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    Madison the Lopunny (Mauville|Ace)


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    Madison the Lopunny (Mauville|Ace) Empty Madison the Lopunny (Mauville|Ace)

    Post by Penumbra Sun Jan 04, 2015 3:57 pm

    Madison the Lopunny (Mauville|Ace) 250px-428Lopunny

    Text Color #FFADB9
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #428, the Rabbit Pokemon
    Height 4'1
    Weight 78lbs
    Pokédex Entry It is very conscious of its looks and never fails to groom its ears. It runs with sprightly jumps.
    Level 37
    Ability Cute Charm
    Nature Sassy
    Characteristic A little quick tempered

    Dizzy Punch (Level)

    Jump Kick (Level)

    Fire Punch (Tutor)

    Fake Out (Egg)


    From the moment Madison was born, he was completely alone; a single baby Buneary hatched in the grime-covered alleyway of an unknown city. The wild Pokemon who inhabited such a filthy area held absolutely no pity for the Normal type, and from his birth and onwards, the only one he ever had to rely on in such a harsh, lonely world was himself.

    And, in time, Madison grew to be completely okay with that.

    It didn't take long for the Buneary to come to the realization that humans found something about him to be cute; he was much more likely to receive a free handout of food from the individuals casually strolling by his alley than the occasional wild Grimer that had bubbled up from the sewers. When one of the humans approached him, Pokeball in hand, Madison made absolutely no moves to struggle; the association between going to sleep at night without hunger pains gnawing away at his stomach and people had already been made. If anything, he welcomed the prospect of being captured. After all, a trainer was obligated to take care of their Pokemon, were they not?

    The girl that had pressed the red and white ball to his head was elated when the sphere let out the tell-tale ping of a successful capture. And, just as Madison had expected, she did indeed give him plenty of delicious food to eat. And he was happy.

    At least until she decided to start putting him in battles. Then things began to take a problematic turn.

    It wasn't that he wasn't good at battles- if anything, the Normal type was more average than anything else- though the fact that he was being forced to do something against his will grated on the Buneary's nerves. He was adorable. He just wanted food, a warm bed and attention at absolutely zero cost- and was there really anything wrong with that? The last thing he wanted to do was fight for a living, and especially not for some little schoolgirl who hadn't the slightest idea what she was doing. Things just didn't work that way, and as a result, the moment his trainer fell asleep one night, Madison smashed his Pokeball and made a run for it.

    His next human was much older than the last, though he seemed to know what he was doing. He fed Madison strange, square candies and meticulously altered his moveset to his liking. The Buneary didn't really have it in him to care; so long as he got food and a warm bed, his trainer could do whatever he wanted.

    So long as it was what Madison himself wanted to do, anyways. Because when the human attempted to stick him on a stage and have him put on a show, the Normal type decided it was time to exit stage left and find a new person to leech off of.

    He went through countless trainers over the years, using his cute looks to manipulate them into capturing him. The moment they tried to make Madison do something he disliked, however, the Buneary got the heck out of dodge. He didn't care about the humans, and how it must have felt to wake up without one of their supposedly trusted partners by their side; the only thing the Normal type really gave a damn about was himself. Self preservation was the priority; it always had been. He had, after all, been the only one he could ever rely on throughout his life. It was pointless to waste his time worrying about anyone else. Survival wasn't a group effort- at least not in his mind.

    It was amazing that he had managed to evolve at all, to be honest. His final trainer was a teenage girl. Nothing about her at first glance was particularly special. She was a trainer, though she didn't prioritize battling. She dabbled in contests, though she didn't put her heart and soul into excelling. Her journey was like a vacation to her, one where she sampled various walks of life without coming to any serious decisions on where she wanted to go yet. She never forced Madison to do anything he didn't want to, which the Normal type was very much appreciative of. Somewhere along the way, he ended up evolving into a Lopunny. It was confusing, initially, considering he had never thought of himself as being particularly close to anyone- much less a human- though he didn't really mind the change. And as much as he disliked battling when he was forced to do it, Madison did enjoy having a bit of extra power to throw around. For the moment, he was happy, and life was good.

    Unfortunately, it didn't last forever. His trainer was visiting a distant relative who happened to work at a Pokemon Center, and left the Lopunny behind for what was supposed to only be a few hours so she could train one of his newer teammates. Madison thought absolutely nothing of it. Until she didn't return, of course.

    They had tried to reassure him, the humans at the Pokemon Center. They had showered him with pity. Under normal circumstances, the Normal type would have soaked up the love and attention like a sponge. Instead, he sat in the Pokemon Center, and waited.

    The girl never came back, though Madison didn't have very long to dwell on that particular fact; without warning, the Center's windows shattered and vicious, unhealthy-looking Pokemon began pouring in. When faced with the option of helping the individuals wo had shown him such kindness drive them off or fleeing, the Lopunny turned tail and ran, leaving behind the screams of innocents who most certainly did not deserve such a gruesome fate.

    But self preservation came before all else.

    Appearance He looks much like a typical Lopunny, and often tries to keep his appearance as pristine and filth-free as possible. It's more out of an attempt to retain a sense of normalcy than it is vanity, however.

    At first glance, Madison seems very much worthy of being labeled a terrible Pokemon. Which, to an extent, he is- and he is also very much aware of that fact. He can be selfish, manipulative, and isn't above toying with the feelings of others if it means he comes out just a little bit better for it in the end. Such actions typically don't make him feel much in the way of guilt, either, as he genuinely feels that if it is to benefit himself, then he has every right to sink as low as he deems fit. He's not completely incapable of feeling guilt, however, he just doesn't very often, and quite frankly, he sees absolutely nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

    He's a fan of pulling a wounded gazelle gambit and pretending to fake weakness or injury in an attempt to gather sympathy from those around him. However, the moment they stop being useful to him, Madison is more than willing to toss them to the infected without so much as a second glance.

    Despite signs pointing to otherwise, Madison isn't completely heartless. Because his life ever since his very early childhood had consisted of discarding trainer after trainer, seemingly without a care in the world, the Lopunny eventually began repressing a lot of his negative feelings on the matter. However due to that particular habit, Madison is actually surprisingly out of touch with his own emotions; he cared enough for his most recent trainer to evolve, but if questioned on the subject, he would claim to have no attachment to her whatsoever. While he has long since learned to stop feeling guilt for his manipulative tendencies, Madison does seem to have much more of a heart than he- or anyone else, for that matter- is aware of, and his kinder actions have a tendency to confuse even the Lopunny himself.

    User Notes

    Liepard Father. His Mother was a captured Buneary, and though his Father got along with her well enough, he carried a great loathing for humans. As a result, when Madison's egg was laid, he took his son before the Buneary's trainer could notice. By the time Madison hatched, however, he was completely alone; what happened to his Father is unknown.

    As a result of the actions of some of his past trainers, Madison does have semi-decent contest stats.

    Madison is only the most recent nickname he's been given.


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    Post by Victini Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:01 pm

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