group. His pokemon were welcomed and he was taken good care of. He battled and leveled, strengthening his pokemon and climbing ranks, earning respect and repuation on the way.

    Soon, Grimsley was recognized as one of the strongest in their little group. Occasionally someone would defeat him, but that rarely happened. Their group was known as the group that people would go to so that they could test their strength to see if they could defeat the Elite Four.

    "Then I got a lucky stroke. I got an offer I simply couldn't decline."
    His strength was tested when he got a surprise visit from one of the Elite Four. They had heard of his strength, and they had come to test him. The battle was intense, and they were exhausted by the end, but Grimsley had come out on top. Impressed by his strength, they offered for him to join them as one of the Elite Four. Grimsley gratefully accepted. As a standard, he was given a translator so that he could communicate with his team easily.

    As he battled more and more trainers as a new Elite Four member, Grimsley expanded his team to include a Drapion and a Sharpedo. He got a new attire, basing it off the games of the casino, and off the mythical vampire Dracula. He was a sly flirt, always saying terrible pick-up lines to more than one challenger. Obviously this was seen as fun, and Grimsley never actually pushed too far - he was a flirt, not a creep.

    "Life was good, at least, until everything went terribly wrong.
    The Epidemic hit Grimsley and the Elite Four hard. Challengers came less and less, and soon they were fighting for their lives as undead attacked on a daily basis. Having no choice, Grim' took his pokemon and fled.

    Grim' ran from the room, Nisha and Drapion by his side. As they exited the league, An undead flareon appeared from nowhere and hit  Drapion with a Flamethrower. The bug screamed, calling for Grimsley, but the Elite Four member could only stare in horror as his partner died screaming his name.

    To say the experience fucked him up would be an understatement. Grimsley was shattered. With a heavy heart, he fled the league, trying to forget his partner's dying screams.

    "It wasn't supposed to happen like this. This wasn't what was planned. I don't know why it happened, but it took almost everything from me. And for that, I hated it."
    As they traveled, Grimsley tried to get in contact with the other gym leaders and Elite Four members - hell, even the champion, but he could reach anyone. As he traveled through a nearby town, Scrafty stole some food from a nearby market, only he didn't check it over, and it was contaminated with infected saliva. He turned a few days after that, and Grimsley had to put him down.

    He grew hollow, and his eyes were almost always vacant. He still kept himself and his pokemon healthy, but his mind was on autopilot. He numbly went through each day, letting Nisha take over for him, as he couldn't think properly.

    Sad about seeing their friend like this, Grimsley's pokemon devised a plan and when Nisha asked Grim' about it, he agreed. Three pokemon, Krookodile, Sharpedo and Bisharp went out to find supplies and hopefully find something to cheer up their trainer.

    Two out of the three of them returned, but Sharpedo never returned. Bisharp said that they were separated when undead attacked and the couldn't find him afterwards. Saddened by the loss of another friend, he almost missed when Nisha came in with a young pokemon, a stunky.

    Grimsley distracted himself with training the poison and dark type, leveling them by pitting the cat against weak undead, but he would never let the undead lay a claw on the stunky. It was slow going, but he was rewarded when they evolved into a powerful Skuntank.

    "That was the start of a new adventure. I no longer felt sad, instead I kept my head up, and moved forwards. No use dwelling in the past, after all."
    They soon moved out, taking out undead as they went. Grimsley was back to his normal flirtatious self, and his banter improved around the Skuntank, who had a few shots at Grimsley himself.

    Grimsley and his team moved to an old town, and there they were met with a grizzly sight. The remains of a trainer lay strewn across the ground, and at their head, there was a blue form crying. Grimsley knew what had happened almost immediately. Slowly going up to the Greninja, Grim' knelt by the corpse, and the frog looked up at him and let out a startled cry.

    Thinking quick, Grimsley froze, putting his hand out to show he meant no harm. "It's okay. I've had teammates of my own die. I'm just here to pay my respects." He said in a quiet tone, and the ninja frog nodded slowly, mumbling their name.

    After paying his respects, Grimsley got to his feet and extended a hand to the Greninja. "If you want, you can come with me. We don't bite." He said, smiling as the frog took his hand and stood up nodding. Picking up the Greninja's pokeball, he returned the frog with a kind smile and started on his way, now with one more addition to his team.

    "It's funny, how fate can play with you. Sometimes it's the best thing in the world, other times it's cruel and unfair."
    They went on to the next town, and upon entering, Grimsley let all his pokemon out and they went around, scouting the area. It was deserted. Sighing, Grimsley frowned. They had been traveling for a while, and no sign of any living humans.

    Grimsley returned all his pokemon except Greninja and Nisha, who got his attention as they started walking towards a seeming deserted alley. Upon further investigation, they heard noises coming from the back of the alley. Cautiously, Grim' went towards the sound, using his flashlight to identify the creature. He had never seen anything like it. It was young, but it wasn't like he knew that species it was. It looked almost like a houndour, but it had only one band and it lacked the skull on it's head.

    Despite it's odd looks, it seemed perfectly healthy, and after coaxing the Houndrunt out with food, Grimsley looks around for the child's parent. Surely they were around somewhere, right? However, despite his best looking, Grim' could not find the parents of the pup.

    "The Epidemic is no place for a child, yet I found one, and they had no parents to look out for them. It was a wonder why it hadn't been killed yet."
    Grimsley pulled out one of his empty pokeballs, and after asking, the Houndrunt agrees to join Grimsley on his quest to find any other survivors. Now that he had a full team again, Grimsley knew that the hole that had been created by the loss of his other teammates had been filled.

    "They saved me, and they looked after me, even when I had long given up. It's because of them that I am still around today. For that, I will travel and spread that hope that they gave me."
    Appearance The Epidemic has been rather tame with Grimsley so far. His suit is still in fairly good condition, and he makes sure it stays that way. He makes sure to keep everything in good condition, even his scarf, which, despite being a little tattered and sun-bleached to an eggshell white, is still in very good condition. He has a messenger bag that matches the faded blue-grey of his suit, and two daggers that sit on his waist in sheaths that are on either side of his hip. He also has a holster for his pistol just in front of the dagger on his right side.

    He usually has a sly or teasing smile on his face, and his eyes are a bright shade of icy blue that shine with playfulness and mischief. He stands usually in a flirting pose, and he's not afraid to show off.
    Personality Pros: Grimsley is a sly guy, but he's always making things a joke. He wants to spread the hope his team gave him when he felt like giving up. He's a tease and he loves to pull pranks on others, but he knows when to stop.

    Grim' works well with others, and he's happy to take either roll, whether it's the lead or supporting role, he'll take it in swing and do his job to the best of his ability. He is very well experienced in battle as a member of Unova's Elite Four, and knows his way around a tough battle. He adores Dark Types and will always find time to compliment them, no matter what.

    Cons: Grim' is a huge flirt, and will flirt with anyone, regardless of gender. He's also not afraid to make someone uncomfortable if it means he'll get a laugh out of it. He is also a devious prankster that delights in pulling any and all pranks. The one thing Grimsley despises is stress and rushing into a situation. With no time to think about something, Grim' often makes rash decisions that penalize him and his team later. He also doesn't do well under stress, and if he's too stressed out by something, Grim' will panic and probably make a bad choice that'll be very bad for the team.

    Neutral: Grimsley is a Panromantic Bisexual
    User Notes - Does not like the topic of his three missing teammates and will avoid it
    -Very protective of Shyama and Nisha
    -Profile table designed by Ricxs(Vincent)
    -Thank you to Duma who helped me out with the coding

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    Post by Victini Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:35 pm

    Resistance: Grimsley RGgji6G

    Welcome, Grim. If you ever wish to join a team, just post here and I will add you to it.


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