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Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum)


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Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum) Empty Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum)

Post by Apos Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:09 am

Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum) 120px-429Mismagius




Age- Adult

Text Color: #735797

Confuse Ray-Prior Evolution (Level Up)
Shadow Ball-Prior Evolution (Level Up)
Astonish-Prior Evolution (Level Up)
Mean Look-Prior Evolution (Level Up)




National Dex No./Species-#73 Mismaguis, the Magical Pokemon



Pokédex Entry- Mismagius, the Magical Pokémon. Mismagius chants incantations, and while some cause misery, some give happiness as well.

Item-Spell Tag

Nyx was your average creeper. She stalked children, haunted old houses, and gave an old man a heart attack from her... "games." She was delighted by the sleepy town she called home. As a Misdreavus, she was generally more akin to pranks and horror than kindness. She was, however, quite fond of a little old lady named Dracilla. She enjoyed her pranks and games, and though she was not Nyx's trainer, she was the closest thing she had to one. She delighted in helping her with her own little "games." Later the events of the "Psychotic Crone" incident would be intensely investigated by Johto authorities. Nyx wasn't aware of anything that had been wrong... or as some call it, evil. She just was having fun.

Her twisted perspective on reality gave her quite the love for not just fright, but harming the weak. Not kill, hurt. Pain made them bow to her wishes, and it made her feel really terrifying. Her insanity was only matched by her desire to terrify everyone in existence.

Nyx's life flipped from lovely to deadly seemingly all at once. The humans were fleeing, the Infected were coming, and Nyx was at a loss of what to do. She first tried scaring the Infected..... that little scrape with near death shook her forever. She mellowed out from Psychotic to sort of... not right in the head. Of course..... this makes her stil not so nice, but at least she doesn't have the desire of to slice up others, but she is more than willing to scare your lights out.

She evolved when exposed to a Dusk Stone near the Underground entrance.

A normal Mismagius. No differations.

A natural born trickster and a credit to her species, Nyx is a certified trouble maker. She loves nothing more than playing pranks or singing in lour yet mesmorizing tones to mesmerize those around her and give a false sense of security. Yet, despite her nature to be a trickster, Nyx is very intelligent. Completely able to get herself out of trouble, she is not one you want to make a foe of. Her temper is very explosive and she does frightening things when pushed too far.

User Note-
~My first Character of the Site.
~Adopted back from Ciana, originally made by Latte.

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Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum) Empty Re: Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum)

Post by Mewtwo Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:53 pm

By choosing Colosseum you have requested a Rookie rank. It will be granted however Rookie's are only allowed 1 active character at a time. Please choose just one character to enter the Colosseum with.


Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum) 3Br5nS6

Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum) ZGD0iWwAdmin - Profiles, PlotNyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum) UugYyDK

Age : 28
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Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum) Empty Re: Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum)

Post by Apos Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:14 pm

In that case, I will place Nyx inactive.

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Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum) Empty Re: Nyx the Mismagius (Re-Re-Adopted) (Colleseum)

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