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    Jeremy the Machop [Adopted; WIP]


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    Jeremy the Machop [Adopted; WIP] Empty Jeremy the Machop [Adopted; WIP]

    Post by Abysswalker Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:02 am

    Jeremy the Machop [Adopted; WIP] YV0TyZ4
    (Art by Moon Moon)

    Theme THEME
    Profession N/A
    Text Color #ff9900
    Item Aron faceplate worn as mask
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He/him
    Age Young Adult
    Species #66: Machop, the Superpower Pokemon
    Height 2'9"
    Weight 43 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Machop's muscles are special—they never get sore no matter how much they are used in exercise. This Pokémon has sufficient power to hurl a hundred adult humans.
    Level 23
    Ability Guts
    Nature Timid
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves -Low Sweep (LA)
    -Seismic Toss (LA)
    -Revenge (LA)
    -Substitute (TM)
    Quote ???
    Happy Lunatic wrote:-Used to be owned by a trainer who worked in security
    -Trainer got a job working the day shift at a pokemon themed kid's restaurant, with pokemon performers as entertainment. It was a sweet gig, Jeremy and his trainer were very happy there
    -Shit hits the fan, one of the Pokemon bites the head off of one of the kids
    -It's the zombie apocalypse, Jeremy's trainer gets killed so Jeremy runs away leaving behind the rest of the children to die
    -Lives on his own in the epidemic scrounging up supplies to survive
    -Gets the idea to disguise himself as an infected and acts on it, seems to work well
    -It makes Jeremy even more isolated since other living tend to avoid him also
    -Jeremy stumbles upon the old Rocket hideout and decides to take shelter there.

    Bulbapedia ???
    Happy Lunatic wrote:Aside from the blood and gore, Jeremy is actually a very normal looking Machop. Since he almost always has a fearful expression on his face, he wears the Aron mask to make himself more intimidating along with obscuring his obviously uninfected looking face.
    Accent ???
    Religion Athiestic(???)
    Motivation Survival at any cost
    Happy Lunatic wrote:Timid||Shy||Blunt||Selfish -----????

    -Very shy and timid, not social, non-heroic and obsessed with survival
    -Biggest fear is dying
    -Completely focused with keeping himself alive, even at the cost of others health or lives
    -An introvert, more often than not too caught up in his own mind to pay attention to others
    -Very blunt, honest and open with his emotions
    -Focused and clever, knows how to survive
    -Deep down very gentle and kind, epidemic has jaded this portion of his personality quickly and buried it under terror
    -Suffers from depression; his guilt over abandoning the human children at the epidemics start only worsens it
    -Not much of a fighter. Relies on both quick wits and quick feet.
    User Notes
  • Adopted from Moon Moon
  • Based off of Jeremy Fitzgerald from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (mostly used Happy's ideas with a little bit of my own interpretation)
  • Credit to Ricxs for profile layout
  • Team notes Dual with Fritz; floater (known teams: Hideout)
    Affiliations Part of the FNAF-inspired characters (Jeremy Fitzgerald)
    Development Notes .starts off afraid and self-driven
    .bonds with other Pokemon and his own guilt build his courage
    .Jeremy becomes brave enough to stand up and protect the ones he cares for, instead of running away


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