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    Kenna the Ponyta [Mauville, Ace]


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    Kenna the Ponyta [Mauville, Ace] Empty Kenna the Ponyta [Mauville, Ace]

    Post by Min Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:37 pm

    Kenna Choi
    Text Color #B03E19
    Item Scarf
    Gender Cis Female [she/her]
    Age Young Adult
    Species #077 Ponyta, the Fire Horse Pokemon
    Height 3'03" || 1.0m
    Weight 66.1lbs || 30.0kg
    Pokédex Entry Its hind legs, which have hooves that are harder than diamond, kick back at any presence it senses behind it.
    Level 39
    Ability Flame Body
    Nature Careful
    Characteristic Loves to eat
    • Inferno [lvl]
    • Take Down [lvl]
    • Flame Charge [lvl]
    • Bounce [tutor]
    History Born in wide plains in a herd of Rapidash, Kenna (or Hwasoon, at the time) was an energetic child. Never a moment's rest, Kenna always ran around the grasslands and jumped around in the nearby forests. Well praised and adored for her joyous, amiable demeanor, the young Ponyta had no trouble gaining a reputation in her herd and being well protected from lingering predators. With many friends and respectful peers, the young horse grew up well socialized and content with her lifestyle.

    It was only when she lost her way during one her adventures that her life took a surprising turn from her usual energetic ways. Stranded in the middle of a forest, she slowly grew frantic and ran as fast as she could in a single direction. After what seemed like hours of sprinting her hooves met cold concrete and she found herself in busy streets of a human settlement. Now even more frightened she cowered herself in an alley, avoiding any humans and human-owned Pokemon dwelling the roads.

    It was then that a a single human, dressed surprisingly snug in the spring weather, approached her. Noticing the horse's panicked state he approached slowly and carefully, extending a hand to calm her. Tentatively Kenna approached this human, following his lead closely and back to his small quaint home in the city. There the man, named Jungwoo, gave her a bowl of water and Pokemon food. Starved and dehydrated, the equine had no hesitance accepting the free food and soon after falling asleep in the corner of Jungwoo's living room.

    That was the start of a rather peaceful, comfortable life. Kenna enjoyed the change of pace, happier snuggling up in a bed of warm blankets and trailing behind Jungwoo rather than running around all day. The human didn't seem to entirely mind either, content with the company and taking his time to groom and take care of the Ponyta. Together they co-existed peacefully, beneficial to each other and flourishing in each other's presence.

    When the Epidemic began Jungwoo and Kenna were separated, humans forced to abandon their companion Pokemon. Before being evacuated the man gave Kenna his scarf, promising to the Ponyta that they will meet again one day before leaving with the others. Understanding his promise and bearing the purple cloth proudly, Kenna vowed to survive through the apocalypse in order to see Jungwoo again, and proceeded to work hard in order to avoid the undead and developing skills to ensure her survival.
    Appearance "Ponyta is an equine Pokémon with yellow and reddish-orange flames forming its mane and tail. This fiery mane and tail grows out about an hour after hatching. Its body is mainly cream and has four long legs, each ending in a single, gray hoof. These hooves are said to be harder than diamonds. It also has extraordinary jumping abilities, and is capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound. However, a newborn Ponyta is a weak runner and is actually barely able to stand. It gradually strengthens its legs and becomes faster by chasing after its parents."

    A thick purple scarf, a memento of her old trainer, is wrapped snug around her neck. Her back is littered with old burn scars, mostly healed over now. Save for those two points, Kenna is your perfectly average Ponyta with a stunning smile.
    Personality Kenna is a very warm character, motherly and kind to just about anyone. She is easily flustered and stumbles over her words often. She is relatively modest but takes compliments well. Kenna has a tendency to be flighty in relationships and quick to accuse, or at least hint at, others. When frantic or angered she is sharp and relentless, scathing with her words. She has a fiercer tongue and less tolerable of bullshit, a little more wild in her demeanor and quick to physically display her power.
    User Notes
    • James/Jungwoo is owned by Logan.
    • Kenna's real name is Choi Hwasoon. She doesn't mind others calling her this, but she responds better to Kenna, the name Jungwoo calls her.
    • She was never owned in the sense that she was never captured with a Pokeball, but regardless she remained fiercely loyal to Jungwoo.
    • Her tutor move was during her time with Jungwoo, something she was taught on the side.
    • Burn scars are from a relatively insignificant event when she was very young and unable to control her fire properly. She simply flared her mane to such a heat that it ended up burning her back.
    • Original Dreamwidth profile.
    • She has her species' hidden ability.

    Age : 25
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    Kenna the Ponyta [Mauville, Ace] Empty Re: Kenna the Ponyta [Mauville, Ace]

    Post by Min Sat Jan 10, 2015 8:45 pm

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