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    Gluttony the Infected Jolteon[Adopted W.I.P]


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    Gluttony the Infected Jolteon[Adopted W.I.P] Empty Gluttony the Infected Jolteon[Adopted W.I.P]

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:44 pm

    Gluttony the Infected Jolteon[Adopted W.I.P] 14jxiso



    Approximate time of infection:
    A month after the epidemic began.

    Known Moves:
    -Pin Missile
    -Thunder Wave
    -Double Kick


    54 pounds

    Gluttony had once been an Eevee named Gulzig, which was a name given by a Leafeon that knew some foreign human words. Gulzig meant "gluttonous," for even back then, Gluttony ate more than all of his siblings combined. At first, nobody in his family cared because he was the most adorable Eevee any of them had ever seen! But when the winter arrived the next year, food became scarce and Gluttony could no longer eat as much as he would have liked. He became angry at having to share with his siblings; the food had always been his, and it should have stayed that way. One day, Gluttony got so mad, he actually attacked one of his sisters, and the family could no longer ignore his habits. Gluttony was banished, and was not allowed to return until many years had passed. Gluttony didn't really understand or care, and still feasted like food just appeared during the night. As his search for substance took Gluttony into human towns, the Eevee discovered a green-yellow stone, a Thunderstone, that he thought was food. When Gluttony tried to eat it, the stone made him evolve into a Jolteon. Excited by this new transformation and  still ever hungry, Gluttony completely forgot about his family and moved farther into the region he lived in Kanto. When Gluttony arrived in Vermillion City, the wonderful smell of delicious food coming from the docks attracted him. Many humans were taking tons and tons of food onto a huge ship, and, of course, Gluttony followed. Even though the Jolteon was immature and not really all that bright, he still managed to steal some of that great food. As Gluttony feasted, the ship left Vermillion City and headed for Johto.

    Because of weather trouble and attacks from sea Pokemon that were acting very weird, the ship took a long time to arrive at Olivine. When the people left the ship, they were immediately attacked by a horde of bloodied Pidgeots, who tore about any human or Pokemon they spotted, and ate them. Gluttony escaped during the madness, but he wasn't afraid of those creatures before. He was amazed by how much they ate and what they ate. Unfortunately for the Jolteon, he tried to follow in their footsteps, and began to ate other Pokemon. Unaware of exactly what he was eating, Gluttony caught that same virus his prey held, and after he died, his hunger for flesh intensified greatly. With the new strength he obtained from the virus, Gluttony also obtained a never-ending hunger. He would never be satisfied, no matter what the Jolteon ate, and since he needed so much food all the time, Gluttony often moved from area to area in search of prey. It was always rare to see him in one area for long, unless it was rich with prey.  He had started out always eating, and now Gluttony would never stop, not until the day he died.

    User Notes:
    -He is always hungry.
    -Around other infected that don't attack, he acts playful and immature, often tagging along with them if they are more powerful infected.
    -Doesn't like it when others take his food; if it happens, Gluttony will get furious and attack everyone in sight.
    -Is easy to trick and not very bright.
    -Doesn't realize that the Pokemon he eats stay dead.
    -Adopted from Blathazar, then re-adopted by myself.

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    Gluttony the Infected Jolteon[Adopted W.I.P] Empty Re: Gluttony the Infected Jolteon[Adopted W.I.P]

    Post by Abysswalker Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:21 am

    Adopted from me. I remember this guy :3


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    Gluttony the Infected Jolteon[Adopted W.I.P] Empty Re: Gluttony the Infected Jolteon[Adopted W.I.P]

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:25 am

    Thanks Balth I was pretty sure it was you, but I didn't have the original profile to confirm. :>

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    Gluttony the Infected Jolteon[Adopted W.I.P] Empty Re: Gluttony the Infected Jolteon[Adopted W.I.P]

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