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    Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Desert Team)


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    Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Desert Team) Empty Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Desert Team)

    Post by Nightfall Thu Jan 29, 2015 2:06 pm

    Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Desert Team) V9FFOxo

    Text Color #FF2400
    Weapons His Pokemon, mostly ... Although he does carry a small switch knife and a baseball bat for extra protection should he need it.
    Items --A fold-up Mach Bike
    --A pair of Go-Goggles
    --The Blue Orb
    --A Mega Bracelet containing a Key Stone
    --A Pokeblock Kit containing various Pokeblocks
    --Dowsing Machine
    --A little tin box containing his 7 Gym Badges
    --A universal communicator, found on the body of a dead soldier. He has yet to use it and so has no idea if it actually works
    --PokeNav Plus and its charger (battery dead)
    --A Devon Scope
    --A little box containing all of his Contest Ribbons to date
    --Super Rod
    --A small sewing kit
    --A camera with limited film
    And various survival essentials such as:
    --Fold-up tent
    --A blanket and small pillow
    --First aid kit containing bandages, antiseptics etc
    --A lighter
    --Various medicines and berries for his Pokemon (limited supply)
    Gender Male
    Age 16
    Species Human
    Height 5'06"
    Weight 120.5lbs
    Occupation Pokemon Trainer, Pokemon Coordinator
    Party Zuzu and Pilo are male, while all of Brendan's other Pokemon are female.
    Pilo was given to Brendan by May in a trade - he gave her his Castform, Fofo, for him.
    Pkm 1

    Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Desert Team) Spr_3r_260

    Ability: Torrent
    Attack List
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Surf (HM)
    -Endeavor (level-up)
    -Rock Smash (HM)
    Pkm 2

    Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Desert Team) Spr_3r_262

    Ability: Intimidate
    Attack List
    -Roar (level-up)
    -Take Down (level-up)
    -Bite (level-up)
    -Howl (level-up)
    Pkm 3

    Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Desert Team) Spr_3r_301

    Ability: Cute Charm
    Attack List
    -Iron Tail (tutored)
    -Attract (level-up)
    -Double Edge (level-up)
    -Safeguard (level-up)
    Pkm 4

    Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Desert Team) Spr_3r_282

    Ability: Synchronize
    Attack List
    -Confusion (level-up)
    -Imprison (level-up)
    -Draining Kiss (level-up)
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    Pkm 5

    Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Desert Team) Spr_3r_311

    Ability: Plus
    Attack List
    -Double Team (TM)
    -Helping Hand (level-up)
    -Fake Tears (level-up)
    -Discharge (level-up)
    Pkm 6

    Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Desert Team) Spr_3r_357

    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Attack List
    -Razor Leaf (level-up)
    -Fly (HM)
    -Secret Power (TM)
    -Toxic (TM)
    History Brendan was born in Goldenrod City in the Johto region to two proud parents, Norman and Caroline. He grew up under the teachings of his father, who was aspiring to become a Gym Leader one day. Thus, Brendan loved Pokemon from the start and always wanted to be a powerful Trainer one day, just like his dad. When Norman finally got the chance to take his Gym Leader exam, Professor Birch, a professor from the Hoenn region and an old friend of Norman's, came to support him, bringing his daughter May with him. She and Brendan became friends very quickly after discovering their mutual love for Pokemon, and so spent a lot of time together while their dads were busy. May told him all about a ten-year old Trainer from the Kanto region who had recently become the Champion, and they both decided there and then that they'd one day be Champions as well.

    However one day, while they were out playing in the fields outside the city, they were attacked by a Salamence. Brendan bravely sent out his three Pokemon - Kiki, Nana and Rara - to defend them. They eventually managed to fend the dragon off, but not before it took a swipe at Brendan's head with a Dragon Claw, leaving him bleeding. He saw May looking at his bloodied face and noticed a twinge of fear in her gaze. Feeling bad for scaring her, they both returned to Goldenrod where Brendan had his wounds patched up. He was scolded to no end by his parents but he barely cared; all that mattered to him was that he had managed to keep May safe. But the fact that he had frightened her weighed heavily on his mind, and he resolved to have changed himself into someone more refined by the next time they met.

    But things only continued to get worse after finding out that Norman had failed his Gym Leader test and so left a lot more often to train himself. His prolonged absences bothered Brendan greatly, and he missed his father's company.

    After that, though, things began to get better. Norman had become the Gym Leader of Petalburg City in Hoenn, so the family had to move to the region so that Norman could be close to his workplace. Brendan, now 11 years old, didn't really approve of these turn of events, preferring Johto's cities to Hoenn's remote countryside. Nonetheless he took advantage of this new start and decided to set out on a journey with his childhood Pokemon friends alongside him. The truth was that he ultimately wanted to become a Coordinator and participate in the Pokemon Contests that Hoenn was famous for, and was worried about what his father would think of his decision. He remembered the girl he used to be friends with and then had scared with his recklessness, and decided that contests were the best way to go to refine himself. On the way out of Littleroot Town, he encountered Professor Birch under attack by a pair of Mightyena. He used his Pokemon to help fend the dogs off, and as a reward Birch offered him a choice of three Pokemon. Brendan happily chose the Mudkip, whom he named Zuzu.

    New partner in hand, he set off through the small towns of southern Hoenn, deciding to take a detour to Petalburg Gym to visit his father. Norman was glad to see that his son was following in his footsteps, and Brendan decided to not mention his true goal to become a co-ordinator. While there, a small boy named Wally approached and asked for help in catching a Pokemon. Brendan offered his assistance, and Wally was able to capture a Ralts. Having made a new friend, Brendan continued on to Rustboro City.

    Once he had his first Gym Badge in hand, Brendan was truly starting to feel like his adventure was beginning. But of course things never went as easily as they should; a group of criminals calling themselves Team Magma were causing trouble around Rustboro, and Brendan stepped up to help. A scientist working for the Devon Corporation and an old sailor were among the people owing Brendan a debt for helping them. The president of Devon himself congratulated Brendan, only to send him off looking for a man named Steven with a letter. Employing the help of the sailor, Mr Briney, Brendan set off for Dewford Town.

    After finding Steven, Brendan's journey picked up in pace again. He defeated Brawly and earned his second gym badge. Moving onto Slateport City, he found that Team Magma were out causing trouble again. After dealing with them once more, he was confronted by their leader, a man called Maxie, who warned him the consequences of meddling in Team Magma's affairs again. But Brendan hardly cared, for he had his mind set on another thing: Slateport's contest hall. He used the berries he had grown to produce good-quality Pokeblocks for his Pokemon, and participated in numerous shows and won several ribbons. He was told to head to Verdanturf Town for the next round of contests, and so set off right away, beaming at his new collection of ribbons. He encountered a wild Plusle on his way and captured her, nicknaming her Coco.

    Brendan participated in the next lot of Contests in Verdanturf and passed them with flying colours, but alas there were more gyms to get past. He took care of Wattson with relative ease, his newly evolved Zuzu making short work of the Electric-type Trainer. He trekked north into the deserts and ashlands around Mt Chimney where he reached Fallarbor Town and, of course, the next round of contests. While there, he was met with a huge surprise. Sitting in the Pokemon Centre one evening, a familiar girl entered. With a jolt of joy, Brendan realised that it was May. He rushed up to her and introduced himself, and was overjoyed when she recognised him. He apologised for scaring her back when they were children, admitting that the incident with the Salamence had given him a new resolve to refine himself. May told him not to be silly - she'd always thought of him as her brave savior.

    Blushing like an idiot, he went with May to Meteor Falls, where they once again encountered Team Magma. They had kidnapped Fallarbor Town's Professor, Cozmo. He helped May to defeat them, overhearing their plans to travel to Mt Chimney with the meteorite they had stolen, and the two of them gave chase. While May escorted the professor back to town, Brendan gave chase to Mt Chimney and defeated Maxie at its summit. The man offered him the meteorite back, promising that they would meet again.

    Brendan carried on his journey before coming abruptly to a halt when he realised that his next gym battle was in Petalburg with his very own father. He put off the battle for as long as he could, concentrating on contests until he received a call from Norman telling him to get over there for their battle. He expected his father to confront him about his love for contests over battles, but Norman was just glad to see that his son was happy and pursuing his dreams, and apologised for putting pressure on him when he was younger. Brendan forgave him and the two of them battled. Brendan emerged victorious, and received his father's blessing and carried on with his journey.

    He encountered Steven again shortly after arriving in Fortree City, the man giving him a Devon Scope to help him identify hidden Pokemon. He used this to make his way through the overpopulated-with-Kecleon route and finally made it to Lilycove City, where the Master rank contests were held. Brendan wasted no time in getting his Pokemon registered there to participate, eventually winning his next set of Ribbons. But of course Team Magma decided to show up again at the nearby Mt Pyre, so Brendan traveled to the top of the mountain to get rid of the pests. It was worse than he thought: Maxie had obtained the Red Orb, a mythical object used to control the legendary Pokemon Groudon. It was then that he realised that Team Magma were more than a group of thugs. He took along the Blue Orb with him and gave chase to their hideout in Lilycove.

    Brendan battled his way through the hideout and defeated one of their admins, Courtney, but realised that he was too late to stop Maxie from leaving. Learning that he was heading out towards Hoenn's great ocean, Brendan followed. He arrived in Mossdeep City and took a quick detour to the gym to defeat Tate and Liza. Walking out with his 7th badge in hand, Brendan started to wish that he hadn't gotten distracted. A massive explosion from the nearby Route 128 could been seen from the island. Steven happened to be there at the time, and invited Brendan into his home to discuss the situation. Steven feared that the explosion was due to Team Magma having made their way into the Seafloor Cavern where Groudon was rumoured to have slept. He promised to help Brendan as soon as he had finished with some business, giving him the HM for Dive and some diving gear. With his new presents in hand, Brendan dove down to the seafloor with Zuzu and found the cavern.

    It was worse than he thought. Groudon was awake and Maxie mad with power. He defeated the Magma Leader once more, but he didn't care; Groudon was awake and under his control, and finally his dream of expanding the land would become a reality. But things didn't quite work out, as Groudon ignored Maxie's orders and escaped the cavern. Upon returning to the surface the situation was dire - a deadly drought was sweeping over Hoenn as Groudon made its way to Sootopolis. Brendan traveled there in hope of intercepting the beast, meeting up with Steven and his friend Wallace while he was there.

    Wallace explained that the Blue Orb in Brendan's grasp would protect him from Groudon's rage. The boy wasn't exactly enthralled with being sent into an underground cave with a raging legendary, but could see that he had no choice in the matter. May's arrival onto the scene only strengthened his resolve: he had to protect his friends. Maxie, having realised the extent of his mistake, gave Brendan the Magma Suit, which he claimed would protect him from the heat, and begged him to put things right again. Taking a long look at May, Brendan entered the Cave of Origin.

    Groudon had descended into the deepest depths of the cave, seeking out the primal energy that was housed within. Brendan found it and watched with both awe and terror as the beast took on its mighty Primal Form. The battle between them was the hardest moment of Brendan's life so far. He poured all of his will and determination into the fight, hoping that his Pokemon felt the same. It was difficult and it was long, but Brendan finally landed the final blow on Groudon and the beast fell, defeated. Brendan escaped the cave as it began to collapse around him, and once out he earned the congratulations of Steven, Wallace, Maxie, Archie and, best of all, May.

    Such a turbulent turn of events left Brendan wanting a break from Pokemon training for a while, and so he turned his attention back to contests. He won his way through several of the ranks, earning new ribbons and tackling the Master Ranks once more. He met up with May on occasion, and one day the two decided to trade Pokemon. Brendan gave her his Castform and received her Tropius, Pilo, in return. Brendan knew he had one more gym battle to go with Wallace in Sootopolis, but decided that it could wait. Life was good, his dreams were becoming reality and he and May were best friends once more. He couldn't have asked for anything else.

    But something more sinister, more horrifying than anything Brendan had encountered before was waiting around the corner. The epidemic raged through Hoenn without mercy, killing its people and Pokemon and leveling its cities. Brendan traveled straight back home to find his family, but found the house empty and ransacked. He tried Petalburg Gym; still no one. His parents were missing, and so were his friends; Brendan searched for May, Wally, Steven, Maxie, Wallace, anyone he could think of. Unsuccessful, he simply resorted to wandering the region with his Pokemon, hoping that at least some fragments of his former life were still intact.
    Appearance Brendan has shot up in height over recent years due to the onset of adolescence. He is tall and lean, with dark brown hair and a pair of copper red eyes. He wears an orange-red and black short-sleeved shirt and black and gray shorts. He wears a green backpack and white and green running shoes. He has a Mega Bracelet on his left wrist. He also wears a white hat with a black and red headband. On the right side of Brendan's forehead are his scars from the Salamence battle when he was a child, but since he rarely takes off his hat, these are seldom seen by others. More often than not, Brendan is seen wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses to assist with his sight.
    Personality Brendan is an enthusiastic, passionate and adamant young man. While the world withers around him, the boy has managed to keep most of his optimistic and energetic nature intact. He is generally a happy and carefree person, and loves spending time with his Pokemon. They are the only family he has left.

    Brendan isn't as fond for battles as he may appear. Before the epidemic he would much have preferred to enter his Pokemon into contests, dressing them up and earning ribbons. Of course, the epidemic has put a swift end to that lifestyle, and Brendan had to really step up his game if he and his team were to survive. He has grown stronger than he used to be over the years, but still finds himself struggling on occasion during a fight. He is sensible enough to retreat if things start to go wrong, however.

    Brendan can come across to others as a little snooty; a bit of a showoff. He takes great pride in his Pokemon and isn't afraid to brag about his past accomplishments. Truth be told, he simply loves his Pokemon too much to not brag about them; he is proud of them and their achievements. If you meet him, expect him to tell you all about the fact that he's the son of a gym leader as well.

    Deep inside though, Brendan is troubled, as can be expected. Returning home and finding both his mother and father missing took a heavy toll, and his failure to find May or any other of his friends didn't help. He tries to combat his stresses by thinking positive and seeking support from his Pokemon. When it comes down to it, Brendan is a young man having been forced to grow up at a very bad time. Having had no time to adjust to his new-found emotions, puberty has hit him hard. The occasional mood swing or dose of angst is inevitable. He is unsure of himself and his future, and sometimes wonders how he'll get through it at all.

    Brendan can sometimes be a little rash and selfish, landing himself into trouble more than once. His fully matured Pokemon tend to keep the teenager in line though, and they are his primary source of support and comfort. Brendan likes to distract himself from the world by indulging in one of his favourite pastime hobbies: sewing. Brendan carries a little sewing kit which he used to use to fashion outfits for contests. He still carries his camera, a memento of his previous interest in photography, but rarely uses it anymore. Just having these items around eases his anxieties; he can kid himself that he still lives a normal life, if only for a few minutes.
    User Notes --His birthday is 2nd July, and his birthstone is a ruby.
    --He is short-sighted, hence the glasses. He never used to like wearing them and used to use contact lenses instead, but since the epidemic does not have a steady supply of lenses, he has no choice but to wear them.
    --Looking for May, Wally, Steven and pretty much anyone from his past.
    --Used both the Pokemon Adventures manga and the events of Omega Ruby to write the bulk of the history. His team is also taken from the manga (mostly).

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