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Kit the Pokemon Trainer (Desert, Elite)


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Kit the Pokemon Trainer (Desert, Elite) Empty Kit the Pokemon Trainer (Desert, Elite)

Post by Kitty Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:51 am

Kit the Pokemon Trainer (Desert, Elite) KitNewArt_zps1huots5q
Art by me

Other Art:
Art by Atlas <3
Kit the Pokemon Trainer (Desert, Elite) 164DJXR

Art by me
Kit the Pokemon Trainer (Desert, Elite) C9KYdKM

Kit Frazier
Text Color #7f71ee
Theme(s) Madilyn Bailey - Wake Me Up

Crossfade - No Giving Up

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

Item Pikachu backpack, which looks just like a large Pikachu plush with a zipper and straps. Inside the backpack are:

--Universal Communicator

--5 Standard Pokeballs

--Three bottles of hand sanitizer (two of them nearly empty)

--Various art supplies;
Assorted graphite pencils
Colorful pencil-top erasers
Pink-inked pen
Small notebook

--Small comb for grooming Pokemon that doubles as her own comb

--Small hunting knife

--A small handheld flashlight

--Compact mirror

--Small, basic first-aid kit

--A leaky, worn out, empty, but working refillable water bottle

--Two very small pet bowls for pouring water into

--A folded map of Johto

Weapons Small hunting knife
Biological Sex Cisgender female
Gender Identity She/Her
Birthdate February 8th
Age 21
Species Human
Weight 110 lbs.
Height 5'2"
Region of origin Johto (Goldenrod City)
Occupation Pokemon Trainer
Party Kit's only Pokemon on hand are Buddy and Mr. Whiskers , though she is still searching for Galaxy. Kit's mind is very set against obtaining any new Pokemon, as they would only cause more problems and unnecessary worry for her by using up supplies and being another Pokemon likely vulnerable to becoming Infected.
Pkm 1
Kit the Pokemon Trainer (Desert, Elite) Spr_4d_229_m
Name/Gender- Buddy (male)
Text colour- #E27707
Species- Houndoom
Level- 54
Ability- Flash Fire
Attack list-
-Dark Pulse (TM)
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Rest (TM)
-Protect (TM)
Pkm 2
Kit the Pokemon Trainer (Desert, Elite) JNh4bG8
Name/Gender- Mr. Whiskers (male)
Text colour- #D463CB
Species- Espeon
Level- 52
Ability- Magic Bounce
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Dazzling Gleam (TM)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
-Morning Sun (Learned)

**Any additional notes;
Item: Rocky helmet
Quote "If it bothers you so much, don't think about it."

"I love you, but I think I liked it better when I couldn't hear you bitching."

"Yeah? Well... You--... Your--... You know what? Fuck you!"

"I like your face."

Part 1:
Kit was born and raised by her parents in Goldenrod City, Johto, with her fraternal twin sister Dazey and their older brother, Kaz. The family of five was never rich, their home being in a small apartment complex, but they had a comfortable lifestyle filled with love and laughter. Kit and Dazey were inseparable as young children, always playing together indoors in the safety of their home in the big city. The sky was the limit to the girls’ imaginations, and most of the time their parents didn’t know whether to laugh at their shenanigans or cry.

When Kit and Dazey were twelve-years-old, Kaz was sixteen and set out on his journey to collect Gym Badges as an official Pokemon Trainer, leaving the two sisters behind. Kit looked up to her big brother and was heartbroken about him leaving her, but he promised he would keep in contact with the family and return home soon. Her brother setting out on an adventure inspired Kit to become more serious about Pokemon too, so she started taking an interest in learning about different Pokemon species, behaviors, and battling. She and Dazey began watching various Pokemon shows on TV together, Kit’s favorite being a show about a man from Unova who wrestled wild Krokoroks in the desert. Kit began to dream of not only becoming a real Pokemon Trainer but of traveling the entire Johto region and becoming Champion.

The two girls got the birthday presents of a lifetime that year: A shiny male Zorua for Kit, and a shiny male Growlithe for Dazey. The Pokemon were the only presents the girls received that year, but to say that Kit was ecstatic would be an understatement. Now not only did she have a Pokemon of her own, but it was a shiny just like her brother’s starter Shinx, and she was certain she would set off on a Pokemon journey soon just like him. The Zorua seemed to be even more fluffier and playful than the ones she had seen on TV, bouncing around the house on its dainty little paws and swishing around its bushy tail. Kit adored the Pokemon, and named him “Galaxy”.

There was nowhere that Kit went without Galaxy. He sat at the kitchen table on Kit’s lap every time she ate a meal (much to her parents dismay), let Kit dress him up in clothes that matched her own, and every night the small Zorua curled up beside Kit’s pillow in her bed.
With some guidance from her parents, Kit began using Galaxy to have short, incomplete battles against Dazey as a fun and safe way of preparing the girls to become real Trainers soon. Kit took these battles very seriously, and her bond with Dazey and Galaxy grew even stronger as the battles grew longer and more official.

But as the winter Holiday season was nearing, things were becoming unusually tense in the family’s house. Their parents began to argue in hushed voices in the kitchen every day when her father got home from work and her mother was cooking dinner. But as time went on they became harder to ignore, more frustratingly distracting to Kit as she tried to watch her Pokemon shows. The slamming of pots and pans rang louder, the whispers became words, and Kit could swear sometimes she heard her mother sobbing. Kaz’s name began to be brought up frequently in these arguments, adding to the confusion. He had been gone for nearly a year now according to her parents, and hadn’t contacted home at all since his departure; Kit had been so caught up in the joys of Pokemon Training that time had flown by for her and she hadn’t paid attention to these things, but now she was worried about her big brother - and apparently, so were her parents.
Every day Kit would hide away in her room with her face buried in Galaxy’s fur, her hands over her ears as she tried and failed to block out every shrill word, every wail, every comment from her mother about how her big brother might be dead or never coming home and how it was her father’s fault for not setting a good enough example. Kit became distant to her family, distant to even Dazey now. None of it made sense to Kit, especially the pain she herself began to feel. She was beginning to break.

When Kaz suddenly did return home a year later, Kit was nonetheless confused. For the two years he had been gone, Kit had always pictured her big brother suddenly bursting through the kitchen door, a grin on his face as wide as the arms he would stretch out to hug her. They would talk about what it’s like to be a traveling Trainer, she would tell him all about Galaxy, and Kit and her sister would travel with Kaz and his Pokemon as Trainers themselves.

But Kit didn’t recognize the young man banging on the apartment door at an ungodly hour of the night, grungy hair hanging over his pale and sickly, beaten face. The family Houndoom had alerted the entire house to the visitor with his booming barks and eerie howls, and though Kit had been firmly told by her father to return to her room, she still lurked in the hallway curiously as he answered the door. Her mother brushed aside her father to embrace the young man with tears running down her face, though even as Kit distinctly heard the name Kaz, she could not bring herself to believe that it was her brother. That can’t be him, she told herself, even as she made eye contact with the young man. He was listless, dark shadows ringing his heavy eyes that were without a single fleck of hope. That isn’t my brother, she denied. There was no way this was her hero, the Pokemon Trainer. But it was.

Kit had hoped her parents’ constant fighting would cease if Kaz were to finally come home; Again, Kit imagined wrong. Not only did the jarring sounds of heated arguments continue day by day, but now Kit began to hear her parents’ using her own name like some sort of weapon against her brother, whom had moved back into the house yet avoided even making eye contact with Kit or Dazey. Kit didn’t know what had happened to her brother, or what was happening to the loving home she grew up in, but her pains of loneliness were becoming too much for even Galaxy to melt away with his warm fur. Kit could not possibly have been more ready to begin her Pokemon journey with her loyal Zorua, she could not possibly have been more ready to get as far away as she could from her family.
Part 2:

But Kit had never experienced the stomach-turning pain she felt deep in her core when her parents informed her that she and Dazey, though fourteen years of age now and fine battlers, were forbidden from traveling as Pokemon Trainers. They were not to battle strangers. They were not to explore the region collecting Gym Badges. They were not to leave Goldenrod City at all unless they were moving out of the house as legal adults. They certainly were not to end up like their brother Kaz, whom Kit’s parents blamed as the cause of their now severely overprotective treatment of the twins. And all this, her parents claimed, was because they loved Kit and Dazey.

Well, Kit hated her parents. She hated her brother. And it seemed her relationship with Dazey was broken beyond repair, as the two girls only saw each other during meal times now and rarely had the energy to speak. Kit felt that even her relationship with Galaxy would fail eventually; How could such a perfect Pokemon be happy living cooped up in Kit’s room, doing nothing as she moped around feeling absolutely dead inside? The Zorua deserved better than her, Kit thought.

Kit began looking to the internet for advice. She stumbled across a Pokemon website on her computer, where her knowledge of Pokemon grew and she met many kind Pokemon Trainers who reassured Kit that she could still become an amazing Trainer someday even if she started her journey as an adult. Kit became friends with Trainers from around the world, her closest friend being called Vee. Sometimes Kit felt tempted to take Galaxy and run away to a distant region to live life as a Trainer with her friends. However, she knew that was easier said than done, and alas she was stuck at home forever it seemed.

When Kit herself began arguing with her parents, it seemed like the family could not be any more broken; But life proved Kit wrong once again, when her father lost his job and her brother decided the slums of Goldenrod were a better place to live than with a family who wanted him gone. With neither of her parents Trainers, and neither Kit nor Dazey allowed to become Trainers, Kit’s family was living on the pitiful income from her mother’s job as a house cleaner.

Kit managed to talk her parents into allowing her to help out at the local Pokemon Center, cleaning up around the place for a small paycheck to help her family’s financial struggles. However, Kit hadn’t even worked a full four days at the hospital when she did the unthinkable: She stole a Pokemon. An angry, massive man had come into the Pokemon Center with his injured Espeon, verbally abusing the Pokemon and complaining that it hadn’t evolved into Umbreon instead. When the opportunity presented itself, Kit acted on her emotions and pocketed the Espeon’s Pokeball. It wasn’t until Kit had finished briskly walking out the door that she realized she had just committed a crime, or that she would likely be in a world of pain if the Espeon’s owner found out and caught up to her.

Panic set in and Kit half ran, half walked to the Goldenrod Tunnel where she settled herself into the bustling crowd of shoppers and tried to clear her racing thoughts. It’s okay, it’s okay, I did a good thing, she told herself. Her own mind seemed to snap back at her, Then why does it feel like a bad thing? But Kit’s internal arguing with herself abruptly ended when her eyes locked onto two Trainers and her jaw dropped wide open: They were having a Pokemon Battle!  

It was a Rattata versus an Espurr, the Espurr emerging victorious. Kit was amazed - this was far more thrilling than the battles on TV! Once it was over, Kit couldn’t resist taking on the Espurr Trainer with Galaxy. The battle was a rush of pure adrenaline as everything Kit had learned flashed through her mind, and right as Kit thought there was no hope left for her to win, Galaxy landed a Critical Hit on the Espurr and won her the battle! She even earned prize money, although she had to spend it on a Potion for Galaxy due to Kit now being afraid to enter her local Pokemon Center. She began to feel guilty again for stealing the Espeon, though once she let him out of his Pokeball and saw just how timid he was, Kit knew she had done the right thing. She decided to name the Espeon “Mr. Whiskers”, and she was determined to earn his trust.

Kit lied to her family when she returned home. At first she felt ashamed of herself, but she made a point to shake off her guilt as her lies would greatly benefit herself and Mr. Whiskers both. While her family thought Kit was working hard daily at the Pokemon Center - where Kit said she had “rescued” her new Espeon - Kit was roaming through the Goldenrod Tunnel with her Zorua, earning money by battling strangers and Training to be stronger. Kit deserved to chase her dream of being a real Trainer, she thought, and Galaxy deserved to belong to a real Trainer. But Kit continued to avoid the Pokemon Center, and thus most of her prize money was spent on Potions for Galaxy and sweet treats for Mr. Whiskers. Kit told her family that she was helping purchase things for the Pokemon Center to avoid questions about a paycheck.
But things were beginning to get out of hand. Kit had become obsessed with battling her Pokemon; She told her family the Pokemon Center needed her nearly all day, she was sneaking out her bedroom window at night, and she had even talked her parents into making the family Houndoom, Buddy, Kit’s official Pokemon so that he could “protect her” during her walks to the hospital. In reality, of course, Kit only took Buddy to battle him alongside Galaxy and Mr. Whiskers who now adored Kit. Whenever she wasn’t Training her Pokemon somehow, an emptiness seemed to crush down on Kit’s very soul. The thrill of battling had become her way of escaping from the pains of her chaotic life; Without it, Kit just couldn’t seem to cope. Being a Trainer was the only thing that made her feel alive.

When she was sixteen, Kit’s double life had spiraled even out of her own control. Her rebelliousness had started out as innocent, but now it had taken over her and the time she spent in the questionable Goldenrod Tunnel had taken its toll. She was no longer lying to her parents but instead was now fighting with them daily about her life choices, dropping F-bombs in their faces and blaming them for all of her own decisions. Kit was gone almost constantly now, only returning late in the evening to sleep for a mere few hours before she was out of her bedroom window and onto Goldenrod’s streets again. All of Kit’s prize money was burnt up on expensive supplies needed for more battles - Full Restores, Revives, Full Heals, etc. - leaving very little left for Kit to take care of herself with. She was starving, sleep-deprived, and the excessive adrenaline she constantly threw herself into left Kit feeling exhausted and dead inside whenever the teenager wasn’t battling.
Kit had at least reconciled her relationship with Kaz as she started to understand him more, but looking up to him again caused Kit to start doing the same things he was doing - drinking, gambling, scamming, pickpocketing, stealing. The two never stole Pokemon, but Galaxy had evolved and Kit and Kaz both now used his illusion abilities to steal money from others and items for battling. Kit had felt guilty about her actions in the beginning, but she soon taught herself how to block out her negative feelings and pain by ignoring them until she practically forgot whatever had upset her. Kit repressed even the smallest things in life, causing her to truly live in the moment and remember everything else as a wild blur.

Kit had made “friends” to distract herself with when her brother wasn’t available, all of which were horrible influences on the rebel. One of Kit’s favorite acquaintances was Taera, and any shred of morality that Kit still possessed vanished whenever she hung around Taera. Her ideas of a good time always left Kit exhausted and ill, though peer pressure had a tight grip on Kit and she went to great lengths to impress all of her so-called friends. This excessive need for social acceptance and attention left Kit hating herself not only mentally now but physically - she constantly nitpicked at her appearance and tried to fix it in harsh ways, though her idea of a perfect look changed daily. Sometimes she worried about her safety - about her rapidly declining health and her safety wandering Goldenrod’s streets - but the unpredictable future hurt too much to think about, so like everything else, Kit shut the thoughts out of her mind.
Part 3:

With another year passing, the exhaustion Kit’s Pokemon were beginning to face was soul-crushing to her. Galaxy was once a bouncy little Zorua; now the Zoroark was becoming as ill and lifeless as Kit - His Trainer, whom was responsible for his care. Kit stayed home more often now, closed off in her locked room with no one but her Pokemon; She was alone and in pain, again, just like in her childhood, except now she was chained in guilt for how she had treated her precious Pokemon. They deserved better than her, she thought.
But it wasn’t over yet. Kaz had called Kit one night to tell her about a Trainer in the Goldenrod Tunnel, an arrogant man sweeping other Trainers with his Machoke and raking in prize money. Kit desperately wanted to go battle, though guilt over making her Pokemon fight so much before still consumed her. She feigned illness and general disinterest to stay home, but she had not seen her brother in nearly a week and missed him just as much as she missed battling. When Kaz began begging her to watch the battles with him and talking up Mr. Whiskers’ fighting skills, Kit gave in to the temptation and climbed out the window she promised herself she’d never step foot over again. She’d given her Pokemon enough of a break anyways, and certainly they would want to battle again some time, right?

Kit’s break from battling only made the intense fights in the Tunnel more exciting to watch. Everything was so thrilling and unpredictable, and she knew she had to get in on the action asap.
But Kit didn’t use Mr. Whiskers as Kaz had suggested. The skilled Espeon had a great advantage over the Machoke, but her Zoroark had Illusion - Galaxy was obviously the funner choice and a more impressive winner, and Kit was certain she and her Zoroark could outsmart the arrogant Machoke Trainer. Her brother warned her sternly against such a risky decision, but Kit brushed his worrying off; She wasn’t a child, she knew what she was doing. She would be fine.
Disguised as Mr. Whiskers, Galaxy was able to outspeed and outwit the Machoke for several moves without receiving harm. But Galaxy couldn’t outspeed the Machoke forever, and soon the Zoroark took a savage punch that knocked him across the Tunnel and shattered his illusions. Kit was horrified at the force of the hit; She had known Galaxy had a disadvantage in the battle, but her pride and love for Galaxy had led her to believe that her precious starter could tank anything. Kit scrambled to return Galaxy to his Pokeball, but before she was able to, he took a crushing blow to the face in his weakness and was instantly knocked out. Kit was too devastated by the cruel and swift loss to even consider continuing the battle with the real Mr. Whiskers or with Buddy. This was her fault; Kit might as well have been the one to deliver the hit, she thought. Kaz helped Kit restore Galaxy to his health and walked her home, though Kit was too ashamed of herself to let any of her Pokemon out of their Pokeballs that night. For hours Kit sat alone on the cold floor of her dark room, unable to ignore the many pent-up emotions crashing down on her and dealing with more agonizing pain than she had in years. What kind of person was she now? What kind of Trainer was she? Eventually Kit was too exhausted to take much more, and she fell asleep with her three standard Pokeballs lying pitifully beside her.

When Kit woke up shortly later, there were only two Pokeballs beside her. Panicking, she glanced around her moonlit room just in time to see a Haunter slipping through the wall of her room - Galaxy’s Pokeball in its shadowy hand. Terrified, Kit couldn’t believe what she saw was real. What was a Haunter doing in her room? Why would a Pokemon steal her Pokemon? But Galaxy’s Pokeball was nowhere in sight, so in a hurry Kit released her other Pokemon and jumped out her window in search of the Haunter. Kit wandered through Goldenrod as if she were the one lost, calling out for Galaxy and the Haunter until her voice was hoarse, though she knew she was only talking to herself. Kit crumpled down onto the dusty sidewalk as the sun rose; This was going to be a long search, she realized. But she would find Galaxy. She would not let herself even consider the possibility of not finding him; In fact, she would not let herself think about anything else but finding him. She picked herself up off the ground and went home, where she readied her backpack and Pokemon for a long travel… Kit didn’t know where Galaxy had gone, but wherever it was, she was going there. Ignoring any guilt or negative emotions as she had so often done before, Kit tore a piece of paper from her notebook and placed it on her bed, a short message scribbled between the lines: ”Galaxy is missing. I’m going to find him. We’ll be home when we can be.”

But as the days dragged on without Galaxy, without her family, without even Kaz, Kit was lonely. She was tired. She was beginning to grieve. She just wanted to go home, but it was far too late for that; Kit was just outside Ilex Forest on Route 34 one late night, on her way back into Goldenrod, when the noise began. The blood-curdling screams for help, the gunshots, the wailing, the sounds of battles unlike any other, all coming from within the shining golden city. At first, Kit ran. She acted on pure instinct and ran on pure adrenaline, not knowing what she was running from or where she was running to. But she found that nowhere was safe; Pokemon were killing other Pokemon, they were killing humans, even their own Trainers - and not just killing, but eating, ripping the flesh off the bones of everything in sight. Blood and gore stained cement pavements, buildings were burning in flames, even Kinglers were snapping up from Route 34’s waters and dragging small prey down to the depths with them.

But there was no time to be anxious, no time to be afraid. Kit had to find her family, she had to return home, and there was no time to worry about what she might find when she did return home. Most importantly, Kit had to survive, and for that to work she had to set aside her feelings and do things her morals and emotions would not have let her: Kill Pokemon without question if they threatened her own. Raid abandoned houses for supplies, steal from other families so that she could live long enough to make it home to her’s. Hide from, ignore, and repress the memories of other needy survivors, because no one could be trusted anymore. Kit even once had to steal from a dead man, looking right into his lifeless eyes as she took his knife, medical supplies, and Universal Communicator for herself; That was one memory she never could quite forget.

Kit constantly busied herself with her goals: Survive physically with her Pokemon, find her parents and siblings, find Galaxy. This way of living moment to moment, problem to problem, goal to goal, helped Kit survive mentally as well. There was no room for worrying about things beyond her control, and whenever she found herself doing so, she just busied herself with something more important until the painful thoughts went away. Because of this, she bounced back to herself within just a year of the Epidemic, being able to be relatively content at times even though she could never truly be at peace. Many of her memories from before the Epidemic - and sometimes from just the day before the current - were a blur to her that she refused to clear up, but it was a painless blur. It was no way to live, no, but it was a way to survive. And Kit had found that in the chaotic world she lived in now, survival was everything.
Accent Kit has a North American accent and speaks with a soft, quiet voice.
Appearance --Kit is rather small, standing just at 5'2" normally and only 5'4" in her heeled combat boots.

--She is very skinny with a visible rib cage and little to no muscle tone, and this is easily seen as mostly all of her clothes have a clingy or tight fit.

--Her skin is very pale, and clear of any markings or scarring. She sunburns very easily, yet can rarely keep a tan.

--All of Kit's clothes are very worn out and covered in filth, though she cannot bring herself to find new ones as she has grown a sentimental attachment to the clothes she had before the Epidemic.

--Kit does not ever take off her plush Meowth-ear headband, which was a gift from Dazey when they were children and holds high sentimental value to Kit.
Religion Agnostic
**Independent and rebellious, but needy;
-While Kit is fine taking orders (so long as they don’t compromise her Pokemon’s safety or her own), she will rarely take anyones demands; She is fine with being under the authority of someone else, but she needs to still feel important as well and needs to be able to do things her own way. On the contrary, Kit desperately needs guidance from others, as her act-first-think-later mindset leads her to regret decisions more often than not.

**Guarded, oblivious, numb, cold;
-Kit is extremely careful when it comes to her emotions and morals - she is very afraid of them controlling her and getting in the way of her safety or her Pokemon’s safety. Thus, Kit is incredibly guarded; While she lets herself feel positive emotions and lets herself bond with others, she will not let herself do so to the point of becoming vulnerable to being hurt or becoming dependent on someone else unless she was already close to them before the Epidemic.
-However, Kit is even more guarded with her negative emotions; She only feels what she must in order to properly handle a situation, such as a threat to safety or needing to comfort a friend.
-Even still though, Kit will not allow herself to be affected long-term by such emotions; If she cannot make herself forget what is upsetting her, then she will lie to herself with optimistic outlooks in order to move on from the issue as quickly as possible.
-Because of rarely feeling deep, genuine emotion aside from breakdowns out of her control, Kit has become very numb and rather cold; Things that should be normally upsetting to or felt by her - gore, fear, pity, grief, offense - are practically glossed over by Kit, who lets herself experience these things for only a short moment before believing she must get over it to prevent the feelings from becoming permanently troubling. This causes problems for Kit when she is put in situations where she must make quick decisions - she almost always acts before she thinks, which is more often bad than good.
-Ironically, Kit hates being so guarded; She is very well aware of how it is hurting her more than it is helping her, how it may be helping her survive outwardly but is causing her to die inwardly. However, she is too afraid to change, because that would mean dealing with the extreme emotional pain of her losses and the Epidemic that she knows is hidden deep in the back of her mind somewhere.

**Very sociable and friendly, but introverted;

-Despite being so guarded, Kit very much enjoys socializing with people once she thinks they are trustworthy enough to be around. She is very friendly and talkative, though she has no trouble interacting with a variety of people; She is very gentle around others that are shy, as well as smart enough to not talk the ears off others that are more standoff-ish.
-However, Kit requires her fair share of space. While she loves to interact with others and can talk for hours, it’s just as important for her to be alone without even her Pokemon present at times. This is because of how she processes her emotions; She needs space and time alone to reflect on things so that she can practically sort out her emotions and memories, forgetting what needs forgotten and recovering quickly from any setbacks in life.

-Along with being very social, Kit can also be very flirtatious, at times even with people that she does not even find attractive. However, most of the time this is rather light-hearted and practically innocent, being for fun more than anything else. Kit is very rarely interested in people on more than a casual, flirty level of attraction, and has far more important things to worry about than involving herself in a true relationship or the complications of one-night stands.

-Because she is so guarded, Kit often will not be genuine with people when it comes to her own emotions, opinions, morals, or anything else that could possibly have a negative effect on someones opinion of her. Kit greatly fears rejection, stemming from her loneliness before the Epidemic and her need to be around survivors for safety within the Epidemic; Thus, most of the time she will wait for others to open up before she herself does, and she will never open up to the point of possibly causing herself to hurt. This way, she has a much better chance of being well-liked and accepted and thus a better chance of safety and survival.

-Kit has still not come to terms with her past mistakes before the Epidemic, and while she rarely lets herself think about the past at all, she blames herself for every single thing wrong; She believes that if she had only listened to her parents when she was young and had never began battling at all, she would still have Galaxy with her and likely have her family with her in the Epidemic too.

**Fun-loving, silly, childish, sarcastic;
-Despite being so guarded and focused, Kit loves to have a good time and feel happy, and loves to make others feel happy too. When Kit trusts someone enough to open up to them, she loves to make them laugh by telling jokes and puns and doing incredibly random things. She can also be extremely clingy, hugging all over the person or demanding to be carried by them. However, Kit is almost never like this, and only reveals this side of herself with people she trusts the absolute most.
-Kit enjoys being very sarcastic at times, and it is one of her favorite ways of joking around with people she likes. She does not care who she is talking to, if she knows there is no risk in pissing the person off and she has something sarcastic to say that she finds amusing, then she will say it with no regrets and laugh even if no one else does.

**Gentle, kind, caring;
-While Kit’s own safety and her Pokemon’s safety is most important to her, she is very caring of others when doing so will not put her Pokemon at risk of danger. Kit is still just as compassionate as she was when she rescued Mr. Whiskers in the past, and if she is able to safely help someone then she will never pass up the opportunity to.
-Kit is also very gentle when need be, especially with Pokemon, children, or young, shy people. Kit has a soft spot for these types, and can be very much like a mother or big-sister to them.
**Dazey Frazier
Dazey is Kit's fraternal twin sister and was her only childhood friend growing up. The two had a very close bond as children and did everything together, though as their family fell apart Kit's bond with Dazey faded to nearly nothing. Kit has a deep regret for never fixing her relationship with Dazey before the Epidemic, and she cannot stand the thought of possibly never being able to.

**[url=Kaz]Kaz Frazier[/url]
Kaz is Kit's brother, who is four years older than her and Dazey. Kit looked up to her brother when she was a child and always made him join in on her and Dazey's childish shenanigans. Kit had a very love/hate, back-and-forth relationship with Kaz when her parents forbid her from becoming a Trainer because of him, though she cares deeply for him now and misses him the most out of her family. She also worries for him the most - to the point of not allowing herself to think of him at all - because of him living on the streets when Goldenrod was attacked, and this leading her to believe he is the most likely to be dead in her family.

**Vincent Sage
Kit met Vee online when she was 14, and she became very close to him as she talked to him every day until she ran away from home just before the Epidemic began. Vee was Kit's only true, dependable friend throughout the three years before the Epidemic, and she misses him more than she can bear to think about. However, Kit clings to the hope that where he lives was not hit as hard by the Epidemic, and while she wishes to see him and talk to him she also is glad that he - to her knowledge - is nowhere near her, for his own safety.

Taera was a friend of Kit's for a short time, before fading out of her life like many of Kit's other friends often did. Kit did not trust Taera, nor did they ever have many meaningful conversations, but Taera did often get into trouble with Kit in Goldenrod and was more of a "party buddy" to Kit than anything else. Kit barely remembers Taera in the Epidemic, and while she hopes Taera is doing well when she does think about her, Kit does not care much more about her than she would a stranger.
User Notes **While Kit has no idea of this, Envy was the Haunter who stole Galaxy, her Zoroark, and was acting on the orders of Vika Moonfield who now owns the Zoroark.

**The Rocky Helmet worn by Mr. Whiskers was a gift to Kit from Kaz, whom had kindly stolen it for her because she loved battling, and the helmet has very high sentimental value to Kit. It is somewhat big and awkward for the Espeon to wear, often falling off or sliding down to cover the Pokemon's face, but Kit can't bear to get rid of the helmet.

**Kit has trouble wording things often, especially when under pressure. She sometimes has trouble explaining things or expressing herself, which only frustrates her and makes the problem worse.

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To the main PC, please! ^_^

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Kit the Pokemon Trainer (Desert, Elite) RGgji6G


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