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    Fala the Natu [WIP] [Adopted!]


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    Fala the Natu [WIP] [Adopted!] Empty Fala the Natu [WIP] [Adopted!]

    Post by Catalyst Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:27 pm

    Fala the Natu [WIP] [Adopted!] 170px-177Natu
    Fala (Crow)
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Teenager (Around 15 human years)
    Species #177/ Natu/ Tiny Bird
    Height 0'08"
    Weight 4.4lbs
    Pokédex Entry Natu cannot fly because its wings are not yet fully grown. If your eyes meet with this Pokémon's eyes, it will stare back intently at you. But if you move even slightly, it will hop away to safety.
    Level 20
    Ability Early Bird
    Nature Calm
    Characteristic Strong willed
    Moves - Peck (Learned)
    - Night Shade (Learned)
    - Calm Mind (TM)
    - Teleport (Learned)
    History She was not always a single child. When she was an egg her family and nest was attacked by an Arbok, a usual enemy of that neighborhood of birds. Her mother fought viciously with the Arbok, but she was outmatched. As they brawled, the nest tipped over, spilling the eggs over the edge and they fell to the ground. A lot of them shattered on impact, but there was a single egg caught by a lower branch.

    The Xatu, brutally wounded, was finally ended. The Arbok drug her body down the tree, and into the bushes. The male Xatu came in as his mate was killed, and he savagely attacked the Arbok, leaving scars. She barely escaped with her life. The male was devistated, but found Fala's egg, the only thing he had left. He protected it with his life.

    She was little more than a hatchling when Ra came into her life, his mother beating him and kicking him out. Her father took the young Ekans under his wing and nursed him to health again. He raised him along side his sole hatchling, Fala. Her brother's mother was cruel, according to Fala; Ra would tell Fala about what she was like, but not often.

    The two, ever since they met, were inseperable. The small bird felt safe with Ra, and he was always there for her, like an older brother. Later on in life, he evolved into an Arbok, which was the result of his training. She admired his strength and determination to evolve and protect his family, and his perserverance through his rough life. She would often decide on trying to be like her brother, but many times she found she couldn't, and it resulted in her getting into trouble.

    One day, their father never came home. There had been many strange pokemon about; all of them 'tasting' of death, as Ra said.
    After a few weeks of being alone, they had to leave home. Fala wanted to search for their father, and Ra agreed whole-heartedly. They both were troubled, but Fala was incredibly distressed by the fact her father was now gone, seeing as how that was the only parent she had. They've traveled around ever since they left, searching for their father.
    Appearance She's a normal looking Natu. She has shiny feathers because she's healthy, and she has large, dark eyes.
    Personality Fala tends to reign in her older brother frequently from doing stupid things. He's rash and doesn't always think things through.

    Fala is young and mischievious, and gets into trouble at times. Her brother protects her fiercely and tells her not to be cautionless.

    She's immature a lot of the time, and a bit naive to things she doesn't understand. Her brother tells her things and she listens to him but sometimes still doesn't understand.

    She often worries about her father, and she sometimes secretly dwells on it and past experiences, deciding not to let her fears be telepathically broadcasted to Ra. She admires his strength, so she wanted to be like him in that sense.

    She feels very supressed over the fact her brother and father are so protective of hee. She wants to be independant, and though she respects her brother and father, she feels like they should leave her alone every once in a while.

    Fala feels a deep connection to her father because he was the only thing she had for a long while. His disappearance often leaves her distressed, and when Ra isn't around -which is rare- she tends to even cry over it. She doesn't like to show her weakness to Ra because she feels he's bearing so much weight.
    User Notes Fala travels by sitting on Ra's head. She can't fly well. She doesn't wish to evolve until she finds her father. She wants him to be there when she does.

    They don't talk much, if at all. They do all their speaking through thought. Ra thinks of the questions or conversation, and she reads his mind and speaks telepathically back. Up to that point, they haven't had a reason to speak vocally.

    They fight together as a team. The combination of poison and psychic makes them a powerful duo.

    The Arbok who killed her mother is actually Ra's mother, back when Ra was young and Fala was barely an egg. Fala also has no idea the Arbok was Ra's mother. They never told her for her 'safety' and 'well-being.'

    I had permission from Ana to take her, just previewing it for her now so we can work on it.


    Fala the Natu [WIP] [Adopted!] I61jEL3
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