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    Rain the Grey Minun | Inactive Empty Rain the Grey Minun | Inactive

    Post by Dandelion Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:43 pm

    Rain the Grey Minun | Inactive Rain_the_minun_by_birdmaddgirl-d46yku5
    Art by Fox

    Rain the Minun
    Text Color 8da1ba
    Item Tattered Barboach Doll
    Gender Male
    Age Child
    Species 312 Minun, The Cheering Pokemon - Electric Type
    Height 1’00’’
    Weight 7.0 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon Platinum:: It cheers on its friends. If its friends are losing, its body lets off more and more sparks.
    Level 3
    Ability Minus
    Nature Docile
    Characteristic Often Lost in Thought
    Moves - Growl (Start)
    - Nuzzle (Start)
    - Discharge (Bred)
    - Rain Dance (TM)
    History During the time of the great infection, a small Minun was born in the small trunk of a tree. The mother believed the inside of a tree to be much safer than on the ground where the infected hunted. Every day the mother watched over her child but knew she must look for her husband. The two were separated when a small flock of Pidgeys attacked the pregnant Minun. The father fended off the birds thereby giving enough time for the mother to escape; however, the mother was unsure of her husband’s survival. She did not know how she would care for her child without the help of her mate, and so she decided to go look for her husband. She knew in her heart and mind that she may never come back but, if he was to survive at all, she would have to do this for their sake.

    The Minun’s mother gazed at her baby lying quietly in her arms; its eyes shut and thumb in its mouth. Part of her knew she had to find her mate and bring him home, but another part told her to stay with the child and never leave it. She closed her eyes and thought of what she could do and which course would be the best to take. After weighing the chances of all possible scenarios, she decided to look for her husband and hope she would return in time to help her child. The mother put her baby down on the wooden floor and backed slowly toward the hole in the tree. She took one final look over her shoulder at her beloved baby; she would not turn around to face the child because she knew that leaving would be out of the question if she were to hold him one more time. The mother inhaled deeply and exhaled as she jumped from the trunk of the tree to the ground.

    Days passed, the mother never returned. During this time, the small Minun continued to scream and cry for its lost mother. Its balling continued day and night due to its immense hunger. As a result of the Minun’s aching belly and cracked lips, it would constantly release booming electrical bolts from its tail and cheeks thereby making the tree inaccessible to others. A few infected birds, after hearing the cries of the small Minun, tried to enter the small hollow of the tree but never succeeded for fear of being blown to bits by the electricity. The infant’s shrieks were heard, however, by a living being; an Emolga named Anna who was making her nightly rounds in search of survivors.

    The Emolga noticed a group of infected birds roosting near a small hollow with electricity continuously bursting out of the trunk. Anna heard screams, of what sounded like a small infant, coming from the tree. She knew she had to save the baby from the ghastly infected but first she had to divert the infected away from it. At this thought, the Emolga fired a thunderbolt into the sky and watched as the infected turned their heads to find her sitting on the branch. She opened the flaps under her arms and quickly glided away, both grateful and fortunate that the bird Pokemon pursuing her were in poor condition for flight. They soon fell behind and once they disappeared into the distance Anna doubled-back to the hollow.

    The small Minun was still releasing intense beams of electricity from the tree. Anna quickly glided towards the tree and entered, enduring any bolts that struck her. The light was blinding, but the pain was tolerable and she was able to reach for the small Pokemon and put him on her back. The child grabbed hold of her soft her but did not calm down as Anna glided back out into the darkness with him in tow. The two were like a floating sphere of bright light rushing through the dark forest as the Minun continued to cry and shoot electric shocks from its body.


    Anna was soon like a mother to the Minun. She cared for him, fed him, nursed him, and named him Rain because of his love for the water that fell from the sky. Every time rain would fall, he would run outside and sit on a rock and turn his face toward the sky with his eyes closed to feel the cool drops of water. The Emolga cherished every moment with her adopted son, and Rain, unaware of what had happened to his parents or if their whereabouts, believed the flying squirrel was, indeed, his mother. Unlike his birthplace Anna’s home was a small gorge located near the Indigo Plateau and was the same place where her parents brought her up. This gorge was their sanctuary where Rain played, ate berries, and slept soundly from the monsters that inhabited the land outside. The high cliffs walled the foot-traveling Pokemon out and the hidden location kept the area safe from infected fliers; however, people were aware of this place, and though few remained those that did would seek it out.

    One day, the small Minun was out playing near the stream when a strange figure emerged from the opposite bank. Rain noticed the strange being was covered in white and had a small patch of hair on its head. Rain had never come in contact with a human before, but it fit his adoptive mother's description perfectly and he knew he must flee from it. The Minun leaped from the rock he was standing on and ran towards the small crevice in the cliff where his mother lived. The thing the human threw at him barely missed, but the figure was intent on catching him as he charged across the stream. Rain jumped into the small crack in the cliff and told his mother of the human waiting outside. Anna ordered Rain to stay quiet and not to move as she held him close and listened for the human.

    The human approached the crevice with a small can of repellent and threw it into the Emolga’s home. Rain and his mother could not breathe as the gasses were released and had no choice but to jump out of the cliff and run towards any cover they could find. With Rain on her back Anna pushed hard against the ground and glided through the air toward the treeline. She glanced back at the human to see how far away it was, but instead of pursuing them, it threw a strange circular object. Anna quickly flipped herself over so Rain would not be hit by the projectile. Rain hung on tightly to his mother’s ears but somehow she turned into a bright ray of light and disappeared. With nothing else to hold onto, Rain fell, head first, to the ground and was slowly slipped into unconsciousness. The last thing he saw was a strange, blurred red and white object.


    Rain awoke with a painful headache. He didn’t know what it was but he felt different somehow. Putting one hand on his head and the other on his stomach he hobbled over in unbearable pain. He pushed himself up from the ground and opened his eyes but a bright light forced him to quickly close them again. What was this place? He had no idea what was happening or where he was. The floor was green, and the walls were white while iron bars surrounded him. His mother had never mentioned a place like this. Suddenly he realized she was not with him nor was she in sight. Worry grew in his chest but he could not search for her; the bars kept him trapped.

    As he started to examine his prison and look for a way out, he heard footsteps coming from the nearby hallway. One of the humans approached Rain’s cage with a sharp object in hand. Rain was frightened and stepped back to the far end of the cage, electricity pouring from his fur. The human, hands coated in rubber, opened the cage's iron doors and pierced his skin with the needle. Rain screamed and yelled. He felt awful; his body shivered from feeling cold, head throbbed even more than it did before, and he felt stings all over his body. He sat on the cage floor and squeezed his face with his hands. The human grinned, jotting down notes as the small Minun suffered, and jabbed him with another needle before closing the cage door.

    The pain suddenly stopped and Rain’s perception returned. However, there was suddenly another voice that was distant and foggy. It sounded much like his mother but much deeper and more hazy. Rain's consciousness faded out behind the strange sensation, everything going while while his body responded. In a burst of energy his body lashed out angrily toward the human with physical attacks and electrocution, only to be barred by the iron rods separating them. The human noted the Minun's personality had changed on his clipboard and left the room. Rain’s consciousness slowly came back over the following minutes or even hours. He could not remember what had happened in those last few minutes with the human but he did not feel well, he did not feel the same. He was not himself.

    Rain didn't know how much time had passed. The humans continued their torture over the coming days or even weeks. Between injections, blood drawing, and mashing disks into his head over and over (overwriting the same move) among other numerous tests he was at his limit. Rain knew he had to escape but, as he watched day after day for a way out, it seemed impossible. The next time Rain's handler came in he had been sleeping. The human opened the latch on the cage, waking the Minun up, and was about to grab him when something crashed in another room. The man stopped, slamming the cage door and rushing out to check on the commotion. While the man rushed out the cage door bounced open a little- the latch had not been reset. It was the chance he was looking for!

    Immediately he hopped out of his cage, walked across the room and entered the hallway that the humans would come through. From here on, he had no idea what his prison looked like and wandered wearily. The hall had many doors in it, but as the Minun peeked into each room he only saw more cages, machines, and prisoner Pokemon. He kept walking, searching for an exit, when he heard a shrill cry. The scream sounded so much like his mother’s voice! Heartache struck him; he hadn't heard her in so long and the voice was filled with pain. He ran in the direction of the cry and it repeated, leading him to a door he had not yet passed. The tiny Minun's blood went cold when he looked inside.

    He saw his mother, crashing around in her cell. She looked different and dangerous, like a feral Pokemon that was about to strike. Her pelt was unkempt and splotched with discoloration coming from a festering wound around her shoulder. There was something about her actions that sent dread through his stomach and told him to run, but he couldn't. She was still his mother; he had to do something. As Rain moved closer to his mother’s cage, her evil and malicious expression changed back to that of his tender mother upon recognition. The anger faded but she still moved like trapped animal. Rain fiddled with the latch on the cage, pawing at it and trying his best to imitate what the humans had done. His mother slowly began to talk as he did, her voice hoarse. Anna said the humans had done something to her, that they had made her like all those vicious Pokemon outside. A rage filled her thoughts that she could not control and she feared what she might do. She told Rain that.. she could not go with him, that she would not carry such guilt.

    Rain's paws froze, the latch slipping free of its hold. Anna looked into Rain’s eyes and asked him for a final request, to promise to leave and never look for her. Rain begged her to leave with him, that they could get out, but she would not listen. No matter how much Rain objected his mother’s request, Anna would not budge from the open cage. Loud footsteps emerging from the hallway abruptly silenced the two. Anna, starting to cry, told Rain to quickly climb on top of the cage and open the vent shaft located a couple of inches above. She said to follow it outside, that he could make it. Rain, not knowing what else to do, acquiesced and pulled with all of his might at the vent covering, but was unable to remove it in time. The humans walked in and were shocked at the sight of the open cage and escaping Minun. They dashed towards the Pokemon but was electrocuted by Anna who then lunged at them. Rain was finally able to pull the vent from the wall and climb in. He poked his head out from the vent hole and looked down at his mother for the last time. She was attacking all the humans, keeping them busy with all her might. “Goodbye,” was all Rain could manage to say before he fled into the vent.

    Rain reached the end of the ventilation system and plopped out of the building. He sat down and stared at his feet. Tears began to fall down Rain’s face as he thought of his poor mother all alone in that awful place. Of the humans she was protecting him from. Of the horrors she would be reprimanded with. As he wept for her, rain began to fall. It was his first rain since his capture, his first taste of freedom. He continued to weep as a puddle pooled up before him. He stared past his sorrowful expression for the reflection of the gray clouds above him. Indeed, his world had turned to gray.
    Appearance Rain is tiny scrap of fur that's smaller then an average Minun. His eyes are dull and sad, his fur not as shiny as a childs should be though still as soft as ones. All his blue fur is a dull shade of grey with but a hint of blue in it.
    Rain often walks a bit huddled, paws clutching tightly to his Barboach doll that has grown into a great comfort to him. When nervous he brings a paw to his mouth. His ears swap between low and dragging and flicking around to locate the strange voices and sounds he often hears.
    Personality Rain is very quiet. Separation from his birth mother at such a young age has made him very uncomfortable of being alone and very unsure of the world in general. The Barboach doll he carries around is more then just a security blanket as it seems to be one of the few things able to relax him now.

    Lonely, the Minun wanders around looking for comfort and, more importantly, his mother. While he knows he will never see her again the desperate longing to be with the only Pokemon he loves drives him to the extreme to search for her. When and if Rain approaches other Pokemon he usually doesn't talk to much, keeping to himself and locked within his own mind.

    Despite being no more then a child Rain has early onset Schizophrenia and hears a multitude of voices and noises in his head. At this time they dont seem to be dangerous but speak words that seem soothing or encouraging. He has since attributed the voice to being his mother, often hearing it at her voice.
    Rain can be seen talking to the voice in his head or screaming at it as agony rips through his skull. Sounds and ticking can distract or disorientate him to the point he loses sight of the outside world.

    His memories grow foggy and thoughts dull. Instead of growing and learning like a normal child he is becoming more and more neurotic, catatonic. Other Pokemon dont really effect him and can not penetrate this shell he has formed.
    User Notes - Created by Nova2394, adopted, original profile. Profile was overhauled to be acceptable.
    - Both parents knew Discharge. Moveset was altered to be more fitting for a child while staying true to the character/previous.
    - The Barboach toy was picked up in Ilex during his first post.
    - He has practically no control over Discharge. He can not control the energy input so it can be very powerful or very weak. By the nature of the move he can not aim it well and an overly strong one drains his energy. Generally he uses it as a defensive move instead of an offensive one.

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