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    Ender the Sceptile[Adopted, W.I.P]


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    Ender the Sceptile[Adopted, W.I.P] Empty Ender the Sceptile[Adopted, W.I.P]

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:35 pm


    Item Cavalier-style hat with a crescent moon shaped buckle; Quick Claw on a necklace
    Gender very Male
    Age Young adult
    Species #254/Sceptile/Forest Pokemon
    Height 6’6”
    Weight 135 lbs
    Pokédex Entry The leaves that grow on its arms can slice down thick trees. It is without peer in jungle combat.
    Level 69
    Ability Overgrow
    Nature Sassy
    Characteristic Likes to Fight
    Moves - Leaf Blade
    - Night Slash 
    - Leaf Storm
    - Dragon Claw (TM)
    History Ender was born a few years after his father had lost the egg of his brother. Ender knew the story by heart, having heard it very many times in the years after his hatching. The mother of the egg had died of illness shortly after producing it. Griff, the egg's father, took the egg away from the mainland, carrying it on his back while he "flew" away. The memories were simply too hard for him to stay there. However, one day, the weather got increasingly bad. Griff tried to pass through the storm, but it proved to difficult. He was caught in a sudden wind-burst, and sent spiraling, knocked unconscience. When he awoke, the storm was gone, and so was the egg.

    Ender knew the story by heart, because after his mother was killed in an incident involving poachers, he and his father hunted for his long lost brother. They searched the entire mainland for him, but had no luck in locating the Dratini. The loss of the child had proven too traumatic on him, and he died a few years later.

    Left alone, Ender continued the search for months after Griff died. However, eventually he was forced to put off the expedition. He had been confronted on the road by a pair of Poke-poachers. Naturally, he was an oddity, being a Grovyle of such coloration. However, the poachers were far too stupid to try to catch him. It took a Leaf Blade to disarm, then kill them both. This experience frightened Ender - it was the first time he had killed anything-, but it also enticed him. He realized that there was evil in the world, the same kind of evil that took his family away. Who better, he decided, to rid Kanto of the evil it has, than the hero it deserves?

    It was simple at first. Poachers would come hunting him, and before long, he had made quite the name for himself. With that recognition, however, came more difficulty. They began to hunt at night, hoping to catch him in his sleep. That was their second mistake, however. With his coloration, it was easy for him to hide in the woods at night. One particular night, he stood stock-still against a tree, as a poacher searched. Finally, catching a glimmer of the white stripe on his belly on the man's flashlight, he was noticed. The poacher inched closer to get a better look, as most humans tend to do. When he was only inches away, Ender struck, crossing his arms across the man's neck, decapitating him in one blow. 

    He didn't enjoy the killing, not in the sense that one enjoys a poffin, but he knew it was needed, and he knew it was right. Years after he began, he became the head of a small ring of freedom-fighters, who fought against humans who were overly cruel to Pokemon. This lasted for a long time, however, as all good things must, it came to a close.

    When the Epidemic hit, it hit hard. It was in the first moments after they had killed a rather large poacher group. The Pokemon that the poachers had already killed... began to rise back up, and attack. There was little time for retaliation, and Ender barely managed to break away with any survivors. It costed him more lives than any battle before. There were only four left from the original force of thirteen. Ender didn't want to lose any more under his watch however. He sent them on, hoping they would find civilization, and went on alone.

    It was time to find his brother.  
    Appearance Ender is a tall and skinny Sceptile. His normally green skin is a deep black. The parts of his body that would be red are white, and the balls on the back of his head are purple.
    Personality Ender is caring, if a little bit on the stranger side. He will rush into battle without giving it second thought, mostly for the reason that he has never lost. He is quick to make a joke, and may feel upset if others around him are too serious.
    User Notes Ender is Drago’s half-brother, though Drago was lost before his birth. They share a father (who was a Milotic)

    Ender has references to several different areas. His design is based on Endermen from Minecraft, which are in turn based off Slenderman. In general, he’s based off of Endgame for his personality. His name is a play on “Endgame” and the popular book, “Ender’s game”. His history also has some loose references to Batman, Star Wars, Wheel of Time, Power Rangers, and Avatar the Last Airbender. There's also some Robin Hood in there somewhere. In total, there are ten intentional references in this single character.

    The TM that contained Dragon Claw was owned by a poacher Ender and his group killed. One of the group had known how they worked, and helped Ender activate it. He recieved the quick claw in the same way.

    Adopted and under minor construction.

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