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    Knightly the Furfrou {Adopted}


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    Knightly the Furfrou {Adopted} Empty Knightly the Furfrou {Adopted}

    Post by Abysswalker Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:51 pm

    Knightly the Furfrou {Adopted} KnightlyDuma2RESIZE_zpso0spygrc
    Art by Duma

    Text Color c6c6c6
    Item None
    Gender Female (she/her/her's)
    Age Young Adult
    Species 676/Furfrou/Poodle Pokemon
    Height 3'11"
    Weight 61.7 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Historically, in the Kalos region, these Pokémon were the designated guardians of the king.
    Level 38
    Ability Fur Coat: Halves damage from physical moves, Psyshock, Psystrike, and Secret Sword.
    Nature Bold (+Defense, -Attack)
    Characteristic Strong willed (Special defense)
    Moves -Bite (level up)
    -Retaliate (level up)
    -Take Down (level up)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    Appearance Furfrou is a dog-like Pokémon with thick, white fur that covers its black body apart from its paws and face. It has round eyes with blue eyelids and red irises, a pointed snout with a round nose at the end, and long rectangular ears. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw. This Pokémon's furry coat cushions it against physical attacks. - Bulbapedia

    Knightly's appearance is the same as any other shiny Furfrou, except that her eyelids, nose, and claws are a deep purple rather than the typical blue. Her fur is a bit straighter as well, being more on the wavy side than curly like the average real-world Poodle.
    Natural-born leader
    Despite spending nearly all of her life being oppressed by humans, natural protective instincts as a Furfrou are in her blood. These instincts cause Knightly to treat those she loves in a gentle yet dominant, alpha-of-the-pack way. Knightly also sees it as her duty to protect not only those she loves from danger, but all survivors, and feels an intense amount of guilt and shame when she fails to protect even a stranger from harm.

    Because of the aforementioned trait, Knightly doesn't take orders from anyone. She truly believes that she knows best, and has to be the one in charge of things in a group. She also spent most of her life following rules and taking orders, and that causes her to be rebelliously independent as well.

    Knightly was used to enduring all sorts of mistreatment when she was a show dog, and taught herself how to patiently look forward to her next break-out. These abilities haven't faded, and while she has a lot of internal conflict and anxiety, she knows how to both calmly focus on what's important and be brave when staring dangers or potential dangers in the face. This endurance of trials carries over into her relationships with others as well and she tries her best to be patient in confrontations, often giving the fool or foe a chance to walk away or silence themselves before she fully reacts to the situation.

    Determination to be a good enough friend, provider, and protector for her friends. Knightly's intentions always start out good, but she easily becomes obsessed over never-ending tasks she feels obligated and pressured to complete, and often the smallest things lead to her undoing.

    Though she was raised in riches and luxury, Knightly has never been selfish or greedy. She has always seen it as her job to look after others, especially those who cannot or will not look after themselves. The Epidemic has only strengthened this trait, and Knightly will sacrifice any comfort or necessity if she knows it will benefit someone else, especially someone she loves. However, she will even take care of someone she hates if they are in need of something she has, as long as that someone is not a danger to her friends. This is not to say that Knightly is a pushover or naive, she just sees it as her responsibility to look after people in need.

    Knightly is always ready to look after someone and help anyone in need, however she is far from friendly towards strangers or trusting of them. She can be blunt, cold, and gruff towards new people, looking down on them as potential foes. She has seen the ugliness of desperation in her past from her ambitious human masters, and knows that the Epidemic is no exception. Even when trusting another survivor enough to take them in and become allies of sorts, Knightly is not quick to make friends and it can take a lot for her to open up to someone new. However, she has a soft spot for children since she never got to have much of a childhood, and is slightly more careful about how she treats them.

    When Knightly calls someone her friend, she means it. She will endure any torture or death or any struggle in life if it means protecting a friend or being there when needed.

    Despite her tough disposition, Knightly easily takes criticism or insults too harshly. Being criticized so constantly growing up has given Knightly a thick-skin and taught her how to not show her emotions publicly, however it has also made her paranoid and easily hurt. If one wanted to offend Knightly or get inside her head, cracks at her leadership abilities or her goodness as a friend is a surefire way, as she will go to the extremes of trying to change herself if one insults the aforementioned things.

    Because Knightly hasn't battled much in her life and thus doesn't have the physical ability to defend herself or others well, she often uses her words as weapons and can be quite feisty or downright cruel when provoked.
    User Notes
    --Previously on the LAVERRE team (page 1-6) (added by Abysswalker: also on the UNDER team {pages 28-29; ended on post 17})
    --Adopted from Sunny (ilu)


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