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    Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace)

    Moon Moon
    Moon Moon

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    Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace) Empty Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace)

    Post by Moon Moon Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:13 pm

    Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace) Fancy_flareon_by_phasmasilvia-d8fswox

    Theme Wildfire [Gumi||Crusher-P]
    Profession N/A
    Text Color #ff6666
    Item None
    Biological Sex Female
    Chosen Gender Identity Female
    Age Adult
    Species #136, Fire type, Flareon, the Flame Pokemon
    Height 2'01" (very tiny)
    Weight 20.1lbs (tiny)
    Pokédex Entry Inhaled air is heated in the flame sac in its body to an intense fire over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Level 31
    Ability Flash Fire: Powers up the Pokémon's Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
    Nature Naughty (+Att,-SpDef)
    Characteristic Likes to run (Speed IVs)
    Moves -Ember (Level)
    -Quick Attack (Level)
    -Flame Charge (TM)
    -Scary Face (Level)
    Quote "If I'm going to die, I might as well go out doing what I love!"

    "Happiness is a choice, and I don't know about you but I'm sick of being sad all the time."
    History Sharon was the smallest of 5 sisters in a litter of Eevee pups, and the most mischievous, it was only through being endearing to her owners that she was able to stay as long as she did. From a young age the Eevee had an odd fixation on fire, always straying too close to any open source of flame and burning herself. In an attempt to keep Sharon from mauling herself, her owners gave her a Fire Stone and evolved her into a slightly larger Flareon. It ended up backfiring though, because as soon as Sharon learned Ember not long after she burned their house down. The little fire type's antics didn't seem to cute after that in the eyes of the humans, and they chased her off into the dark forest that they lived next to. So started Sharon's life of being unwanted, with her habits of harassing larger pokemon and starting random forest fires. Since no one seemed to want to be stay around her for any long duration of time, Sharon's impish nature only developed further as the only form of major interaction she ever had. She grew to be inured to this loneliness over time, and found it to be comfortable, even if there were times when she would lament it. Those were few and far between however. Selfish now, she would take as she wished and continue travelling, seeking the next thrill. The infection came and her way of life changed very little, in a way she actually saw it as a benefit. Aside from no longer worrying about being judged, she found something that she would love even more than fire.

    One day, while out foraging in the mountains her gaze fell upon a great black cloud that was hovering over the valley. It thrashed to and throw like a beast in pain, and while the shapes that consisted the form were small, they were definite. In numbers that the Flareon had never before fathomed these small shadows converged into one massive storm, a rain of greasy and tattered feathers starting to drift down near Sharon. They came on an ill wild, a miasma of stench and rot that made her nose crinkle in disgust. Still her eyes watched, entranced, and the small cat made her ways forwards onto a ridge below so she could get a better view. It still was far away, but her sharp vision was able to make out what was truly happening. An enormous flock of black birds, cawing and shrieking had formed over a small village that rested near a river that ran throughout the valley. There were a few onlookers who, like her had left what they were doing to watch the peculiar sight. Then without warning, the flock broke apart and fell upon the small settlement in droves, tearing apart buildings and flesh alike. Screams of the villagers mixed with the caws from The Murder of Murkrows and the little Flareon watched, transfixed. True she felt a pang of sadness at the loss of life, but it was as easily overshadowed as the sun was. This destruction was the most beautiful she had ever seen, and one thing she knew for certain. She wanted to see more, up close and personal.

    Appearance Her main distinguishing attributes are her large green eyes and small size. Even then, her great fluffiness makes her seem larger than she actually is, when really she is very lean. Underneath her neck fur a several old burn scars from when she was younger. Almost always seen with a smile on her face.
    Accent Southwestern United States, Mild
    Religion Agnostic
    Motivation >Have as much fun as possible before dying
    >>Her idea of fun is screwing around with extremely powerful undead

    • Cheerful
    • Goofy
    • Impish
      -Enjoys pulling pranks or general tomfoolery on others, though usually not out of malicious intent.
    • Daring
      -Fearless, doesn't particularly want to die and tries to avoid it,  but is fairly accepting as it is inevitable.
    • Obsessive
      -Actively seeks out strong infected or natural disasters, particularly fire.
    • Thrill seeker
    • Pyromaniac
    • Passion for power
      -Is attracted to powerful pokemon or events, and is very fond of them.
    • Nihilistic
      -Figures that the entire planet is doomed and that any remnants of the past are utterly meaningless.
    • Perceptive
    • Blunt
    • Unsettling
      -Due to her odd fixation on destructive entities and events and general mannerisms. Also uses her Scary Face move often as a usual part of her facial expressions.
    • Very Morbid
    • Easy going
    • Quick thinker
    • Selfish
    • Lonely
      -Due to the way she's acted throughout her life she spent most of her years alone, this desire to not be alone also feeds into her obsession with undead as she finds them very easy to talk to.
    • Socially awkward
      -Has not spent much time around other sentient pokemon and has lackluster conversation skills, most of the time not caring how disturbing her interests are.
    • Compassionate
    • Level Headed
      -Never truly panics.

    User Notes -Profile Template made by Rixcs.
    -Knowledgeable about undead, having spent several years now observing them.
    -Spamms Flame Charge and Quick Attack, she uses Flame Charge even when not in battle so she has the speed boost.
    Team notes Flexible, possible floater. Going to be a pest to all infected on the team and in general causing a lot of grouchiness.
    Affiliations >A 'friend' of Rixcs' Pyramid Head, following him around and being a general nuisance.

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    Moon Moon
    Moon Moon

    Age : 25
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    Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace) Empty Re: Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace)

    Post by Moon Moon Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:04 pm

    Finally ready for approval :D

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    Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace) Empty Re: Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace)

    Post by Victini Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:22 pm

    Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace) RGgji6G

    Apologies for overlooking this before, dear.


    Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace) VictiniSharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace) TGJeE
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    Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace) Empty Re: Sharon the Daring Flareon (Frost, Ace)

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